April 1, 2020

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cooked breaded peppers

Making Chile RelleñosChile Relleños is a classic Mexican dish that is easy to make at home. Roasted poblano pepper halves are stuffed and then cooked, often in a egg batter.


Beef with carrots on tortilla

Spinach Beef With OrzoThis ground beef recipe is made with spinach and aromatics like garlic and onion. Mixed it with orzo and serve in a tortilla. This makes a great weeknight dinner or quick lunch.


bowl of soup with egg

Homemade BatchoyMake this traditional Filipino soup to warm you up on a cold day. This easy recipe contains pork, noodles and egg in a delicious broth.


shrimp shells in pot

Making Rich Shrimp StockShrimp shells have a surprisingly large amount of flavor when cooked down as a broth. Use the cooked broth to make all sorts of delicious soups.


Two older friends looking at a tablet.

Finding An Old Friend?The internet can provide many tools for searching for a lost friend. Before paying money, try searching through free social media sites.


Butterfly Graduation Gum Wrapped Lei - finished lei

Making a Butterfly Graduation Gum Wrapped LeiGraduation leis are very popular for celebrating a new graduate. This homemade one is made from packs of gum with decorative butterflies.


Naïve House Unisex Birthday Card - finished card

Making a Naïve House Unisex Birthday CardThis simple house card can be made by children or adults alike. This makes a great birthday card or to congratulate someone on their new home.


Starter Reading Notebook - front of book

How to Make a Starter Reading NotebookIf you have children or grandchildren learning how to read, this handy starter notebook can help. It's a great way to print out reading materials from educational sites and keep them organized.


Father's Day Handprint Keepsake Card - finished card

Making a Father's Day Handprint Keepsake CardTake your little one's hand to make this adorable Father's Day card that resembles a barbecue grill. The handprints are done in orange and red to resemble flames.


Party Hat Volcano Experiment for Kids - erupted volcano

DIY Party Hat Volcano Experiment for KidsBaking soda and vinegar make a dramatic foaming volcano to make with your kids. Save a party hat for the classic cone shape or make one yourself.


Dad's Neckties Card - finished card

Making a Dad's Neckties CardIt's easy enough for kids to create a handmade card for Dad or Grandpa. This Father's Day card shows three colorful ties on a hanger.


Chocolate Nut Banana Sushi on plate

Chocolate Nut Banana SushiRoll a ripe banana in chocolate and nuts and cut it into slices to resemble sushi. This is a great treat for kids after school.


Veggie Stirfry on plate

Summer Veggie StirfryIf you have a lot of vegetables coming from your garden this summer, use them to make this delicious stir fry. Serve it with rice and add meat, if you wish.


Summer Door Decor - finished red door hanging

Making Summer Door DecorMake a patriotic display of red, white and blue stars to hang on your door or wall. Colorful placemats are cut up for this project but you can make the stars with construction paper too.


Banana PB Cookies on plate

Making Banana PB CookiesIf you have excess bananas, use them up to make these delicious peanut butter cookies. They make a great after school snack but could be a quick breakfast too.


Cake batter being whisked in a bowl.

Using Expired Cake Mix?If a box of cake mix has been forgotten in the back of your pantry, it may still be usable if it's not too old. Sometimes, it's necessary to add new baking soda or powder to help it rise.



cooked Chicken

Quick Elegant ChickenI normally don't drink wine. However, I received a bottle and used it for cooking. I froze what I didn't use and used some for this recipe.


A head of lettuce with a bottle of white vinegar.

DIY Fruit and Veggie WashMaking sure your produce is clear of pesticides, fungus or germs is important, more so if you're planning on enjoying it raw. You don't need to buy commercial produce sprays. Some even have chemicals in them you probably don't want to consume. Here is a recipe to make your own at home:


finished Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona CoffeePandemic is real! Quarantine is real, so to free myself from boredom, I'm going to make the famous Dalgona Coffee. It has been a trend these days and the most effective step here to release you from getting bored is by whipping it with a fork (no electric mixer). Unfortunately I'm left without my mixer since quarantine started. See how I make it and have fun!



