September 10, 2018

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Welcome to my garden sign hanging on a gate.

Making Fun Yard SignsYou can make your own customized decorative yard signs using plain metal signs from your local craft store. This is a page about making fun yard signs.


Close up of sewing machine foot.

Bobbin Thread is Bunching UpAdjusting the tension on your sewing machine can usually fix the problem of bunched bobbin thread. This is a page about bobbin thread is bunching up.


Hot water heater.

Insulating Your Hot Water HeaterWhen you add an insulating blanket to your water heater, you can save energy and money on your electricity or natural gas. This is a page about insulating your hot water heater.


Cut pieces of an aloe plant next to a bowl of aloe gel.

Using My Own Aloe Vera PlantThe juice and pulp from aloe vera plants have a variety of home uses including treating burns and other skin irritations. Check out some of the suggestions found in this page about using my own aloe vera plant.


yellow decorative flip flop made from ceiling tile

Ceiling Tile Giant Decorative Flip-FlopA damaged or extra ceiling tile is the perfect thing to use for making a large, fun decoration for a beach house, beach themed room, or even as a party decoration. This is a page about making a ceiling tile giant decorative flip-flop.


finished wreath

Flip-Flop Beach WreathMake this cute beach themed wreath for seasonal use or as a bit of decor for a beach house. This is a page about making a flip-flop beach wreath.



DIY Pore Minimizing Face Primer - holding a small container of primer

DIY Pore Minimizing Face PrimerMy favourite pore minimizing primer is a whopping $31 for a .75 ounce tube. That's crazy talk for us who are budgeting. I also noticed there are plenty of ingredients in it I cannot pronounce, so I tried making my own with things I already have in my makeup bag. It ended up being awesome, and is now my go-to primer!


Travel Fund - Airplane Piggy Bank - finished bank

Travel Fund Airplane Piggy BankDo you have an empty vitamin bottle? Don't toss it out! You can upcycle your vitamin bottle into a piggy bank.



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Identifying Flying Bugs?Ok so I,m playing on the Nintendo switch, I have a big book open and as I'm flipping page to page, I see something fly or just fall and it landed on the book (not surprising lol). I thought maybe termites, but it didn't look like anything I found.


Identifying a Bug Found on the Bed - tan and dark colored bug with lots of legs

Identifying a Bug Found on the Bed?The exterminator came and we seem to have a handle on the grain beetle problem. The exterminator sprayed the bedroom perimeter and put poison powder all along the outside of the window. Today, I found another tiny bug on the mattress pad (same location) when I went to change the sheets.


Value of a Falls Roto Clipper Lawnmower - old  gas mower

Value of a Falls Roto Clipper Lawnmower?I came across this old Falls Roto Clipper. I can't seem to find any information on it anywhere. Anyone know the worth or where I can find more info?


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Making a Christmas Angel?I know I asked this before about the little angel with the muffler. I am going to try and make her as close as I can. I just wish I could see her legs and the body. Can anyone help with some ideas?


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Shih Tzu Puppy Won't Eat Kibbles?I have a 7 week old Shih Tzu puppy. I have had him for 1 week already and he won't eat dry food, but he will try to eat my cat's dry food. What can I do to get him to eat his food? I tried mixing it with wet food, but he will lick the wet food and not eat the dry one. I tried soaking it in water, but that didn't work.


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I am 48yrs old, and I recently lost my job, though I am currently looking for work. I do not have a bank account, my house is 118 years old. Parts of my roof have fallen off, my roof also leaks very badly. I am in desperate need of a new roof. The entire roof has be replaced, not only the shingles, but the entire roof.


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Back Child Support Interest and SSI?I have started an application for SSI and want to know what bearing does that play on the interest on child support. Will this put a stop to the interest accruing annually?


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Repairing Carpet and Flooring Ruined by Dog Pee?My 5 dogs are house trained, have been for years, they are 15 years old, miniature Poodles. I installed a doggie door a few years ago to make it easy for them to go relieve themselves. For the past month, I don't know if all of them are peeing and pooping in the house while I'm at work.


