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This page contains tips and ideas on how to keep your clothes, hats, and shoes clean.

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A woman washing stinky clothing.

Removing Body Odor Smell From ClothingThis page is about removing body odor smell from clothing. A stubborn sweat scent can linger in clothing even after laundering.


Construction Worker

Cleaning Dirty Construction Work ClothingAt the end of the day manual labor jobs can leave you with very dirty clothes. This page is about cleaning dirty construction work clothing.


Gasoline Can

Removing Gasoline Smell from ShoesThis page is about removing gasoline smell from shoes. When gas is spilled, it can be difficult to remove the odor.


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Stinky Tevas?Does anyone have a remedy for cleaning stinky Tevas? I have tried dishsoap and water but they just smell worse.


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Front Load Washer Leaves Clothes Hard?I have recently bought a front loader and I am not happy with it. I use front loader detergent, but for some reason all the clothes and particularly the towels have become extremely hard. I use softener, but it makes no difference. Any ideas? I am ready to send it back.


Leather Boots

Cleaning Cat Urine on Leather Boots?This page is about cleaning cat urine on leather boots. A foul odor and stain can be present when the cat finds your footwear a good place to go.



Woman unloading sour smelling laundry

How to Clean Sour Smelling ClothingVinegar and soaking your foul garments can help remove odors from your laundry. This is a page about how to clean sour smelling clothing.


Wedding Dress

Cleaning a Wedding DressWhen a dry cleaning service is not available for you, cleaning a formal dress can be difficult. This page is about cleaning a wedding dress.


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Clear Sequins Have Turned Yellow?How do I get the sequins on my dress clear again? They have turned yellow.


T-shirt with a bright orange and red floral design.  Design isolated next to shirt

Removing an Iron-On Transfer from a T-shirtThis is a page about removing an iron-on transfer from a t-shirt. To clean all traces of an iron-on graphic without damaging the fabric, can be a challenge.


A price tag sticker on a shirt.

Removing Sticker Residue on ClothingSize and price labels on clothing can leave sticky residue that can be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing sticker residue on clothing.


White Vinegar for Removing Sticker Residue from Clothing - before and after photo

White Vinegar for Removing Sticker Residue from ClothingWhite vinegar can be used for a multitude of cleaning purposes around the house, even removing sticker residue on clothing. This is a page about white vinegar for removing sticker residue from clothing.


Baked chicken covered in cheese.

Getting Perfume Smell Out of ClothingThis is a page about getting perfume smell out of clothing. Strong fragrances on clothing can be an issue for people with asthma or off putting if its a smell you don't enjoy. Vinegar is good at removing odors, but there are also a number of store bought products that work well too.


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Does Borax Cause Dark Colored Clothing to Fade?I have read on this site that using Borax in the laundry, when washing dark colored clothing, will cause the clothing to fade. Is this true?


A green candle that is burning.

Cleaning Wax from ClothingThe dyes and oils from candle wax (or other waxes) can leave stains on your clothing that can be tough to remove. This is a page about cleaning wax from clothing.


Christening Dress

Cleaning a Christening DressA special baby gown is often handed down from generation to generation, and can be a challenge to clean. This is a page about cleaning a christening dress.


Removing Mothball Odor from Clothing

Removing Mothball Odor from ClothingThis page is about removing mothball odor from clothing. It is great that there is no moth damage on those clothes, but getting rid of the smell can be a challenge.


work boots

Removing Diesel Fuel from Shoes and Boots?This is a page about removing diesel fuel from shoes and boots. Work boots and shoes, in particular, can have diesel fuel accidentally spilled on them.


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Removing Grease Smell from Clothing?How can I get an old greasy smell out of clothes?


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Blue Clothes Turning Purple After Washing?My blue clothes are turning purple after washing them, and I do not know why. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?


A dress shirt that has a bad odor after being laundered.

How to Remove Ethanol Odors from Clothing?This is a page about removing ethanol odors from clothing. Simply washing clothes does not always eliminate odors. Here are some tips to try, if you haven't been able to remove ethanol odors from clothing.



Crocs Shoes

Cleaning Your Crocs ShoesThis is a page about cleaning your Crocs shoes. These popular foam shoes can get pretty dirty from frequent use.


Vintage Baby Photo

Cleaning Vintage Baby Clothes?This is a page about cleaning vintage baby clothes. Care must be taken when cleaning vintage clothing.


