June 4, 2019

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Insect Stamping Activities  - allow child to complete pattern

Pre-K Insect Stamping ActivitiesPreschoolers love insects and rubber stamps are a good way to create an activity or lesson about them. They can be stamped in different colors or colored in after stamping.


bugs in hair

Getting Rid of Bugs in HairIf you have bugs infesting the hair of your family, proper identification will help you with treatment. There are several products and home remedies that will work on many types of insects. Medical advice should be sought if the bugs are very resistant to treatment.


Lemon Glazed Mango Bundt cake on plate

Lemon Glazed Mango Bundt CakeMango and lemon are combined to make this tropical bundt cake. It's perfect for a family dessert or to accompany a cup of coffee or tea.


Easy Lace Bookmark - bookmark in a book

How to Make an Easy Lace BookmarkWith just two widths of lace braid, a couple of beads, scissors, and some glue you can make this pretty bookmark for your self or to gift a reader friend. The instructions are simple to follow and are accompanied by photos.


Muffin Tin Hendominium

Making a Muffin Tin HendominiumMake this cute hendominium to decorate your kitchen or to give as a gift. The sweet little stuffed fabric hens sit on burlap thread nests. There is even a space for rent. This is a page about making a muffin tin hendominium.


Frog and Fly Catcher Game - finished frog with yard coming out of mouth and fly on the end

How to Make a Frog and Fly Catcher GameYour kids will enjoy playing with this fun frog and fly catcher game. It is easy and fun to make and would be great party favors.


dishwashing powder that won't etch glass

Dishwashing Detergent That Won't Etch Glass?Harsh diswashing detergent can etch clear glassware over time, making it looks scratched or milky in appearance. It's easy to prevent this by buying the correct product that will gently wash away food and grime and leave your glass clean and clear.


storing craft supplies

Storing Craft SuppliesIt's good to store your craft supplies in an organized manner to prevent time and money spent finding or replacing them. There are all sorts of recycled items that can be used for craft supply storage.


Finished card.

Handmade Summer Birdhouse CardTrying creating your own handmade summer birdhouse card for the next upcoming greeting card occasion. You will find detailed instructions and photos on this page.


washing coins

Cleaning CoinsCoins can get grimy over time, changing hands year after year. Coins that are found on the ground are even dirtier and may require cleaning before adding them to your change purse.


Cause of Mold Growth in a Mobile Home

Cause of Mold Growth in a Mobile Home?Mobile homes are often not as insulated or moisture proof as a conventional home. This can cause mold and mildew to grow inside walls or in bathrooms or kitchen areas.


stains on white bra

White Bra Dyed by Dark Clothing?New clothing can transfer dye onto a white bra during normal wear and this can be difficult to remove with regular washing. Special products may be able to restore your white bra or, at least, lighten the dye.


using father's clothing

Memorial Ideas for Using Deceased Parent's ClothingWhen a father dies, it can be difficult to discard their clothing with all the memories the patterns and colors might evoke. A popular idea is to upcycle that fabric into a new item of clothing, a quilt or wall hanging or another craft project.


cleaning tub without hurting back

Cleaning a Tub/Shower Without Straining Your BackThere are many reasons that a person may have trouble kneeling down and leaning into a bathtub for cleaning. There are some clever ways to clean a tub or shower without straining your back.



A Kindle with some of the screen covered by the clasp.

Keep Kindle Magnetic Clasp from Covering TextI read almost all my books on my Kindle Fire. I love how I can save space in my tiny apartment and enlarge the print size, scroll back and forth, etc. What I hated was the little stand clasp would fold forward and cover up some of the first line.


Wallace (Kitten) - being fed with a syringe

Wallace (Kitten)Our daughter was on her way to our house, on I-40 near Wallace, when she saw this little kitten under the overpass. Every time a car would pass, he would run around in circles. Being the loving person that she is, she could not leave him there. She had to stop and pick him up. The kitten was howling it was so terrified. It took a while to get him settled down. She gave him some water and he went fast asleep and slept the rest of the way.


