October 8, 2019

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Replacing the Fabric Seat on an Outdoor Porch Swing

Replacing the Fabric Seat on an Outdoor Porch Swing?Porch swings can be quite expensive to replace. If the fabric sling seat wears out consider replacing it rather than the entire swing. Check out the tips for replacing the fabric seat on an outdoor porch swing.


A toilet paper tube decorated like a reindeer and filled with candy.

Making A Holiday Reindeer Candy HolderLearn how to make this cute toilet paper tube holiday reindeer candy holder. This craft requires a minimum number of supplies and will be happily received by young and old for the holidays.


finished bag

Making a Felt Stocking Filler BagThis easy to make felt stocking filler bag makes a great gift itself or it can be filled with sweet treats.


Two leather belts.

Convert Belt Into A Dog CollarIf you have either a leather punch or an awl and hammer you can easily convert an old belt into a new collar for you dog. It is always fun to find new uses for items that might otherwise be discarded.


Value of a Vintage Riding Lawn MowerVintage riding mowers, particularly ones that still work are often collectors' items. Finding the value of your treasure may require some serious sleuthing.


Fall Wreath Birthday Card - finished card with the added ribbon bow

Making a Fall Wreath Birthday CardPaper leaves dyed with food coloring are the centerpiece of this fall wreath birthday card. Make one or more of your own using the instructions and photos found below. The recipients will truly appreciate the special nature of this handcrafted card.


Custom Candy Stocking

How to Make a Candy StockingMake a personalized candy stocking quickly and easily. You will need cardboard, foil or decorative paper, and the net packaging from certain fruits or vegetables.


An old desk drawer with a lock.

Opening Locked Drawers?Some antique and vintage furniture had key locks for one or all of the drawers. On some desks, one drawer controlled the ability to open the rest. Without the original key you may need to consult a locksmith.


Colors of Fall Mini Canvas -  add other embellishments

Colors of Fall Mini CanvasPopsicle sticks and fall embellishments come together to create this colors of fall mini canvas. Display it in a small easel and you have a lovely handmade decoration for the season.


Santa in the window at Christmastime.

Making a Santa Window Decoration?There are a number of fun ways to make a Santa window decoration. This page contains a few ideas.


Cranberry Eggnog Scones on plate

Making Cranberry Eggnog SconesThese delicious scones combine two favorite holiday flavors. This page contains the steps and photos needed for making cranberry eggnog scones. Be careful they may quickly disappear!



chicken Thighs with broccoli on plate

Broiled Chili-Rubbed Chicken ThighsI bone my own chicken thighs when they are on sale for 69 cents a pound. I save all the bones for chicken stock, so nothing goes to waste.


Thai Siomai with chili sauce

Thai SiomaiSiomai is popular among Asian countries, but their styles or ingredients vary from country to country. Thai people love spicy food as much as others.


Sweet Beef and Vegetable Soup in bowl

Sweet Beef and Vegetable SoupI have cousins who love putting sugar on or mixing anything sweet into their savory dishes. I once tasted their sweet sardines with egg noodles. It was quite good and I'm giving it a try tonight on my beef and vegetable soup.


Pot Roast with veggies

Instant Pot Pot RoastThis recipe uses an Instant Pot to make a savory and tender pot roast in under 2 hours. This is a basic, simple recipe and the results are the same as slow cooking it in a crockpot all day.



Instant Pot Vanilla Extract - ready to use in 2 weeks

Instant Pot Vanilla ExtractVanilla extract is a welcome gift any time of the year, and especially during the holidays. The instant pot decreases the waiting time to use the vanilla extract from 2 months to about 2 weeks. Homemade extract is significantly cheaper than store-bought.


Christmas Lighted Bowl  - with candle inside

Christmas Lighted BowlThese bowls are so very easy and fast to make and beautiful when lighted. Very few tools are needed. You can use a number of different colors. I think it gives your decorations a bit of elegance! Most important, everything comes from the Dollar Store!


Pretzel Pumpkins - 4 finished pretzels on a tabletop

Pretzel PumpkinsThese bread pretzel pumpkins make a nice snack for Halloween or Thanksgiving.


Wire Pumpkin - finished copper wire pumpkin

Wire PumpkinDecorate your home with these cute wire pumpkins. You can make all sorts of sizes and shapes. After the holiday is over, you can easily collapse these pumpkins for easy storage and reuse for many years to come!


