May 13, 2019

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finished card

Trio of Butterflies Party InvitationButterflies are popular for spring and summer invitations and greeting cards. These beautiful butterfly invitations are made using brightly colored cardstock and a rubber stamp.


stuffing baked in dish

Homemade Apple Cranberry Stuffing RecipeApples and cranberries are combined with bread cubes, onions and other savory ingredients to make this delicious stuffing. It makes a wonderful side dish to serve with turkey, chicken or roast pork.


Tuna Stuffed Avocado on plate

Tuna Stuffed Avocado RecipeUse half an avocado as a bowl for this delicious tuna salad. As you eat the tuna mixture, you can scrap out the creamy avocado from the skin. A great alternative to having tuna salad on bread.


sliced Gluten Free White Bread

Gluten Free White Bread for a Bread MachineMany people are now adopting a gluten free diet and looking for recipe alternatives for their favorite products. By making this gluten free white bread in a breadmaker, it's easy too.


Recycled Jar Lid Statement Pendant

Making a Recycled Jar Lid Statement PendantTake a recycled metal jar lid and use it as a framework for a stunning collage of glass beads or other craft items. These statement pendants can be made with all sorts of recycled bits and can be customized to match any personality.


Japanese Style Fried Chicken (Karate) on plate

Japanese Style Fried Chicken (Karaage)Karaage is a cooking technique for deep frying lightly coated foods, similar to making tempura. Make this Japanese style fried chicken for your family instead of KFC and they will thank you for it.


DIY Weekly Meal Planner - dinner

Weekly Meal PlanningPlanning your family meals on a weekly basis has several benefits. It helps to ensure that food is used up before it goes bad and keeps you from ordering takeout or going out to eat. This will save you time and money in the long run, while keeping your family well fed with healthy home cooked meals.


Doll with clothing.

Personalized Baby Doll Gift Idea for Under $20If you know a young girl that would enjoy her very own baby doll, be sure to set her up for a special delivery with everything she needs to care for her new baby. Treat it as a birth or adoption by adding personalized items. An inexpensive but special present for a toddler or preschooler, who may be expecting a new sibling.


A collection of vintage dolls.

Selling a Doll CollectionIf you have inherited or acquired a number of dolls that you wish to sell, it can often be more effective to sell them as an entire collection. It's best to do a basic search online to make sure you don't have any dolls that are very rare or valuable first to help you in pricing.


Kabocha Spinach Soup in bowl

Kabocha Squash and Spinach SoupKobocha or Japanese pumpkin is a winter squash with a sweet flavor, similar to butternut squash or pumpkin. Here it is combined with spinach and other veggies to make a healthy low calorie soup.



Value of a Crowne Porcelain Doll - African American doll wearing a floral pinafore dress with a checkered blouse

Value of a Crowne Porcelain Doll?What is the value of this doll? It's called Hello My Name is Tabatha and it was made by Crowne.


Saving an Avocado Plant  - tree with wilted leaves and new growth at the top

Saving an Avocado Plant?My avocado plant is about 2 yrs old. It grew pretty tall, has huge leaves and a couple branches. I went on vacation and my plant waterer failed miserably and I came home to 1 dead and 1 mostly dead avocado plant. The leaves have mostly fallen off, but I see new growth at the top. Can I cut the top bits off and replant in hopes to revive it?


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Growing Zucchini in a Pot?How can I grow zucchini in a pot? Won't the fruit fall off the vine from its own weight? Do I need to grow 2 plants together?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - marionette style doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Can anyone tell me who is the maker of this doll? She has no markings. I got her at an auction. I am just curious to see if she is worth more than what I purchased her for?


Value of a Collectible Memories - boy doll in perhaps a sailor suit

Value of a Collectible Memories Porcelain Doll?I have a Michael doll; is it valuable?


Identifying a Round Lyre Table with Drawer - table with the drawer open

Identifying a Round Lyre Table with Drawer?There are no stamps or markings-is this a Mersman?


