May 1, 2019

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Toilet Paper Tube Chicken - TP tube chick

Making a Toilet Paper Tube ChickenA painted TP tube, some craft paper, scissors, glue, and a black marker are all that you need for this cute, fun to make chick. This page contains instructions and photos to help you in making a toilet paper tube chicken.


Several envelopes on a desk with other supplies around.

Is Hazel Peppergood Inc. a Scam?Hazel Peppergood is advertised as a viable work from home opportunity but reviews have not always had good success with this opportunity. This page discusses whether Hazel Peppergood, Inc. is a scam.


Computer Monitor Corner Decoration - closeup of monitor corner decoration

Making a Computer Monitor Corner DecorationUsing a technique similar to making corner page bookmarks, you can make this decoration to personalize your computer monitor. Learn the basics for making a computer monitor corner decoration in this page.


Raw oats on a spoon.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Oats?Oats are very healthy and are a valuable addition to a dog's diet in moderation. However, dry oats may cause dehydration which can be less desirable, especially with an older dog. This is a page about whether dogs can eat raw oats.


A collection of different colored chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemum PhotosThese beautiful flowering plants are native to Asia and northeastern Europe. The chrysanthemum makes a lovely, colorful addition to any garden. This page contains chrysanthemum photos.


A pile of colorful washcloths.

Cleaning Slimy Washcloths?If washcloths are reused regularly, they can get slimy and unpleasant from build up from beauty and cleaning products. This is a page about cleaning slimy washcloths.


A woman working on a desktop computer.

Older Versions of Corel Software?Many people prefer to use an old and familiar software instead of more modern versions. This generally requires an older computer as well. This is a page about finding older versions of Corel Print House.


A left-handed crocheter working on a project.

Finding Left-handed Crochet Instructions?In a world dominated by right-handed people many things, including crochet instructions for left-handed people, can be difficult to find. This is a page about finding left-handed crochet instructions.


A raccoon getting into a hummingbird feeder.

Keeping Raccoons Out of Hummingbird FeedersRaccoons can stand upright, so it is important to hang your hummingbird feeder out of reach from porch railings or other surfaces that they could stand on. This is a page about keeping raccoons out of hummingbird feeders.


A box of clothing to be sold or given away.

Donating vs SellingIf you are purging things from your closets and garage, you need to decide whether or not to try to sell before donating. This page disucsses donating vs selling.


A man looking through a medicine cabinet for his prescription.

Keeping Track of MedicationWhen you need to take more than one medicine during the day, there are a number of ways you can help yourself stay organized and remember. This is a page about keeping track of medication.


A nest with 5 finch eggs.

How Often Do Finches Lay Eggs?Finches will generally lay one egg each morning until their nest is full, usually 6 eggs. They will fill the nest again a couple of weeks after the chicks have fledged. This page discusses how often finches lay eggs?


Making a Paper Towel Roll Jet Plane - ready for play

Making a Paper Towel Roll Jet PlanePaper towel rolls are a great item to use in numerous crafts, including this cute jet plane project. This is a page about making a paper towel roll jet plane.


A beautifully landscaped garden.

Landscape Fabric Alternatives?There are lots of substances that can block weeds in lieu of landscape fabric. This page has advice for landscape fabric alternatives.


Removing Gorilla Glue from a Guitar?It is a challenge to remove excess ugly glue without removing the lacquer finish on a guitar. This is a page about removing gorilla glue from a guitar.


A house with some roof damage.

Home Repair Assistance for Families of Deceased Veterans?There are organizations that can assist our veteran families with expensive home repairs but the need is great so waiting times tend to be long. This is a page about finding home repair assistance for families of deceased veterans.


Information on Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machines

Information on Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machines?Sears began selling their Kenmore branded sewing machines in 1915 through their catalogs. This page contains information on vintage Kenmore sewing machines.


A furniture store with lots of furniture.

Name Ideas for a Furniture StoreYou want your name choice to be easy to remember and describe your furniture service. This is a page about name ideas for a furniture store.


A dog looking up at the camera.

Does Garlic Help a Dog With Worms?The majority of veterinarians recommend avoiding garlic and anything else in the onion family. It can be toxic in relatively small amounts. Please consult with your own veterinarian before using any advice in this discussion about if garlic will help a dog with worms.


A collection of paint swatches with brushes.

Coordinating Paint Color with Flooring/CarpetIt is much easier to paint your walls than replacing flooring when redecorating. This is a page about coordinating paint color with flooring/carpet.



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Reuse Leftover Scented Candle WaxI use a great deal of scented soy candles, mostly purchased on sale from various places. It's always bothered me that the candle can't burn to the bottom. I take the leftover wax in the candle, freeze and then chop out gently with a butter knife. I save it until I have enough for a six to eight ounce candle,


A toothbrush holder next to an insulin pen.

Toothbrush Holder to Protect Insulin PenI live about 15 miles from my daughters and the big city she lives in. When I go into town, I have to take my insulin pen with me. Often, it's a bit tricky for me to just "throw" it in my small purse.


A recipe propped on the tines of a spaghetti spoon.

Uses for a Spaghetti SpoonI use these for the pasta I cook. Today I was planning a meal and I saw the hidden potential in it. When turned around, you can use it for a recipe holder. I didn't have anything but a whipped topping lid, but you get the picture.


Two rabbit pillows on a blue chair.

