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A small dog looking back at the camera.

Is My Puppy a Pomeranian?
The wee dog is still very young. Usually at about 6 months old the second coat comes through. And she is still growing. Some Poms are only small .. They come in 3 sizes , mini, medium & Large.. No matter what size or colour, you are going to get wonderful love...


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My Shih Tzu Is Teething and Not Eating?
Try putting some puréed pumpkin baby food into a pet syringe & squirt the food into the side of the wee ones mouth. Pet syringes can be bought from a good pet store. They are excellent for using when your pet needs medication too. Warmed liquid beef stock/soup...


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11 Week Old Shih Tzu Not Eating?
Dissolve a beef or chicken stock cube in the dogs water. Hopefully it will like the taste , get some nutrients & get an appetite. Try serving the food warm as the smell of the food may help. Best of luck.


Can a Dog with a Heart Murmur be Anesthetized?

Can a Dog with a Heart Murmur be Anesthetized?
Thanks for the update. Good news that the antibiotics are starting to work. Glad you waited.


Bump on Dog Became an Open Sore - open sore on rump

Bump on Dog Became an Open Sore?
WOW. Cant believe you are asking the public for answers for this poor dogs condition. This dog shouldve been seen by a vet long before this photo was taken. The dog must be in so much pain. PLEASE take your dog to the vet & get help. Please prove to this dog...


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Possible Cause of My Dog's Death?
Firstly, I'm sorry for your loss. Like most pet lovers we understand your pain. Your dog has possibly just gone the normal route of dying. As they get in the last months they do have all the symptoms that you speak off. As the organs start to weaken. The water...


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House Trained Mature Pom Started Pooping Inside?
The dog seems to want to do the right thing, and goes to the door to be let out , but know one does. My much older dog who was 18 when she died , needed to poop more often over the last couple of years of her life. I always tried to get her out every 3 hours...


Pomeranian Puppies' Hair Seems Too Short  Hair - tri-colored Pom on the carpet

Pomeranian Puppies' Hair Seems Too Short?
They are still too young for full growth - I think they get a second growth of fur when they get older. Maybe they are not pure bred. Dont worry if they dont get too longer fur - you will love them just as much. Ive had 5 of these beautiful dogs & they made...


Gaia (Tabby) - kitten in a beer glass

Gaia (Tabby)
So sweet...


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Creating an Enclosed Outdoor Dog Area Off the Deck?
Whatever you use just be sure that the dog can't learn to climb up it to escape. I've seen this happen. If they can wedge their feet into any gap including lattice it will be up & over.


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Homemade Food for Miniature Yorkie Pup?
Avoid liver... as this could give the dog the runs. Try warming the food in the microwave before serving as this releases the smell more. ( do not over heat ). Try a little chicken stock on the food. Wee dogs can be fussy but well worth the effort. Try making...


When Do Baby Finches Leave the Nest? - view down into the nest

When Do Baby Finches Leave the Nest?
Once the tail & feathers are fully formed & they are able to feed themselves & fly it may be a good idea to seperate them into another cage as most parent birds will attack the fledged babies to get them out of the nests so they can breed again. If you do seperate...



Thrifty Cat Snack (Chicken Liver) - livers in an ice cube tray

Thrifty Cat Snack (Chicken Liver)
Just be aware that too much liver can cause diarrhoea in dogs. But a great storage idea anyway.


Shih Tzu Puppy Not Eating - someone holding a puppy

Shih Tzu Puppy Not Eating?
Sounds like she eats but in her own time. Don't leave food out all day. Set a regular time. If it is hungry it will eat.Try warming the food in the microwave before giving it. NOT HOT. This makes the odours of the food more appetising. Try dissolving some meat...


In Memory of Kitkat (Siamese Ragdoll Mix)

In Memory of Kitkat (Siamese Ragdoll Mix)
So sorry about the loss of your beautiful pet - I can totally understand your grief. I too had my pet die at the vets , she died while having a tooth pulled. The sudden & unexpected death, that should never happen when you put your pets into the hands of people...


