April 25, 2018

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Snowblower throwing snow.

Defrosting a Snowblower Windshield?This is a page about defrosting a snowblower windshield. It is difficult to use your snowblower if the windshield is frosted up. One possible solution is to mix 1 part water to 2 parts alcohol and spray it on. Test in a small area first.


Paper picture frames with clothes pins on wood background.

How to Make a Clothespin and Wood Picture FrameThis is a page about how to make a clothespin and wood picture frame. By using a painted or decorated flat, thin piece of wood or flooring you can make this fun photo frame.


Bowl of stuffed bell pepper soup

Stuffed Green Pepper Soup RecipesThis hearty soup or stew has all the flavors of traditional baked stuffed peppers. This is a page about stuffed green pepper soup recipes.


"I Voted" sticker on a navy sweater.

How to Remove Sticker on a SweaterThis is a page about how to remove a sticker on a sweater. Removing adhesive residue from a sticker on clothing can be frustrating. One really good option is to try and remove the residue with packing tape. Sticky removes sticky. There are commercial products such as Goo Gone as well as homemade alternatives.


Ceiling fan with faux wood blades.

Painting a Ceiling Fan?This is a page about painting a ceiling fan. An older ceiling fan can be dressed up with a paint job. You may want to simply paint the blades. But even if you paint the entire fan, proper preparation and paint choice will determine the outcome.


Closeup of a record player.

Finding the Value of a Capehart Record Player?This is a page about finding the value of a Capehart record player. Capehart record players date back before the Depression and forward several decades. The value of any individual player will depend on age, condition, and rarity.


Wooden and porcelain figurines of cats from different cities and countries.

Displaying Small FigurinesThis is a page about displaying small figurines. There are many ways you can display a collection of small figurines. You can even make a special display frames and boxes.


Close-up of oatmeal cookies on a wooden cutting board

Sugar Free Oatmeal CookiesIt is not really that difficult to make oatmeal cookies without sugar. You can substitute artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, or for a more natural alternative try apple sauce. This page contains recipes for sugar free oatmeal cookies.


Crazy shake with sprinkles and chocolate syrup.

Mystery Dessert RecipesMystery desserts may puzzle your guests but are sure to be well received after they are tasted. This page contains mystery dessert recipes.


Father and daughter painting the exterior of their house.

Calculating the Amount of Paint Needed to a Paint a HouseThis is a page about calculating the amount of paint needed to a paint a house. To determine the amount of paint needed to paint your house you will need to measure the exterior perimeter dimension and multiply that times the average wall height to find the surface area. Paint cans typically indicate the coverage.


Letters spelling out Happy Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Game Ideas?Looking for some fun activities during a Mother's Day party? This page contains Mother's Day game ideas.


A place setting for a Mother's Day lunch.

Mother's Day Luncheon IdeasA fancy luncheon is a perfect way to celebrate Moms. This page contains Mother's Day luncheon ideas.


Sweet and Sour Pork on a serving dish.

Sweet-and-Sour Pork RecipesTender pork with a sweet and sour glaze or sauce is a restaurant and homemade favorite. Have some tonight. This page contains sweet-and-sour pork recipes.


Sweet Gum Tree with sun shining through leaves

Do Sweet Gum Trees Weep Sap?This is a page about, "Do sweet gum trees weep sap?". Sweet gum trees do not weep sap, however the trees may have aphids and they can drip honeydew on you, your car, or patio.


Closeup of a marble shower.

How to Clean Buildup on a Marble ShowerThis is a page about how to clean buildup on a marble shower. Marble tiles and other surfaces need to be cleaned with products that are especially made for marble or approved for use on it, to avoid damage to the stone's surface.



Spicy Bean Sprout Salad in bowl

Spicy Bean Sprout SaladThis is a great side dish, goes well with rice dishes, soup, and especially fish in my opinion.


Cheesy Salsa Chicken on plate with rice

Cheesy Salsa ChickenThis meal is quick and easy to prepare and it is delicious. All you need is chicken and three other items to make a chicken that will be enjoyed by the whole family. It is cheesy, a bit spicy and oh, so good.



A wooden gazebo in a backyard

Scenes from My HomeThis is my potting shed that is mostly made from re-purposed items along with my arbor and my wooden gazebo with the homemade bird house on top. I really enjoy creating me spaces and using and re-purposing old items.This is not all of my very busy cluttered yard, just a few of my spaces.


A VHS tape being used to prop a door open.

Another Use for an Old VHS TapeOver the last several days, I have been redoing my storage room. Taking things out and in is ridiculous when the chamber in my pneumatic closer no longer works.


