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Cute Tiny Mushrooms - gloved hand holding tiny mushrooms growing on a twig

Cute Tiny Mushrooms
I love mushrooms. I can just imagine fairies sitting on them and jumping from one to another! They are so cute!


Cooked mayo-parmesan chicken breasts.

Mayo-Parmesan Chicken
I have made this recipe many times but I cover the chicken with BBQ sauce instead of mayo, sprinkle with Progresso seasoned bread crumbs, and use shredded taco cheese on top.


What Is This Flower? - multiple small bell shaped orange flowers atop a thin stalk

What Is This Flower?
It looks like a plant from a Dr. Seuss story. Maybe a Cindy-Loo Who-Tulip!


A row of Canada geese

Thanks to all of you who commented on this picture! It was a complete surprise to me and I swear there were no special effects used, just my every day camera and the reflection of the water and moss on the rocks below. I am blessed and glad to share it with...


Paper Hyacinths - two finished flowers

Paper Hyacinths
I wish I had the patience and eyesight to make these, they are absolutely beautiful!


A Pair of Canadian Geese two geese on the edge of a snow patch

A Pair of Canadian Geese
I am also a fan of the Canadian geese I have in my yard. I really appreciate likekinds info on the photo editing program. I have been looking for such a tool. Thanks!


Co-joined Rudbeckia Flower

Co-joined Rudbeckia Flower - Fasciation
Beautiful! It looks like a butterfly.


Metal Bottle Cap Oysters with Pearls

Metal Bottle Cap Oysters with Pearls
Those are adorable! I would glue on a magnet to the back to use as a refrigerator magnet.


"There's Fungus Among Us!"

"There's Fungus Among Us!"
I knew it was in Oregon too. I saw the same lichen when I lived in Roseburg. I called them fairy trumpets. They love the fog there.


pale lavender and white iris

The Iris Flower
Thank you for sharing the beautiful iris photo as well as the music. I loved them. Im in the beginnings of making flower planters at my new forever home, now I know I must include irises. I grew up with them and will always love them.


Bacon surprise..

Chicken Bacon Surprise
That sounds good and easy and I was just wondering what to make for dinner. My husband doesnt love bacon as much as I do so Ill try substituting diced ham for bacon.


Foam Packing to Minimise Soap Scum

Foam Packing to Minimise Soap Scum
I have long been an obsessive foam packing saver, now I know what I was saving it for!


A spray bottle for moistening toilet paper

Alternative to Wet Wipes
What aisle or department are they in?


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18th Birthday Ideas?
I would suggest you play music that was popular the year you were born and have guests dress in the style of the day. Good for you for the no-alcohol rule!


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Denture Causes Tongue and Palate to Burn?
I wonder if it could be the denture adhesive, if you use any. Ask your dentist or denturist.


spout on mason jar

Salt Spout Mason Jar
Brilliant! This is why I love subscribing to ThriftyFun!


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Heater Not Working in 1996 Ford Ranger?
Sorry I cant help, all I can do is sympathize. I have a 2004 Ford Explorer and the heater quit working. 3 repair shops all said it will cost $1,000 to fix it because it is so inaccessible. Something about a blend door. I am so mad at Ford I will never buy another...


red topped mushrooms

An Unexpected Surprise: Mall Mushrooms
Poisonous or not, they are very beautiful and I appreciate your photo. I agree, they look like something from a fairy tale. I love seeing the various mushrooms and toadstools I see in my yard and I even have a whole photo file dedicated to them. Some of them...


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Tips for Itchy Skin and Overall Health of Dogs
Hi Vicki, I live in Roseburg too so I went to the feed store today and bought the Diamond food you recommended. Thank you so much. I was concerned that the food I was using was not good, and sure enough, the first ingredient listed was corn. When my dog was...


Vegetarian Bacon Sandwich

Grilled Provolone Instead Of Bacon In BLT
Thank you for providing photos, that helps alot. Cant wait to try it!


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Finding a Charity to Help Purchase Tires?
Danny, I hope the advice already given is helpful to you. What city do you live in? Depending on where you live maybe someone might have more specific suggestions. God Bless you and your children.


Phoenix as a grown up rooster.

How Do Your Pets Talk to You?
Robyn, Thank you for your comment on my dog Ivy who was a recent contest winner! She has ways of communicating with me that make me laugh every day. When she wants a special treat like a pretzel stick or half a rice cake, she will lie in front of me with paws...


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Christmas Gift Ideas for Employer?
How about a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant in town for him and his wife? Be generous enough to include a bottle of wine. Or a gift certificate to get his car detailed. Or a certificate for a day at a day spa/massage. Or, depending on what type of person...


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Capt. Mel Anderson's Alaskan Whale Stew
(format_html)The recipe for Whale Stew submitted yesterday brought back fond memories of this hearty stew I made years ago. I havent made it since because of the callouses I got on my fingers from dicing the elephant. Ingredients: 1 medium sized elephant onions...


