February 25, 2020

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A play cellphone made from wood with drawn buttons.

Making a Wooden Toy CellphoneYoung children are quite happy with non-working toys where they can apply their imagination. Here you can see how to make a simple wooden toy cellphone.


A bottle of shampoo being dispensed.

Placing Rubber Bands Around Shampoo BottlesPlace rubber bands around your shampoo bottles to reduce their slipperiness and also to help differentiate between the shampoo and conditioner, especially when they are the same brand.


A lace paper rectangular placemat.

Crafts Using Lace Paper?Paper lace or doilies can be incorporated into many types of crafts, such as scrapbooking, cards, decoupage, and more. This page offers suggestions for crafts using paper lace.


Bamboo sticks holding up a tomato plant.

Bamboo Sticks for Plant SupportSlender bamboo sticks can be used in your garden or containers to stake plants such as tomatoes and flowers. They also work for young trees.


Sprucing Up Cheap Greeting Cards - open card with the string of paper Jack 'O Lanterns

Sprucing Up Cheap Greeting CardsUse your imagination and crafting skills to upgrade inexpensive greeting cards. This page contains a good example.


Hanging a Coat Rack on a Door

Hanging a Coat Rack on a DoorThere are a few ways to hang a coat rack on the back of a door. Some come with over the door hangers, they can be screwed into the door, or you can use Command Hooks to attach them.


The needle of a sewing machine.

Adjusting the Needle Position on a Kenmore Sewing Machine?If your needle is not in the center position, first check to see if it moves at all to any other position. If not then it may require cleaning or repair. You can do that yourself or take it in to a sewing machine service provider. Read on for some helpful links.


A collection of encyclopedias.

Value of Standard American Encyclopedias?Typically old reference books such as encyclopedias do not retain their value. However, very old ones may have antique book value that can be determined by a book appraiser or seller. As for newer ones, crafters may have some interest.


Felt Elephant Ornament - ornament lying on a laminate countertop

Making a Felt Elephant OrnamentFelt ornaments are fun and easy to make. Plus you can make them in so many patterns, using freehand drawings, cookie cutters, and more. Learn how to make a felt elephant ornament below.


A hand holding some ripe elderberries.

Harvesting ElderberriesElderberries should be ready for harvest between mid August and mid September. Remove the clusters from the bush and strip the berries from them. One way to quickly remove the berries is with a plastic fork. Refrigerate or freeze.


A pet's grave in a backyard.

Burying a Dead Animal Near a Vegetable Garden?There are mixed views and potential local ordinances that can affect where it is OK to bury a dead animal in your yard and more specifically near a vegetable garden. If allowed in your area be sure to dig a deep hole for the burial. Read on for more details.


Butternut Squash Puree in blender

Butternut Squash PureeMicrowaving butternut squash first and then cleaning and peeling, leaves you with the flesh ready to puree. Use your food processor and then refrigerate or freeze for future use.


A wall of antique clocks.

Determining the Value of an Antique ClockResearching the value of an antique clock is aided by any identifying marker marks and dates. The internet is a decent search tool for this research, but if that is unsuccessful you may need to seek advice from a specialist in old clocks.


A pair of red doll shoes.

Finding Replacement Doll Shoes?Doll shoes can wear out or get lost. Finding new ones may be possible on the internet. Another option is to try to make replacement shoes yourself.


Repairing Woodpecker Damage to Cedar Siding - view of damage and failed repair

Repairing Woodpecker Damage to Cedar Siding?Woodpeckers sometimes will damage the wood siding on a home, especially softer wood such as cedar. Make sure there are no pests invading the siding and attracting the birds. To repair the damage you will need a wood filler or two-part adhesive of epoxy resin and hardening putty. For more information check below.


The back of a metal brooch.

Identifying a Brooch?Identifying jewelry such as a brooch can be difficult, particularly if there are no markings to suggest silver or gold content for the setting. Research on line might help, but a trip to a specialist in jewelry identification may be in order especially if you believe the piece to have value.


Champagne Cork Crochet Hook Savers - several hook and cork assemblies

Champagne Corks as Crochet Hook SaversSticking the end of your crochet hooks into a champagne cork will help keep them from getting lost in the couch cushions, as well as preventing them from rolling under the furniture. Learn how to prepare them here.


