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Making Animal Plant Pal Stakes - stake in the leaves of an African violet

Making Animal Plant Pal StakesHere is another shopping inspiration you could recreate for less. Urban Outfitters sell Plant Pal animal plant stakes for $10, on sale for $2.99, but factor in the shipping at $4.95, that'll be $8 and some change for something that you could make at home for free!


Mini Wreath Bunny - cute bunny wreath with flowers at base of ears and bow around its neck

Mini Wreath BunnyI saw a larger version of this and while I didn't have the materials, I did have them for a smaller version. I hope you like it.


Easter Bunny Puppet from a Dishwashing Glove - other paw and back paws drawn in place - it is done

Easter Bunny Puppet from a Dishwashing GloveThis is a way to turn a dishwashing glove into an Easter bunny rabbit puppet.


Upcycled Mini Easter Hat - finished

Upcycled Mini Easter HatHere is a fun way to turn a sink basket strainer into a mini hat for Easter or spring. This is a nice way to use socks that are missing their mate!


Chick or Duckling Easter Decoration - finished chick/duck

Chick or Duckling Easter DecorationYou can make this cute chick or duckling Easter inspired paper decoration to hang, as a garland, or simply as is with double sided tape to stick on a flat surface. Either way, this is cute and can be made at home with paper, scissors, and some tape!


DIY Corona Face Shield - woman wearing the shield over a face mask

DIY Corona Face ShieldI'm making face shields to give to my fellow front liners for free. This is my way of helping them as I stay at home while they are exposed outside keeping the community safe and helping to prevent the virus from spreading. They badly need shields to protect themselves so here's my own simple way of helping them.


Aloe-Based Hand Sanitizer - aloe leaf, essential oil bottle, and a pump bottle

Aloe-Based Hand SanitizerIf you're having trouble finding all the necessary ingredients to make hand sanitizer, here is a type that uses aloe gel. I have a huge aloe plant and just scrape out the middles. You can use bottled aloe gel if you have it. Also, if you don't have essential oils, use lemon juice.


Yes Virginia, You Can Freeze Milk - bottles of frozen and thawed milk

Yes Virginia, You Can Freeze MilkA few years back, I house shared with a gal who froze milk. She would bring it in, uncap it and take a little out to allow for expansion. Then, recap and in the freezer it would go. I had never seen it and was dubious at best. It was a funky color and well, I doubted it would taste the same. I was young and foolish!


Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Game - ready to play

Outdoor Tic Tac Toe GameHere's a fun way to enjoy tic tac toe outdoors made with simple supplies. After the quarantine, this would be a good game to make for parties to keep guests entertained as an option too!


Hanging Necklaces Using Re-purposed Item - wall covered in hanging necklaces and other crafts

Hanging Necklaces Using Re-purposed ItemsI have to hope things will be normal someday. So to that extent, I am making a place for my jewelry making and reselling.


Kids' Award Medals - finished medals

Kids' Award MedalsDo you have little kids at home that you are now homeschooling as well? To spice it up and make outdoor activities fun you could make obstacle courses/games for free time, PE time, and outdoor time. And, to make it more fun, I made these award "medals" for them from plastic coffee lids, some paint, stickers, and ribbon.


Blue Flew and the Bottle Top Kids!! - door hanger on knob

Blue Flew and the Bottle Top Kids!!Raise your hands if you sang "the lollipop kids" in a Munchkin voice! Okay, so today I have something for the old and the young. A message tag on the door tells other of your home situation. I got the idea from a gal who lives in an assisted living community. A bottle topper tells which drink belongs to who?


Crocheted Carrot - carrot hanging below a seed packet garland in the window

Crocheted CarrotWith the foam Christmas tree forms, some yarn, a hook, and some pins, you can make this cute "temporary" carrot for your windows! I ended up not using hot glue.


Groceries and supplies dropped off on the porch.

Shopping During the CoronavirusI went shopping for my sister's family today so she wouldn't have to leave her house. Here are some thoughts and tips about what to look out for when shopping during a stay at home order.


