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Games For a Sleepover Party

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What games can I play at my own sleepover?

Katie from Norfolk UK


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By guest (Guest Post)
November 17, 20060 found this helpful

you could always put the movie sleepover in and then have a huge scavenger hunt like in the movie sleepover

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By guest (Guest Post)
November 18, 20060 found this helpful

Here is a fun game. One person lays in the middle of the floor with his/her eyes closed, they are It. Everybody else goes to different places in the room, but NOT HIDING!!!It counts to 10, and with his/her eyes still closed, must go around the room looking for the other people. The other players may run from It, so as not to be caught. When someone gets found (tapped on the shoulder, or whatever you choose to do) that person then "dies." They fall to the floor and are then out. The last player standing or caught gets to be It in the next round.

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By guest (Guest Post)
December 9, 20060 found this helpful

Here is a really good game for all ages...

Scream Girlie Scream  Have each team member sit in a circle. Pick one and spin her round. Sit her down on someones lap and make her say scream girlie scream. The person who she is sitting on has to scream and the chosen one has to guess who she is.

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By guest (Guest Post)
December 30, 20060 found this helpful

pitch black:

first you need all of the light in the room off. you take each other's slippers and throw or hide them in the room.

find your slipper's without the light on.if you find the other player's slipper's or your own then you must wear them until the game is over. the first player to find 2 of the slipper's win's the game.

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By guest (Guest Post)
January 7, 20070 found this helpful

these are like very good games!

thanks for all of the ideas c ya!

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By guest (Guest Post)
January 16, 20070 found this helpful

Telephone: This game is good when there are a lot of girls. Someone thinks of a stupid phrase like "Barbies are my cats favorite toys". Then she whispers it to the next girl, she whispers it to the next, she whispers it to the next girl, ect. Once the last girl hears the phrase she say what she heard. The phrase will sound like something all messed up like "Barbies eat my cats toys".

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By guest (Guest Post)
January 24, 20070 found this helpful

Everyone who has a trampoline might know this game, but you don't need one. It's called dead man

First someone sits on the ground (preferably on the ground) and every one else goes somewhere to hide (not out of bounds) and they count to 12, when they reach 12 they all say dead man dead man dead man rise...or you could say dead would fit better =]. When they do the dead girl rises with her eyes shut and looks for everyone. when they touch some one that person is it.

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By guest (Guest Post)
January 25, 20070 found this helpful

You should see who can eat the most food for a limited amount of time

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By guest (Guest Post)
January 26, 20070 found this helpful

maximum of 4 everyone gets a paper they write down a name then they fold it so the next person can't see then they pass it and the next person writes an action the they fold and pass and they write another name then one more fold and pass and the next person writes down a body part it's more fun if you write down ppl you know but not your friends so you end up with things like jeffrey liked diana's nose lol so much fun

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By guest (Guest Post)
February 2, 20070 found this helpful

you dress up all weird then go out in public and get REALLY embarrased it is so much fun!

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By guest (Guest Post)
February 5, 20070 found this helpful

I found this one online and it sounds like a lot of fun.. you put a bunch of embarrassing/stupid clothes in a trash bag and play like hot potato- pass it around and when the music stops, whoever has the bag has to put something on from it! The game ends whenever all the clothes are gone, and whoever has the least on wins. (You put the clothes on OVER your own clothes.)

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By guest (Guest Post)
February 10, 20070 found this helpful

I have a good game its so much fun ive played it tons! First of all its called Sardiens and the whole house or room has to be PITCH dark and only ONE person hides... the other group of people go in the bathroom with the lights off and count to 100...once you're done come out and try to look for that one person who is first hiding... if one person out of the group finds that person they arent supposed to say ANYTHING just quietly hide in the SAME hiding place with that person once there is only one person left looking for everyone one they yell "SARDIENS!!" and everyone comes out of that one hiding place and the person who yelled sardiens is the next to hide in the dark!!


Have Fun

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By guest (Guest Post)
February 10, 20070 found this helpful

One hand wrap

to one hand wrap you need;

a box

wrapping paper




and a bow[if you want]

Have your mom cut some paper then put the box on it so it's ready.

Have a girl try to wrap the box with one hand to have it look like it normally would.

After that put the ribbon on. If you have a bow put that on

That's how you play

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By guest (Guest Post)
February 10, 20070 found this helpful

OK, well my friends and have a good idea for some fun games:

You turn off ALL of the lights and everyone hides while one person stays outside of the room and counts to 60 seconds. Then the person that is it walks back inside the room and tries to find their friends in the dark! =]]

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By guest (Guest Post)
February 17, 20070 found this helpful

Seances are fun and really freaky. That sock grab game sounds ace!