Cause of Bumps and Hair Loss on Dog's Snout

Cause of Bumps and Hair Loss on Dog's Snout?
could be a skin cancer - keep an eye on this.


Pudgy (Yorkie/Pomeranian) - dog wearing a hat and cape

Pudgy (Yorkie/Pomeranian)
so sweet....''''


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My Dog Died Suddenly?
Firstly - Im so sorry. The loss of a pet that you love is devastating. I wonder if you had any slug/snail or mouse baits in your garden. Could anyone have bought harm to the dog? I know that you will be beating yourself up but please dont. Just remember the...


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Cat Is Losing Hair in Chunks?
Mange maybe. Get him checked out.


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Remedy for a Cloudy Turtle Tank?
Is it possible that you are over feeding?


Cricket (Chihuahua) - wearing a pink neck cuff with pom pom ears

Cricket (Chihuahua)


Cause of Sudden Death in a Dog

Cause of Sudden Death in a Dog?
Firstly let me say how sorry I am for you , losing our little friends is a very hard time for us all. I wonder if your wee one may have had a tick. Or it maybe that a heart defect was possible. Only time will help you heal but you will never be without your...


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Dog Pooping in House?
Pickup his poo & place it in the area outside where you want him to go. Leave it there as long as you can & when you want him to go put his nose close to it & hopefully get the hint. Take the dog out after feeding as this is a good time to poo. If not take...


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Feeding an Elderly Dog?
My dog , also 18 years old , has had all of her teeth out. She now eats more than ever. I use a good brand tinned dog food. Loaf style [ not chunky meat ones ]. I mash the food with a fork & mix in a little hot water to make it mushy. I sprinkle a tsp of very...



Madelyn Snow (Australian Shepherd)

Madelyn Snow (Australian Shepherd)
WOW ...... shes a stunner. You are blessed to have such a beautiful dog.


Madelyn Snow (Australian Shepherd)

Madelyn Snow (Australian Shepherd)
Your photo has just been repeated on Thrifty Fun. { Oct.20 } I just cant leave the site without commenting on this beautiful photo of your stunning dog. She must have bought such love into your life & you in return to her. Shepherds/collies are so loving & really...


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Feeding an Older Dog?
Try adding mashed cooked pumpkin in the dogs food & maybe a little finely chopped seedless apple. The apple can be given at anytime. Finely chopped SEEDLESS watermelon may help as well. These fruits are good for your dog at anytime.


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Dog Won't Eat Dog Food?
My dog is a miniature Pomeranien with a similar problem.Try using 1/2 dog food & 1/2 leftovers. Always warm the dog food in the microwave first to bring out the smell [ DONOT OVERHEAT ] - this will stimulate the dogs appetite. I use a tinned food that is not...


Baby Finch Deformed - featherless baby bird

Baby Finch Deformed?
Give the wee one time - as some take longer than others to grow. The eyes should be opening soon. Sometimes there is a runt in the nest. As long as it is being fed by its parents at this stage. Too much handling will only stress the baby out. They can die of...


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My Dog Died Suddenly?
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I wonder if it may have been heat stroke. But more likely to have been a heart attack as humans have the same symptoms as this when they have a fatal heart attack. Its such a sad time. Best wishes.


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Dog Not Eating Well Since Death of Other Family Dog?
You must make sure that you dont favour the new puppy & ignore the older one as this will isolate him even more. Every time you pay attention to or cuddle the wee pup you must also do it with the older dog. Walk them & play with them together.


Little Feet (Cockatiel) - sitting on a blue ball

Little Feet (Cockatiel)
Cockatiels make wonderful pets. I hand rear babies & I always get very attached to the wee ones. I must warn you though that having a bird outside can attract prey birds to the cage. These prey birds ie; hawks, blackbirds etc will harass the caged birds to...


