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This page contains ideas on how to keep your body beautiful and save money on beauty products.

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Use A Hand Sander On Your FeetThis is a beauty tip for taking care of your feet while avoiding the expense. Getting dead skin off your feet is difficult but those aids you buy simply don't do the job.


Banana Peel Tooth Whitener - woman rubbing the inside of a banana peel on her teeth

Using a Banana Peel to Whiten TeethBanana peels have so many uses, but did you know you could use the inside of the peel to whiten your teeth? This is a page about using banana peel to whiten teeth.


A woman's feet wearing sandals.

Getting Your Feet Ready for Sandals?When the weather finally warms up you are ready to don a pair of sandals, but are your feet ready? This is a page about getting your feet ready for sandals.


Woman looking at nails through a magnifying glass with distaste

Life After Acrylic NailsThis is a page about life after acrylic nails. Finger nails can be weak and rough after using fake nails and need some TLC.


Remedies for Brittle Fingernails

Remedies for Brittle FingernailsThis is a page about remedies for brittle fingernails. Nutrition and health can effect the condition of your fingernails.


Profile of a woman with a pony tail and blue dangling earrings.

Make Your Own Ear LiftsThis is a page about make your own Ear Lifts. Ear Lifts are a product designed to prevent your earlobes from sagging under the weight of your earrings. Here is an easy way to make your own and save some money.


Woman brushing her white teeth.

Saving Money on Teeth WhiteningTooth whitening from a dentist or in a kit can be too expensive for many of us. There are a few much less expensive methods you can use at home. This guide has some tips for saving money on teeth whitening.


Tea Tree Oil on a table tea tree leaves

Can You Add Tea Tree Oil to Hand Soap?Tea tree oil is a common natural remedy and has antimicrobial qualities. Many people add a small amount to their hand soaps. This is a page about can you add tea tree oil to hand soap?.



Man cleaning his tongue with tongue cleaner

How to Clean Your TongueRemove bad bacteria and avoid bad breath with good tongue hygiene. You can clean your tongue with a tongue scraper, a toothbrush or even a spoon. Get tips on how to clean your tongue on this page.


A picture of a package of Dentemp dental repair medication.

Dentemp Reviews (For Temporary Fillings)This product is useful if you are unable to get to the dentist in a timely fashion. This page contains reviews about Dentemp for Temporary Fillings.


A spoonful of salt being placed inside a glass.

Gargle with Salt Water to Minimize GingivitisDo this first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth and in the evening after brushing your teeth. Use this as a gargle: a half glass of lukewarm water and 1 teaspoon of rock salt. Mix together until the rock salt dissolves. Gargle it three times. It is a safe home aid for everyone in the family.


Switch to Xylitol Gum For Dental Health

Switch to Xylitol Gum For Dental HealthIf you like to chew gum but dislike the idea of killing your teeth, switch to xylitol gum! Studies indicate that, by allowing neutral pH levels to remain in the mouth, it helps maintain dental health. As well, xylitol helps prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth.


Natural Rosemary Breath Fresheners

Natural Breath Fresheners from the GardenThis is a page about natural breath fresheners from the garden. Instead of expensive and sugary breath mints, try these common garden herbs.


Close up of woman's teeth being flossed

Substitutes for Dental FlossThis is a page about substitutes for dental floss. When food is stuck between your teeth, you want a handy solution.


Remedies for Yellow Fingernails

Remedies for Yellow Finger NailsThis is a page about nails yellowing on tips. Frequent nail coloring and sometimes health issues can make your nails look yellow.


A denture tablet submerged in water.

Storing Denture TabletsThis is a page about storing denture tablets. Denture tablet users like to have a convenient storage solution for this product.


Running to Make Your Legs Look Better

Making Your Legs Look BetterThis is a page about making your legs look better. How our legs look can be improved by exercise, moisturizer, make-up and even illusion.


Keep Toothbrush In Cabinet

Keep Toothbrush In CabinetWe have all heard keeping a toothbrush in the vicinity of a flushing toilet is not good, as it can catch what sprays into the air, ick! So, all it takes is a wood bathroom cabinet and cup hooks, problem easily solved.


Perfume Bottles

Shelf Life of PerfumeThis is a page about the shelf life of perfume. It can be tempting to buy an older bottle of a perfume you loved that has been discontinued, or an unopened, or nearly full bottle at a yard sale. However, age does effect the fragrance of perfume.


Woman applying perfume to wrist.

Using PerfumeThis is a page about using perfume. Perfume is typically used as a personal body fragrance. It also can be used to scent your home and clothing.


Girl Whitening Her Teeth

Whitening Your TeethThis is a page about whitening your teeth. Your dentist will certainly provide tooth whitening services, but you can save money by using, at home, alternative methods.


A woman taking a bath.

Bath Tips and TricksThis page contains bath tips and tricks. There are many ways to enjoy saving on toiletries for bathing.


Woman brushing her teeth.

Cleaning Your Teeth With Baking SodaThis is a page about cleaning your teeth with baking soda. Baking soda can do an amazing job at both cleaning and whitening your teeth. It is also an inexpensive alternative to more expensive teeth whitening treatments.



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Apply Deodorant In Sweaty AreasFor all you women, I've tried this and it works! After you apply deodorant under your arms, also apply it under your breasts and between them if you sweat frequently. It's helped me tremendously.


