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Beaded Bracelets

Beaded Bracelets
Your beads are beautiful. I also make beaded jewelry and also make my own beads from is a quiet, peaceful craft and lets your imagination reign.Love how you have them displayed too.


A handful of seashells found on the beach.

What a sweet picture. I have always loved seashells and regard them as a treasure, As I hope your son will.


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Diatomaceous Earth For Eliminating Fleas
Thank you for posting this. I had been researching the diatomaceous earth and found its great qualities. it can be used for other things than fleas also. I ordered some online and use it on my 3 cats, sprinkle it on my floors and put some in their food to eliminate...


patio table with umbrella down

Refurbishing A Faded Patio Umbrella
You know, this is a really good idea. I had thought of doing it with my patio umbrella that is faded, but still in good shape. I was wondering if painting it would work but didnt know of anyone trying it yet. Your umbrella gooks new and I bet the paint makes...


Recovered Cat Scratcher
This sounds like a good idea but am having a problem understanding. A picture would help a whole lot. But its good that you didnt get loop carpet. I also hate to throw away anything useful too.


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Styrofoam Egg Cartons for Ice Cubes
Well, I thought this was a great idea to freeze water in the egg cartons to make ice cubes. They would be bigger and with the cover, you could stack them in the freezer, but with all the negative posts, Im not sure whether to do it or not. What about the old...


Repurposing Furniture
You are a person of my heart. I do the same thing. I cut furniture down and use different sections for different things. Very rarely do I toss out or give away furniture unless I really dont want it. You did a beautiful job of pulling this all together. Thumbs...


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Saving for Emergencies on a Tight Budget?
Its true, its hard to make it to the end of the month with much left when you live on a fixed income, as I am also. I keep close track on what I spend, and stick strictly to my budget. I pay all my bills first, get my meds and personal items and cat food and...


Molly (Maine Coon Manx)
Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my Molly. She is very special to me. Beth, I took this picture myself and used my computer program to put a background on it. And yes, we sure do spoil them but they also spoil us by their over flowing love.


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Reviews of
I just went to it. They have some great finds. Id like to see a kittydollarstore. I have 3 cats.


Phoebe (Cat)
Phoebe is so beautiful. I love this picture with her pretty bright eyes and her coloring is gorgeous. I have 3 cats that keep me happy. All my cats are adopted also. Thank you for giving Phoebe a good home and loving her.


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Cat Playhouse From Recycled Boxes
I made a playhouse for my cats out of boxes too. It is so much fun watching them play and hide in them and when they get worn out, you can toss it and make another. I find that cats dont need expensive toys and things to make them happy, just a little imagination...



Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Craft: Baby Shower Diaper Cake
Your cake turned out so cute. Ive done these before too, and its amazing the combination and ideas you can put into them. I also finished the outside layer with the flattened out diapers held together with a wide white ribbon all the way around. Thanks for...


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Make a Cat House from Cardboard Boxes
A great idea. My cats love to climb in boxes and hide. In fact I have a cat bed for one of them, but they would rather lay in a box with a blanket in it. Think Ill try this cat house. Yes, the cats do get bored during the winter. Should be fun watching them...


Dexter (Tabby)
Dexter is beautiful and thank you for taking him in and giving him a good home. I am a cat person and have 3 of my own. I love the pictures you sent. He looks so happy under the tree, as most cats This the first Christmas for 2 of my cats too and...


Store Hats And Gloves In Hanging Shoe Organizers

Store Hats And Gloves In Hanging Shoe...
This is a good idea. I have been using my shoe organizers for many other things too. I like the idea that you can keep the gloves together in one pocket. They always have a way of wandering around loose.


Marley and Damian (Pitbull Terriers)

Marley and Damian (Pitbull Terriers)
Pit bulls are, indeed, a wonderful breed. My friend has one like your black and white one and she is the most gentle, sweet, very intelligent, loving little girl. She is 6 years old now and has had litters of puppies but wont have any more. What a clown she...


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Reuse Soda Bottles for Food Storage
This idea is really good. I do use mine for storage. They are bug free, moisture and water free, and keeps the foods free from dust that might get in your cupboards. Some people say they take up a lot of space, but if you store them on their sides and stack...


