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The everyday experts in the ThriftyFun community share their favorite recipes for creating their own spices.



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Homemade Herb and Spice Blends

Homemade Herb and Spice BlendsThis page contains recipes for homemade herb and spice blends. Rather than buying expensive herb and spice mixes, make your own with whatever you have in your spice drawer or garden.


Bowl of salsa with ingredients in background.

Dry Salsa Mix RecipesAn easier and faster to make your own salsa is to have a dried spice mix ready that you can add to your tomato or other base ingredients. This will also allow you to have mixes for different types of salsa and varying levels of spiciness. This page contains dry salsa mix recipes.


A dish of bacon salt.

DIY Bacon SaltMake this popular blend by combining cooked bacon crumbles with salt. Sprinkle it on soups, salads or any other dish that would benefit from salty bacon flavor.


ground spices in bowl

Homemade Garam MasalaMake this popular Indian cuisine spice at home. It is cheaper than buying it prepared at the store and you can mix up a batch when needed. You may already have most of the spices needed.


layered small jar of advieh

Persian Spice Mix (Advieh)This collection of warm spices is a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cumin and turmeric. It is used in Persian and Middle Eastern cooking. This is a page about making Persian spice mix (Advieh).


Orange twist on white background

Saving Orange RindOrange zest or finely grated rind is called for in many recipes, but can be expensive to buy. Next time you get ready to eat an orange, grate the skin and save for future use. This is a page about saving orange rind.


A pile of creole seasonings.

Creole Seasoning Mix RecipesCreole or Cajun seasonings originated in New Orleans and southwest Louisiana. These spicy combinations of ingredients can be used in stews, seafood, meat, and more. This page contains creole seasoning mix recipes.


Pumpkin Spice in Measuring Spoon

Using Pumpkin SpiceThis is a page about using pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice is made up of a variety of spices and can be used to flavor many recipes.


Ground pumpkin pie spice with whole spices.

Making Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice MixThis is a page about making homemade pumpkin pie spice mix. You can easily create your own pumpkin spice blend at home.



Close up image of piles of several different spices

House Seasoning RecipesThis is a page about house seasoning recipes. Replicating the recipe for a favorite house seasoning allows you to recreate more of your favorite dishes, possibly less expensively.


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Homemade Chili Seasoning Mix?I make a lot of chili and often use the little packets of chili seasoning for a quick seasoning. I would like a recipe to make up a large batch to have at hand to quickly season a pot of chili. When I have to pull out a dozen ingredients to season something I tend to just go with a mix.


Homemade Chili Seasoning Recipes

Homemade Chili Seasoning Recipes?Having you herbs and spices ready to season your chili can help you make a consistently delicious dish, and save you time and money. This page contains homemade chili seasoning recipes.


Recipes Using Fresh Basil

Recipes Using Fresh BasilOriginally from India, basil is grown for its soft green or purple foliage and is wonderful fresh in pesto and many Italian dishes. This page contains recipes using fresh basil.


Man Using Salt Substitute

Salt Substitute RecipesThis page contains salt substitute recipes. A flavorful blend of herbs and spices can help you reduce the amount of salt in your diet.


Chopped Onions

Homemade Onion Powder RecipesThis page contains homemade onion powder recipes. As an alternative to buying this seasoning at the market, make some at home using produce from your garden or from the grocery.


Bay Leaves

Old Bay Seasoning Mix RecipesThis page contains Old Bay seasoning mix recipes. Blend your own spices to make a homemade version of this famous seasoning. It is great, not only on seafood, but also on fries and other foods.


Seasoning Salt

Seasoning Salt RecipesRather than buy seasoned salt at the market, you can easily make your own special blend at home. This page contains seasoning salt recipes.


Italian Seasoning

Italian Seasoning RecipesThis page contains Italian seasoning recipes. Having your own blend of spices available can save you time and money when preparing your favorite Italian dishes.


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Homemade Chili SeasoningI make my own chili seasoning and keep it in a Parmesan cheese container. The container has an easy opening to put your spoon in and it also has a holes for shaking in a little more, if needed.



Making Homemade Almond Extract?This is a page about making homemade almond extract. Using a few ingredients and with a bit of time you can make your own almond and other flavored extracts.