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By guest (Guest Post)
February 17, 20070 found this helpful

this is good fun for girls for about 5 of u, you each get a sleeping bag and then the one with th stop watch says go (note: need to be in clothes and pj's needs to be in sleeping bag) and you have to get your pj's on in your sleeping bag and the one with the quickest time wins the game and gets a small prize.

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By guest (Guest Post)
February 20, 20070 found this helpful

face race is a good game ,take a biscuit put it on your forehead and try and get it in your mouth without using your hands its better if you have chocolate biscuits

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By guest (Guest Post)
February 23, 20070 found this helpful

these are great another one would be you pretend to be a famous celebrity and and have the other person be the host. they ask questions like did you like working with Jennifer Aniston? then how is your new CD selling. Or what was it like working with Tom Cruise? or just make up your own have Some total Fun!

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By guest (Guest Post)
March 16, 20070 found this helpful

hey, thanks for posting all these! im having a sleepover tonight.. and we get bored with just watching movies! thanks again ~Erin

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By guest (Guest Post)
March 18, 20070 found this helpful

Have a fashion show and have a announcer and then the models, The announcer explaine what the girls are wearing and the other girls model the outfits. Have categories like sporty, evening etc.

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By guest (Guest Post)
March 22, 20070 found this helpful

I played this at my 13th and my mates loved it!!

You get a box and fill it with makeup then you are blindfolded one at a time!

you take it in turns to pick out 5 items of make up

When you have your makeup you must put it on to look like a fool then go out in the garden and take pictures!!

Perfect for those backmailig moments!!


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October 31, 20060 found this helpful

I'm having a sleepover in a week and I was wondering if anyone knew of any games that we could play.




When I was that age we loved doing seances! Its good creepy fun! (05/09/2006)



The Uno Blaster game is fun. When me & my friends get together to play, it keeps us in stitches & we're all in our 40's. Me & my kids use to love having other kids over to play the game. Again, we laughed until we thought we couldn't laugh no more. Have fun!

By forgetmenotaromas

Truth or Dare

How about Truth or Dare? "It" chooses another person and says, "Truth or Dare?" If the person says "truth," she has to truthfully answer any question "It" asks. If she says "dare," she has to do any kind of silly (not dangerous) stunt "It" tells her to do. (05/10/2006)

By Katie A.

Funky Cheesse Game

Funky cheesse game:Eeach person gets a diffrent kind of cheese from their home. The host decides which cheese each guest brings in. When you have everyoone with their cheese you sit in a circle and switch your cheese with the girl next to you. It's a laugh seeing them try and guess what kind of cheese it is! (05/13/2006)

By Katie and Danielle


First you get Sleeping bags and party animals (friends), and pick one person to go out of the room. Then the rest of the people hide in SOMEBODY ELSES SLEEPING BAG. Then you call the person back in and they go touch a sleeping bag and say piggly wiggly. The person in the sleeping bag says OinkOink. And the person that touched that sleeping bag tries to guess who is in it and if they guess right the person in the sleeping bag goes out of the room and you do the same thing over and over. HAVE FUN! (05/14/2006)

By Jenny

Cotton Game

We luv to play this game at every sleepover we have. To play the game, one person puts on a blindfold and something to grab with, something soft like cottons and a basket or a small bucket. Then you put a buch of cottons on a flat surface. That person with the blindfold tries to get as many cottons as they can with whatever they have to grab with. Whoever gets the most cottons... WINS THE GAME! (05/27/2006)

By Joanna and Ginna

Scary Movie Party

I just hosted a Scary Movie Marathon Sleepover! It was alot of fun!

Fist of all you have to find out about your audience:

Can they all handle scary movies without being paranoid? (it really sucks getting calls from their parents)

Second of all you need some good movies :

- The Grudge
- The Exorcism of Emily Rose
- The Hills Have eyes
- Hide and Seek
- When a Stranger Calls

(And some funny movies, you don't need to load up your head with too much scary junk)

Third of all you need some good scary games :

- Bloody Mary (go into a bathroom with no windows, turn off the lights and spin around in circles saying "Bloody Mary thirteen times, then look into the mirror)

- Candyman (pretty much the same thing but say "I hate the Candyman")

- Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Stone (we all know that)

I hope this help to plan your Scary Sleepover!(06/22/2006)

By Marta

Graveyard Game

My friends and I like to play graveyard game in which everyone lays on their sleeping bags with their eyes open and mouth shut the person who is "it" walks around the room and trys to make the laying people move, smile or laugh if the laying person does so they are out, the last person in the game is the winner.