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Using OdoBan?
OdoBan is such a good product and Ive used it for years. As long as you prepare it like it says, it is safe to use on most anything. When you clean house with it, it leaves such a fresh,clean smell and it really does deodorize . I put it in a spray bottle (diluted...


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Tips for Good Smelling Clothing?
What I do is to buy the same dryer sheets as my detergent or the liquid fabric softener. I use Gain and love the smell. I buy the liquid softener of the same and sometimes the dryer sheets and my clothes smell terrific. I also put a dryer sheet in my lingerie...


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Frugal Cooking for Two Recipes?
Im so glad you asked this. I also am looking for cheap recipes for two people, and live on a fixed income. A friend of mine and I try to make our own things up and have come up with some pretty good stuff, but dried beans are a great start and you can dress...


Candid Moments at a Wedding
What a very special moment and Im so glad you captured it. I have one with me and my 1 yr old grandson at the time, 24 years ago at my wedding. Keeps that moment in time ageless. Thanks for sharing.


A bookmark made out of wallpaper scraps.

Wallpaper Bookmarks
Yes, these are really a nice gift. I have made them and also put their name of them. I have a laminator, so I use that instead of the contact paper, but the contact paper does work nicely. Thanks for sharing your talent. Barb


Baxter (Beagle)

Baxter (Beagle)
What a beautiful picture, and Baxter is so handsome. I dont have any dogs anymore, just 4 cats, but I love beagles and he is a very special one. Barb



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Hershey Kiss Letter?
I really like this. I have a grandson in college and it would be something nice to tuck in when I send him cookies, etc. What a good idea and showin some love. I could also include the rest of the bags of candy in the box with this little bag on top. Thank...


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Sweet Pastry
This sounds really great. I have one question, in the directions you say to rub in the butter. Does that mean to rub the butter on the sides of the bowl, and how long do I bake this beautiful pastry? Really anxious to try this. Thanks Barb


3-D Paper Ornament in tree

3-D Paper Ornament
I have done this and it is awesome to see them hanging. The air hits them and they move around. I also used smaller paper and made mini ornaments. You can also lightly spray them and glue glitter on. Thanks for sharing your craft.


Sadie (Terrier Mix)
Aww. What a sweet little baby she is, and am so glad she recovered from her attack. I love the pic you submitted. Thanks for sharing her with us.


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Proper Use of Apostrophe?
If in doubt, you could reword it saying, the 50th Wedding Anniversary of our parents. It really irks me when people put the apostrophe in the wrong place or overuse it.


Cleaning with baking soda.

Cleaning With Baking Soda
This is a great idea. I use my empty Parmesan cheese jars for powdered coffee creamer by my coffee pot and another one for the sugar. Thank you for the baking soda idea, especially the facial scrub one.


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Bread Pudding in a Mug
What a great recipe. I live alone and am always looking for something easy to fix for myself. This sounds so good and I love bread pudding. Will print it out and paste to inside of my cupboard. Thanks


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Scrambled Eggs (Microwave)
I love the idea of being able to make scrambled eggs in the microwave. I do this also, but didnt think to put butter in the dish before putting eggs in. Im sure it makes them taste better. I put some bacon bits in it too. Thanks for the idea.


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Bumpkin Pumpkin Bread
Yes it is, Im sorry, I should have specified it. Thanks.


Add Safety Glow Tape to Your Lampshade
This glow paint/strips is such a good idea, especially for us senior citizens. I have some glow tape on the steps in my house so I can see the steps better. Also when my little grandson stayed overnight with me quite often, I took the glow paint and wrote I...


Refrigerator Caddy

Refrigerator Caddy
What a terrific idea! I have things on magnet hooks on the side of my fridge which fall off sometimes. This is just what I need. I wonder if you could make it out of clear vinyl to blend into the fridge color, but yours is so attractive. Great job!


What Breed is My Dog?
Steves dog looks exactly like my neighbors dog, Nonnie, who is an American pit bull; such a sweetie. Here is a picture of her.



What Breed is My Dog?
Just wanted to mention that Nonnie has the same markings on her face and forehead as Steves dog has.


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Plastic Zipper Won't Work?
I also suggest rubbing candle wax over both sides and carefully try to work it down so you dont break the teeth. Clear lip gloss might work also.


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Buy Wallpaper at Garage Sales
Oh. I love wallpaper. I buy it everywhere, but yard sales are great. I have boxes of it along with rolls of trim. I use it for so many things besides wallpapering a wall, but finding it for a good price makes it even better when you are doing a room. Thanks...