Fall Doily Wreath Step 2

Craft Project: Fall Doily Wreath
I never in a million years would have thought of that. Very pretty and clever! I have many beautiful doilies that would look nice made this way. A different one for every holiday and season.


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Growing Moss?
I heard that you just paint plain yogurt on rocks with a paintbrush. I tried this one time and discovered that my big sweet dog had followed behind me happily licking it all off so I dont know if it works! Im curious to see other feedback.


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Getting Seeds from a Pine Cone?
It depends on the species of pine tree. Some have very small seeds, and if you are looking for the edible variety of pine nuts, I was told they only produce them every 7 years and from my experience in living among the trees, that is true. Better luck next...


Purple Borage Flower

Garden: Borage Flower
Seriously, you should consider making a calendar for sale with your photos of blossoms. Im getting to where I can spot your photos before I see your name. Beautiful! ~Peggy


Kahlua Sitting by Brick Wall

Kahlua (Afghan Hound)
What a beautiful dog. You are both very blessed to have found each other. How cute about the squeeky toys, my pointer is the same way. A couple of the toys never even made it home from the store! Plush squeeky toys are best, not plastic.


Crab in Green Anemone

Wildlife: Sea Anemone (Sunset Beach, OR)
Amazing photo! Ive never seen an anemone that color before or ever seen one eating. Thanks for sharing that. You can always know one of your votes is from me. Peggy


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Chuck Wagon Special
Sounds good but I have a question. Do you brown the hamburger first before adding the other ingredients?


Closeup of Pink Tube Blossom

Garden: Pink Tube Blossom (Shore Acres...
It almost looks like a sea urchin. Beautiful! ~Peggy in Roseburg


Yellow Ribbon Blossom Flower With Ferns in the Background

Scenery: Yellow Honeysuckle (Sunset...
Youve outdone yourself with this photo and bless you for not picking it. Ill have to find out where Sunset Beach is and visit it. I agree it looks like some kind of honeysuckle. Your Roseburg fan, Peggy


Pink and White Fireworks

Scenery: Fourth Of July Fireworks (Coos Bay, OR)
Awesome photos! I would love to know what kind of camera you used and if it has a special fireworks setting. I love all the photos you have submitted.(dog too) Are you a professional? Please email me at arentwetho AT


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Turning Water into Wine
I cant believe some of these comments. What sounds poisonous about boiled water with yeast in it? Thats how wine is made. My husband has been making wine for years, from 5 - 20 gallons at a time in plastic containers. When you go to a wine making supply shop...


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Painting on Wine Glasses?
If you have more people, use assorted glasses. They dont have to match. I think similar sizes would be more important than matching paint.


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Removing Ink from a Plastic Doll's Face?
Try hairspray. I dont know about a dolls face but it works on fabric.


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Shopping for Raw Peanuts?
I bought raw peanuts in bulk at a pet supply store when I used to feed squirrels. The squirrels planted some and they grew! I have seen smaller bags of raw peanuts at the grocery store in produce. I love boiled peanuts but I would think they are better freshly...


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Crafts Using Styrofoam Trays?
Yes, one of my favorite crafts projects was to get different colored styrofoam trays and get a paper punch that punches holes in paper and punch as many holes in the styrofoam as you can. Then get a needle and thread or clear fishing line and thread the little...


Identifying a Christmas Cactus?
It is not a Christmas cactus. Looks more like a Euphorbia.


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American Chow Mein
Cant wait to try this but I have one question, do you cover the casserole during baking?


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What Can I Do With Heated Spoiled Milk?
It might be good for your septic system, or cool it down and spray it on the rose bushes to get rid of aphids.


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Removing Denture Adhesive from My Mouth?
I also have the problem of removing excess adhesive from my gums. I have to use a lot of adhesive to make up for my poor fitting dentures and cant afford new ones. First, I wipe as much as I can off with a cheap paper towel, the rougher the better. Then I suck...


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Replacement Hinges for a Glider Rocker?
My husband has an old catalog from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware that may have what you are looking for. Their website is and their ph.# is 1-800-279-4441. Good luck.


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Storing Rotary Cutter
What a great idea! And what a small world, I used to live in Magalia, CA. Now Im in Oregon.


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Keeping Dog Away From Stitches
Great idea! When my sweetie pup had stitches, (more than once) I put a modified T-shirt on her.


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Put Your Address on Your Cane
I agree about not putting your address on it as it could tip off a criminal that there is a mobility challenged person living there, but when I bought a beautiful floral print cane for my mother I went to the pet store and had a heart shaped dog tag engraved...


Attach Solar Lights to Your Fence - Solar light attached to a fence shown at night.

Attach Solar Lights to Your Fence
For those with vinyl and metal fences, yes you can do this. Use the L bracket like Jennifer used but use the appropriate screws for metal or vinyl. Ask the guy at Home Depot or Lowes to show you which to use. For metal you may have to pre-drill a small pilot...


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Holiday Dog Collar
Cute idea! Id like to share what I did for my dog one Christmas. I cut thin strips of fleece material about a foot long, then tied the strips in a knot around her collar so it looks fluffy. Strips can be cut shorter after tying.



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