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Can Baby Zebra Finches Be Released into Nature?
Do not release the babies into the wild - they will be instantly killed by bigger prey birds. Even if they werent killed they do not have the skills on how to find food to survive. You must remove all the eggs from the nest once laid & throw them away if you...


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Treating a Dog that Is Vomiting?
I believe that if your dog is vomiting then you shouldnt feed it food until it settles down. Also vomiting is a sign that something else is wrong. You should consult a vet. There may be a blockage in the dogs intestines which could be dangerous.


What Is My Lab Mixed With?

What Is My Lab Mixed With?
Shes been mixing with Phillis Diller, darling. She runs with the theatre crowd , I think!


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My Puppy is Sick?
This animal needs help urgently - Not only by a vet but by someone that will love & care for it. You are incapable of giving this animal a life of care - animals are not toys - they can be expensive to look after - I plead that you take this animal to the vet...



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Puppy Pooping Inside?
Try this. When he poops inside pick the poop up & put it out in the garden & leave it here. Show him where it is. Now each time you take him out put him next to the poop. Also get in the habit of taking him out every 3 hours. Never hit him if a mistake is made...


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Dog Losing Balance and Not Eating?
URGENT vet care needed. It may be a tick - Ticks kill. Do not delay. Seek help. Maybe the vet will do payments.


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New Puppy Not Eating?
Try putting a beef or chicken stock cube into the wee ones water bowl. Also try mashing the tinned food & warming it in the microwave before serving it up as the heat brings out the food smells which may stimulate the dog. [ check that the food is not too hot...


Little Tippy lying down on car seat

Little Tippy Two Shoes (Rat Terrier)
so cute - these dogs can run very fast so keep an eye on her. I always appreciate people who save an older dog or cats life. Im sure she will love you very much.


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Dog Not Eating?
Try changing her food to something more interesting. Serve the food warm to bring out the smells. Maybe cook up a lovely meat stew or casserole with a few veges hidden it like carrot & pumpkin . There is a product you can buy which is a vitamin mix that is...


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Dog Not Eating?
Also try buying a cheap cut of meat like gravy beef - remove most of the fat. Fry it off in a pan. Once cool slice it up & see if the dog eats it. Highly likely it will eat all that you give it. With my dog I chop some of this meat up & sprinkle it over her...


Can I come?

Can I Come? Fuzzy is Ready to Travel
I had a cat that would hide once she realised we were going away. It used to take ages to find her. She was lovely.


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Zebra Finch Not Laying Eggs?
Try separating them into a different cage by themselves with a nest box. Once they have laid eggs maybe some of the other pairs could be disturbing the eggs.


Clyde  (Cockatiel)

Clyde (Cockatiel)
Cockatiels love to chew on celery - try giving a stick of it for a treat.


Caring for Zebra Finches

Caring for Zebra Finches?
Always separate the breeding pair into a separate cage with a nest box when breeding. Other birds will kill the parents & or babies. I doubt the a new female will help rear the babies. Possibly the male is doing a good enough job to save the wee ones. As a...


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Puppy Not Eating?
Lightly sprinkle the food you give it with a tablespoon of finely chopped cooked chicken breast. Also serve the food warmed up slightly in the microwave. { Not too hot }.A tablespoon of chopped , peeled apple may be nice for the wee dog too. My wee one also...


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Puppy Not Eating?
Hows the wee dog? Is she eating yet? Try mashing the tinned dog food then pouring a little juice from tinned tuna or salmon over the food. This also works for me. Keep trying different brands of tinned dog food until you find the one it likes. Dont over do...


dog wearing a sweater

Getting a Sick Dog to Drink?
I use a pet syringe & gently pock into the side or front of the mouth & squeeze the water or [ medicine at times ] in. You can buy these at a pet store or in some cases at the vets.


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Breeding Zebra Finches?
Remove the egg from the other nest box. Place it with the other eggs in the other nest box. Then remove the nest box so there is only the one. Or if you have many birds & many nest boxes , separate the pair you want to breed & place them in a large cage with...


