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A small puppy on a carpeted surface.

Adorable. He could be. He looks like one. You should always see the parents of a pup before you buy.


An inflamed tongue piercing.

Is My Tongue Piercing Infected?
Sorry to hear that. I hate when I have to take piercings out. Its probably scar tissue, but if it hurts or swells you should check with your piercer. Good luck


A bug on a white wall.

Tiny Bugs on Bedroom Wall Keep Appearing?
Doesnt look like an earwig to me


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Riding Mower Won't Start Without a Charge?
I had this problem with my riding mower. The battery did not have enough cold cranking amps. I bought a new battery with more cold cranking amps and it worked great


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Storing Pots and Pans in an Old Fridge?
A closed fridge that is not running will eventually smell. You can prop the door open.


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Remedy for Stomach Bloating?
It could be from gluten or lactose intolerance.


Caterpillar larva growing on a bush.

Lots of Larva (Idaho)
They look like tent caterpillars. We had them on our fruit trees. I mixed a tablespoon of vegetable oil with a cup of water in a spray bottle. I sprayed the tent and any caterpillars I saw. They die instantly. If you dont get rid of them they will eat all...


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My Dog Died Suddenly?
This sounds like what happened to my 16 year old yorkie. I knew he didnt have long and am glad he was able to pass peacefully in my arms. I miss him so much, he was a wonderful dog and my childrens childhood pet. I am sorry for your loss and feel for you...


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Kenmore Top Freezer Section Not Working?
My side by side fridge used to make strange noises and not work properly. I emptied the freezer into my chest freezer and shut it off. The next day I turned it back on and it ran fine. I think it had a build up of ice inside where I couldnt see it. Its been...


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House Trained Dog Urinating on the Carpet?
You need an enzyme spray. I have one called Urine Control by Black Diamond. Enzyme cleaners break down the urine. I also have a black light flash light I use just to make sure he is behaving himself. I have never used one, but some people put belly bands on...


DYI Wine Bottle Holder - bottle inserted in the holder

DIY Wine Bottle Holder
That looks so cool. So it just balances?


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Hard Sometimes Painful Bump on Tongue Next to Piercing?
Are you using mouthwash regularly? Ask youre piercer. They dont mind. Tongue piercing takes a while to heal, but you want to make sure its healing properly.



Raising My New Cat's Dishes -supplies

Raising My New Cat's Dishes
My sister had a cat fountain and it shorted out. Sounded scary. Id stick to a non electric waterer.


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Cleaning Glass Shower Doors
My shower doors looked etched from water or soap scum or whatever. Once they are etched like that are they still cleanable?


Bulk household purchases.

Buying in Bulk Smartly
I learned my lesson buying tomato based groceries in large numbers when on sale. By the time I used some the acidic tomato based ketchup and pizza sauce squeeze bottles had eaten through their seals.


A pile of silica packs

Please Don't Throw Away Silica Gel Packs
Awesome uses. I never throw them out. I toss them in the bathroom drawer where my husband keeps his razor.


Feeding the Chickens - hen and chicks behind a wire pen

Feeding the Chickens
What a good neighbour.


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Dyed Hair Too Red?
I heard that Head and Shoulders shampoo will help with that.


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Reuse Leftover Scented Candle Wax
If you pour boiling water in the candle holder and let it sit, the wax will melt and float to the top. Let it cool. Then you just have a disk of wax to lift out. Clean and easy


Clearing a Clogged Sink Drain

Clearing a Clogged Sink Drain
Yes. This works well, Ive done it. I also regularly use a Zip-It. The serrated plastic tool pulls up stuck hair in drains. I have the off-brand type also, both work well. They say they are disposable, but I clean it and reuse it. Also,, remember there is a...


Tinkerbelle (Syrian Hamster) - in her exercise ball

Tinkerbelle (Syrian Hamster)
My male peed out the cage too. I had to make aluminum foil deflectors around the cage. Lol


Succulent Planter Gift - finished planter

Succulent Planter Gift
A succulent will not do well in a jar.


A drain snake with a brush on the end.

Cleaning with a Drain Snake
The ZipIt drain cleaner is great on hair. Cheap to buy at hardware store. They say to throw them out after use, but i rinse mine and hang it up. I saw one made from cutting slits in a large zip tie, but havent tried making my own. Im amazed how much hair...