Dirty tennis shoes.

Cleaning Tennis ShoesThis is a page to cleaning tennis and athletic shoes. Tennis shoes can easily become smelly when they are used often. Cleaning tennis shoes and athletic shoes without damaging them can be a real chore.


Removing Polyurethane Spill from Shoes - light stains on boots

Removing Polyurethane Spill from Shoes?He was stuck in a room with 110 gallons of a polyurethane or similar substance. How can I fix them?


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Leather Sandals Smell Bad?Last year I purchased a very expensive pair of BORN Sandals. They are entirely made of leather. By late summer, last year, and now this summer already, they have acquired a nasty smell under my feet. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this odor?


Starched Shirt

Cleaning Starch from ClothingSometimes there is a need to launder a heavily starched item, removing the starch entirely. This page has tips about cleaning starch from clothing.


Removing Paint from Leather Shoes?I have a pair of leather Nike Air Force 1s, similar to this shoe. I got artificial paint on them. Is it safe to use nail polish remover to get the paint off?


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Removing Odors from T-shirts?My husband's shirts have a bad smell along the neckline. They are mainly t-shirts. I have tried to wash them and even tried Shout, but nothing works. The smell is kind of like strong hair dye, but nobody at home dyes their hair.


White tank top with black trim.

Whitening Multi-Colored Clothing?This is a page about whitening multi-colored clothing. When clothing is more than one color it can be challenging to brighten the white.


Muddy Boots

Dealing With Dirty ShoesThis page is about dealing with dirty shoes. Working in wet weather or the garden can leave you with very dirty shoes.


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Cleaning a Fitted Hat?What's the best way to clean fitted hats?


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Mold On Sandals?I have a pair of bejewelled indian sandals that I really like and they got wet in the rain.


Removing an Autograph from a Jersey?I have an autograph signed on a authentic basketball jersey that I am trying to remove so I can get it re-signed on the number part instead. I am in a hurry as there is an autograph session on Saturday and is my only chance to get it signed again.


Red Prom Dress

Cleaning a Prom Dress?This page is about cleaning a prom dress. Cleaning a fancy dress at home can take some special care.


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Drying Football Pants?Can football pants with built in pads go in the dryer?



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How Do I Remove Cat Urine Odor from Mesh Running Shoes?One of my cats had a urinary tract infection and peed in my son's expensive Reebok runners. They are a black mesh, and not the leather shoe. How do I get the smell out of them?


A letterman's jacket's sleeve.

Sleeves on Old Letter Jacket Are Sticky?I still have my son's high school letter jacket from 20 years ago. Guess I am waiting for a grandson! Lol! Anyway, the sleeves are made of a type of vinyl, I am sure you know what I mean. Keeping it in the closet for so long, I think the heat or age has gotten to it. The sleeves are sticky or tacky.


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Spray Starch Time SaverI bought a can of spray starch at Walmart. It works well, but a hassle. I spray an arm, then iron. I spray a yoke, then iron, I spray a cuff, then iron. I was picking up and putting down that can of starch as much as I was ironing. I came up with an idea I wanted to try.


A white pair of baby shoes.

Cleaning Vintage Baby ShoesStored vintage baby shoes may require cleaning it you are looking to reuse them with your children or grands. Depending on the material from which they were made you may need to vary the cleaning process. This page offers some good advice for cleaning the shoes and/or removing odors.


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Fur Matting on Mink Coat?I have a question about a mink coat. What does it mean when you take 2 fingers together and gently rub anywhere on the coat and it matts. Anyone know what causes this?


Dirty shoes in a dryer bag.

Drying Shoes in a Dryer Without the BangingIf you hate the sound of athletic shoes banging around in your dryer try the simple solution outlined in this page. All you need is a long mesh laundry bag. This is a page about drying shoes in a dryer without the banging.


Woman in a pink prom dress with pink heels.

How to Remove Odors on a Prom DressThis is a page about removing odors on a prom dress. Generally prom dresses cannot be washed in the washing machine, which means the standard cleaners aren't an option. Here are some tips to try if you have a prom dress with hard to remove odors.


Grey slip on women's shoes, one upside down.

How to Keep Shoe Soles CleanShoes go everywhere so the soles can become dirty very quickly. Clean soles will track in less dirt and will help the shoe look presentable longer. This is a page about how to keep shoe soles clean.