Shop After Easter ClearanceIf you're in need of home decor, shop after holiday clearance sales and be open minded. You will save a ton of money! These pillows retail for $19.99 each at Target. I paid only $1.99 each.


A makeshift terrarium made from two clear plastic containers, with a plant inside.

Create a Humid Environment for PlantsPlace two same sized containers together with plant inside to increase humidity for tropical plants. This is a thrifty method instead of buying a humidifier. Also works for plants that you may purchase online and came from the mail - to help the plants adjust and recover from the transport!


Recycled Plastic Bottle Boat - hand holding the blue flag boat

Recycled Plastic Bottle BoatNeed a fun activity for the kids on a rainy day? We made boats out of plastic bottles and decorated them with supplies on I had on hand. They kept the kids occupied and they had fun making their toy boats.


Lettuce leaves in a mesh produce bag.

Wash and Spin Your GreensI needed to make a salad and decided to use an empty netted veggie bag to do so. Simply insert greens in netted bag, rinse veggies under faucet and spin the bag!


Banana Walnut Spread on bread

Banana Walnut SpreadThis is an easy to make banana walnut spread that will up your plain toast to make it taste like warm and comforting banana bread. You can lessen or add powdered sugar to your taste. The banana's ripeness also plays a role in how sweet it is. No baking required!



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Finding Information on a Porcelain Doll Based on a Description?I am looking to find a doll my grandmother had when she was young. It was porcelain with a mauve dress with white/cream lace. She had golden-red hair that was slightly crimped in appearance. She wore white tights and shoes. The legs and arms were pliable and dangly.


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12th Birthday Party Ideas?I am planning my daughter's 12th birthday party and don't know what to do. There will be about 20 people attending so we can't travel somewhere. She does not like the cinema or shopping. And a bouncy castle would be too hard to find as we are in the communion season. I was thinking maybe a sports day. Has anyone ever tried that or camping with a BBQ?


Value of a Mersman Table - table with partially straight sides, similar to a half moon console table

Value of a Mersman Table?I am wondering the value of my Mersman table. It is similar in style to a half moon console table.


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Repairing a Mobile Home Separating at the Main Joint?My double wide is separating at the seam it was put together with. Is it cost effective to fix it or move? I purchased it from the mobile resort I live in 3 years ago.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a polka dot dress with lace edging and pantaloons

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Can anyone identify this porcelain doll and how old it might be? There are no markings on it. My grandmother has had it for 30 years or more; she can't remember.


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Name for a Bakery and Natural Ice Cream Shop?I want an idea for my bakery and natural ice cream shop; a name for both.


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Selling Pine Trees for Lumber?Who can I call to see if they want to buy our pine trees? We have about 35 of them on our property.


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Finding a Lost Relative?I am trying to get a hold of my ex-stepfather's son in Florida. Last I heard, he lived in the Tampa area. I have been trying for over a year to find him on social media and all of the numbers I have looked up for him didn't pan out (either disconnected or no longer in service). I have bad news about his father that I felt he should know. Any ideas how I can find him?


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Cleaning Company Name Ideas?What is a good name for a cleaning company with the word emerald in it?


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Treating Kittens with Eye Discharge?A momma kitty gave birth to a litter of 5 outside and it took me a couple days to find them. They are a little over 3 weeks old. One of them had one single crusty eye and now all three have at least one crusty eye. I don't have the money to bring all or even one kitten into the vet right now so I was hoping someone could let me know of inexpensive medicine or at home remedies to help.


Weeding Pulling
Business Name Ideas - woman in field wearing a sun hat and carrying a plastic bag

Weeding Pulling Business Name Ideas?I work with a landscaping company that does it all except weed pulling from the flower gardens. I want to expand into weed pulling in flower gardens on the side. I need an awesome name!


Identifying a Stuffed Rabbit - tubby stuffed bunny with floral fabric body and inside of its ears

Identifying a Stuffed Rabbit?Last week I nabbed this little friend for 50 cents at a Goodwill. I washed her up and intend to repair her, but now I'm curious where she came from. Apologies for the sideways photos. Her body seems to be stuffed with tiny stones, while her head and paws seem to have regular stuffing.


Value of a Vintage or Antique Table -  dining table with ends that pull out and up to expand the surface area

Value of a Vintage or Antique Table?I bought this several years ago and was wondering what it is worth? I am not sure if it is a vintage piece or an antique.


Value of The Four Seasons Collection Dolls - dolls in a display case

Value of The Four Seasons Collection Dolls?I have this collection by Collections Etc., but lost the COA. Approximately what are these dolls worth now?


Identifying Old Chairs - brown tone chairs with decorative front rail and upholstered back and seat

Identifying Old Chairs?How old do you think these chairs are?


Name for a Repackaged Farm Produce and Homemade Yogurt Shopt - plastic bag of beans

Name for a Repackaged Farm Produce and Homemade Yogurt Shop?I am repackaging different types of first grade local farm food stuff at affordable market prices in a store for easy shopping and also making home made yogurt for sale. I'm looking for a suitable catchy name for my business please.


Value of a 1940 Webster's Dictionary - title page

Value of a 1940 Webster's Dictionary?I have a 1940 edition of Webster's Wonder Word Book Self-Pronouncing Dictionary. It was printed in 1940 by the Southwestern Company. It contains over 1200 illustrations, a brief history of the English language, principles of grammar, common errors in spelling and writing, dictionary of war terms, the latest official census, and so much more!


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