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Shoes, whether made of leather or man made materials, need cleaning. This page contains tips and ideas on how to keep your shoes clean.



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Gasoline Can

Removing Gasoline Smell from ShoesThis page is about removing gasoline smell from shoes. When gas is spilled, it can be difficult to remove the odor.


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Leather Sandals Smell Bad?Last year I purchased a very expensive pair of BORN Sandals. They are entirely made of leather. By late summer, last year, and now this summer already, they have acquired a nasty smell under my feet. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this odor?


Crocs Shoes

Cleaning Your Crocs ShoesThis is a page about cleaning your Crocs shoes. These popular foam shoes can get pretty dirty from frequent use.


Leather Boots

Cleaning Cat Urine on Leather Boots?This page is about cleaning cat urine on leather boots. A foul odor and stain can be present when the cat finds your footwear a good place to go.


A white pair of baby shoes.

Cleaning Vintage Baby ShoesStored vintage baby shoes may require cleaning it you are looking to reuse them with your children or grands. Depending on the material from which they were made you may need to vary the cleaning process. This page offers some good advice for cleaning the shoes and/or removing odors.


Removing Polyurethane Spill from Shoes - light stains on boots

Removing Polyurethane Spill from Shoes?He was stuck in a room with 110 gallons of a polyurethane or similar substance. How can I fix them?


White Leather Shoes

Scuff Marks on White Leather ShoesCleaning white shoes can be quick and easy when you know what products to use. Learn how to remove scuff marks on white leather shoes in this page.


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How Do I Remove Cat Urine Odor from Mesh Running Shoes?One of my cats had a urinary tract infection and peed in my son's expensive Reebok runners. They are a black mesh, and not the leather shoe. How do I get the smell out of them?


Grey slip on women's shoes, one upside down.

How to Keep Shoe Soles CleanShoes go everywhere so the soles can become dirty very quickly. Clean soles will track in less dirt and will help the shoe look presentable longer. This is a page about how to keep shoe soles clean.



Polishing Imitation Leather Shoe

How to Polish Imitation Leather ShoesPolish away scuffs on your imitation leather shoes using land lotion or petroleum jelly. Always test on an inconspicuous area when using a non-traditional product. This is a page about how to polish imitation leather shoes.


White Rubber soled Shoe on white background

Cleaning Rubber Shoe Soles?No matter what color your rubber soles are, they can look much better when they are clean. This is a page about cleaning rubber shoe soles.


A pair of well worn work boots, on a white background.

Dealing With Foot Odor From Work Boots?Keeping feet dry, clean socks and the use of baking powder is how you can remove funky smells in your shoes. This is a page about dealing with foot odor from work boots.


dried litter on soles of shoes

Cleaning Cat Litter Off of Shoes?Kitty liter, especially if it gets wet, can cling to surfaces like the bottoms of shoes. This is a page about cleaning kitty litter off shoes.


Banana Peel

Using Banana Peels for Shining ShoesBananas are not only a quick snack, they can also clean your shoes in a second. Learn how to use banana peels for cleaning shoes in this page.


someone buffing a shoe

Shining ShoesThis is a page about shining shoes. Keeping your leather shoes shined will prolong their use, and keep them looking good.


Suede Boots

Cleaning Suede BootsThis is a page about cleaning suede boots. The nap on suede boots and shoes can make cleaning them more difficult than shoes with a smooth leather finish.


Satin Baby Shoes

Cleaning and Preserving Satin Baby Shoes?This is a page about cleaning and preserving satin baby shoes. Those adorable baby shoes can be kept as an heirloom or passed down to another beautiful child.


Muddy Shoes

Removing Mud From ShoesThis page is about removing mud from shoes. Working on outside projects can sometimes leave your boots covered with dirt and mud, that can be a challenge to easily remove.


Sport Sandals

Cleaning Sport SandalsYour shoes will last longer with proper care. This page is about how to clean sport sandals and clogs.


Golf Shoes

Cleaning Golf ShoesThis is a page about cleaning golf shoes. Proper cleaning will help to prolong the life of your expensive golf shoes.


Muddy Boots

Dealing With Dirty ShoesThis page is about dealing with dirty shoes. Working in wet weather or the garden can leave you with very dirty shoes.


Leather Shoes

Removing Salt Stains From Shoes?This is a page about removing salt stains from shoes. With winter comes slushy snow and salt stains on your shoes.


work boots

Removing Diesel Fuel from Shoes and Boots?This is a page about removing diesel fuel from shoes and boots. Work boots and shoes, in particular, can have diesel fuel accidentally spilled on them.


Removing Gum From Shoes

Removing Gum From ShoesThis page is about removing gum from shoes. It is irritating when gum has been thrown on the ground and ends up on your shoe.



Ugg Boots

Cleaning Ugg BootsThis page is about cleaning Ugg boots. These comfy boots always look better if kept clean.


Patent Leather Shoes

Shining Patent Leather ShoesThis page is about shining patent leather shoes. These lustrous shoes look spiffy when very clean and polished.