The "It" person cannot touch the laying people. (06/24/2006)

By E

Hide and Seek in the Dark

The seeker closes there eyes and spins around 5 times after counts to 10 while everyone hides. still closing there eyes the seeker goes aroundand tries to find every one with there eyes closed. (07/02/2006)

By Sarah

A Few Fun Sleepover Games

One game is where you listen to a cd ( or a few songs on it ) then write the name of each song on a small piece of paper and put them all in a jar. Someone then goes over to the jar filled with songs and pulls out a piece of paper and dosn't tell anyone the name of the song. Then they hum a few bars of the song, and whoever guesses what song it is first goes next.

You can also do sleepover makeovers. Every guest brings thier favorite pajamas, nail polish, make-up, etc. Then every body gets a partner and interviews what the other person wants to look like. Every one then shares the make up and other stuff to make over thier partner. Since your sharing, (yay!) it might be a good idea to put your name on the stuff you brought. Then have a runway show and strike a pose!

A fun one is where every body brings make up and accessories and makes themself look like what they want to be when they grow up. Everybody guesses what each person wants to grow up to be.

You can make a fortune teller and tell eachother's fortunes.(/quote) (08/14/2006)

By Lou Lou

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July 14, 20050 found this helpful

I need help deciding games for my party! I am turning 13. Any fun game ideas? People from ages 11-13 will be there. It is a sleep over too.


Twister 07/14/2005
Twister is always a fun game. If parents don't have a problem, maybe a Ouija board (not sure of the spelling on this one) would be fun. Just remember to keep it simple, fun and something that won't hurt anyone's (those who are at the party and those who aren't) feelings.
By Jo (Guest Post)
Drawing Contest 07/16/2005
We have had fun with a "drawing" contest.
Plain paper, lots of crayons lying around. Everyone sits in a circle on the floor. They must use at least 5 different colors. Select the "picture to be drawn" (fish in the ocean, kids playing in the park etc.) then every one puts on a blindfold and draws!! That's right, you can not look at what you're drawing!! Set the timer for 4 minutes and let the drawing begin!!
By Jessica (Guest Post)
Lots of Ideas 07/28/2005
Water balloons are fun! Only if it's good weather though. Also. light as a feather or doing each others hair. Capture the flag, early before it gets dark, although it can be really fun in the dark outside. Blindfold makeovers. That's all I got for now.
By Laura (Guest Post)
The Ghost Game 07/29/2005
What about the ghost game? You have one pack of ordinary playing cards and you have to ask questions to a supposed ghost. The questions can be about anything, romance, the future or about the "ghost" itself. After each question, draw card from the top of the pile, red means yes and black means no. The joker means laughing.

P.S. you can only do yes and no questions.