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Dial 99 During Recorded Telemarketing Call
I am definitely going to try this. I tried to find the Aspies for freedom website that you got this from but couldnt find it. Thanks for the tip. Will pass it on.


Two beaded crosses.

Beaded Cross
I sure would love to have the pattern to make these crosses. I tried to figure it out, but it didnt work. Thanks


A beautiful calico longhair laying outside on a garden patio.

Amelia (Domestic Longhair)
I adopted my Molly 3 years ago. She is 7 yrs. old now and just as you described with Amelia, she was abused and lived in a cage. I adopted her and she just seemed to say thank you. She was the only one in the house until last year I adopted Sammy, a kitten...


Welcome Glove

Welcome Glove
This is so nice, and very easy to make. Ill surely try this one. Thank you for sharing.


The Boys Club (Cats)

The Boys Club (Cats)
Aww, they are beautiful! I have 4 cats. Molly who is my first, a Maine coon, who is 6 yrs old. Sam who came from the country is almost 1 yr old tabby. Lacy is all white with a grey streak on her head and the baby is Candye 3 mos old. Molly I adopted from the...


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Simple Iced Tea
I am certainly going to try this. I always thought you had to boil the teabags to make them work. Thanks for the idea


Craft Project: Beaded Flip Flops
This really is a good idea. I have done it on other inexpensive summer sandals too. Its a good way to use old beaded necklaces and bracelets that you dont wear anymore. Thanks for the great, easy to follow instructions.


Binding Carpet Remnants

Binding Carpet Remnants
Thank you so much for this idea. Ive been waiting a long time to find out how to bind the carpet pieces I have, and using the hot glue makes the project so much easier. Thanks again.


Making Paper Beads Finished

Paper Bead Jewelry
I have made these beads also and they are so beautiful and very unique, especially when you make earrings to match. I use wallpaper also. I dont use a rolling tool though, I just use a toothpick. Works fine, though a little tricky at first. Thanks for the instructions...


Garden flowers planted in a strawberry pot.

Use A Strawberry Pot For Flowers
What a good idea and so attractive. Thanks


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Newspaper Your Weeds Away
I did this. Put layers of newspaper in the flower gardens and then put mulch on top of it. Worked fine and kept the weeds from coming through.


Garden: Bamboo Lattice
I love the picture, and what a good idea using bamboo for the lattice. The weeping apricot flowers look so graceful hanging off of it. Thanks for sharing.


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Control Soap Dispensing Amount With a Rubber Band
I like this idea, have tried it and it really works, just enough to wash your hands. Its like having a measured amount each time. Thank you for sharing this.


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Reusing Plastic Soap Dispensers
It sounds like there are a lot of us that think alike. I also dont like to throw out those nice soap dispensers. I decorate mine with seashells and put them in my bathroom. (I sent one in awhile ago.) Actually, you can decorate them with any type of theme to...


Elderly woman in red

Nursing Home Beauty Pageant
This is such a wonderful idea, and can be very uplifting for everyone. Its true all women like to be pampered and get all dressed up once in awhile. Its so very special to these ladies. How about having something like this for the men? Im sure they would love...


Mirror decorated with shells.

Shell Mirror
Your mirror is really pretty. I have made these mirrors also, in fact Ive done a lot of crafts with shells. Whenever anyone goes to the beach they bring me a bag full of shells, etc. They can also be glazed so that theyre shiny, and also a touch of diamond...


Place Mat Handbags

Place Mat Handbags
This is, indeed, a wonderful idea. I have done this before and if youre lucky enough to get a set of 4 matching placemats, you can put pockets inside of the purse. I did mine with same material shoulder bag handles and a velcro closure. I love your idea of...


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Recycle Soap With Cookie Cutters
What a great idea. You can also make these pretty little cookie cutter soaps as small gifts. For the holidays I decorate soaps with decals, wrap them in clear wrap and a little ribbon...looks good in a gift basket. I even put the childrens names on them for...


Two pom pom chicks holding Easter candy.

Jelly Bean Chicks
What a cute and easy idea. These would be great to make for nursing home friends. Its too cute to tear apart to get to the candy. Thanks for sharing. Love it.


