July 13, 2018

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Using a binder clip for your toothpaste.

Using a Binder Clip for ToothpasteSqueezing a tube of toothpaste in the middle can make it difficult to get all the paste out later. Rolling the tube from the bottom and clipping it in place is a great way to ensure you use all the product with minimal mess. This is a page about using a binder clip for toothpaste.


Top view of a green smoothie surrounded by green fruits and veggies.

Green Smoothie RecipesGet healthy greens into your diet with a simple and delicious green smoothie. This page contains green smoothie recipes.


Woman and daughter cleaning house.

Keep Your Home Clean and GreenCleaning products are some the most common sources of dangerous chemicals and pollutants in our homes. Choosing the right cleaning products will help you keep your home clean and green.


Closeup of jeans.

Resize Jeans with Stretch DenimThis is a page about resizing jeans with stretch denim. Before you give away those jeans that don't fit, you may find that altering them a little will make them fit again. Here is a great tip to adding a little bit of room to jeans that are too tight.


Salmon Patties on a blue plate with greens.

Cornmeal Salmon Patties RecipeThese delicious salmon patties are made with canned salmon and a few other ingredients. They are full of flavor and easy to make. This page contains a cornmeal salmon patties recipe.


Shelves full of towels for sale.

Buying Bath Towels?Having a nice soft bath towel to dry off with is a wonderful comfort to have for yourself and guests alike. This is a page about buying bath towels.


Dragonfly cut out on a card with flowers and a border

Watercolor Dragonfly CardWhether it's for a celebration, special occasion, or a simple thank you; this lovely dragonfly card is sure to be cherished by whomever receives it. This is a page about making a watercolor dragonfly card.


Caulk gun on wood floor.

Uses for Empty Caulk TubesThis is a page about uses for empty caulk tubes. These durable cardboard tubes make a great substitute for toilet paper tubes in crafts. Do you have any other uses to share with our users?


Outside of a post office.

Using Informed Delivery from USPSAvoid the stress of knowing where your mail is and if it has been delivered with Informed Delivery from the USPS. This is a page about using informed delivery from USPS.


Flamingo Themed Birthday Party

Flamingo Themed Birthday PartyThis is a page about having a flamingo themed birthday party. Throwing your own flamingo themed birthday party doesn't have to cost a fortune, especially if you shop throughout the year. Here are some great tips for everything from decorations to the cake.


Bottle of wine wrapped in burlap.

Giving Wine as a GiftWine is a common gift as a house warming a just a simple thank you. Not everyone drinks wine though so make sure the recipient will enjoy it before purchasing. This is a page about giving wine as a gift.


A small kitchen with wood cabinets.

Renovating a Small Kitchen?Having a tiny kitchen can pose many challenges when updating the space. This is a page about renovating a small kitchen.


Ice blended drink with caramel on top and 2 paper straws.

Creme Caramel Chai SmoothieThis smoothie perfectly blends caramel, chai, and banana flavors to create a refreshing treat. This page contains a creme caramel chai smoothie recipe.


Woman holding a hamper with dirty laundry.

Hard Water Leaving Laundry Dingy and Gray?This is a page about hard water leaving laundry dingy and gray. The minerals in hard water can be tough on your clothes. If you are finding that hard water is ruining the color of your clothing, try some of these tips.



Homemade Window Clings - clings on the window

Homemade Window ClingsWhen I was little, we had a massive sliding glass door to the garden. One day, my mum's friend came over to visit and walked right into the glass door while trying to go outside. Ever since then, we've always put window clings up as a precaution. Now, I make them from scratch so they can look how I want!


Hanging Folder

Hanging FolderThis Avery shipping label packaging is made from thick and sturdy cardboard. You can easily customize this into a hanging folder for your wall. I ended up using this as a place to organize my bills so I know to pay them.



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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowner?I'm disabled with a child. I bought a house from an auction about four years ago. I have bad credit and need my house repaired to live in. I'm in Cleveland Ohio. Who can help me fix my house?


Identifying a Piece of Furniture with Rotating Top

Identifying a Piece of Furniture with Rotating Top?What is this piece of furniture? The top rotates and has two hooks on the side, maybe for a potter's wheel.


Value of a Childhood Stuffed Rabbit - closeup of a stuffed bunny

Value of a Childhood Stuffed Rabbit?I've had this rabbit all my life and I'm not expecting it to be worth hundreds or dollars. It was a gift from my late grandfather and I was just curious. He has no tags, and is relatively large.


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Value of a Scotts Silent Reel Mower?I have a vintage Scotts Silent reel mower with mulch bag. What's its value?


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Converting Mililiters to Cups?How much is 5ml of eggs used in double chocolate cake?


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Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print?I have a Thomas Kinkade print named "Still Water Cottage" that 30" x 24" with a certificate of authenticity framed. I would like to sell it. What kind of price range should I be looking for?


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Singer Sewing Machine Not Catching Bobbin Thread?I bought this Singer 413 recently. It was sewing just fine then the needle broke. I replaced it with an identical needle, but now I can't get the bobbin thread to come up through the plate.


Harness Buckles Caused Sores and Hair Loss - bald spots

Harness Buckles Caused Sores and Hair Loss?We have been on vacation for over a week with our Lab. We had a harness on her the entire time. When I took it off she had hair loss where each of the buckles were. The top 2 spots even broke the skin a little bit. Is there anything I can give her or put on her to help her grow her hair back?


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Cat Started Peeing on My Husband?We've had our cat for almost 8 years now and she has never done anything in the house. Now she goes in my bedroom when my husband is sleeping on the bed and pees on him. Why? We've been married over 20 years and she's never done this before.


Identifying a Mersman Table - scalloped edge round table

Identifying a Mersman Table?I have a Mersman side table with scalloped top. It does not have a number on the underside of it. Does anybody know why it doesn't have a number?


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Tree Maintenance Help for Low Income Senior Citizen?I take care of a blind and deaf 83 year old man. A big tree broke, he has no money and no insurance. He needs someone to cut off the part that broke. Please tell me if you know a program or someone who can do this for him.


Identifying and Caring for a Houseplant - leaves dying on variegated leaf plant

Identifying and Caring for a Houseplant?I received this plant for Mother's Day from my 3 year old daughter, which she has now named "Charlie". I am having trouble figuring out what type of plant this is, and he doesn't seem to be doing very well. I recently gave him fertilizer, and after that he's been slowly declining.


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Kenmore Front Load Washer Not Spinning Properly?I have a Kenmore front loader that is not quite 10 years old. If there are too many heavy items like jeans and towels it doesn't spin at the end properly so not all the water drains completely and the door will remain locked. I will then put it on a rinse and spin cycle and then it's fine.


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Cutting Back Tame Blackberries?If I bush hog my tame blackberries down this fall, will they come back next spring?


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Murray Sentinel Mower Won't Start?My Murray Sentinel 30 inch mower will not start. I have only used it once. Is there a special way to start a mower?


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