A short broom handle being extended with a cardboard tube.

Extending a Short Broom Handle
My father found that the Swiffer handle wasnt long enough for him. He called the company and told them. They sent him another whole Swiffer and told him to just click together the extra handle piece.



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Freezing Leftovers in Plastic Bags
Yes. I put things in cheap sandwich bags, then put the sandwich bags in a big freezer bag. There are only 2 of us so I freeze small portions.


A phone inside a handbag with a phone attached to a power cord in the wall.

Never Forget Your Phone
Fires can start with a phone plugged in in a purse or on a bed.


Salt for Removing Super Glue  from Fingers - damp salt on fingertip

Salt for Removing Super Glue from Fingers
I cant use superglue without getting it on my fingers. I once got it in my eye. I use a nail file to file it off my fingers. I will try the water/salt method next time. Thanks


A shopping list written on a piece of paper.

Save Time and Money with a Shopping List
Yes, I always shop with a list. If I didnt I would be wandering around trying to remember what I needed. I have a shopping list app on my phone, very handy


Two pairs of scissors stored inside a refrigerator.

Store Scissors Inside Fridge
I think someone is pulling your leg. There would be no good reason to store scissors in the fridge. A holder on the side of the fridge or convince maybe.


A mason jar with several makeup brushes stored inside.

Mason Jar for Makeup Brushes
I use one for my tooth brush, tooth paste and tongue cleaner. I like it because it matches my soap pump and I can put it in the dishwasher and swap it for another jar I already have.


Toning Down Dyed Hair - bright pink hair

Toning Down Dyed Hair?
I have heard that if you wash your hair with Head and Shoulders shampoo it will tone down hair dye.


Bottom Leaves on Sunflower Sprout Wilting

Bottom Leaves on Sunflower Sprout Wilting?
This is normal. The bottom leaves wilt and fall off. Your doing great.


A orange and yellow flowered wallet with money sticking out the top.

When Frugal is Not!
Great advise. Also what is not frugal is taking handfuls of napkins, straws, and condiments. It is stealing. I have heard people say they do this. Also other things that are there for you to use, not to stock your home.


Using Coffee Tubs for Fabric Storage - stack of cans filled with fabric with a short piece of wood under the bottom row to give back tilt

Using Coffee Tubs for Fabric Storage
I might try Zipties for this.


A package of sliced bacon.

Keeping Bacon Fresh
Ohh no! Dont throw bacon away. Freeze in smaller packages. We eat more bacon, so I cook the whole package and keep it in the fridge ready to go.


Dawn and Murphy's Oil Soap bottles

Kill Fleas Fast
Just got a new kitten. She had fleas. Dawn kills them dead instantly in the bath. Before I put her in the laundry tub with water and Dawn I dampened her neck fur and rubbed a ring of dawn around her neck. When you bathe them the fleas will want to travel to...



Giving to the Needy at Christmastime

Giving to the Needy at Christmastime
Dont forget useful items that people need that arent food. Tooth paste, feminine hygiene products.


Loco peppers on a plate

Peppers as Squirrel Deterrent
I have heard of squirrels scratching their eyes out after getting into things like that.


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Helping Dyed Hair Fade?
Wash your hair a few times with Head and Shoulders shampoo. It helps


My Retired Tea Towels

My Retired Tea Towels
I read that your not suppose to add bleach to Dawn dish soap. I dont remember why


Two silica packets on a white surface.

Recycle Silica Gel Packets
My husband likes to keep his razor in a drawer. I put the packets in the drawer


Use Baskets for Storing Hair Appliances

Use Baskets for Storing Hair Appliances
Great idea. I have metal baskets that hook to my bathroom closet shelves. On the bottom one I put an S hook. I use the S hook to hang whatever is hot at the time... straightener, curling iron,,


Recycled Candles From Wax Melter

Recycled Candles From Wax Melter
I also use old wax from wax melts and such. I stand a birthday candle in a small glass and pour the wax around the candle.


Get Bird Houses Ready Now - nuthatches on bird nesting box

Get Bird Houses Ready Now
Beware opening abandoned birdhouses. I went to clean out one and a mouse flew right out. Lol. I guess I disrupted his winter plans. Just stand back.


