March 4, 2020

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A pair of mittened hands holding a cup of soup.

Winter Soup RecipesHere are all 13 weeks from the first three months of our Year of Delicious Soup. The soups focus on seasonal ingredients and appealing flavors for cold weather. These recipes have been submitted by the ThriftyFun community and represent many different regions and cuisines.


Mini Wreath Ornament - three different wreaths

Making Mini Wreath OrnamentsMake a wreath shape from sturdy cardboard or chipboard. Decorate by wrapping with baker's twine, ribbon, or whatever you have. Add additional embellishments as desired and it is ready to hang.


A collection of tea and tea making items.

Making Loose Leaf Herbal TeaSelect herbs from your garden or purchase fresh ones to prepare your own loose leaf herbal teas. Clean the leaves, cut, and dry. Now you can have a relaxing cup of tea before bed or anytime.


Making a Bamboo Rain Stick - braid some string and decorate the instrument. Be sure to glue the string in place.

Making a Bamboo RainstickIf you have ever heard the beautiful sound made by a rainstick you will want to try this project. The detailed steps make this an easy craft to undertake. Once done relax to the sound of the rain falling.


Kissmark Decorative Banner - apply the lipstick colors in turn and make three kiss marks on the lighter paper

Making a Kissmark Decorative BannerMake a fun Valentine's Day banner by applying lipstick kiss marks onto pieces of paper. Then attach those to a colored background and hang. Easy, cute, and fun to make.


Jack-'o-Lantern Painted Wine Bottles - bottle painted, with raffia around the neck, hair and a bow tie

DIY Jack-'o-Lantern Painted Wine BottlesRecycle empty glass bottles into these cute Jack-'o-Lantern decorations for the season. Get started with the craft project found below.


English Paper Pieced Flower Pillow - done, the buttons on the leaves can be seen here

English Paper Pieced Flower PillowEnglish paper piecing is a fun way to make quilt tops and other items. The work is all hand done, no machine required. In this project hexagon pieces are sewn together to create a fun flower pillow. Learn how to make your own with the tutorial below, which also contains a link for making the hexagons.


cut Jam Pastry on plate

Making Jam PastriesPlace a dollop of your favorite jam in the center of a piece of pasty dough, fold up or pinch closed and bake. Try adding a slice of brie for a fancy version.


Cauliflower Sheep Centerpiece - cauliflower sheep centerpiece before the feast

Making a Cauliflower Sheep CenterpieceEnjoy making and eating this healthy cauliflower centerpiece. A fun addition to any special occasion table. Let us show you how to create your own.


Repairing a Broken Dish Drainer - repaired silverware holder

Repairing a Broken Dish DrainerHere is how to repair a broken dish drainer. The plastic silverware holder clips on the wire rack and tape can help keep it secure.


Heart Shaped Fox Card - add eyes and a nose

How to Make a Heart Shaped Fox CardUse paper heart cutouts to assemble this cute fox shaped card for your Valentine. Easy to follow instructions follow.


Flour Balls on skewers with sauce

Making Flour BallsAdd chopped onion and garlic to an egg and flour batter. Drop balls of the dough into hot oil and cook until lightly brown. Serve with a favorite dipping sauce.


Shadow Box with a Soup Theme - finished shadow box

Making a Shadow Box with a Soup ThemeFill the compartments in a pre-made shadowbox with a variety of soup related items, including multi-bean soup mix or pasta, and any cute embellishments that complete the theme for a fun kitchen decoration.


Mochi Cheese Buns

Making Mochi Cheese BunsPrepare sweet rice flour buns. Drop into cupcake paper liners, sprinkle with cheese, and bake. They are a simple tasty treat for any occasion.


"Bee Mine" Clothespin Craft - three finished bee clothespins

Making 'Bee Mine' ClothespinsThese fun little clothespin bees can be clipped on your clothing or a gift. Learn how to make them below.


Glazed Pomegranate Pork Ribs on plate

Glazed Pomegranate Pork RibsFor a delicious tart pork rib dish begin with juiced pomegranates. The tart sweet cooking liquid becomes a luscious glaze. Beautiful to see, and yummy to eat, this is an artful dish.


"Giving You All My Love" Octopus - finished octopus

Making a 'Giving You All My Love' OctopusBegin with a recycled TP tube, cut and paint to make a heart tipped octopus. Fill with Valentine's Day candies or other small gifts and give it to someone you care about.


soup in bowl

Cauliflower, Sausage and Okra SoupThis delicious soup containing cauliflower, sausage, shrimp, onion, and okra is simple to prepare and can be cooked in an instant pot. Serve with rice for a warm dish on a chilly night.


Arrow Toss Valentine's Day
Toddler Game -  heart with the arrows arrayed around it

Valentine's Day Arrow Toss GameThis is a fun Valentine's Day game you can make at home for the kids. Felt and dowel arrows are thrown towards the paper heart. The closest one wins.


Snowflake Bow for Oversize Gift - closeup of isolated snowflake on liner

Making a Snowflake Bow for an Oversize GiftThis bow is such an eye-catcher it is perfect for a large unwrapped gift, a traditional wrapped one, or without the tissue bow element you can make a snowflake garland. The supplies list and easy to follow instructions follow.