A bottle of

Removing Permanent MarkerTo clean permanent marker (Sharpie) from any non porous surface (table, floor, sink..etc), you can buy a tiny little bottle (1/2 inch square glass jar) of Testors Thinner #1148 from any hobby shop. Not the bigger bottle, it's different! Dip a Q-tip into the bottle and rub it on the marker, then wipe off excess with a tissue!


Two large googly eyes adhered to the side of a potted houseplant.

Add Cuteness to Your PlanterIn my free time, I like to browse around sites that have unique styles, but not necessarily purchase from them because they're quite pricey. I came across this Henry googly eye planter on Urban Outfitters and thought to myself, that'll be cute to add some cuteness to my planters! Plus, my kids have a bunch of those googly eyes laying around.


A magnetic scree door that has been adapted to fit a door opening.

Magnetic Screen DoorScreen doors are easily $100 & up - not including labor/or any other pieces that may be needed. This magnetic screen would be a cheaper alternative for an average of $20. I purchased mine awhile ago on Amazon. I improvised this magnetic screen door made for a sliding door for a regular door by folding both edges accordion style to fit my door. Then, I secured the all edges (except bottom) with spaced out nails that were included.


Linens stored in a clear zipper bag.

Save Large Clear Plastic Bags for Blanket StorageThe hot weather is here and it's time to get those winter blankets stored away for the summer months. To keep them from collecting dust, I use a large plastic container to store them in.


Home Sweet Home Framed Leaves Wall Hanging - framed artwork and greenery wallhanging

Home Sweet Home Framed Leaves Wall HangingFrom our first flower bouquet in our home, I saved the flower fillers caspia and Israeli ruscus green. I actually visioned the greenery combo pressed between glass, but it was harder than I thought. Then, I compromised and came up with this, framed leaves with a cute sign that reads Home Sweet Home. This frame is being hung in our living room.


Reuse Spray Nozzle on Bottles

Reuse Spray Nozzle on BottlesI wanted to try a weed killer recipe and needed a spray bottle. But the dollar tree's were too small. So I bought the vinegar I needed and got a bottle at my local hardware store.


Coupons for different home improvement stores.

Many Stores Accept Competitor CouponsDo you know some stores accept competitor coupons? It will vary depending on store, location, policy, manager but it doesn't hurt to try to ask/use them. I was able to use 20% Harbor Freight coupon at Home Depot and that helped me save some money.



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Free Furniture Help for Low Income Families?In need of a bed. We are on disability and can't afford to get a bed. My husband just had open heart surgery so I'm trying to get some help. Can anyone suggest where to go?


Identifying a Stuffed Puppy - photo of a stuffed dog

Identifying a Stuffed Puppy?My friend's kid lost his most beloved stuffed animal. I need help identifying what brand it is. Or if you've seen one.


Identifying Antique Lamps - white and gold finish table lamps

Identifying Antique Lamps?Can anyone tell me anything about these lamps? I know they are antiques, but can not find a name on them anywhere.


Identifying Drinking Glasses - tall glass with a lily of the valley design

Identifying Drinking Glasses?I am trying to identify these glasses. I think they are highball glasses, 6 in. tall and 2 1/4 at mouth. They were a wedding present for my mother so from about 1942. There are no marks on them. I have 7 left so there probably was a set of 8 or more. The flowers and leaves are frosted.


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Removing a Possibly Infected Tongue Piercing?I got my tongue pierced 5 days ago and I have decided that I want to take it out, but I think it's infected. My tongue is discolored in a yellowish color and something white came out of the wound and it smells and it hurts slightly. There's no redness and it's not overly swollen, but I am still worried. Should I just go to my local piercer to ask if it's possible to take it out?


What Breed Is My Dog? - black and tan dog

What Breed Is My Dog?Bella was listed only as a Bull Mastiff, which we believe she's not at all. She weighs 75 lbs and is 2 years old. She is stubborn and very smart, and has tons of energy.


Will Pit Bull Puppy's Tail Straighten Out? - puppies, one with a curly tail

Will Pit Bull Puppy's Tail Straighten Out?My Pit Bull puppy is only 10 weeks old and she has a curled tail. Will she grow into it and could she be mixed breed? She is the brindle in the picture.


