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When Should I Start Training My Puppy?

How old should a puppy be to start training?

By Mary from Oroville, CA


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September 19, 20060 found this helpful

I agree with the rest.. start training now before any bad habits start! We adopted two 7 wk old puppies while we were on vacation; Shep and golden lab mix (females) and began training them that very day. They are now 16 wks and they've learned to sit, lay, fetch, sit by the front door (they are outside dogs), stay in the yard & shake paws. They are in the process of being trained to not chew on my outdoor furniture and not jump on people! Rewards, Praise and above all Consistency are the keys to this success. Good Luck and btw... Cute Dog!!!! :)

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By guest (Guest Post)
September 23, 20060 found this helpful

I just adopted a 7 week old black lab, and he constantly goes pee. I've been crate training him but every once in a while he'll go in the crate, even though I take him out every 45 mins, then once we are outside he will walk around peeing. Sometimes it's just a few drops but he stops every few mins and pees again. Is this normal or a health issue? I have no clue as to how I'm going to train a pup that goes so much. Please help.....................



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September 25, 20060 found this helpful

i say start now. it wont hurt. just be consistant and praise her for everything she does right. i just got a 8 week old miniature pinscher and in one week she is starting to understand potty training (as soon as i take her out she pees and poos) Its funny cause she'll look at me like "am i doing good" After every pee and every poop i give her a treat and tell her what a smart puppy she is. if she starts to pee in the house i pick her up fast and take her out. a lot of people say to wait to crate train until the puppies 16 weeks, but i think she is doing pretty good considering that puppies dont have complete control until 16 weeks!

I have also taught her to sit! she learned in one day! i was totally amazed.


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By guest (Guest Post)
May 10, 20070 found this helpful

Start training your dog as soon as you can. We started training our American Pitbull Terrier at 8 weeks. Now, at 6months I would say we have a pretty well mannered dog who sits, downs, waits/stays, walks on leash, heals and gives her paw. The best thing you can do for your dog is SOCIALIZE it. Many places offer puppy kindergarten (trust me it's worth it!)

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By guest (Guest Post)
September 25, 20070 found this helpful

Help! I just bought a 7 week old shiba inu and potty training is hard. After playing, eating, waking up and suspicious sniffing I take her outside. But a lot of the time she comes inside after handling business and has an accident on the carpet. I even stand there with her outside for ten minuets but it still happens.

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By guest (Guest Post)
April 22, 20080 found this helpful

First of all, for those of you adopting/buying under 10 -12 weeks...Very, irresponsible breeders. If you are buying from a "store" - that's a huge NO NO - We should be boycotting 'stores' that sell live animals. Breeding should be left to responsible, knowledgeable professionals. Adopt, adopt, adopt... the shelters are full of lovely dogs that need your love. I have trained and bred dogs with my Uncle who was a professional dog breeder/trainer. Starting before 10-12 weeks may not be so good. The first training should be of the 'potty' variety. The rest can wait till 10-12 weeks. Of course, he/she needs to learn to walk on a lead - even if you have a yard, your dog should always learn to walk with you - you leading..Start with simple commands "sit" and "stay" you can give a small reward, be careful you don't want to over feed, you should make your puppy wait for your command when feeding - he should not rush the bowl, make him wait by standing in front of the bowl, do start this when he is young or you'll have a slobbering adult dog that cannot wait for it's food. Read Cesar Milan and the


Monks of New Skeete. Both are great references.

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By guest (Guest Post)
May 17, 20080 found this helpful

Hi, we just bought this beautiful baby pit bull. He's only 1 month and a half. My question is I also have a beagle whose 1yr old. They seem to be getting along okay for now. Should I worry when my pit bull gets bigger? Another thing - when should I start training?

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By guest (Guest Post)
July 18, 20080 found this helpful

He does not want to eat, maybe once a day. What can I do or what can I give him? I heard I can give him cottage chesse? Is that good and if so how much should I feed him. We first fed him eukanuba now we are feeding him Purina Beneful for puppies. He eats but maybe just once a day. I see him thin. What can I do ?

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September 15, 20060 found this helpful

I just adopted a 5 week old staffshire terrier. We are unsure if we should begin training her yet. She seems to be taking to house breaking as far as paper training. Although she is very nippy I discovered leaving the room after she gets a hold of me works rather well. Any advice would help.


She loves to cuddle, sleep and play which is normal and she appears to be in good health. She was left outside of someone's house, luckily that person worked at a shelter. We are going to the vet tomorrow to make sure everything is in working order. I'll let you know how works out.

Jon from New Jersey


When Should I start Training My Puppy?

Oh, your new baby is SO cute! My Daughter's friend has this breed and they love kids and are very intelligent, so you should have an easy time training her. Good luck and take care of that little sweetheart- what a doll! (11/08/2005)

By Kendy

When Should I start Training My Puppy?

Start training the puppy right now! Personally, I do not believe in the paper training thing. I think you should start immediately taking the dog outside to the designated spot where you want the dog to potty each day. You'll be surprised how quickly they will catch on. Also, be sure you keep the dog confined to a small area when you are not directly interacting with her. Most dogs won't potty where they sleep. I think a pet taxi or crate works great for this kind of thing. Good luck! (11/08/2005)

By Robin

When Should I start Training My Puppy?

I started potty training right away. Consistency is the key. Go to the door you want your dog to exit everytime. She will learn quick if you are consistent. Promise! Give a yip, open the door and walk her to go where you want her to potty. Say "Go Pee"By the tenth day, my pup was eight wks, she was catching on. I was home though. If you're not able to do this try it when you are home. But don't expect quickness if you're not able to be there 24-7. Good luck. As far as obedience, I was told 10 months their brains are ready for the stay, sit, go commands. Check with your local obedience trainers. They would love to tell you. Consistency, just like kids! That's what really works! Enjoy her, she' adorable! :) (11/08/2005)

By Jennifer,CA

When Should I start Training My Puppy?

I too have a Staffordshire, we trained her right away, never on paper, we crate trained her. Now her crate is her bed and safety zone we lock her up when we go out and she is content and happy in there. When we are home the door is left open and she goes in and out as she wishes. When we say bed she goes right in. She has never had an accident in her crate. Always take her out the same door in which you would like her to go and say a keyword ours is "outside". This way she can let you know when it is time to go by her actions. When you see her head towards that door let her out or especially when you see her start sniffing the floor say your keyword "outside". Make sure to always take out as soon as she is done eating or drinking, playing, and before bedtime. When you take her out say your phrase "go potty' and dont play with her until after she goes and praise her if she dosent go return her to her crate for a period of time until she whimpers or whines then backoutside repeat it took our puppy only a couple days to get her routine down. They are very smart and loyal dogs and great with kids. Ours never barks but does seem to have her own language at times. Good Luck. (11/09/2005)

By jen in florida

When Should I start Training My Puppy?

well i have a 3 month puppy and i just buy paper for him to do his buisness and when he does it on paper i give him a treat so always reward your dogs if u want them to be trained (08/01/2006)

By Zac

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