Let's Smile Box Sign Desk Decor - sign box standing on desk

"Let's Smile" Box Sign Desk DecorBox sign decor items are really popular, but you can upcycle a box to make your own. I upcycled this sturdy belt box (that was going to go in the trash anyway) into this sign! Times are hard right now so I want to remember to smile so I wrote "Lets Smile" and this will be at the corner of my desk!



Budget Organizer - finished organizer

Budget OrganizerMoving out is not that simple. It means freedom for me and at the same time being independent. So I set up a file case where I can put my receipts and monthly bill payments. Never forget the savings where it should always be first priority in the household.


Child's Spring Floral Artwork - ready to display

Child's Spring Floral ArtworkBrighten up your home with this tissue paper spring themed artwork. Prop up with a piece of cardboard from a tissue box. This was made by my son with the help of my handwriting "Happy Spring". This is a great way to display temporary seasonal art or to showcase your children's work (prop up with piece of cardboard).


Fun Mirror with Barrettes - mirror hanging on the wall

Fun Mirror with BarrettesThis is a fun craft to do with the kids, as long as an adult supervises the hot glue gun! With a round mirror and 3.00 in barrettes, you too can have this cute mirror.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

CDC Guidelines for Using Bleach to Disinfect SurfacesBleach can be used effectively to clean and disinfect surfaces if prepared following the instructions on the CDC website.


A woman with a coffee cup and a computer monitor behind her.

Working From HomeMany people are attempting to work from home during the current lockdown. Here are some tips for being effective without having to go into the office.


Protection from the Birds and the Sun - garden area with tarp sun protection and netting on sides to keep birds out

Protection from the Birds and the SunWe added a conduit metal frame with side "curtains" and a "roof" to our grow box to prevent birds from attacking our plants and to prevent the sun from attacking our plants. It works well here in sunny Arizona where temperatures get up to 115 to 120 degrees in the summer.


Spilling Wheelbarrow Garden Planter - rock lined narrow planter with a tipped yellow wheelbarrow cascading soil and coleus into the coleus planted bed

Spilling Wheelbarrow Garden PlanterHere is a "spilling wheelbarrow" I made, using coleus. It was easy to make and can be used for years.


DIY Over the Counter Dish Rack - over the sink rack

DIY Over the Counter Dish RackI was looking online to purchase an over the sink dish rack and to my surprise they could get kind of expensive. The one I had my eyes was nearly $173 so I decided to construct one myself.


Turnip Blooms Attracting Honey Bees - yellow turnip flowers

Turnip Blooms Attracting Honey BeesI'm glad we left the turnip salad in the garden. It is in full bloom now and on the warm days, the honey bees are loving it.


Felt Crown Headband - crown on child's head

Felt Crown HeadbandI bought these headbands awhile ago for my daughter, but she doesn't wear them because they make her ears itchy. Instead of tossing these headbands out, we are making these as her dress up props. Here is a felt crown I made.


Crochet Buddy for Hook and Needle - crochet buddy tied to handle of craft basket

Crochet Buddy for Hook and NeedleI found this pattern on line and am just a bit jealous I didn't come up with it myself! It is super easy, fast, and a great way to use up scrap yarn. I loved her's but mine has a bit of a spin on it. I hope you like it!


Re-Cycle Planter - finished planter

Re-Cycle PlanterBecause I have an old wagon in my yard with potted plants in it, and I saw a bicycle planter at Big Lots, I decided it would be fun to make my own bicycle or tricycle planter. My project ended up being a "recycle" planter because I recycled metal odds and ends I had purchased at three different local Goodwill stores and put the parts together to create a decorative planter for my back yard.


Mini Pizza Calzone on baking sheets

Mini Pizza CalzoneWith a few simple ingredients, you can make these easy mini pizza calzones. If you're home with your kids during this time and have little ones this could also be a great opportunity to bake/cook together, sort of like a home economics lesson.