Cleaning Toilet Brush with Denture Tablets - brush down in bowl

Cleaning Toilet Brush with Denture TabletsLate for work? Surprise company? Want to trim down cleaning time? Clean your toilet brush quick and easy with cheap denture tablets in a cleaned toilet! Let the brush soak at least an hour to thoroughly clean. Dollar Store quality is just fine.



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Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo?My puppy has parvo. I took her to the vet on Saturday and they gave her meds, antibiotics and diarrhea medicine. When we got up on Sunday morning she was better. She was eating on her own and drinking. She would go outside and try to play with the other dogs and then this morning about 3:30 she got worse she just keeps getting weaker and weaker.


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Caring for Gouldian Finches?Should I cover the cage of my 2 Gouldian finches at night?


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Daycare Name Ideas?Can you help me think of a creative daycare name? I want to used Bonna in it.


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Did My Dog Really Die Suddenly?I miss my dog very much and I've been searching stuff day and night ever since she passed away. That's because I want my questions answered. It started around February 18 or maybe 17 or 16. It one of those dates because I hadn't seen her around almost all weekend. But by Sunday which was the 18th, I found her curled up against the wall. I carried her back inside and made sure she was all warm.


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Training an Abused Dog to Poop on a Leash?I have a 1 year old Pit. She was abused before I got her. I got her to stop going to the bathroom in the house, but I can not get her to go poop on the leash. She walks on the leash, but not go very far until she wants to turn around and go back home. She will pee on the leash, but she will not poop. Any suggestions?


Value of a 1890s Vintage Rocker - tall backed rattan (seat and back) glider rocker

Value of a 1890s Vintage Rocker?This belonged to my great grandmother. I have no idea what it is worth and I'd like to sell it. Does anybody recognize this old rocker?


Value of a Mersman Table - pedestal table

Value of a Mersman Table?What is the value of this table?


A plastic holder for soda bottles.

Craft Project Ideas Using Soda Bottle Holders?I drink a lot of pop. I was looking at the holders the bottles come in (6 pack) they are a bit different than the old nasty traditional 6 pack rings. I was looking at one and thought there should be some kind of craft they can be used for. I am at a loss, however, to come up with any good ideas.


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Discontinued Cole and Son Wallpaper?I am looking for discontinued Fornasetti Monkey wallpaper. It is from Cole and Son. London. Where can I find the old colour gray?


Value of Vintage Ritts Tropitan Bamboo Furniture
- furniture partially covered with plastic tarp

Value of Vintage Ritts Tropitan Bamboo Furniture?I have 17 pieces of Ritts Tropitan bamboo furniture. My wife has passed, she was 71 years old. She acquired these in the 1950s, what could they be worth?


Value of a Burlwood Armoire - armoire

Value of a Burlwood Armoire?It's too big for my house. It's beautiful, but I have to get rid of it. I know it's Burl wood, but have no idea what it's worth or how to price it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Rehydrating Rain-X Wipes?My Rain-X wipes are dried out. What can I do to use them?


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull? - black and white puppy on the couch

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?She is 2 months old. I would like to know if she is a Pit mix or full blooded?


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Getting a Black Snake to Leave the Basement?I love black snakes in the outdoors. However I recently found a 5 foot snakeskin in my unfinished basement. There is a Frenchdoor that we enter and exit in the basement. I know he's still there as we have had no mice upstairs and living in 27 acres of woods gives us lots of mice. Will he come upstairs and kill my 10 lb. Morkie? What should I do? How do I get him back outside?


Selling Cabbage Patch Kids - dolls in boxes

Selling Cabbage Patch Kids?I have several dolls. I had two girls. I do have the boxes, but they have been played with, some more than others. I have some of the animals as well. How do I sell them?


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Removing Mothballs in the Fireplace?I had a family of raccoons who crawled down my chimney. To get rid them, I tried a portable heater, hose, and radio. I was told to toss some mothballs down the chimney. They came out, but for 2 years now I have had this terrible mothball scent in my home I cannot get rid of. What can I do? The flue portion is too high to get my hand in and I do not have a vacuum hose long enough to suck them out.


Value of a Betty Jane Carter Doll - musical doll in a box

Value of a Betty Jane Carter Doll?I have a Betty Jane Carter Doll - Catherine, and it plays "Bach's Minuet" . It is a limited edition 258/1000 912732. It has never been removed from the box and I would like to know how much it is worth. I have no need for this doll and it was given to me from my grandmother.


Replacement Movement for a Quartz 85 Clock

Replacement Movement for a Quartz 85 Clock?I would like to know where I can buy the Torsion Haller clock movement: quartz 85 w0085/00675. Attached is a photo of my clock.


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