Woman folding freshly washed clothes

Washing New ClothesWhen you first wash bright or dark new clothing, there can be dye transfer. It's best to wash them separately at first. This is a page about washing new clothes.


Coat being covered in a dry cleaning bag.

Washing a Dry Clean Only Coat?Although many items are marked "Dry Clean Only", sometimes they can be carefully washed with no damage. This is a page about washing a dry clean only coat.


Polishing Imitation Leather Shoe

How to Polish Imitation Leather ShoesPolish away scuffs on your imitation leather shoes using land lotion or petroleum jelly. Always test on an inconspicuous area when using a non-traditional product. This is a page about how to polish imitation leather shoes.


100% Polyester clothing label

Cleaning White Polyester Work Shirts?Use non-chlorine bleach and avoid fabric softener to help keep polyester shirts bright and white. This is a page about cleaning white polyester work shirts.


White Rubber soled Shoe on white background

Cleaning Rubber Shoe Soles?No matter what color your rubber soles are, they can look much better when they are clean. This is a page about cleaning rubber shoe soles.


A pile of silver wrapped sticks of chewing gum with one stick unwrapped.

How to Clean Chewing Gum in a PocketThis is a page about how to clean chewing gum in a pocket. Freezing or spray and wash with scraping can be helpful to remove gum from a pocket.


Wedding dress laid out on a bed.

Removing Wrinkles on a Wedding DressWedding dresses can be made of a varsity of fabrics that require special care if they become wrinkled. This page has advice about how to remove wrinkles from a wedding dress.


A pair of well worn work boots, on a white background.

Dealing With Foot Odor From Work Boots?Keeping feet dry, clean socks and the use of baking powder is how you can remove funky smells in your shoes. This is a page about dealing with foot odor from work boots.


dried litter on soles of shoes

Cleaning Cat Litter Off of Shoes?Kitty liter, especially if it gets wet, can cling to surfaces like the bottoms of shoes. This is a page about cleaning kitty litter off shoes.


A dirty work jacket.

Cleaning Dirty Glazier Work Clothes?A glazier is a skilled craftsman whose work includes installing and removing glass in all it's applications (windows, doors, etc.). This page is about cleaning dirty glazier work clothes.


Thrifty Lint Roller Brush - supplies

Thrifty Lint Roller BrushHere is a way to make a variation on the tape wrapped around your hand makeshift lint roller. This is a page about thrifty lint roller brush.


Pink Taffy

Cleaning Melted Taffy From Clothing?When candy is forgotten in a pocket it can make a sticky mess to remove. This is a page about cleaning melted taffy from clothing.


White Leather Shoes

Scuff Marks on White Leather ShoesCleaning white shoes can be quick and easy when you know what products to use. Learn how to remove scuff marks on white leather shoes in this page.


Banana Peel

Using Banana Peels for Shining ShoesBananas are not only a quick snack, they can also clean your shoes in a second. Learn how to use banana peels for cleaning shoes in this page.


A man adhering a sticky name badge label to his dress shirt.

Removing Sticky Label Residue on ClothingThis is a page about removing sticky label residue on clothing. A sticker on new or old clothes can leave a residue that can be a challenge to remove.


A woman holding stinky clothes.

Why Don't My Clothes Smell Good?This is a page about why don't my clothes smell good? Determine whether it's your washer, detergent or your water that is responsible for a foul smell in your washed clothes.


A stack of baseball caps.

Cleaning Baseball CapsThis is a page about cleaning baseball caps. Baseball caps can take a beating and really dirty.


Farmer wearing dirty overalls

Washing Bib OverallsThis is a page about washing bib overalls without straps tangling. These work clothes have buckles that can get tangled in the laundry.


Best Detergent for Washing Baby Clothes

Best Detergent for Washing Baby Clothes?This is a page about choosing the best detergent for washing baby clothes. Choosing the best detergent for washing baby clothes is important.


Knitted Sweaters

Stretching Shrunken Wool GarmentsThis is a page about stretching shrunken wool garments. When a wool garment is not cleaned properly it can shrink. It can be a challenge to resize.


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Work Clothes Smell Bad After Washing?My work clothes get washed regularly by themselves. The smells don't go even after they've been washed. Shall I hand wash it? Any recommendations would be helpful.


Swimming Suits Drying

Washing Swimming Suits?This is a page about washing swimming suits. With proper cleaning your swimming suit can last a long time.