A vintage dining table and chairs.

Identifying a Vintage Table?Identifying vintage tables is aided if your table has a maker's mark or label on the underside. That will help you begin. Otherwise internet research or the advice of a vintage furniture appraiser may be required.


people working on yard chores

Creating a Work Club for Household ChoresGetting the much needed chores done around your home may be a never ending source of frustration. Try a family coordinated attack on them on a weekly basis. Another excellent idea is to organize a work club in your area. Read on for the club details.


A bunch of full shopping bags from the grocery store.

Bring Food Home Safely from Grocery Shopping TripsGrocery shopping in warm weather can result in the cold items getting warm on the trip home. Taking a cooler with ice packs helps keep everything at a safe temperature.


All Natural Leather Cleaner and Conditioner - high heel boots

All Natural Leather Cleaner and ConditionerA one to one mixture of olive or coconut oil and white vinegar make a great all natural leather cleaner and conditioner. Read more below.


A cat being given liquid medication.

Giving Cats Liquid MedicationGiving your cat liquid medication, while definitely not fun for the kitty, can be done reasonably well using a dropper or syringe from the vet.



Is My Dog a Pit Bull Terrier? - brown and white Pit Bull looking dog

Is My Dog a Pit Bull Terrier?I found this dog where I live. My girlfriend and I heard barking from outside in the parking lot and saw him. I called out to him and he ran to me. I've put flyers out in case of anyone had lost a dog, but nothing. I guess he's our dog now. But I'm just wondering if he's a Pit Bull terrier, because he looks like it.


Value of a Vintage Seeburg Jukebox

Value of a Vintage Seeburg Jukebox?I have this '58 Seeburg 200 Select-O-Matic jukebox, model 201. It needs a coin mechanism, but otherwise it is in great condition.


Value of J.Misa Doll - doll wearing a long pink dress with a lace front

Value of J.Misa Doll?I am going to be selling some of my mother's porcelain dolls for her, this is one of them. I believe she is either 22 or 24 inches tall, in perfect condition, and still in the box. Her name is Leona # 354. I would like to know her approximate value please.


Identifying a Collectors Choice Doll - doll missing its wig

Identifying a Collectors Choice Doll?I found a #1169 Collector's Choice doll by DanDee. It is missing its hair. Do you know what her name is and what she looked like originally?


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Needle Not Moving on a Brother Sewing Machine?I bought this sewing machine, a Brother LS14, not too long ago and used it to fix a few of my clothes. After not using it for about a month I tried to use it and the needle will no longer go up and down when I press the peddle or turn it manually?


Value of a Leonardo Figurine - sitting woman with a tea service and picnic basket

Value of a Leonardo Figurine?I have this figurine, "Picnic by Leonardo" 9.5" Long x 6". This is a charity item and I would like to know its value so I can raise money for cancer trust.


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Removing Kleenex Lint from Faux Fur?How do I get Kleenex off faux fur after it was washed and dried?


Value of a Grandfather Clock - clock in a corner of the room

Value of a Grandfather Clock?I don't have many details on this, apart from the pictures. I am just interested to see how much it's worth.


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Good Seasons Garlic Salad Dressing Mix (Copycat)?Back in the 60s and 70s, my favorite salad dressing was Good Seasons garlic dressing mix. It is not the same as the current garlic & herbs or garlic & cheese dressing mixes. Does anyone have a recipe which will approximate that garlic dressing?


Value of a Vintage White Rotary Sewing Machine - old black machine in a wooden base

Value of a Vintage White Rotary Sewing Machine?I have come across this White rotary sewing machine. I do not know anything about it and have been researching a bit and am still am unsure of it's value. I'm aware that it is rusted quite a bit, but I would still like to know any information regarding this machine. The numbers on the back are a bit hard to read, but what is written is 77MG-87018.


Identifying a Purple Stuffed Toy Monster

Identifying a Purple Stuffed Toy Monster?Does anyone know what toy this is? It has been mistaken for Barney, but I doubt that it is one. This one has green hair and doesn't have the green belly. It also has only a tiny tail. I have had it as long as I can remember. I'm 21 years old and I might have had this since I was baby. I'm not sure. But it's an old toy for sure.


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