Millie (Zebra Finch)

Millie (Zebra Finch)
Unless you are hand rearing this wee one, dont handle it so much. The parents may stop feeding it if you interfere all the time & it will die.


baby bird

How Old Is My Baby Finch?
I suggest at least 2 weeks old. It appears to be healthy at this stage. As it gets fully feathered & starts to wean, the parents may start to pick on it as they may want to breed again. This usually happens from about 6 wks on. You may need to separate the...


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Blind Dog Peeing Inside?
May I suggest buying an enclosed pen or crate , that she can sleep in at night in the garage. She may not be happy at first but if you can ignore her barking , after a few nights she will settle down. Make sure it is a roomy one that you can line in newspaper...


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Keeping Finches in Outside Aviary Warm?
A plastic curtain may limit the amount of fresh air needed for the birds in the cage. You may need a fabric that breaths . It may also need to create more warmth than plastic does. Google finch breeders & enquire with them for some hints.


Wittle (Chihuahua/Pomeranian)

Wittle (Chihuahua/Pomeranian)
thank god, for your neighbour for saving her and your kind heart for keeping her.


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Budgie Has Abandoned Her Nest?
I breed cockatiels & they dont start sitting on their eggs until the third one. Personally I would keep all the eggs in the nest box. Put on cotton gloves before you handle them. Maybe throw the cracked egg away.


cat gnawing on man's hand

In Memory of Felix
your thanks for saving this kitten was the love it gave you.


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Dog Refuses to Sleep in Her Bed?
Ive never noticed a smell to dog pee only cats. She could smell it though. Buy her some complete new bedding & before putting it down wash the floor area with soap & water.


Nugget (Chihuahua Mix)

Nugget (Chihuahua Mix)
seen here modelling for the winter collection in dogue magazine.


Orange Pomeranian laying down.

Missy Clark (Pomeranian)
How can anyone abuse a little beauty like this wee one - let alone any animal for that matter. Thankyou for loving her. Shes a sweetie.


Oreo (American Domestic)

Oreo (American Domestic)
beautiful - How lucky you are.


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Treating a Dog With Gas?
I believe that you can buy charcoal tablets from your local pet shop to give the dog. Follow the instructions to how many to give the dog.


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Inexpensive Vet to Treat Kitten's Broken Leg?
Get more quotes. But please get the kitten help , QUICKLY.


Tinkerbell (Yorkshire Terrier)

Tinkerbell (Yorkshire Terrier)
Just beautiful. Like you , I fall in love with my dogs so much that I fear loving another one after they die. But their love is worth the pain. Best wishes.


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Removing Animal Urine Stains on Carpet?
Try mixing baking soda & water into a paste - spread on the stain - either rub it in & remove with a damp cloth a few minutes later or let it dry then vacumm. Try the wet idea first.


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Breeding Birds?
maybe she just has a full crop. Maybe she has a cyst. A few maybes. Maybe a few more details or a photo.


two budgies in a cage

Breeding Budgies (Parakeets)?
Firstly remove one of the females. If the male appears to sit close or preen one in particular , then keep that one with him. A nest box with shredded newspaper or nesting should be placed in the cage. Mating may take a few weeks , mainly in a warmer climate...


blue and green budgies in a cage

Determining the Sex of Budgies?
The skin across the top of the beak between the eyes is a bluey shade in an adult male & colourless on the female.


brindle and white Pit

Spud (Pit Bull)
thank goodness for people like you for saving this dog.


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Breeding Zebra Finches?
cant or wont ?


Lucy sitting next to pumpkins

Lucy (Pomeranian)
I wish I could get given a gift like this wee beauty from a stranger. How lucky you are. What a cutie.