Making a Journal with a Jeans Pocketl - finished bound journal with ribbons tied to spiral binding

Making a Jeans Pocket JournalThis fun journal is for writing and even stores pencils or pens!


Hanging Memo Holder - hanging on the wall with two items clipped on

Hanging Memo HolderMake this fun and bright hanging memo holder. It is perfect for your office wall or somewhere in your home where you'd like to attach notes/reminders or clip photos!



Cityscape Background for Playing with Toys - colorful paper cityscape

Cityscape Background for Playing with ToysMy son wanted to make a cityscape for the background of his Legos creation. Instead of just printing out a cityscape, gluing it to cardboard, and calling it a day - I helped guide him to make his own. Here's his creation!


Splatter Paint Sticker Circle Garland - hanging garland

Splatter Paint Sticker Circle GarlandNeed a splash of color in your home to add some joy? This is an easy splatter paint sticker circle garland. It is perfect for a future party decoration, gender reveal, just because, or to add some color to a room.


A person thoroughly washing their hands.

Why Soap is Better Than SanitizerEveryone is sharing advice about washing your hands to decrease the spread of coronavirus. Many people have been using hand sanitizer instead but this can be less effective over time. My husband and I recently watched a video by Alton Brown that spells out exactly why.


Picking Up Free School Lunch During COVID-19 Closures - school sign with times for meals

Picking Up Free School Lunch During COVID-19 ClosuresOne of the biggest difficulties resulting from the shutting down of schools to stop the spread of the coronavirus is that many kids and their parents depend on the kid getting fed at school. It can be the only meal some kids get in a day. The free and reduced lunch program is a huge help to struggling families.


Wipe Down Electronics - bottle of alcohol and cotton balls on top of a cell phone

Wipe Down ElectronicsRight now it's very important to wipe down everything we use especially our phones. For my phone I either use a Clorox disinfectant wipe or 70% isopropyl with a cotton ball.


DIY Mail Box from a Kleenex Hand Towel Box  - finished box

DIY Mail Box from a Kleenex Hand Towel BoxIf you purchase Kleenex hand towels, you can transform the box into a mail box. I actually bought these Kleenex hand towels last year for 90% off at Target after Christmas.


DIY Paper Towel Sheet Saver Using a Tissue Box

DIY Paper Towel Sheet Saver Using a Tissue BoxThis is a way to make your paper towel rolls last longer. Simply cut each sheet in half and place them into an empty tissue box.


Personalized Initial Tissue Box Easter Basket - paper cir

Personalized Initial Tissue Box Easter BasketDo you have an empty tissue box laying around? If not, you still have plenty of time. Here is how you can transform your tissue box into an Easter basket!


Recycled Mixed Materials Music Theme - mixed materials guitar piece

Recycled Mixed Materials Music ThemeI created this piece using an old plastic poster board, a broken mirror, magazine pages, and colored stones purchased at a recycle store.


Everything Is Sold Out! Tips for Shopping During a Panic - Out of Stock sign

Everything Is Sold Out! Tips for Shopping During a PanicI went to run some last minute errands and boy was I shocked to see all the shelves completely bare and cleared out for regular everyday essentials such from hand sanitizer, soap, toilet paper, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, to bread, can goods, dry staples (beans, pastas, rice, etc.), and frozen goods were also getting wiped out.


A bike courier delivering a food order.

Helping Small Businesses Through the Corona VirusThe governors of many states are taking the precaution of closing all of the places where people gather for several weeks. This will help promote social isolation and prevent the spread of the epidemic.


A girl and her dad doing school work.

Learning From Home During Coronavirus School ClosuresNow that so many schools are closing we are all scrambling to figure out how we are going to help our kids keep engaged in their learning while they are stuck at home. Here are some of the resources I found that I think will help.


Four-leafed Clover Hanging Door Decoration - clover hanging on a door

Four-leafed Clover Hanging Door DecorationMy kids were looking forward to their class party, but since school is cancelled, I thought it would be nice to throw a small party at home. Here is a last minute quick four-leafed clover hanging door decoration I made with supplies I already had.