Geometric Heart Card - finished card face

How to Make a Geometric Heart CardBeginning with a typical heart shape, trim the shape down squaring off the top lobes. Then play with scraps of paper to layout a geometric mosaic to fill the face of the card. This card can be used for any occasion depending on the inside message.



Nature's Oddity (Fungus) - orange, yellow, and white fungus on a fallen tree

Nature's Oddity (Fungus)While hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, I came across this unusual looking fungus growing on a tree. It looks like a piece of candy corn. I couldn't resist taking a picture of something so unusual.


Lentil Black Eyed Pea Stew on plate with bread

Instant Pot Lentil Black Eyed Pea StewThis is a free form soup I made in the Instant Pot. The nice thing about the Instant Pot is it does its own thing so that you can do yours. Just chop, add water, and boom. You don't even really need recipes with an IP, but I will still document all the different sorts of things I make on here.



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Making Lampe Berger Oil?I'm trying to make my homemade oil for my lampe Berger. I got 91% alcohol I tried the fragrances and pure fragrance from Walmart. I tried every different type Walmart has and none of them are strong, I can barely smell them. I tried tendra. I even used 20 drops and I still can't smell the fragrance. Is there a special kind of oil or place I can buy some from that has a strong smell today?


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Daycare Business Slogan Ideas?What's a good slogan for my business named Sunflower Play Group?


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Introducing a New Dog to the Resident Dogs?We adopted two Border Collie Aussie mixes two years ago (they will be two on March 17) and one English Bulldog in July (will be two on March 24). Soon we will take on an Italian Greyhound mini-Pinscher mix (who is four).


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11th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is turning 11 years old in 22 days and she wants to go to Great Wolf Lodge. She only wants to go there because of the water and because she can sleep over with her friends. But it is too expensive what should I do?


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How to Quit Biting Your Nails?I bite my nails and I have done so for around 30 years and I'm 36 years old now. I do it mainly when I get stressed about a situation. Some people have a nervous breakdown, but I bite my nails. That is just me and my different situations that I get in sometimes. They are really short now probably dangerously short. I wonder if there is anything I can do to get them to a normal level again?


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Finger Food Menu for a 16th Birthday Party?I'm having a, 'Gold' themed surprise birthday party for my daughter's 16th birthday and I need menu items that are finger food friendly and yummy. They also need to be budget friendly as well, as I have a very low budget.


Identifying an Antique Table - dark wood table and chairs

Identifying an Antique Table?What style and era is this table?


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Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo?I brought home a 2 month old Golden Retriever puppy and the day he got his first shot of parvo, he became lethargic started vomiting and had blood in his poop. I took him to to vet and his medications were started.


Selling Cabbage Patch Dolls - twins in the box

Selling Cabbage Patch Dolls?These belonged to my mother. I would like to get rid of them, but have no idea what they are worth. They are all new in the box.


Identifying the Leg Style on an Antique Table - round table with unique legs

Identifying the Leg Style on an Antique Table?I inherited this antique table from my father. I can't seem to find any info on the style of the legs. There is a round pedestal, which is surrounded by hollow tube shaped sets of legs, which are nine inches in circumference, and start under the table top, go to the floor, and curve back up. There are feet at the bottom, which are similar to claw feet.


Identifying a Stuffed Monkey

Identifying a Stuffed Monkey?My friend had a house fire and lost this stuffed monkey that was very important to them. This is the only picture I can find and am trying to surprise them by finding a replacement. Unfortunately this is all I have to go on.


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Outlets and a Switch Out but the Circuit Breaker Is Not Tripped?Our small business had a power outrage during the weekend. Everything is back on as normal, but a couple of power outlets on the customer floor and the restroom's power switch do not work. They have separate switches on the circuit board (3 out of 21 switches) and did not trip. Off and on doesn't make them work. I appreciate any comment what should I do?


Understanding the Backstamps on Homer Laughlin Dinnerware - closeup of one of the dinner plates

Understanding the Backstamps on Homer Laughlin Dinnerware?What do the numbers on the back mean? Is the N for Newell WV?


Value of an Antique Secretary Style Desk - medium hue wooden secretary desk with hutch

Value of an Antique Secretary Style Desk?This beauty was given to us by a dear friend, RIP, and belonged to her english grandmom. I would like to know how much is worth? The size is 79" in length by 30 inches wide. Also we have the key. I am not sure what kind of wood it is made from.


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Picking Between Two Guys?I'm dating this guy (Jimmy) and he's my one true love and I'm not sure if it's confirmed, but I kinda am into his best friend (Bob). I feel so guilty because I love Jimmy and liking Bob seems like my fault. I just feel so overwhelmed, stressed, and guilty. Can someone give me some advice, or reassurance, or tell me what I need to do or feel?


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Removing Makeup Stains from Clothing?How can make-up stains be removed from the necks of sweaters and turtle necks? I have tried Shout and Oxi-clean. Some of the items are all cotton, some are blends, and some are man made fabrics.


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Keeping a Dog from Chewing on Their Bed?My American Bulldog is chewing on her bed. She doesn't do it often, but when she does it's bad! So I took away her bed in her cage and her regular bed in my room. What can I do to prevent this? And how long should I punish her?


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