Do HHO Gas Generators Work?

Last week, I was at my local mechanic's shop. He began telling me about someone who had installed an HHO gas generator. This person is also a customer of the same mechanic, so I was wondering, do HHO gas generators/electrolyzers actually work? If so, are there any major items to consider when choosing a design or installing it?


My final question about these things deals with the laws of thermodynamics, since gas generates the electricity (via the alternator) that, in turn, generates the HHO gas via electrolysis, is it actually possible to recover more energy than you're putting in?

Thanks guys :)

David from Cloudland, GA

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By Harry (Guest Post)
June 19, 20080 found this helpful

It is impossible to get more energy out of a device than you put in. When ever the price of gas goes up there are people ready to sell bogus items to take advantage of the gullible. You can type in hho gas generator at goggle and get all kinds of people selling these generators. My advise is save your money.

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By DJ (Guest Post)
June 19, 20080 found this helpful

There seems to be a lot of controversy over this floating around, the short and long answer is yes and no. Small HHO generators can improve your existing gas mileage by 30-40% if installed correctly, but as for a full conversion, it isn't possible through electrolysis. The Only way to achieve a full HHO running vehicle is to build a cell that produces more than 90 Liters of gas per minute where as the current offerings can produce 1.5-5 liters depending on it's size and power consumption. Production of 90+ liters per minute can only be reached when the combination of resonate frequency of the water vapor, combined air, and injector can be synchronized to split H2O molecules with very little power consumption.


The only person thought to have done this is Stanley Meyers, but he is now dead. (he supposedly had a dune buggy that ran on water) My advice: Save your money on buying kits and do a little research and build your own, a great place to start is to go to Youtube and search for a guy named "ZeroFossilFuel" he's been perfecting his cells for quite some time and has had a lot of success with low power high output cells. Try some ideas out, experiment who knows you might stumble upon the secret to the myers cell (a cell that can produce well over 5 liters a minute on 0.5 amps through resonate vibrations.)

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By Angie (Guest Post)
June 19, 20080 found this helpful

There is something called a hydrogen generator, and it WORKS, I don't know if it is the same as a HHO generator. My husband is in the process of fabricating one as I type.

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By Anonymous (Guest Post)
June 19, 20080 found this helpful

There are many substandard products out there. These three seem to be the top of the line:

This shows independent testing results:


This one has been selling to fleets and industrial users for many years. Testimonials are essentially independent testing results

This one is publicly traded and is in process of ongoing esting of Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI) by one of the argest suppliers of vehicles to the U.S. armed forces

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June 24, 20081 found this helpful

I don't know about scams for "gullible" people, but my husband has been working on a hydrogen generator for a couple of months. We ran the car on "assist" hydrogen for about a week. It does work in that it assists in the mileage you can get, but the challenge to overcome right now is the "brown" water (which is rust in the water) has to be changed quite often. So, the generator can be built - as a previous poster mentioned, check out YouTube - there is a world of info there.


And yes, Stanley Meyers did seem to have the answer, the rumor is that because he refused to sell his "invention" he was killed and all plans were either stolen or destroyed. So my advice is rather than buy plans from someone else, check out YouTube, and build your own. As with any new product, there is a lot of trial and error involved. And he has spent hours and hours and hours at the computer doing research.

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June 24, 20160 found this helpful

you are right.I have also made dry cell and installed in my car.the hho increased milage by 5% in CNg , have to reduce air and cng quantity by turning cng feeding screw and placed a tape to reduce oxygen quantity.But hho did not increase milage on patrol. working on O2 sensor to achieve in patrol too.


can you guiode how did u connect in patrol to get more milage?

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April 2, 20220 found this helpful

Platinum would be more suitable than stainless steel to help eliminate brown water

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By bill (Guest Post)
July 21, 20080 found this helpful

My advice is to keep trying if they work for you. The only way to learn is by trying. And don't give up. Also build your own. The greatest inventions have been created by regular people. I am sure a lot of people thought Henry Ford was nuts when he made his horseless carriage. I would be wary of the ebay ones. They may just want a fast buck.

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By Brian Gordon (Guest Post)
July 24, 20080 found this helpful

email is blgordon AT
For the people trying these, they do work. To help eliminate the brown (rusty water) start your solution with distilled water and baking soda. Also, use 316L stainless steel wire it has the least amount of carbon and will rust the slowest.


If anyone has any problems or need any of the wire email me...I could only find it in a 25 lb spool so I have a ton of it left. Thanks and Good luck guys!

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By Darb (Guest Post)
November 17, 20081 found this helpful

They work, and no you do not get "more" energy you get different energy. being that HHO is 3 times more explosive and hotter burning then gas a small amount added to the air intact allows you to "lean" the gas while maintaining power and speed.

Let people say you cannot do it, and laugh all the way to the bank. It is a learning process, each car is different unless starting off the lot new. Simply adding it to your air intact should increase the burn and at a minimum decrease emissions, though it will not be until you get the hardware to decrease fuel flow will you see major results. Buy solid, it will cost you time and energy to make it, but make sure they are a good company, no glass and cheap wire.