Sweet Potato Toast with avocado & egg

Sweet Potato ToastThese are healthier substitute for bread! They are thinly sliced sweet potatoes that you can use as a toast under eggs or as a base for any food. They are also great as a snack! You may use one or more sweet potatoes but I find I need to make many more just to have some by the time we are ready to sit down and eat! Delicious!


Leprechaun Hat Cup - filled cups

Leprechaun Hat CupSchools are shut down and my kids were looking forward to their class party. So here I am last minute, looking at what I have on hand to make to, make up for their party they were going to have.



Scenic view of Seattle with Mt. Rainier in the background

A Message From ThrifyFun on the CoronavirusEveryone at ThriftyFun is waking up to the changing reality of life in social isolation.


Tiny Egg Nest Magnets - two magnets on the fridge

Tiny Egg Nest MagnetsI found a cute bag of plastic eggs and some looked like tiny robins eggs or smaller. I had all the other things so I made these. I hope you like them!


A mom and kids around the computer.

Entertaining Kids During Coronavirus ClosuresSchools are closing across the globe to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus. This is much different from having the kids home from school during the summer break, because places of entertainment are also closing. In my community the schools are closed and gatherings of more than 250 people banned. So what are we going to do with our kids? Here are some of my ideas on how to keep the kids from going stir crazy.


Repurposed Easter Wreath - finished wreath hanging on a door

Repurposed Easter WreathI found this cute little wreath for about 2.00 and the little buds looked like mini Easter eggs. Using things I had at home, I finished the project in less than 30 minutes.


Drumstick Pockets - drumsticks in the pouch pockets

Drumstick PocketsMy daughter's new guy is a drummer. He is always misplacing one of the drumsticks under the couch, or in the car. So I made him this for his birthday. It's a crocheted pocket for them.


Cheap Yarn Bowl Idea

Cheap Yarn Bowl IdeaSome of the cute ceramic bowls out there that have the notches for yarn, are 35.00! So today I had the idea of using what I have and it works great.


Grow New African Violets and Succulents from Cuttings - closeup of a violet let with new growth

Grow New African Violets and Succulents from CuttingsI have seen these tips on the internet, and had not had a chance to try it till now. A friend gave me one African violet leaf after my AV had sadly died because I didn't understand how to keep it happy. Another friend gave me a sage plant leaf.


Making a Flower Crown - partial view of the crown on a child's head

Making a Flower CrownIn our household, we like to save cardboard boxes for craft projects or arts and crafts.


DIY Tissue Box Marble Maze - looking down on finished maze

DIY Tissue Box Marble MazeBefore tossing out tissue boxes, your child may be interested in making this marble maze. You can easily make this with a few supplies: tissue boxes, hot glue, straws, scissors, and any scrap piece of art/paper. My son had lots of fun with this and he's currently altering the maze course to make it more complex by adding a third tissue box.


Easter Bonnet Door Wreath - finished wreath

Easter Bonnet Door WreathI found everything I needed at the Dollar Store to make these Easter bonnet door wreaths. They are easy, fun, and very pretty! You can make them to color coordinate with any color scheme you want.


Hot Glue Necklace - child wearing the necklace

Hot Glue NecklaceHere is a cute necklace my son made for his sister. This pendant is made from hot glue, in person it looks lab opal inspired (pictures didn't capture how pretty it really is.) The glittery hot glue stick is from Dollar Tree, it comes in an assortment of colors for $1.00 - the stick he used was clear with glitter.


Opposites Attract (Dog and Cat Friends) - Boxer and white cat laying next to each other

Opposites Attract (Dog and Cat Friends)When growing up an example of opposites was always cats and dogs. When there were fights theywould describe the two people being like cats and dogs. Can't we all just get along? I think that this picture proves yes we can if they can. Here are our dog Baby, a Boxer and Whitey, the cat.