A drain snake with a brush on the end.

Cleaning with a Drain SnakeI was in Walmart the other day and saw drain snakes hanging in the aisle with the cleaning supplies. I don't know if this is a new item or I have never noticed it before. I have been looking for something like this for a long time and I grabbed it. The price was $2.98.


Small recycled glass jars stored inside larger jars in a cupboard.

Storing Jars Inside Jars to Save SpaceI was trying to "unclutter" my house and this tip came to mind. When you save jars for crafts or food, save the smaller one inside the larger ones. This saves not only room, but lets you see the smaller one by their labels, should they still be one.


A bird's nest built inside a decorative wreath.

Baby BirdsI have a wreath that hangs on my front porch, one day I noticed there was a birds nest built in it. One by one, I had an egg laid in the nest until there were 5 eggs. 10 days later the eggs started to hatch until all 5 were born. And that's where it is right now. It is rather crowded in there and have some very hungry baby birds and making quite a mess!


Fingerprint Guest Book Picture - tree covered with prints

Fingerprint Guest Book PictureThis easy project is a wonderful wedding reception memory. Instead of signing a guest book, guests are invited to make their thumbprint on a picture of a tree.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Daycare Name Ideas?I have the name for my daycare, Angela' Unique DayCare. The first part of the daycare name is similar to my real name. Can I get some help for some other ideas or is the first name good and unique?


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Bathroom Rugs and Accessories Color Advice?I have having a hard time deciding a color for the bathroom rugs and accessories. My walls are a soft blue and my vanity cabinet is white with light gray accents on the woodwork. The floor is a gray with white accents softly in a vinyl and I chose a medium gray shower curtain with 2 shades of


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Error Code on Jason Electric Blanket?I have a Jason electric blanket. My control on the electric blanket is flashing a "P". When I pull the control out of the blanket it still flashes. Do I have a problem or is there a way to reset the control?


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Fast Growing Shrubs for a Fence?I want to make a fence in our yard. Can someone suggest a shrub that will grow fast?


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Getting Acrylic Paint off Clothing?How do you get dried on acrylic paint off of a hoodie jacket? It's just a few little spots. The packaging says it washes off, but I can't get it out of my jacket. I've tried to pick it all off and used soap and warm water, but nothing works.


Problems House Training a New Puppy - dogs in bathroom

Problems House Training a New Puppy?I just recently adopted a 7/8 month old puppy. We aren't really sure what type of dog she is, but we have an idea. We think she might be a Doberman/Beagle mix. Her name is MJ. We have had her for almost two weeks now and I'm not sure if she's happy or not.


Value of a Mersman Coffee Table - spindle leg table with drawer

Value of a Mersman Coffee Table?I am looking to find a value of this Mersman coffee table. I found this while out treasure hunting. I found the burn mark in the drawer and started looking online, which led me here!


Information on Old Imperial
 Wallpaper -  muted tone design with fish and aquatic plants

Information on Old Imperial Wallpaper?I found a partial roll of old wallpaper in the attic of an old house. I would like to know if it is copyrighted or if I can have it reproduced. The side of the paper says "Made in USA Imperial washable Glenstyle 9329 run 18". I love this paper and can find nothing like it.


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?My daycare name is Baby Planet. What would be a good slogan?


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Value of Granville House Doll Item #3280?I have a Granville House doll, item #3280 and can not find it anywhere? Can you help me to locate this doll so I can get a value on her please. I have gone on every website I can find.


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Value of Collier's Encyclopedias?I have a mint condition Collier's Encyclopedia set with two dictionaries. Are they worth anything or what can I do with them?


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Removing Strong Odor from Bedding?I recently had a family member temporarily (7 months) staying in my spare room. When they left I went in to clean, wash bedding, etc. The sheets and bed sets had a horrific, I'm assuming, body odor of some type. I have washed it a few times now and the odor remains.


Value of a Murphy Chair - oak slat back chair with arms

Value of a Murphy Chair?I have a vintage (I think) Murphy oak chair with 5 slats in the back.


Value of a Shapleigh Hardware Co. Keen Kutter Reel Mower - mower on truck tailgate

Value of a Shapleigh Hardware Co. Keen Kutter Reel Mower?It is a reel type and rusty, but works. GQ3 part number GG2, 16 in, 1906.


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Using Bleach to Disinfect for Parvo?If I disinfect a rock/dirt area with a bleach solution (just to be safe from any unknown parvo potential), is it safe for my puppy to walk and sniff on after it dries? Can the bleach solution hurt him?


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