Washing Wool Clothing

Washing Wool Clothing?This is a page about washing wool clothing. It is important to find the best way to wash your woolen clothes to maintain their size and shape.


someone buffing a shoe

Shining ShoesThis is a page about shining shoes. Keeping your leather shoes shined will prolong their use, and keep them looking good.


Suede Boots

Cleaning Suede BootsThis is a page about cleaning suede boots. The nap on suede boots and shoes can make cleaning them more difficult than shoes with a smooth leather finish.


Faux Suede Boots

Dry Cleaning Faux Suede?This is a page about dry cleaning faux suede. Faux suede clothing is either marked with cleaning instructions that sometimes allow machine washing or frequently recommend dry cleaning.


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Removing Dusty Smell from a Crocheted Robe?There is a dusty smell in a recycled sweater-like robe I bought at the thrift store. I have washed it, but let it air dry. It is like a crocheted sweater type material that probably would not do well in the dryer.


Satin Baby Shoes

Cleaning and Preserving Satin Baby Shoes?This is a page about cleaning and preserving satin baby shoes. Those adorable baby shoes can be kept as an heirloom or passed down to another beautiful child.


Muddy Shoes

Removing Mud From ShoesThis page is about removing mud from shoes. Working on outside projects can sometimes leave your boots covered with dirt and mud, that can be a challenge to easily remove.


Sport Sandals

Cleaning Sport SandalsYour shoes will last longer with proper care. This page is about how to clean sport sandals and clogs.


Clothes Dryer

Clothes Dryer TipsThis page contains clothes dryer tips. There are a few ways to save electricity and help you get your clothes drying done.


Coach Purse

Stain Proofing a Coach Purse?This is a page about stain proofing a Coach purse. Once you have decided to invest in a Coach purse, you will want to do whatever you can to keep it clean and great looking.


Golf Shoes

Cleaning Golf ShoesThis is a page about cleaning golf shoes. Proper cleaning will help to prolong the life of your expensive golf shoes.



Using Bluing?This is a page about using bluing. Rather than bleaching whites you can try an alternative method; using bluing. This product will help to make your whites appear whiter.


Wrinkle Dress Shirt

Removing Wrinkles From Clothing That Sat Too LongThis page is about removing wrinkles from clothing that sat too long. Dry clothes left in a pile can leave you with lots of wrinkles.


Leather Shoes

Removing Salt Stains From Shoes?This is a page about removing salt stains from shoes. With winter comes slushy snow and salt stains on your shoes.


Prom Dress

Removing Wrinkles from a Prom DressThis page is about removing wrinkles from a prom dress. Certain fabrics are not supposed to be ironed and it can be a challenge to remove the wrinkles.


A stack of cotton shirts.

Caring for Cotton Clothing?This page is about caring for cotton clothing. A common natural fabric that makes durable and comfortable clothes.


Removing Gum From Shoes

Removing Gum From ShoesThis page is about removing gum from shoes. It is irritating when gum has been thrown on the ground and ends up on your shoe.


Ugg Boots

Cleaning Ugg BootsThis page is about cleaning Ugg boots. These comfy boots always look better if kept clean.



Removing Lint from Sweaters?This is a page about removing lint from sweaters. Sweaters tend to collect lint and require attention to remove it and keep them looking good.


lint roller

Removing Lint from ClothingThis is a page about removing lint from clothing. Some clothing just seems to be a lint magnet, marring its appearance.


Cleaning Mink Fur

Cleaning Mink Fur?This is a page about cleaning mink fur. Having real animal fur clothing cleaned can be very expensive.


Patent Leather Shoes

Shining Patent Leather ShoesThis page is about shining patent leather shoes. These lustrous shoes look spiffy when very clean and polished.


Cleaning a Neck Tie

Cleaning a Neck Tie?This is a page about cleaning a neck tie. Because most ties are made of silk or wool, cleaning them requires care.


Blue Jeans

Keeping Blue Jeans Looking Like NewThis page is about keeping blue jeans looking like new. Sometimes you want to keep that dark blue color in your jeans.


Washing Sports Uniforms

Washing Sports UniformsThis page is about washing sports uniforms. Athletic uniforms can be a challenge to get clean and smelling fresh.


Clothing stored in a closet.