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Bleaching a Pink Cardigan?I have a pink cardigan and I am thinking of bleaching it, but I am not sure what color it would turn out.


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Cleaning Laminate Flooring?I have laminate flooring and I have tried everything from white vinegar and water, white vinegar, water and a little bit of Dawn soap. I have tried rubbing alcohol and for the life of me, you can always see footprints and paw prints and streaks from who knows where. If someone having the same issues has something else that I can try!


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Planting a Vegetable Garden in an Old Dog Pen?We lost our dog a year ago and have taken down her dog pen and worked up the soil to plant a vegetable garden. Now that I have it planted I was made aware of round worms eggs that could possibly still be in the soil. Am I OK or should I not continue in this spot? It's been a year since any dog poo and there is none visible.


Identifying a Vintage Stuffed Bunny - pink and white bunny with topknot fluff

Identifying a Vintage Stuffed Bunny?I got this when I was born in 1980 and it got destroyed years ago. All I have is this picture. I am trying to find a replacement. I appreciate any help.


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Selling Trees on Your Land for Lumber?How do I sell timber to a timber company?


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Name for a Shop Selling Bath and Kitchen Fixtures and Accessories?I am planning to set up a shop of sanitary ware (sinks, toilet bowls, etc.), tiles, and will hopefully add modular kitchens. How do I name it?


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Captiva Windscreen Washers Not Spraying Properly?I have a 2012 Holden Captiva 5. As long as the bonnet is open the washers work perfectly. As soon as it is closed there is only a small trickle. I have removed and cleaned all the parts and inspected for any crushing of the supply hose when the bonnet shuts, but can find no issues. Any ideas?


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New Cub Cadet XT1 Won't Start?My new Cub Cadet XT1 with new gas won't start.


Identifying Figurines

Identifying Figurines?These 2 western motif figurines are unmarked, but appear to be from around the 1940s and are possibly stationary holders. I know nothing of their history. They were recovered from a storage locker.


Replacement Springs for a Glider - closeup of the spring

Replacement Springs for a Glider?Where can I buy the "s" spring for my glider chair?


Recovery Time for Parvo - puppy on IV in crate

Recovery Time for Parvo?My dog is 3 months and 12 days old. She has not had any of her vaccines. I adopted her about a month ago. Just today, May 13, 2019 she has been confined for Parvo. I've noticed soft poop, but I thought it was just because she had too much to drink. Saturday night she was left outside for a few hours because she kept pooping and urinating in the house. During dinner time she ate very little food.


A vintage console stereo system.

Value of a Vintage Stereo Console?I was wondering how to price a 1952 vintage record player with an 8 track and radio in perfect working order.


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Getting Free Furniture?How can my daughter get free furniture for herself and her daughter for their home? She is a single mother, working, but low income. They sleep on the floor. They have no furniture at all.


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Identifying the Markings on a Silver Ring?I have a silver ring with the numbers etc. on the inside of the ring band that read = 5925 A15 50. What does that mean? And how much is it worth?


Identifying a Houseplant - small houseplant, looks like a succulent

Identifying a Houseplant?I received this houseplant as a gift, but can't seem to find what type it is in order to properly care for it. Does anyone know what type of houseplant this is?


Information on a Mersman Table - coffeetable

Information on a Mersman Table?What year was a Mersman table 22-69 made and what is the value? Also, sorry about the word on the picture. I was showing this to my mom. 


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Preserving Dried Roses?How do you preserve dried roses?


Value of a J. Misa Collection Doll - doll in a box

Value of a J. Misa Collection Doll?I am wanting to know what my J. Misa collection doll is worth.


Identifying Two Small Porcelain  Dolls - two small dolls

Identifying Two Small Porcelain Dolls?I found these two dolls. The clothes are handmade, no Velcro used. The hair is glued on as well. I undressed one to look for markings and found only a C and below it O.B


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Value of a 1903 Set of the Encyclopedia Britannica?Is the Encyclopedia Britannica, 30 volumes, Werner Company, 1903, edited under the supervision of Day Otis Kellog revised with large additions, to January 1, 1902, worth anything? Some of the volumes are in excellent condition and others not.