Canvas Sneakers

Cleaning Canvas SneakersThis page is about cleaning canvas sneakers. Having your canvas shoes bright and clean keeps them looking good.


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Removing Pink Marks from Soles of Shoes?I have a pair of coach shoes and the white soles have pink faded onto them. How do I remove the pink from them?


A pair of tan suede boots.

How to Remove Salt Stains From Suede BootsWhen the sidewalks are icy and salt gets put down, it's easy to get salt stains on suede boots. This is a page about cleaning salt stains from suede boots.


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Removing Cat Urine Smell from Shoes?How do I get rid of the smell of cat urine in a tennis shoe?


Polishing Leather Shoes

Polishing Leather ShoesThis is a page to polishing leather shoes. Keeping your leather shoes clean and polished not only makes them look nicer but helps extend their lifetime as well.


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Cleaning Dirty Sneakers?How do you clean really dirty sneakers that have never been washed? They are black and I put them in baking soda and laundry detergent already. Thank-you,


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How Do I Remove the Wrong Color Shoe Polish?I have put the wrong colour nugget (shoe polish) on my leather boots. How do I get it out and back to the original color?


Removing Paint from Leather Shoes?I have a pair of leather Nike Air Force 1s, similar to this shoe. I got artificial paint on them. Is it safe to use nail polish remover to get the paint off?


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Removing a Chemical Odor from New Shoes?I need help removing a moth ball type smell from new sandals that are from China. They are made of fabric over a type of plastic. I have Febrezed 2x and hung up to air. Please help.


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Removing Red Dirt Stains on Shoes?How do I remove set in red dirt stains from shoes that have white lace?


New K-Swiss Athletic Shoes Smell Like Glue?Why do the brand new shoes I bought smell like glue so bad? How do I get rid of the smell? They are K-Swiss brand.


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Sneaker White Left Streaks on Shoes?I just used "Sneaker White" on my all leather running shoes. It whitened them wonderfully. Only thing is, it left streaks. The bottle says to buff after dry, but this doesn't help. Anyone ever used this product, or have any suggestions?


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Cleaning Hard Rubber Boots?How do I clean hard rubber boots? They have scratches and have a dull look.



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Permanent Marker on Trainers?How do I remove permanent marker pen from trainer shoes?


Cleaning Espadrille Shoes?I have a used pair of little girl's Gymboree espadrilles. They have a pretty floral (cotton?) print bow over the top of the foot area that has quite a bit of dirt on it, as does the heel of the shoe.


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Removing Scuffs from Prada Shoes?How do I remove black scuffs on Prada shoes?


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Washing Shoes?How do you wash shoes?


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Removing Hair Dye On White Tennis Shoes?How do I get hair dye off of white tennis shoes?


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Black Scuff On Orange Shoe?What is the best way to get a black scuff mark off of a orange shoe? Shoe cleaner and pencil eraser didn't work.


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Use Baby Wipes For Cleaning ShoesI was looking for a way to clean my 12 year old daughters shoes. We all know how expensive shoes can be and I didn't want to risk washing them in the machine. A friend told me to try baby wipes, it worked like a charm.


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Mold On Sandals?I have a pair of bejewelled indian sandals that I really like and they got wet in the rain.


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Removing Scuffs From Suede Shoes?Does anyone know how to get black scuff marks off of tan suede shoes?


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Cleaning Converse Chuck Taylor's?My white converse low-top tennis shoes are starting to look kinda dirty. I wondered if I could put them in the wash machine without harm.



Cleaning Ugg Boots Removed Some of the Dye - dark stain on boot

Cleaning Ugg Boots Removed Some of the Dye?I dropped some grease on one of my Ugg boots. Is there any way I can dye them? When I tried to wash them some of the dye was coming off. Is there anything I can do?


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Cooking Oil on Suede Adidas Flux?I want to know how can I remove cooking oil from my grey Adidas flux? It's looking bad!


Cleaning and Deodorizing Vintage Baby Shoes

Cleaning and Deodorizing Vintage Baby Shoes?I'm expecting my first grandchild, a girl, in May. I saved most of my daughter's baby things and now want to give them to her as an heirloom gift for her daughter. I'm washing the clothes using a good strategy, but am stuck as to what to do with the leather baby zip and walking boots, as well as the little girl's Sunday shoes.


Dye Transfer Stain on Vinyl Shoe - stains on shoe

Dye Transfer Stain on Vinyl Shoe?I put some shoes in a tote and some color from another shoe has transferred onto my leather shoe - more than one shoe. One also has color transferred onto vinyl. Is there anything I can do to remove the color?


Removing an Oil Stain on Crocheted White Lace Shoes

Removing an Oil Stain on Crocheted White Lace Shoes?I have a pair of white crocheted lace pumps that have a small oil spot on the back top of the heel. It is not large at all, but due to the color of the shoe I don't want to ruin the shoe. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I may lift this stain without ruining these beautiful shoes.


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Cleaning Gasoline In ShoesI have managed to spill gasoline in my shoes when filling up the car. I was wondering how to get the smell out of them. The shoes are made of synthetic.


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