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If You Are Healthy, You Can Still Donate BloodI keep seeing Internet notifications saying if you are healthy you can still donate blood. Reminds me of the time I gave blood. I went to the clinic and was greeted by a nice elderly nurse who directed me to a seat. She said while I was waiting she would need to get some information from me. With clipboard and pen ready, she began to ask questions.


Chick or Duckling Easter Decoration - finished chick/duck

Chick or Duckling Easter DecorationYou can make this cute chick or duckling Easter inspired paper decoration to hang, as a garland, or simply as is with double sided tape to stick on a flat surface. Either way, this is cute and can be made at home with paper, scissors, and some tape!


Get Outside and Exercise - picking up litter

Get Outside and ExerciseSince our daughter retired and moved in with us, until her house next door is finished, we have enjoyed getting outside and walking together. In our community, we have some nice farm paths to walk. This has been fun and has kept my mind off the troubles of the world.



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Eligibility for Survivor Benefits?I was with my recently deceased husband for almost 20 years, but we never married nor did we fill out common law paperwork. Is there any way I can claim his survivor's benefits today as he passed in July of 2018?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - well played with doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Can anyone tell me a little bit about this doll or the markings?


Repairing a Fisher Price Record Player - old plastic child's record player

Repairing a Fisher Price Record Player?I found my old Fisher Price record player, so I put the lilac record on and tried playing edelweiss. It didn't work, the record was spinning and the arm stayed on the record, but all I heard was some little ticks and small sounds. I can see is the little comb (like the ones in a music box). But I don't know how to fix it, if it's the comb where can I get it replaced and can I do it myself?


Identifying Capstan Glassware - the pawn or capstan mark on bottom of a small glass

Identifying Capstan Glassware?So I've had this small glass since the 80s. I'd like to find more, but searching has been limited to date. Glass and pawn are not the greatest search terms.


Value of a Thimble

Value of a Thimble?I find ones that are like it but not quite the same. It's got a tiny rectangular area with the raised word Austria on it. It is probably not worth anything, but just wondering if anybody knows if it is an antique or not?


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Repairing a Kenmore Sewing Machine Stitch Length Switch?I have a Sears Kenmore model 158.13010 sewing machine. The stitch length switch will not stay in place. I am not sure how to fix it.


Value of a Bassett Desk - desk with veneer damage

Value of a Bassett Desk?I have a Basset furniture antique desk. I'm trying to find out the year and value. Can anyone help? The only numbers on it are 5009MAM. I believe the last letter is a M it's kinda worn away.


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Lime Stuck in the Toilet?My kid flushed a lime down the toilet. The toilet flushes, but does not go down in a hurry. I have not had to use the toilet yet since this happened, but I assume when I do it is just going to add to the drain issue. I have tried plunging, but nothing. I have put a snake down and it is not coming out that way. Is there something I can use to break this up so that it will go down?


Identifying an Antique or Vintage Table - open table that has a latch on the underside to fold the top down

Identifying an Antique or Vintage Table?I was given this table and when cleaning, I noticed a latch on the underside. I am just wondering what type of table this is and its possible value.


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Removing Shoe Marks on Hardwood Floors?I have several rubber slide marks from my grandson's sneakers on my hardwood floors. I have tried several fixes (eraser, Magic Eraser, etc), but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how to get rid of these marks?


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Redoing Roots with Highligher?I did my hair roots a week ago, and yesterday I did a highlight to my hair. I did not leave it in long enough on my root area and it is brassy. I would like to re-do my roots with a 9NC, last week I did it with a 7NN and 6NN. My question is how long do I have to wait to re-do my root area with the 9NC?


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Jeans Dye Transferred in the Wash?I got this Adidas hoodie a few weeks ago it is white, but I washed it with jeans and it has a blue tint on the outside. And the inside is full on blue . What do I do to recover my $68 hoodie? It is the only one I have and I am having a panic attack.


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