Gender Reveal Door Sign - finished hanging

Gender Reveal Door SignHere is an inexpensive, simple, and quick gender reveal door sign I made for my friend's party.


Tilly (Pit Bull mix) - one flop eared Pit in a car

Tilly (Pit Bull Mix)We adopted Tilly in the summer of 2019 from a local rescue. She was actually at a different rescue in California, so she was transported up here for us to foster with the option to adopt.


"Iris" Morning Delight! - close up of a white and yellow iris with water droplets

"Iris" Morning Delight!Photos of a white and yellow iris.


Play Placemats and Stovetop - closeup of the blue placemat

Play Placemats and StovetopI made these for the kids in my preschool class. They are made out of scrapbooking paper and were laminated. For the placemats I traced around a small plate, cup, utensils, and made a triangle for a napkin to create templates on cardstock. Then I used the templates to trace each shape onto scrapbooking paper. I attached all of the pieces to the placemat with a glue stick and then laminated them.


Saving Your Place in a Board Game

Saving Your Place in a Board GameMy family and I started a game of Monopoly the other night, but it was getting too late to finish it. We used little baggies with our names on them to save our money and property cards.


St. Patrick's Day Theme Hanging Wall Sign - ribbon hanger added and a matching bow and then hung on a hook

St. Patrick's Day Theme Hanging Wall SignWe don't personally celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but the kids learn about St. Patrick's Day at school, so I like to do small crafts.


Felt Carrot Garland and Paper Carrot Sign - view of the garland and the sign

Felt Carrot Garland and Paper Carrot SignI recently made this felt carrot garland and sign for a coworker who often brings their rabbit to work. We work at a school and she likes to let the kids know that he stayed home on days that he isn't there.


Will the Real Ellie Please Purr! - torti cat next to figurine of cats

Will the Real Ellie Please Purr!Kittens are like spring flowers. They thrive with sunshine and love.


Removing Sticky Adhesive Residue from Plastic - container with water inside

Removing Sticky Adhesive Residue from PlasticFill a container with pretty warm water (as hot as you can without it distorting the plastic container of course) and let it sit 5 minutes. This heats up the adhesive on the outside of the container. Don't get the outside (where the glue is) wet though. Dump out the water (still keeping the outside dry) and generously wipe the gluey spot with a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil.


Making Animal Shaped Sushi - pickled ginger and cucumber slices garnish next to the finished sushi

Making Animal Shaped SushiSushi scenery is very popular in Japan. Here, I've turned sushi into cats and dogs, laying around in their pet beds. This type of sushi is called Inarizushi, which are seasoned balls of rice stuffed into fried tofu skins. These skins are available at many stores and online. I've added a link below. My mum used to make beautiful sushi scenery for my school lunch boxes.


Nemo Inspired Paper Hat - finished hat

Nemo Inspired Paper HatAre you going to have a Nemo birthday party for your little one? You can make these Nemo hats for the kids! They are very easy to make and you only need a few supplies.


Nature's Oddity (Fungus) - orange, yellow, and white fungus on a fallen tree

Nature's Oddity (Fungus)While hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, I came across this unusual looking fungus growing on a tree. It looks like a piece of candy corn. I couldn't resist taking a picture of something so unusual.


Hanging Initial Letter Decor - finished letter hanging on plantation blinds

Hanging Initial Letter DecorHere is an inexpensive decor piece you can make for your office, bedroom, or child's room. It is very simple to make and adds a nice touch to your personalized space.


Butterfly on a Hiking Trail Bridge Railing - pretty black and yellow butterfly

Butterfly on a StickThis state park in Canada had pine trees, water falls, a large pond, and many other things to photograph. However, the most fun was chasing the butterflies and taking pictures of them. This one landed on the railing of the hiking bridge. The shadow from the butterfly on the railing makes a nice silhouette.


A man applying hand sanitizer to his bare hands.

Make Your Own Hand SanitizerThis is our official recommended recipe to make your own hand sanitizer at home. This recipe follows WHO guidelines for maximum cleaning power.


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