Value of a Leonardo Collection Piece

Value of a Leonardo Collection Piece?I have a Leonardo collection piece that's a paper holder I believe. It is shaped like a book that has little tiny pieces on the top of it. There is a candle, glasses, and small books. I can't find its value.


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Identifying Tiny Black Jumping Bugs?What house bugs are tiny black ones without wings? They jump like fleas, but do not bite. As I'm allergic to fleas, my house is spotless, but damp as we live by the sea. The weather is humid. They go on the carpet and clothes.


Replacing a Torn Swing Canopy - torn canopy

Replacing a Torn Swing Canopy?Can anyone give me simple ideas to replace a torn canopy for my 3-person swing? Has anyone replaced the bench seat covering as well and if so, how?


Identifying a Small Bug in the Shower - insect on side of tub

Identifying a Small Bug in the Shower?I have found 2 of these in the shower. Maintenance is coming to change the caulking since I can't keep it from getting moldy in and around it. It looks like they are attracted to it too. They are very very small, comparable to an ant in size.


Value of Universal World Reference Encyclopedia Yearbooks - front cover

Value of Universal World Reference Encyclopedia Yearbooks?I have Universal yearbooks from 1957 thru 1967; are they worth anything? Each book has events that occurred in the particular year.


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Finding Tires for an Zeplyr Push Lawnmower?I need 2 Zeplyr push lawnmower tires. Any suggestions?


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Homemade Natural Hair Product and Jewelry Business Name Ideas?I make all natural products for the body and hair. I also make one of a kind jewelry. Please help me by trying to find a catchy name for my new business.


Information on a Masterwork Record Player

Information on a Columbia Masterwork Record Player?I bought this Masterwork m1801, 4 speed (78,33,45 & 16rpm) record player a few days again from a barn sale. I would love any info on the year. The only thing I could find was a model number on the back and a small paper saying the needles were replaced in 1969. I looked all over the internet and cannot find anything with the trade stamp this one has inside the cover.


Identifying an Antique or Vintage Table - ornate table

Identifying an Antique or Vintage Table?I just bought this at a thrift store and can't find anything like it on the internet. It is wrought iron, kidney shaped, and has a marble top. Anybody know anything about this cool little table? It has handles too.


Identifying a Possible Barbie Doll - fashion doll wearing a dress with a black asymmetrical top and green net skirt

Identifying a Possible Barbie Doll?I found this doll in a closet and don't know if it is a Barbie. I can't find anything so far. There are no markings. Her arms, legs, and head are made of soft plastic while her torso is hard. She twists diagonally at the waist. She has the correct holes in her feet. Her neck seems slightly shorter than most modern dolls.


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Smith Corona Typewriter Won't Advance?The space bar does not move. I can type a letter, but it does not advance.


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Manual for a GR 20 George Foreman Grill?I need the manual for the GR 20 George Foreman grill. Where can I get one?


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Shelf Life of Fruit Cups?Can you eat fruit cups past best by date?


Value of a Carolynn's Collection Porcelain Doll - doll, perhaps a bride, in a white satin dress, still in the box

Value of a Carolynn's Collection Porcelain Doll?I have this Carolynn's Collections porcelain doll whose name is Eve. It is hand crafted and painted. I've had her for years and she has never been out of the box. I am just curious as to the value, I would probably keep her though.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - old looking porcelain doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I want to know the maker of this doll I bought at an estate sale. And any other details. She is a well made all bisque/porcelain doll. She is about 10 inches tall maybe. The marking is a script E in a bubble and then it says 1971. I am not sure if it is a year or number.


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Recovery Time for a Dog with Parvo?My dog started not eating and drinking anything about 3 days ago. I took him to the vet and the put an IV in him and gave him some antibiotics because he tested positive for parvo. We kept him in the vet and they said he was doing really good and he didn't vomit at all the time he was in the vet.


Garden Uses for an Empty Pool Filter - black plastic drum

Garden Uses for an Empty Pool Filter?I have this empty pool filter and I want to turn it into something in my garden. Any ideas?


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Slogan Ideas for My New Cleaning Service?I need a slogan for my new cleaning business. The name is Perfect Nancy Cleaning Services.