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Cleaning a Dog Pee Stain on Carpet?I am trying to remove a dog pee stain on a Berber carpet. I tried vinegar/baking soda, carpet cleaner, etc. I cannot get the yellow stain out. Suggestions?


Identifying Small Black Bugs in the Kitchen

Identifying Small Black Bugs in the Kitchen?Could someone please tell me what this thing is? I've been finding them in my kitchen around my sink and on the work tops!


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Fixing Hair That Turned Orange After Dyeing?I'm in hair school and we had a fantasy competition. I dyed my mannequin with Pravana trying to do an orange melted into a pastel coral, but it came out a really ugly light orange. Is there any color I can use now to make it look good without stripping it? Like could I go red?


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Repairing the Vinyl on Old Child's Chair?I'd like to repair this old chair for my granddaughter. What's the easiest and cheapest way? I am handy and love the DIY projects. I do not want to discard this chair as it is very special.


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Dreamland Controller Compatability?Is it possible to swap out the controllers for a Dreamland throw and a Dreamland mattress warmer? The plugs fit perfectly.


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Canning Stew in the Oven?My mother and I recently canned a vegetable stew. She swears by the oven canning method and so we did that. My question is, why is this method not recommended even with everything being consistently hot? I would imagine everything would be killed off.


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Caring for Cats While on Holiday?We are leaving for a month long holiday in December. We have 2 cats, the small one is generally a very nervous cat. We have people to check on them daily. Now we thought maybe we would let the domestic worker (which they are very use to) maybe come twice a week so that the cats can play outside a bit.


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Removing a Large Mirror Glued to the Wall?We have a large mirror on the wall in our bathroom. It is about 3 feet tall and 5 feet long. It is attached with glue or some kind of adhesive. Does anyone know how to remove it? Especially without having to break it?


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Homecoming Week Theme?We are playing the Falcons for homecoming and we are the Tigers. I need a theme for homecoming week.


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Old Dog Pees When She Lays Down?My dog is 13 years old. She has been peeing where she lays down and not knowing she is going. I don't know what this means.


Cleaning Silver Rings After a House Fire - blackened silver rings

Cleaning Silver Rings After a House Fire?How do I clean silver rings with diamonds and gemstones in them that were in a house fire?


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Finding Seabrook Wallpaper?Where can I purchase Seabrook Design "Fresh Baked" wallpaper page 9, code A KE20146 and page 51 code A KE20169? The first is a striped pattern; the second small cubes on white background.


Value of a DanDee Doll - doll in box

Value of a DanDee Doll?My daughter was given this doll. We were told that her grandparents had it about 30 to 50 years. I just wanna make sure if it's valuable or not. If it is I'm putting it up; if it's not I'll just let her play with it. It is a DanDee doll Brazil classic series special edition.


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Puppy Is Peeing on His Bed?I got my 4 month old Pit Bull puppy about 3 weeks ago. Now lately he started urinating on his bed. He literally stands and just let's loose. He knows it is wrong because he immediately runs away. This is the 3rd time he has done it. I am really not sure what to do.


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Value of a Conant Ball Bookcase?I have a bookcase and am not sure of its value. It probably isn't worth much, except for sentimental reasons. It is in good condition and has Conant Ball Furniture Makers stamped on the back with the numbers 4402 7307. I am not sure when it was built, but am very interested in more information.


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Value of a Mersman Coffee Table?I have a Mersman coffee table,. It is marked 8628, but I cannot find anything online about it. It is on casters and it adorned with round drop pulls on the skirt. Any idea how much it is worth? I don't want to touch it until I know.


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Very Unusual Electrical Wiring Problem?I have an intermittent wiring issue. Occasionally, a circuit with a light/fan and a few electrical outlet stops working. Turning on the 240V wall heater causes them to work again (I only need to turn it on for a couple seconds). The two circuits are separate, one a 120v and the other 240v.


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Replacing a Cloth Swing Canopy?I have two swings and one BBQ grill with canopies and a gazebo where the cloth has either disintegrated or been torn to shreds by the cats. I would like to replace the canopies with something cat proof that will last. Are there metal canopies?


Value of Antique Bed  - ornate headboard

Value of Antique Bed?I am trying to find out how much this bed might be worth. Any suggestions?


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