Keeping Clothes Smelling FreshThis page is about keeping clothes smelling fresh. Having fresh smelling garments is easy, when they are stored properly.


A clothing tag that reads 100% polyester.

Cleaning Polyester ClothingThis page is about cleaning polyester clothing. This popular synthetic fabric holds it's shape well, and requires little ironing.


Wool Sweater

Washing Wool SweatersThis page is about washing wool sweaters. Special care needs to be taken that your garment does not shrink and maintains its shape.


Canvas Sneakers

Cleaning Canvas SneakersThis page is about cleaning canvas sneakers. Having your canvas shoes bright and clean keeps them looking good.


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Removing Button Hole Fluff on Clothing?How do you keep fluff from forming behind button holes? How do you remove it once it happens?


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Removing Pink Marks from Soles of Shoes?I have a pair of coach shoes and the white soles have pink faded onto them. How do I remove the pink from them?


A pair of tan suede boots.

How to Remove Salt Stains From Suede BootsWhen the sidewalks are icy and salt gets put down, it's easy to get salt stains on suede boots. This is a page about cleaning salt stains from suede boots.


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Cleaning Felt Hats?My dad needs to clean some spots off of his felt hat. It's non-washable, and the spot removers in the laundry department are all for washable items. Anyone have any good ideas? I'd thought about the Magic Eraser, but I'm afraid it might leave another spot.


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Removing Cat Urine Smell from Shoes?How do I get rid of the smell of cat urine in a tennis shoe?


Woman holding a dog in arms.

Removing Pet Hair from ClothingThis is a page about removing pet hair from clothing. Those of us who have pets try to wear all of that hair proudly. However, generally we want to get the hair off of our clothing easily.


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White Linen Shirt Has Turned Dingy Grey?My formerly white, thin linen button-down shirt is mostly a dingy grey on the sleeves and outer edges of the shirt. I tried soaking it for several hours in distilled white vinegar, which produced no results.


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Drying Shoes Without the Banging - ends of mesh bag protruding from dryer door

Drying Shoes Without the BangingI thought of this because I hate that banging sound of athletic shoes slamming around in the dryer. It's pretty simple as the pictures show. You need a long mesh laundry bag. This one is 2-3 feet long.


dirty white sole on shoe

Soft Scrub for Clean White ShoesTo keep your shoes white and clean use Soft Scrub bleach and an old towel to clean the white parts on the shoe. White rubber can get dirty really fast so you could do this as many times as you want, but make sure to clean all the dirt out of the cracks first so you don't get mud everywhere.


How to Wash a Cashmere Sweater - folding up dried sweater

How to Wash a Cashmere SweaterFor years I dry-cleaned my wool and cashmere sweaters, paying $3.50 each time. I saw a TV segment that convinced me to try it at home. Not only is it cheaper, but there are no chemicals in your sweater, and it comes out so much softer. This will work for merino, cashmere, and all fine sweaters.



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Getting Dye Stains Out of Light-Wash Jeans?My light-wash jeans went through the washer and dryer. Another item bled into my jeans and I did not realize this had happened until they had already gone through the dryer. There are now pink splotches on my jeans. I have tried many home remedies to try and get rid of these dye stains. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use to get these dye stains out? I am desperate to save my jeans!


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Cleaning A Suede/Shearling Coat?A week ago, I bought a gorgeous vintage Penny Lane-style suede/shearling coat (eBay). Made in the 1970s, it's roughly 52 years old (almost as old as I am). It's in excellent condition with just a few spots here and there. No odors and clean sherpa lining.


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Using Panty Hose as a Dryer Vent?Could I put a pair of panty hose on the back of the dryer to dry clothes since I don't have a vent pipe to dry clothes? Is it safe to do that?


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Removing Ironed on Blackout Tape from VSX Leggings?How do I remove ironed on blackout tape from Victoria Secret sport leggings?


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Cleaning Gasoline In ShoesI have managed to spill gasoline in my shoes when filling up the car. I was wondering how to get the smell out of them. The shoes are made of synthetic.


A collar on a shirt with frayed edges.

Preventing Shirt Collars From Fraying?Is there a way to prevent the collars of shirts from fraying or at least slow the process? Many of my husband's shirts are in excellent condition apart from the collars which have started to fray along the fold. I've seen some posts about unpicking, turning the collar and sewing it back on but that's beyond my capabilities so I was hoping to prevent it in the future.


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