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2002 Murrary Riding Mower Won't Start?Is there a fuse under the seat that would keep it from starting? The battery is good, as is the solenoid, and starter.


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Jewelry Business Name Ideas?I am selling Paparazzi jewelry and need a dazzling yet unique name for my store. My last name is "Queen" if that helps. I would prefer something captivating and distinctive. Something that would lure and entice the buyers and also appeal to them to look at my website.


Identifying Household Bugs - bug on mattress

Identifying Household Bugs?A little help here, please. I have found these bugs on the carpet and occasionally on my bed. Does anyone have any idea what they could be? They are a light grey with black lines it looks like.


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14th Birthday Party Activities Ideas?My birthday is coming up on August 31 and I am turning 14, I'm having some of my friends stay the night for the whole weekend, going quading and watching movies. What are some activities I should also do with them?


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Two Year Old Cocker Spaniel Pooping in the House?I have a 2 year old Cocker Spaniel. I recently noticed after a year and half of having her she has started to poo and wee on our carpet. I tried everything to stop her, even taking her for a walk at night, but still does it in the night. I got a new carpet as I thought it hasn't got her scent and she won't do it, but she is still pooing and weeing on the carpet.


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Catchy Line for a Teaser Advertisement for a Preschool?We are launching a new preschool - Kinder World. Its motto is - Together we nurture. We need a catchy line for a teaser ad campaign before the main launch.


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How to Remodel an Outdated Bathroom?My house was built in the early 70s. The toilet and tub are in one small area separated by a small wall and a narrow pocket door. Then the sink and vanity are located as part of the master bedroom. I like the openness of the vanity, but hate the carpet in front of the vanity. I'm leaning toward just laying tile in front of the vanity. Anyone had this bathroom layout and how did you remodel?


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Using Semi Permanent Hair Dye?I have like a wheat blonde hair and I want to dye it a dark brown, but eventually want my natural blonde hair with highlights back. If I use a semi permanent hair dye will it eventually come back or will my natural highlights be gone? I don't want them to be gone forever, but I wanna go dark brown for a bit, but I'm scared that the semi permanent dye will change my natural coloring?


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Removing Hair Spray Buildup on a Chair?I have a ghost chair at my dressing table, but this now has a build up of hairspray making it dull. How can I remove this?


Value of Seymour Mann Dolls - doll wearing a long dress with a gold overshirt

Value of Seymour Mann Dolls?I have two Seymour Mann dolls. I was wondering if they are worth anything?


Is My Dog a Pit Bull? - brindle puppy

Is My Dog a Pit Bull?My wife and I rescued this cute little pup from guys that were beating her up. We took care of her. She is fine now and growing. Can anyone help and tell what breed it is? Is it a brindle Pit Bull?


Value of a Heritage Signature Collection Porcelain Doll - doll in fairy attire

Value of a Heritage Signature Collection Porcelain Doll?I have a Heritage Signature Collection doll. She still has her box and certificate. I've tried looking for her online, but no luck. She has a fairy like outfit on, including a purple dress with wings and wand, and ballerina slippers. She has short blonde hair with a hairband. She's very cute, but I cannot find how much she's worth online Does anyone know?


Value of a Seymour Mann Doll - doll next to box

Value of a Seymour Mann Doll?I'm looking for the value of a Seymour Mann doll, SJ-600. It is in the original box and in good to very good condition. It comes complete with the stand.


Value of Marie Osmond Porcelain Dolls - small dolls in a box

Value of Marie Osmond Porcelain Dolls?I have a box set of Marie Osmond fine collectibles called Too Sweets. There are 3 dolls in it called divinity, orange cream, and dark chocolate truffle. Can anyone please tell me what its worth?


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