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Full photo of Angry Birds cake.

Angry Birds Cake
Very impressive! Looks great!


My Frugal Life: Meaningful Not Expensive Gifts
As a mom who had my first child when I was a single 19 year old, I can truly empathize with your experience. How wonderful that you had such a terrific friend like Megan who was there for you when you needed her most. And what a lovely gift and lesson on the...


My Frugal Life: Living in a "Post-Consumer Age"
You have done a great job with saving money and helping him achieve his dream. The bonus is that it seems to have brought you closer together as a couple. Thanks for sharing your story.


My Frugal Life: An Epic Tale!
Enjoyed reading your story. Great tips, thanks!


My Frugal Life - Managing on a Budget
Very good tips, thank you!


crocheted scarves

Crocheted Scarves
Beautiful scarves, Ann. Thanks for all the good work you. :)


My Frugal Life: The Gift Of Time
Thank you for sharing your experience with us, despite the grief you will always feel. I often wonder what I can do for a friend should they suffer a loss, and your story is truly appreciated.


Selah (Pomeranian)

Selah (Pomeranian)
She is a cutie pie and very lucky to have been rescued by you!


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Planning a Wedding on a $500.00 Budget
It sounds like you will have a beautiful wedding. Congrats!


In Loving Memory Of Rock (Pitbull)
Im sorry for your loss. Youve given very good advice for other pet owners. Sending you hugs.


Elderly woman in red

Nursing Home Beauty Pageant
What a wonderful idea. Your mother-in-law looks beautiful!



American Idol Birthday Party
What a terrific (and frugal) idea for a birthday party! I bet everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your great birthday party idea.


My Frugal Life: A Fan of ThriftyFun
Youre so right, Dee. This is a terrific site. :)


Family: Little Santa
What a cutie!Thanks for sharing the pic. :)


An apron from fabric scraps

Make an Apron from Fabric Scraps
That is adorable and so creative! Thanks for the link and the picture.


The Bikes From Misfit Island

The Bikes From Misfit Island
What a great story. Thanks!


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Smell of Death Under the House?
It sounds as if you might have had an animal crawl under the house and die. Do you have a crawl space under the house? If so, you will have to go under there to find out what it is and remove it. If you dont feel like you can do this yourself, call an exterminator...


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My Dog Died Suddenly?
Although I dont know why your dog died, Im so sorry for your loss. :(


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How Late Do You Hand Out Candy?
Here in south Texas its usually from 7:00 pm until around 9:00 pm.


Carved and lighted pumpkins

Aiden and Avery's Pumpkins
They look great! Aiden and Avery did a terrific job. :)


Recycled Grocery Tote

Grocery Bag Tote
Looks great and for such a wonderful cause. Good for her!


My Frugal Life: Surviving On Social Security
Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! Youre an inspiration. :)


Gift Grabbers Auction
What a great tradition, it sounds like a blast!Thanks for the story and the wonderful holiday idea. --Michelle


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Cookie Exchange For Angel Tree Packages
What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing it, I bet the cookies brought many smiles to needy families.


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Reuse Pringles Can as a Foot Massager
What a great idea! And yes, I bet it is doing good things for the muscles in your foot and lower leg. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your back injury.


Kenzie and Her Garden
Kenzies a cutie and her garden looks very nice. Thanks for sharing the picture.


What Breed Is My Dog?
Shes a cutie-pie! It looks to me that she might be chocolate lab mixed with some sort of terrier. Enjoy your new puppy!


Black and white mix breed dog.

What Breed Is My Dog?
Im thinking he definitely looks part boxer. Whatever he is, hes a handsome dog!


My Frugal Life: The One Dollar Dinner
Sounds like a delicious meal!


My Brothers Beautiful Roses
Those are beautiful, Peggy. I love the colors!


My Frugal Life: A Love Affair With Used Goods
What a great article! We have bought many things pre-owned and, in the process, have saved much money. The trick is knowing what you are looking for and taking the time and making the effort to look for it. We bought a wonderful dining set and hutch for $250...


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Egg Carton Bells
What a sweet and creative granddaughter you have, Marty. It sounds like you had a lot of fun together. I bet she loved having her grandma visit!


clouds above airplane wing

Photo While Flying
Beautiful picture, Kaitlin!


Smokey (Black Cat)

Smokey (Black Cat)
What a beautiful black kitty! Our black cat, Otis, is also quite a talker. Mister Smokey is very lucky to have found you and you are lucky to have found him. Thanks for the great story!


Salvage Chair and TV Tray

Salvage Chair and TV Tray
You did a great job. Its amazing how good one can make something look with just a few coats of paint and a lot of creativity. Thanks for sharing your project with us!


Sheet vinyl scrap decorated to be used as table cover.

Vinyl Flooring For Table Top
What a cute and very creative idea!


Frugal Wedding

Limit Your Shopping for a Frugal Wedding
What a smart shopper you are and it looks like you had a beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing how you did it. Congratulations on your marriage. --Michelle (From down the road in San Antonio)


Doll with clothing.