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By ydeardorff (Guest Post)
November 26, 20081 found this helpful

OK, I am an aircraft mechanic for the Navy. I have made one of these units, its not ready for install yet. This is a custom design, not a store bought unit. I will be running normal tap water and baking soda (1 tbsp per gallon). I will be installing this in my 1986 Toyota Celica ST.

This car normally gets between 28 and 32 MPG. I drive 55 miles each way to work, so this will be a very good way for me to test it out, flat out cruising on the highway. I am unbiased, and will report this as it happens, no padding number or leaning out the engine air fuel ratio. This is going to be a bolt it on, install a controller unit, and report the differences test.

I am doing this since my commute is so large, and I want to find a way to increase my mileage. My unit is made from aircraft grade stainless steel, and black 4" sewer Plastic tubing.

So far the I have hooked up this unit to 12 volts, and yes they do produce a flammable gas. It looks similar to that of shaking up a can of soda. I have heard a ton of people selling wire, or generators telling everyone these work, and a ton of people looking for every excuse for them not to saying no they don't.

I am not selling this unit, its plans, nor anything. I get nothing out of this test other than personal knowledge that I am willing to share. So Please email me at ydeardorff AT if you wish to hear more about my tests. I will give an honest answers, and as unbiased as I can report on what I noticed in all details.

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By ken (Guest Post)
December 10, 20080 found this helpful

Simply put, the alternator is already producing the electricity and if you don't use it then its wasted energy! Just like the military and war we already pay the military and all its cost the only real extra expense is the expendables - bombs, missiles, etc. So, if your producing the power why not put it to use and stop wasting the power?

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By (Guest Post)
January 19, 20091 found this helpful

HHO generators really work. I used one on my 5.9 liter beast, and i have increased my overall milage from 15.5 to almost 19mpg. The kit I got was a Max 1400 from

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By Jerry M. (Guest Post)
January 30, 20090 found this helpful

I'd like to see one work first hand.

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April 7, 20090 found this helpful

My experiences as they come to me.

1. Remark to DARB: HHO is not Hydrogen: The combustion is markedly different. Hydrogen alone has 3X flame speed of regular gasoline. HHO has 9X the flame speed. You are confused and need to study what you are commenting on.

2. Remark to KEN:Alternators or any other form of electrical generator do NOT produce electricity if it is not used, so no load, no consumption. The vehicles electrical system may have enough capacity to supply an additional 20, 30 or even 100 amps. You are confused and need to study what you are commenting on.

3. At 23 times lighter than ambient air and 9X the flame speed, by injecting a small amount of HHO through on board electrolysis without manipulation the OEM computer, the engine (diesel or gas) is able to operate somewhat leaner(without detonation) The injected HHO, by mixing with the fuel air mixture increases flame speed back to required levels thereby reducing detonation, allows the vehicle to perform the same task with less fuel.

4. Lots of people can produce cells of different shapes and sizes with an array of outputs but in my experience, if the output of the cell does not follow the fuel consumption in a somewhat constant ratio, the results are all over the place. So what I'm saying is, for the best results there needs to be variability in the output of the cell. Not just a PWM the the driver adjusts themselves.

5. As far as electrolyte and all of the above links for HHO sales groups, NOBODY addresses the the issue of the electrolyte freeze problems with any degree of intelligence. If you don't believe me, go ahead and write or call anyone and ask "What do I do for cold weather?" I'm not talking 20-30 degrees here, I am talking real life like below zero and then some. Typical dishonest answers will mention using alcohol or wind shield washer fluid(alcohol). This works fine till it gets cold, then it evaporates within a few short miles(alcohol evaporates quickly) Then you're back to the same problem of freezing. CleanBatteries AT has this issue dealt with well below zero.

6. Zero Fossil Fuel mentioned above has made enormous contributions to HHO and it's research but with regards to the cell designs, specifically the stack type or "dry" cell that keeps everyone drooling. They are flawed in practical design. If, for any reason your electrolyte turns a bit scummy, this stack cell is a perfect catch all for the crud and then you have a shorted cell and then you have to take it apart and so on and so on.

7. Why does electrolyte turn scummy? Don't have enough space here to mention everything but two scenarios come to mind as the biggest culprits. One is individual cell voltage. It really doesn't matter what type of stainless you put in there, if it's over volted, it will corrode. Period. Second is the electrolyte, using baking soda is a perfect example of cows following each other off a cliff. Ask yourself and each other, why do we use baking soda (scientifically). Let me add this: Sodium Bicarbonate in electrolysis is not very stable at all, it breaks down especially at slightly warm temperatures and produces carbon dioxide until you are left with minuscule amounts of Sodium Carbonate, so do yourself a favor and start out with Sodium Carbonate(home depot-PH up), I'm not saying that this will fix all your problems but it will help. At least enough to have some successful experiments.

8. Comments: Fakers! They do not build anything themselves. Just slick marketers that have been slapped by the Canadian government for shady schemes. Could not open on two different computers. Then there is Very expensive but seems evasive as far as showing an actual product. Good concept but commercially no practical beyond Florida because it has absolutely no freeze protection.