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Plastic Lids for Microwave Splash Screens
I also keep empty containers to reuse. I use the top of a container that a cake comes in from the grocery store. It is domed and can easily be poked for vent holes, and it doesnt touch the food. I save all these type of containers to store food in. You can...


Growing Morning Glory from Cuttings

Morning Glory Cuttings
thank you for sharing you pics of the beautiful morning glorys...i love them too..i think they will grow anywhere..for instance, i moved a year ago and had to leave most of my plants where i moved from...i surely missed my beautiful flowers but i thought i...


CD Spindle Toilet Paper Holder - TP on holder decorated with blue ribbon, faux flowers and a small butterfly

CD Spindle Toilet Paper Holder
This is a great idea. I, too, have lots of CD spindles and the covers, but cant seem to toss them. I guess I could incorporate the lid on it somehow. Thanks for sharing your idea.


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Venison Chili
I have been waiting for a good recipe for chili made from venison. I dont like the taste of venison, but I was given several packages of ground venison and didnt know what to do with it. Thank you so much. Barb


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Homemade Fingernail Polish Remover Jar
What a good idea using a foam roller to fit in a pill or film canister. It would be good to use for traveling.


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Buy Frugal Toilet Paper at a Restaurant Supply Stores
I also live alone and it would take me a long time to use that much up, but you could go in with a few of your friends or neighbors and buy in bulk then divide it...since rolls of tp are short and round you could certainly find a place in a shallow flat box...


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Crafts Using Cat Food Cans?
Gee. you can do a whole lot with those little cans. I have washed mine out, covered the outside with contact paper and filled with cat litter. I put them outside in the summertime for my guests that smoke to use as ashtrays.You can also hot glue the sides together...


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Frugal Tissue Dispenser
This is a wonderful idea...and I just learned that you take the core out of the middle of the roll of tissue and feed it from the middle like a skein of can be used in so many places...think ill make one to carry in my car too...and they can...


Grey cat showing her belly.

Trudy (Maine Coon)
She is really beautiful ! I love Maine Coon cats...I have one also. Her name is Molly and I got her from the Humane Society 3 yrs ago...what a love they are, and they surely do get big and am enclosed a picture of her to share with you...


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Use Photos to Make Greeting Cards
I also make my own greeting cards and use the Hallmark software often. It prints the Hallmark logo on the back of the card. To people who dont have the printer, etc. it could be expensive to start out. I just bought a new 3-in-one printer for $5o.00 included...


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Swiffer Socks
Now dont yall laugh at me, but this really works. Put some fun music on, stick a maxi pad of the bottom of each sock and dance away while cleaning your floor. When youre done, just toss away. Ive done this and am so happy I finally got to share it.


Autumn (Shetland Sheepdog)

Autumn (Shetland Sheepdog)
How beautiful she is ! I know she was sent to you by Pearl and she will grow up with your daughter. Thank you for sharing your story, so very heartwarming.


sea glass light

Decorative Sea Glass Light
This is, indeed, a beautiful gift and such a great idea. I have put clear stones in a large vase with mini lights, but never thought of sea glass. I usually have to buy my sea glass in the craft store, but collecting it naturally is better and more meaningful...


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Newspaper Kitty Litter Alternative
what a great idea! I have 2 indoor cats and im going to try this...i wonder if the ink from the newspaper gets on their paws when its wet..guess i could put down a towel next to where they step out...thanks for sharing this tip.


Legs and feet sticking out of snow.

Scenery: Tired of the Snow
Oh how I wish we would get some snow! Its been cold here in Virginia, but no snow where I live yet. Doesnt seem normal to have winter and nothing to play in. Send some on down!


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Restore Paint Brushes With Vinegar
thank you so much for this tip...i just threw out a couple brushes because the paint hardened on them and couldnt get it surely going to pass this on to all my contacts...


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Thrifty Liquid Dishwashing Soap Dispenser
Great idea ! Ill have to go find one...what i do is put my dish detergent in a simple little spray bottle and put it on my sink...great for easy hand washing dishes..


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Easy 5 minute Non-Dairy Peanut Butter Fudge
I tried this recipe and it is really good and so easy to make..Im not a candy maker, so this was great for me...friends came for coffee this morning and all took some home...thanks for the recipe.