Cutting Cilantro

Recipes Using CilantroAlso know as coriander this herb is delicious fresh or dried. This page contains recipes using cilantro.


Garlic Salt

Homemade Garlic Salt RecipesThis page contains garlic salt recipes. You can make your own unique blend of garlic salt at home.


Homemade Herb and Spice Blends

Dry Rub RecipesDry rubs enhance the flavor of your barbecued or slow baked meats or vegetables. This page contains dry rub recipes.


Homemade vanilla extract in a glass bottle.

Homemade Vanilla ExtractThis is a page about making vanilla extract. Vanilla extract has many uses, especially for baking. Making your own will allow you to have fresh vanilla extract whenever you need it.



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Spices in Rendezvous Seasoning?Does anyone have a list of spices that are in a Tennessee spice called Rendezvous? It is not sold in my area. It is a really good spice. Thank you.


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Making Garlic Pepper Seasoning?Does anyone know the measurements to mix your own garlic pepper? I was disappointed at the prices on a teeny-tiny bottle of garlic pepper in the grocery store. I figured I could probably mix my own cheaper. Thanks for your help :)


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No-Salt Hot and Spicy SeasoningsEasy to mix, no-salt and spicy. Use on whatever food you want that needs that extra flavor and "kick.


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Sugar Spice MixA combination of sugar and spices that can be used for topping bagels, oatmeal, toast, etc. Inexpensive and tasty/easy to make/has many uses/would make a great gift.


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Saffron Recipes?What are some uses for saffron other than putting it in rice?


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"House" SeasoningWe use this on everything from chicken, burgers, steaks, pork and roasts to in our mashed potatoes. We love it and with budgets so tight this year I even made up huge batches and gave it away this year and everyone loves it. Here is the basic recipe, you can scale it up or down. I get spices in bulk pretty cheap at Sam's and I have a friend across the country that gets them online for good prices in bulk so it comes out pretty cheap.


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Recipe For Sheepherders Salt?I am looking for a recipe for an old spice mix for seasoning. It was called Sheepherders Salt. Thank you.


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Making Your Own Brown SugarTips on making your own brown sugar at home. Post your own techniques here.


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Homemade Italian SeasoningMix all ingredients together and store in airtight container.


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Southwest Seasoning Mix Recipe?I have some Pampered Chef recipes I'd like to try but don't have any of their seasonings. One such recipe that I'd like to try calls for Southwest Seasoning Mix. Does anyone have a seasoning recipe that is comparable to theirs?


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Emeril's Essence Creole Seasoning (copycat)Combine ingredients thoroughly. Store in airtight container.


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Hickory Smoke Salt Recipe?I'm looking for any recipes on how to make hickory smoke salt. Stores don't carry it anymore.


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Substitute for Chicken and Beef Bouillon?I am looking for a substitute for chicken and beef bouillon.


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Anise Extract Recipe?Does anyone have a recipe for making anise extract? I did search the web but could not find an exact recipe. I appreciate any helpful information.


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Recipes Using Ground Flax?I would like recipes using ground flax. Thank you, Gwen from Minnesota




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Favorite House Seasoning Recipes?What is your favorite house seasoning? I use Paula Deen's House Seasoning with garlic powder, salt, and black pepper. The exact measurements are on her website.


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Homemade Chili Seasoning Recipe?I would like a recipe that I can prep in a large batch to use when making chili, similar to the packets of chili seasoning I buy at the store.


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Salt Free Lemon Pepper?I am on a salt restricted diet for my heart. I noticed recently the my jar says lemon pepper seasoning salt. Is there a lemon pepper without salt, or a recipe so I can make my own. I can sure use your help here.


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How Do I Spice Up a Mushroom Meatball Recipe?I need some help with spices. In this mushroom meatball recipe, the gravy is great, and the meatballs are good, but kind of bland. I don't want them to be spicy as in hot, just more flavorful. What herbs/spices would you add to the meatballs?


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Drying Lemon Pepper?How do we dry our lemon pepper?


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Homemade Almond Extract?I have recently made some vanilla extract, also lemon extract. Does anyone know how to make almond extract? Many thanks.


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