Very Special Delivery (Baby Doll)
How cute! What a great idea for a little girls gift.


Dottie, a Dalmatian and her black and white spotted food dishes.

Dottie's Food Bowls
How cute! What a great project. Dotties a lucky dog. :)


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Appreciate The Nurses
As a nurse, I want to say thank you for your kind words of appreciation. Personally, I love my job and I know there are many nurses that feel the same. Im so glad that you and your husband received excellent care while he was in the hospital and I hope he is...


Cousins at the Reunion

Cousins at the Reunion
What a sweet picture. Im sure the little ones are very happy to be close to their cousins and other family members. Thanks for sharing!


Our Pride And Joy, Hayden James
What a cutie pie! Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son. :) --Michelle


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Getting Out of Debt?
Everyone has had great suggestions. I would also suggest making a budget and sticking to it. Many people do find the envelope system a good way to do that. One great method for getting out of debt is called the snowball method. You pay the minimum amount on...


Being Thrifty and Creative
Very cute idea! I bet he loves his new firefighter jeans.


Country Wedding

Country Wedding Background
Great idea and very pretty, too!


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Looking For Good youth Sports Program?
We dont live in Georgia, but have you looked into the YMCA programs in your area? From what Ive heard, they seem to have good sports programs and offer both football and basketball. Also, try your local parks and recreation department and churches in your area...


My Frugal Trip To DisneyWorld
Great tips, Tracey, thanks! I hope yall have a wonderful time at Disney.


Olive orchard motif frame.

Decoupaged Wooden Frames
Very pretty! Thanks for sharing your project with us.


Doll wearing a crochet dress.

Crochet Project Photos
Very cute! Thanks for sharing!


Is My Dog A Husky?
Ryan, I dont know if your dog is a purebred, but he definitely looks like he has a lot of husky in him. He is really a cutie-pie!


Green Felt Purse

Cheater's Felted Purse
Cute and very creative! Thanks for sharing the pics and instructions with us.


$10 Dinners: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti and Meatballs ($10 Dinners)
This recipe is great! We made it this afternoon for my mom who came into town and it turned out to be delicious. Thanks!


Sewing kit in an Altoids tin.

Sewing Kit
What a cute idea!


Child holding a small stuffed bear.

Make a Bear at Home
What a wonderful idea for a party and you are so lucky you found the kits on sale. It looks like your little girl loves her teddy bear.


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My Child Keeps Getting Head Lice?
Im wondering if yall are actually getting rid of all of the nits (eggs) when youre treating the lice. The one (and only, thank goodness!) time my daughter contracted lice, I caught them from her. We both have pretty thick hair and it seemed like just when we...


Video: Scottie Tails: My Date with Barney, the First Dog
So cute! Poor Kenzie, Barney doesnt know what hes missing. :)


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Refurbishing a Pop-up Trailer?
Here are two great popup forums to help you get started: and . Both these sites have great members who have loads of ideas, some of whom have also refurbished their own older pop ups. Good luck and have...


Decorated lunch box tea set

Tea With Me - Toy Travel Tea Set
What a cute idea! Even my too cool for everything 18 year old daughter loved it.


Aleef Adam - A Happy Guy
What a beautiful baby boy! Thanks for sharing your picture.


Nice painting on an old window.

Painted Window Welcome Sign
Very cute! You are so talented. Thanks for sharing this great idea.


Quilt made from recycled jeans.

Eagle Quilt
Pat, this quilt and your other quilts are so beautiful. You are extremely talented. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us.


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Free Supplies for a Train Party?
Hi! Regarding obtaining free or very inexpensive items for your sons train-themed party, if you have a Freecycle in your area this is a great resource for finding free items. You just go online to the site in your area, sign up, and ask for what you need. Ive...


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Planning a Simple Wedding?
Well, being that Im from Texas, I have personally been to a couple of weddings where the groom wore jeans, boots and a hat. In fact, at one the groom wore a tux with his jeans, boots and hat. I think it all depends on what YOU think. This is yalls wedding and...


Wedding Cake Topper

My Frugal Wedding
Despite your regret about not being married in white, may I say that you looked beautiful. Thanks for sharing your experiences and your tips. Hopefully other couples who are planning a wedding can benefit from them. My husband and I also had a very frugal wedding...


Backyard Before

Backyard Makeover
Joy, it looks great! What kind of stone did you use to lay your patio?


Fencing used to organize a desk

Using Garden Fence to Organize My Craft Desk
What a cute idea! And it looks like it does a great job of keeping your craft stuff organized.


Flowers painted on a garage door.

Garage Door Mural
Donna, looks great! Funniest thing...My DH and son and I were walking around the block and looked over and happened to see YOUR garage door in person, not even an hour after I saw your post and pictures on this site and pointed out how nice they looked to DH...


Gracie's (Miracle Baby) 2nd Birthday
What a beautiful little miracle! Hope Gracie had a wonderful birthday.



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