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Alternatives to Bandaids

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Blue first aid kit.

When your skin is sensitive to adhesive or you can't find the right size bandaid, you many need to use something else. This guide is about alternatives to bandaids.



Here are questions related to Alternatives to Bandaids.

Question: Alternatives to Band Aids

Does anyone have any ideas for substitutes for Band Aids? It seems that certain parts of my skin, i.e. inside forearm, tummy, back of hand, etc., have become very sensitive to the adhesive. I actually have one place that looks like the sticky part has left a scar. I'm hoping it will eventually go away, but who knows.

Thanks for any help.


Best Answers

By Jackolyn Smith [14]01/27/2006

I, too, am allergic to regular Band-Aids. I use the stretch gauze with gauze pads. Works great! And, yes, the marks you have from the Band-Aid will go away eventually.

Best Answers

By Leigh Ann (Guest Post)01/27/2006

Try New Skin. It's a product in a tiny little brown bottle with an applicator in it. You will find it uncomfortable at first, but blow on it to dry the liquid and you will never use a band aid again. True to the name, it acts like new skin. Ask your local pharmacy or discount store.

Best Answers

By Pat Giles01/27/2006

You can buy paper tape designed especially for adhesive-sensitive people. I've never seen a Band Aid made with it, though. I just use gauze with it.

Best Answers

By Jen (Guest Post)01/27/2006

I use the Band-Aids that are designed to stay on for up to a week. Their adhesive is different, so it doesn't cause me discomfort. I also make sure I buy latex-free bandages; you might have a latex sensitivity.

Question: Allergic to Adhesive on Band-aids and Tape

I have Bell's palsy and am allergic to the adhesive on Band aids and paper tape. I am having a terrible time trying to tape my eye closed. Does anybody have an alternative to tape to keep my eye shut at night? I have scabs from where I taped my eye shut. I am allergic to carbs mix, wood alcohols and e-phenylelnediamine. Anybody have suggestions?

By Patty R


Most Recent Answer

By redrover11/14/2013

I had bell's palsy but I went to a neurologist and they gave me oral meds. I took it for a few weeks and it went away. I've not had it since. It's been 20 years.

Question: Tape Alternative to Bandaids

I have a friend that's having bad reactions to Bandaids. We are trying to find something to keep ouches covered. I can't find a strong enough tape to hold just gauze on. Any suggestions?


Most Recent Answer

By Carol Borrelli [4]06/03/2012

Maybe you could just try a sleep mask and eliminate having to use anything with adhesive at all.

Question: Allergic to Athletic Tape Adhesive

I play basketball and once every 3 month I sprain my ankle playing. Now my doctors, coach, everyone advises me to, wrap my ankle with tape before training, but I'm allergic to tape. What can I use instead of that tape, that can be a suport for that ankle?

By Simone R

Most Recent Answer

By AmyM01/10/2015

Try buying non latex tape instead of the usual stuff. I had the same problem but by using this tape there is no problem.

Question: Remedy for Bandaging Thin Skin

My husband has very thin skin. When removing a "regular" Band-aid from a wound site, he will pull up skin with the adhesive, creating another wound site! Does anyone know if there is an actual Band-Aid which uses "paper tape"? I know there is a paper tape, but it needs a gauze pad; then, there is the self-adhesive wrap. But, for a "quick and easy" solution, I would like to have an actual "workable" Band-Aid on hand.

By V.L.

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/08/2015

If you ask advice from your pharmacist, they can likely steer you toward a suitable bandage product.

Solutions: Alternatives to Bandaids

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