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Mismatched Sock Solutions
Oh, I do remember those days when the washer or dryer would eat up those socks. It seemed a never ending pile of mismatched socks. I used the safety pin method which worked for awhile, I used the little plastic thingys, too, but the best thing that worked for...


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Remove Cardboard Liner From Mayo Jar
I always wondered what that cardboard liner was for..yes, it would be better without that liner absorbing the smell and maybe make the mayo last longer...Are there liners in the squeeze bottles too? My mayo lasts a long time in my house since im the only one...


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Charging a Sweeper Vac?
I am having the same problem with my Swivel Sweeper. I do leave the charger on for a long time, unplug it from the wall outlet and plug back into my unit. But like you said, it seems to lose its charge faster and faster. Maybe I need to take the charger out...


Magazine Photo Bedspread

Magazine Photo Bedspread
Very pretty and a good idea...wonder if you could put family pictures on it also..


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Keep Small Jars Organized in a Plastic Basket
what a good idea that mulberry204 had about putting the small appliances in plastic wash basins. It sure keeps everything together and on hand..gonna try it. Also what KLJohn said about putting packages of cheese in small baskets..I also put those little packs...


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Homemade Candy Dipping Fork
gee, why didnt i think of that? All this time ive been spoonin and I could have made it easy on myself by doing it your way...going to try it this week. thanks for the great idea


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Purchasing a Casket Online?
Oh my goodness. I never thought of ordering one online, but I guess you can order most anything online nowadays. I saw a cartoon one time where someone had one for sale at a yard sale.


Almond Joy Christmas card

Give "Joy" For Christmas
What a great idea ! Very creative and very welcome gift...Im going to put it in my files and use it year round possible on a birthday card too..maybe with different candies also. thanks for the inspiration...


reate Food Tags

Craft: Create Your Personal Food Tags
What a beautiful idea...It looks so finished and professional but with a hint of homemade. This will surely make a delicious gift much more welcome..


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Preserving Autumn Leaves
that is a great idea to preserve the leaves for thanksgiving...I use the heavy duty hair spray for preserving dried flowers. I got a dozen roses for my birthday...after they started wilting, I put a rubber band around the stems to make a bouquet. Hung them...


Necktie door wreath.

Tie Door Wreath
WOW ! What a terrific idea ! I would have never realized that all those tacky ties of my husbands I threw out could be used for something really I have to go find some at the thrift stores and make one for my neighbor down the street...he will...


Placemat casserole dish cover.

Casserole Dish Covers
what a great idea. I think I will make a few of these for last minute gifts...and one for myself...these can also be used at home to keep your casseroles, etc. warm until ready to serve...thanks for sharing..


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Use Plastic Coffee Containers for Paint Cans
I have been doing this for years. I keep all of my coffee containers and one for each color of paint, I have a different container. Also I keep the smaller ones for touch up or small projects. I put a smudge of paint on the top so I know what color is inside...


Photo of a pink sparkle ball Christmas Decoration.

Sparkleball Decoration
im wondering if you could hot glue the plastic cups together?


No melt sparkleballs

No Melt Sparkleballs
I am so happy to see these instructions! i made one of them many years ago but connected them together with paper clips. Mine was just plain clear with white lights...I put it out on my porch and everyone wanted to know where i got it...these instructions are...


A double dapple dachshund being held in a lap.

Stewie (Double Dapple Dachshund)
How sweet he is. I didnt know what a double dapple dachshund was, but if i do have a chance to get one, i want one just like Stewie....just want to hug him...


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Refill Bottled Drinks With Juice and Water
A really super idea! Ill have to do this. I do wash and refill mine with iced tea and keep in the fridge.


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Make Cloth Bags Out of Old Pillowcases
You do have a great idea that some of us has caught on to. I use mine to wrap my silver trays,etc. in. There are so many uses for these bags..and you can also pick them up for pennies at yard sales, and do your own thing, and as Manon from Netherlands showed...


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Ask for What You Are Looking for at Garage Sales
I have done this. I was looking for a computer chair at yard sales, looked around and didnt see any, so at the last one, I just asked. Her husband went in the house and sold me the one he had for $10.00. Sometimes its something that they never thought of putting...


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Storing Things Where They Belong
I also store my pillow cases in with my sheets, and I put a dryer sheet in the bundle to keep them fresh smelling. I also bundle my towels together. Roll the towels up with the hand towel and wash cloth in it.


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