Later Y'all

BTW Take a look at youtube

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November 23, 20091 found this helpful

Do HHO Gas Generators work? Yes they do with the right design. Most of these Generators that you see on the internet and in adverts are made with wire and glass, the wire is not too efficient and is quite fragile to be bouncing around under your hood. Most of the HHO Gas Generators out there are of poor design resulting in early failure, and use the wrong catalist witch can result in poor production of Hydrogen gas and can muddy up your generator.

Those that use the stacked plate system, use the wrong kind of inferior plates that will breakdown under the conditions and chemicals used in the HHO Generation. I make my HHO Gas Generators out of 316L Stainless Steel plates. I have a unique design of hydrogen generators that combine both wet cell and dry cell technology which you may have heard of which eliminates the weaknesses of the older HHO Generators while being compact and taking up less room under your hood and being much more efficient. I have 3 different sizes that fit 4 cylinder cars, 6 cylinder cars and 8cylinder and 10 cylinder cars.

I sell them assemble and sell them as complete kit or just the generator or generator and water reservoir. Also sell the older HHO Gas Generators. The newer design generators that I told you about are designed to eliminate the foaming that was a problem with the older designs. If you want more info or desire to purchase one of the unites that I sell you may contact me at jw

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April 19, 20190 found this helpful

my name is bruce i am interested in geting info on your newer design hho generators

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October 3, 20101 found this helpful

I like this post and its got good info. and the hho gas worked for me.

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March 28, 20111 found this helpful

That is a Yes and a No.
The Hydrogen Generators split distilled water into Oxygen and Hydrogen and that is supplied into the engine. When that happens you need to have enough Hydrogen to fill the cylinders with enough Hydrogen so when the gas or Diesel explodes/burns. Then the hydrogen will burns all the fuel that goes into the engine so you convert the normally wasted fuel into energy.
Engines are 18% to 25% efficient according to the internet, with 15% lost to heat that still leaves 60% out the tail pipe. With Hydrogen you can reach 85% eff. rate.

Truckers and farmers know that you can add propane and get some savings but now the price is too high.
I started making and selling generators in 2008 and we have come a long way. We had to use EFFIE switches to confuse the computers and now sells a chip for all cars and trucks that will let the hydrogen work with any engine.

My generator is listed in the Farm Show Magazine 2 years in a row as the best product in my field. Not saying there can't and aren't better but mine are made of German plastic rated for 257F and assembled and made in China. I chose China so I could keep the price down. They sell for $125.00 each .
I have sold them so far in 47 states and 11 Countries. I have a series 60 diesel engine in a semi that with a 62,000 lb load went from 6 mpg to 8.5 mpg and his 7 week average in all the last storms is 7.8 and saves over 100 gallons a week. Comments?

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March 28, 20110 found this helpful

Forgot the winter nothing works except Propylene Glyclo. ( sp) and I tried washer fluid , nothing , but you try the pet safe ice melt in small pellets . That works 1/3 cup in a liter will give you 10 below. Liquid Propylene Glycol will give you bubbles and a volcano.

Don't know why but only the pellets work. Took it for a 3000 mile trip up and around Minn. at 10 below at 20 below got slushy but still worked. Nothing else I've tried worked. Followed all the stories.

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March 23, 20200 found this helpful

So let me set you straight.

Converting fuel to motion goes like this.

100% of fuel is converted to heat. (Almost a 100% to be precise. at lambda 1 the oxygen perfectly matches the fuel.)

Most of the Heat is converted to expansion of air.

Part of that moves the Piston and generates movement. Part of that generates sound and vibration. And the rest stays as heat and goes into Piston crown to oil, cylinder walls and head to water and the rest go to the exhaust.

The most modern diesel engines as of 2020 convert about 43 % from input fuel energy into movement at the crankshaft energy. 57% leaves the engine as via exhaust, water, oil radiation and sound.

(If the engineers discover a efficiency rise of 0.01% they put out a party, the internal combustion engine is as good as it could get now)

So from that 43% of your fuel you run an alternator.

Let's say you invest 100 wats into the cell for HHO electrolysis. (Getting 65-80 watts worth of HHO for those 100 electrical watts)

That would mean the alternator takes about 110 wats in rotaional energy to generate those 100 watts.

The vbelts would take an other 10 percent so the crankshaft needs to deliver 121 watts and for that to happen you need fuel that contains 281 watts.

So now you produce HHO from water at an efficiency of 65-80%.

So you exchange 281 watts of fuel to 65 to 85 watts in HHO.

However efficient that 65-80 Watts of HHO will burn, it can't replace 281 watts of diesel fuel.

Because even with HHO the engine won't bekome an efficiency of over 100% that is not possible by Einstein's laws

In short the HHO stuff is BS all around and just to get to your dearest: your money.

Let me qoute Einstein again: there are two things that are unlimited, the universe and the stupidity of humans, but with the universe I'm not a 100% sure.

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