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Baby Zebra Finches Died?
In some cases, the male parents want the babies out of the nest box so they can breed again. In that instance, you should remove the babies as soon as they are able to eat by themselves. Maybe this is what happened to your wee birds. It is very distressing...


reddish brown and white Pom

Finn (Pomeranian/Chihuahua)
Wow - what a cutie.


cream colored Chihuahua

In Memory of Chiquitita De Chihuahua
A lovely we dog. Such great , loving memories for you to have. Treasure them.


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Puppy Has Bloody Mucousy Diarrhea?
The safest way to be sure if the dog is ok is to see a vet. A wee dog like this may go down hill quickly. Also do your home work on what quality food that you should be feeding it as this can make all the difference to what sort of poo it is passing.



Moomoo (Yorkshire Terrier)
Rappa Yorkie! Real cute.


pink round sore

Treating a Dog's Wound?
This must be SO painful for the wee dog. Expert vet care should be advised. Please take the dog for help.


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Understanding Pet Bird Kissing Like Behavior?
Affection is what they are showing. Believe me there is no doubting when they are showing aggressive behaviour . They would be attacking each other & flying violently around the cage - sometimes one will hold the other down & attack it. They, so far , sound...


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House Trained Dog Pooping In House?
Your dog sounds fearful of your boyfriend. Maybe he needs to show plenty of tender loving to the wee one. Good luck.


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Blood in Dog's Stool?
Of course, you should take the wee dog to a vet to get a correct opinion but firstly a question. Do you feed the dog fresh or dried liver? This food breaks down to make very dark stools. I no longer feed my dogs this meat. But please - start your dogs life...


tan mixed dog

Nico Rodriguez (Chihuahua and...
What a sweetie. No doubt very easy to love.


puppy and kitten

Ilka and Gustav (Bengal Cat and Prague Ratter)
lucky you- they are beautiful.


brown dog with black tips on ears, dark muzzle

Copper (Papperanian)
He looks like a real character. So cute.


montage of dog photos

Heaven and Man Man
How cute. x


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Zebra Finch Won't Sit on Eggs?
Are they first time breeders? If so it can take a couple of times for them to get it right - Leave the eggs for a while longer , maybe 10 days , & if they still havent sat on them , then maybe throw them out so they can try again.


Smiling White Pomeranian with blue eyes.

Enzo Furrari (Pomeranian)
I have experienced the love from 5 Pomeranians - they are wonderful little dogs. Enzo is a cutie.


tabby colored short hair cat

Frankie (Domestic Short Hair)
Hes a lovely cat & lucky that you found him. My cat suffered from the terrible 2s stage until she was about 14 years old! - she lived until she was 17 - such a lovely time of my life to have shared it with her.


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Breeding Zebra Finches?
Leave things be for now. The parents will more than likely chuck the shell from the nest. Once you clean the cage then remove it then. The less you interfere at the moment the best.


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Dog Won't Eat?
Try warming his food a little in the microwave - sometimes the smells from the warmed food help - [ check that its not too hot before giving it to the dog ] - I have found a product called NUTRIGEL which is a concentrated vitamin mix, a little bit like a vege...


green bird with red on head and throat

Bulbul (Bird)
One of the joys of saving any wildlife is when they show their appreciation - in your case this little fellow loves to be with you. Just fabulous.


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Removing Urine Smell from Dog Paws?
Try washing his feet with oatmeal shampoo - or try dissolving a tablespoon of baking soda into some warm water & bathing his feet with a cotton ball soaked in this. Clean gently between his toes as well. Rinse with warm water. Towel dry.


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Breeding Finches?
Canoodling is a good sign of acceptance - most bird species do this once they are paired , both for grooming & loving - not just at breeding time. It is highly likely that they will breed - just give them a nest box & a little time.


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Cat Losing Hair on Ears and Neck?
Ringworm & mange come to mind - maybe one of your other pets introduced it to the household . Get the wee one to a vet to treat it - she deserves all the loving she can get. Dont neglect her due to the amount of other pets you have. Also ringworm can move onto...


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Dog Not Eating or Drinking?
Seek the advice of a different vet - clearly your dog may need urgent help.


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