By Destiny (Guest Post)
Water Balloon Toss Game 08/01/2005
You could look up recipes to make Lip gloss. Scavenger hunts are good, too. You could also do a taste or feel test and there's this really cool game that I think is fun. It's called Water Balloon Toss. This is best for a group of 4. You divide into 2 teams. Each team gets 1 towel. Whichever team starts will put 1 water balloon in their towel and they will launch it to the other team. The other team has to catch it. If it pops on your side the other team gets a point. If it pops on your opponents team then you get a point. First to 15 wins. These are all really fun activities. You should try them.
By Valerie (Guest Post)
Cops and Robbers 08/06/2005
You could designate someone to be the "cop". Then the cop counts to 10 and all the "burglars" run around until the "cop" caches one.
By Leesha McCarty (Guest Post)
Runway Model Makeovers 09/02/2005
It is so much fun to do runway model makeovers! You will need a bunch of makeup (in different colors), fake eyelashes and lots of sparkles! Everyone gets a turn. They are not allowed to see themselves or even see any of the colors.
By Makaya (Guest Post)
Balloon Towers/font> 09/13/2005
Hey I'm 14 and I would play balloon towers. First you get 100 non blown up balloons and 17 rolls of tape and you set a timer to go off in 3 minutes. Have teams of whatever size blow up the balloons and tape them together to see who can build the biggest tower in the 3 minutes.
By Tiffany (Guest Post)
Interviews 10/17/2005
You get each person with a partner and they do each others make up and get dressed nice, then the host interviews them.
By toasty (Guest Post)
More Ideas 10/18/2005
I am 13 too, so I would say a fun game to play is dress-up with pictures, you'll have fun putting makeup on and looking goofy with your friends. Twister is always fun. Giving each other a makeover, and umm, probably watching movies would be fun. Scary movies are always fun at sleep overs with friends. I hope you have a fun time at your party! Good luck!
By ~Chubzzy~ (Guest Post)
Cance Battles 10/21/2005
I had a sleep over last year and it went well. We had dance battles. It's so funny making up a dance in 10 seconds.
By lucy (Guest Post)
Hide and Seek 10/22/2005
At my 13th (in a hotel room) there is going to be 7 of us and were going to play this game where 1 or 2 people hide with a cell phone and then they call every few minutes to another phone that the other people have and give them hints to where they are! It's really fun.
By Lauren (Guest Post)
Sock Game 10/23/2005
I know a good game called 'Sock Stock'. Each guest is given a pile of socks, and the host or another chosen caller says how the object of the game is to see how many pairs of socks you can put on yourself in 2 min.. See how many people only put the socks on their feet.
By Guest (Guest Post)
Scary Movies 10/25/2005
We've had loads of ideas for a halloween sleep over. One is to have loads of scary movies and put them all in a box an pick them out 1 by 1. While the freaky movies are on, make someone put on scary face paint and wet their hair and stand at the window looking in! Trust me, it is freaky!
By amba and shiv (Guest Post)
Karaoke 12/12/2005
You could do karaoke even if you don't have a karaoke machine. Just get some CD's and play them and sing and dance. Then, you can vote who sang the best, who sang the most words of their song and who danced the best. Hope I helped!
By britt (Guest Post)
Games For a Sleep over Party 02/27/2006
Panic Word: Write down 100 words on index cards (one word per index card), such as blink, stare, lint, thread, plate, bra, shoelace -- any words you like. Stack the cards and put them in the center of the room. Divide the players into 2 teams and seat them opposite each other. Set the timer or stopwatch for one minute.

Have the first player from Team One draw a card from the pile and give clues to the word to his/her teammates before the timer ends the play. If the word is "blink", the team member might say, "What you do if dust gets in your eyes?" Players from Team One try to guess the word; if they are successful before the time is up, they get a point. If the timer runs out and the word is not guessed, the other team gets a point. Take turns until all the cards are gone, then add up points to see who wins

No-Mirror Makeover: One of the best themes for a sleep-over party for teenage girls is a Makeover theme. Have a beauty contest in which the contestants have to apply all of their make-up without a mirror. This is a game in which the most hideous contestant wins the prize. Make sure to take some nice blackmail photos of all the contestants!

Sock Grab: Everyone in the game puts on socks so they are half hanging off their feet but still staying on. Check all the socks are consistent.

The game is simple - you now crawl around the floor on your hands and knees trying to pull everyone else's socks off whilst not letting them get your own socks. The last person left with one sock on is the winner.

A good variation is to play this game in the dark,

PICNIC: Sit in a circle and have the first person start with "A". They must say any word starting with "A". The following person to the left now repeats that word, and adds a word starting with "B". Keep going until you get to "Z". The last person will have to recite each item through the whole alphabet.

If someone cannot remember an item, or messes up, they are out and must move away from the circle. The next person picks up where they left off.

Blair Witch Hide And Seek: A new type of hide and seek to play using a mobile phone and house phone. Wait until it's dark and turn out the lights. One person hides with a cell phone.

In the pitch black, everyone goes looking for this one person. Every so often he must call the house phone and give clues to where he is hiding.

This game is thrilling and fun. If you have one, get a night vision video camera to follow the guests, and watch the tape later. Great game for teens!

Boy Meets Girl: This game can be very funny.

Everyone sits in a circle. Get a piece of paper each and all write a boy's name on it. Now fold it over and pass it to the person on your right. Everyone now writes a girl's name on the paper (don't peek at the last thing written on the paper). Then write a place, next a sentence that the boy says to the girl, and finally a sentence that the girl replies with.

Each time you write something you fold over the paper to hide what you have written, then pass it on.

KISSY KISSY POSTER GAME: This is a good game for teens and a girls party in particular.

Get a nice poster of your favorite pop star or celebrity. Then all the girls put different on lipsticks and take it in turns to be blindfolded. They must then kiss the poster.

The person who kisses closest to the celebrity's lips gets to take the poster home and wins a small prize!

By Dana

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