Homemade Seed Sprouter - jar lid and hole punch

Homemade Seed Sprouter
Yup, Ive sprouted for my chickens to eat. Small seeds i used a mason jar with tulle then ring lid. 


How to Remove Tar from Skin

How to Remove Tar from Skin
I found that olive oil removed black rust paint that had splattered on my face. The last time I had some on my hands I used coconut oil. I prefer coconut oil.


A bag with diatomaceous earth spilling out.

Diatomaceous Earth to Get Rid of Parasites
No. Research it. DE kills bugs that have an exoskeleton! It cuts them and they die. DE does nothing internally. DE works when it is dry. It is not a wormer.


A bag with diatomaceous earth spilling out.

Diatomaceous Earth to Get Rid of Parasites
Argh, here we go again. DE kills things with an exoskeleton. It must be dry to work. It is dangerous if inhaled. Be careful with it. Eating it dose nothing.


Creamy Tuna Casserole

Creamy Tuna Casserole
This looks so good to me, but I cannot eat dairy. I use lactose free milk and lactose free cheese, but I cant eat the cream of mushroom soup. I wish there was a recipe like this I can make lactose free.


Egg Salad Sandwiches

Making Egg Salad Sandwiches
The grey around the yolks means they were cooked a bit too long. You could try shortening your boiling time. 


Woman with long curly hair flowing down her back.

Caring For Long Hair
There is a class action lawsuit going on now with Tresemme. The bottles with a certain ingredient in it has been making peoples hair fall out.


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Take Picture of List with Cell Phone
Great idea. I have an iPhone and use the Wonderlist app. I like it a lot.


white silky chicken

Snickers (Japanese Silkie Chicken)
I love my Silkies. They are a great breed


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Place Phone in Purse When Charging
You can start a fire by charging your phone in your purse.


A mouse in a barn.

Keeping Mice Out of Storage Bins in Barn?
Its true that mice dont like peppermint, but it has to be pure peppermint essential oil. When we used to have a camping trailer I would put cheap dryer sheets in it. We never had a mouse. Peppermint and dryer sheets smell a lot better than moth balls. Don...


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Bedroom Feels Damp?
Damp Rid is great for closets. I buy a container from the Dollar store and a big bag of refill crystals from Amazon. Once the crystals are used up from the Dollar store Damp Rid container I refill it from the big bag. It is amazing how much moisture you can...


Man in Housewife costume

Frugal Halloween Costumes for Children and Adults
Dressing as the opposite sex for Halloween is seen as offensive, especially to those of the trans community. It is an out of date costume just like dressing up as a hobo or an Indian. Please consider if your costume might be offensive to others. I know some...


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Use Joy for Fleas
Ive used original Dawn to kill fleas on my dog and cat. The important thing to do first before you put them in the water, is to lather up a ring of dish soap around their neck. Once you start to bathe them the fleas will try to go up around the face. You don...


Saving Money on Ice Cream

Saving Money on Ice Cream
I love my Yonannas machine. I am also lactose intolerant. I keep peeled bananas in the freezer to put through the machine. It comes out like soft ice cream and is delicious. I like adding peanut butter, but you can also add frozen berries.


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What a Kid Wants for Gifts
My parents give my children cash or cards that are good for any store in the big mall. My grandmother always wrote us a cheque.  I know some people wont like youre post, but its honest and true


Blue Candle

Homemade Candle Scents?
Home candle makers add one ounce of fragrance to one pound of wax. Special candle fragrance oils are best to use. You can use essential oils, but not baking extracts as they are water based.


Blue Candle

Homemade Candle Scents?
I forgot to add to my previous post... candle makers add their scents at a certain temperature,, if added when wax is too hot you could lose most of your scent. They also pour the wax at a certain temperature,, if added too hot it could cause tunnelling or...


Growing: Peony

Growing: Peony
The ants help, but are not really needed. They will still open on their own.


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Removing Black Soot from Woodstove Window
Dont buy a thing! I just dip a damp paper towel into the ashes and rub on the glass. Everything comes right off. Use a clean damp towel to wipe up anything left. Easy as that


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Make Your Own Handsoap
Does the smell linger in the microwave after?


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