Identifying Vintage Furniture - hutch style cabinet in need of repair

Identifying Vintage Furniture?I recently found this piece and fell in love. It needs a little TLC. The seller thought it was from the 30s. Isn't she beautiful?


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Value of 1965 Encyclopedia Americana?How much is a 1965 Encyclopedia Americana worth today?


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Garden Tractor Will Not Start When Engine Is Hot?I need a solution to a garden tractor that will start cold, but not after it has been run for awhile.


Repairing the Finish on a Wood Table - light damaged finish

Repairing the Finish on a Wood Table?We have a solid natural wood kitchen table, and the finish has worn in a couple of places. How can we repair this, and what could cause this damage?


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Storing Facial Scrubs?I usually use lemon, sugar, honey, and cucumber scrub for my skin. In a few days I'm going on a vacation and I need the scrub every morning. What's the best way I can store it and take it along with me?


Finding the Value of Rare or Vintage Books

Finding the Value of Rare or Vintage Books?I recently bought a storage locker that has a lot of ventured material in it, including books and a bunch of different stuff. I can't find the value of a lot of it.


Value of an Antique Singer  Sewing Machine - treadle sewing machine

Value of an Antique Singer Sewing Machine?I am trying to determine the value of an 1881 Singer Sewing machine 550876 439876.


Age and Value of a AMI Jukebox - vintage jukebox

Age and Value of a AMI Jukebox?How do I find out how old my jukebox is? It's a Rowe AMI Triangle Industries Inc. It takes coin and bills; also what is it worth?


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Replacement Dual Controller for a Shavel Electric Blanket?I need new dual controller for a Shavel A6-BQ model Eb 180015-Q eb3600=Q 120vac 60Hz 165W electric blanket. Does anyone know where I can get one?


What Breed Is My Pit Bull Puppy? - closeup of a tan and white puppy

What Breed Is My Pit Bull Puppy ?I got my Kernal when he was 4 weeks old. He is now 5 months old and very energetic. I was told he's a Pit Bull Bully, but I'm not sure and the vets here in the Caribbean are not equipped for DNA testing. Can someone tell me what breed he is?


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Can Mold Grow on Plywood Over Concrete Under a Vapor Barrier?I have a concrete slab with plywood on top of the concrete and a plastic barrier under a solid oak floor. There is moisture in the plywood, but not the oak. Can black mole grow under the plastic barrier? If so I will need to replace my expensive oak floors.


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Free Tires for My Wife's Garden?Where can I find some 15in tires for a project in my wife's garden?


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Cats Peeing and Pooping in Same Spot Outside Box?I have an area in the house that is unfinished and there is a small spot where it is dirt/stone that needs to be covered in cement prior to being completed. The problem is that the cats love to pee/poop on it! It probably seems like a big litter pan. My problem is how do I get the pee smell out of dirt? I need to keep them from messing in that area, as it is really starting to smell.


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?What color should I paint my kitchen walls if I have a chair rail, light oak cabinets, beige Corian counter top, and a beige floor?


Value of a Homer Laughlin Bowl - bowl with people in Colonial dress dancing pictured in the center

Value of a Homer Laughlin Bowl?I can't seem to find anything about this piece online, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this piece.


Value of a Mersman Coffee Table - vintage coffee table

Value of a Mersman Coffee Table?I have a Mersman 72 43 coffee table and I can not find it online. Can you give me some information on this and it's value?


Identifying a Stuffed Bear - scraggly grey bear wearing a school type cap

Identifying a Stuffed Bear?I'm just wondering if anybody can identify this fairly scary, grey, fuzzy teddy bear. He is about 35 cm high and 30 cm wide. He has a red ribbon with white circles on it around his neck. He has no labels, but has a red cap with a blue letter "P" on it. He has large googly eyes and pretty bad teeth with big red lips.


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Treating Pain from Fluid Behind Eardrum?So I know what my problem is which is I have liquid behind my eardrum. It took a bit to get the doctors to realise. Since 2014 I have had constant ear aches and infections and I was finally seen by a doctor who told me I had to get a gormmet. I have to wait until December this year.


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