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Extending the Life of Razor BladesWherever you live, razors are left in an environment of heat, humidity, wet, and steamy air. If you look closely at your razor, it is most likely either molded or rusty.


Young Girl with Heart Shaped Earrings

Caring for Newly Pierced EarsThis is a page to caring for newly pierced ears. It is very important to care for piercings properly after you get them. If they are not cleaned regularly they can get get infected and getting them to heal will become a painful process.


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Patchouli Body SprayPlace ingredients into a sealable glass jar. Shake the jar vigorously until all ingredients are well combined. Decant into a glass bottle with a fine mist sprayer attached.


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Vinegar for Soft HandsTo keep hands soft, spray with a mist of vinegar after washing dishes in soapy water.


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Using Octagon Soap?Can you use the Octagon soap all over the body?


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Toothpaste Loses Fluoride Over TimeStudies show that the longer toothpaste is stored, the more fluoride content is lost. Therefore, that big "bargain size" may not be such a bargain.


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Add Salt to ToothpasteI was pleasantly surprised when I sprinkled a little salt on my toothpaste before brushing. My teeth seemed to sparkle after rinsing. I have used baking soda before, but the salt worked better.


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Advice for Sagging Breasts?I'm only 22 and my breasts are sagging and very unattractive. I've had 2 kids so I know that's why. Does anyone have any tips on what bra I should wear or exercises I could do? Thank you.


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Thrifty Foot PamperingIt doesn't cost very much to pamper yourself. I soak my feet in Epsom salt which cost $1.00 at the Dollar Tree. Then I bought some dollar polish and painted my toes. Also I use petroleum jelly on my feet at night before I go to bed and put socks on.


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Softening Feet With Olive OilDon't waste money on high priced pedicures and lotions! Rub a small amount of extra virgin olive oil on your feet and around your cuticles of your toes, and put on cotton socks at night.


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Dry Chapped Hand RemedyBeing a clay artist my hands are extremely dry. I've found the best thing to wash them with is shaving cream from the dollar store. I've found a brand made for women that has a wonderful raspberry scent.


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Use Antbacterial Gel in Your BathroomOur house is 100 years old and any activity on the plumbing affects the water pressure. When someone is in the shower it is a big problem. I have added anti-bacterial gel next to the sink so if you need to "wash" your hands the person in the shower doesn't get scalded.


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Four Steps For Clean ShoweringPerform these 4 steps when showering and they will surely leave you feeling very clean all day and make your deodorants and perfumes last longer.


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Hand Cream Recipe for Extra Dry SkinI have a terrible time in the winter with dry skin. I do housecleaning, so my hands are in the water a lot so it's probably no wonder!



Advice for How to Gain Weight?I am 24 and weigh 50 kg. After giving birth to my first son almost 6 years ago I just lost 10kg within days even though I was eating normal. When I had my second son 2 years ago I lost even more weight and I can't put any weight on what so ever!


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Curves Women's Gym?Reviews on Curves exercise place? I am thinking of re-joining after 4 years. Just wondering if it got any better, or is it still like a crowded herd of cattle just going around in a circle, and does it really make anyone lose weight?


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Use Baby Oil With PerfumeTo make your perfume last longer, try rubbing a little bit of baby oil on your skin, then spray perfume in that area. It will last all day.


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VO5 Shampoo As A Shower GelVO5 Shampoo As A Shower Gel. I've got one more tip that I just discovered. I try real hard to use products that are as natural as can be with as few synthetic ingredients as possible. Well, the old shampoo, VO5, if you check out the label, uses pretty much fewer ingredients than anybody else.


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Colored Contacts?Where can I find colored contacts?


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Mousepad for ManicuresA mousepad with gel wrist rest is perfect to support your hand while doing nails. Just don't do it near the keyboard!


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Self Tanners?I am a pale red head and want to know what self tanner's are good. I don't want to be streaky and orange. I've tried a few but they are so expensive so I don't want to keep trying everything on the market. I don't want to be really brown I just don't want to glow anymore.


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Tips for Softer HandsTips and ideas for making your hands softer and keeping them from drying out. Post your ideas.



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Remedy for Damaged Thick Toenail?Does anyone know a remedy for a toenail that has grown on top of itself? I had it tested and it's not infected just very thick from pushing against the top of sneaker from walking on the treadmill a lot!


Whitening Teeth with Banana Peels?I have barely any enamel on my teeth. And I brush my teeth every morning and right after I shower (which is when I get home from school). I heard banana peels whiten your teeth so I've been using that, but my mom said it only works for people with enamel on their teeth. Is that true?


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Sudden Armpit Odor?I've never had smelly armpits. I do sweat, but it was always the salty-like smell; never a bad smell. About a month ago, I noticed the change in odor.


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Products for a Sagging Neck?What is good to use on a sagging neck?


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Keeping Feet Soft and Callous Free?My friend told me she keeps her feet soft and callous free by rubbing them lightly with a kitchen sponge before she gets out of the shower. She advised a cheap kitchen sponge can do the same as a foot file or pumice stone. Would you agree?


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Preventing Body Odor?I am in Thailand, have been using coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oils instead of deodorant. I sweat a lot here in this climate. Even after a shower my towels have that sweet vinegary smell. When I use deodorant spray, I don't have any BO and sweat much much less. But I don't like using deodorant spray.


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