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Avocado Tree Leaves Turning Brown

Category Fruit Trees
Transplanted avocado tree.
Whether your tree is outdoors or being grown inside, browning leaves indicates a problem you will need to identify. This is a guide about avocado tree leaves turning brown.


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March 13, 20132 found this helpful

My avocado tree started growing brown on the leaves. How would I check if it's root bound?

By Alicia

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March 18, 20131 found this helpful
Best Answer

The only way I know of to check if a plant is root bound is to pull the whole thing out of the pot and look.

Avocado trees are just that, trees. They prefer to be in the ground. I had one in my back yard (California coastal valley) that was about 30 feet tall and put out hundreds of avocadoes.

The older leaves do turn brown, dry up and fall off. This is natural.

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March 18, 20130 found this helpful

I don't know if this is true or not, but I've heard that this is from using chlorinated water when you water your plant.

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April 12, 20141 found this helpful

I recently planted a 5yr old avocado tree that was beginning to flower. I (thought) I did everything I was supposed when planting, including fresh soil and deep watering, but since I planted the tree all the leaves have died and turned brown, but the branches are still green. It has been about three weeks since planting. I have sprinklers set to twice a week, but if am wondering if it is not getting enough water from them. I have deep watered only twice since planting. The tree sits on the north east end of my yard and gets plenty of sun after about 10am. Does it sound like the tree can recover? If so, what do I need to do?

By Shawn H.

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October 13, 20152 found this helpful

Avocados can handle winter temperatures if prepped the right way every avo I had survived winter in my house and it probably gets around 50 degrees to 45 the least until I use heat. When planting avocado you can burry seed or display half since seed will eventually rot, display half so when rotting is spotted you can simply remove the huge stale seed note only when the avo is ready though! Else you would be depleting it of butrients, avocados is very finicky plants they like loose soil and damp to dry soil and indirect light and some full sun is required, with out it slow growth and leggy plant will happen. As far as brown leaves check for over watering, over fertilizing and or root bound, or insufficient lighting, all is fixable if root bound repot cut back dead black roots and the main tap root a couple inches to encourage more root branch out growth . Fertilize lightly for avocados half the recomended and probably once every two three months , with all these factors new leaves will grow back just monitor plant.

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October 26, 20140 found this helpful

My tree is 3 feet tall & in a pot and turning brown, should I plant it. Should the seed be visible when I plant it? How cold is to cold for it?

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October 13, 20150 found this helpful

Your plant is experiencing transplant shock. Your prior growing media to that of the ground it is in, is totally different in nutrients (nitrogen and etc levels), so all former growth from old media will die back and new growth from what's in the ground it's now in will come forth in time as it adjusts.

Next time if planning on planting in ground do it sooner, the sooner the better as for no shock. You will want to manage the climate because if outside doesn't match 5 years inside temperature, more shock.

Don't water too often, one good deep watering is needed, then wait 20 days or so. Remember, it has to adjust to the natural rain water schedule less of your maintenance. Stay blessed and don't worry should be fine and hopefully you transplanted in around spring and summer.

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December 11, 20160 found this helpful

My avocado is about 3 ft. tall, being grown in a pot inside. Some of the leaves are turning brown and falling off. Is this normal? It has been beautiful and lots of foliage

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By 1 found this helpful
February 13, 2008

My 3 year old avocado's new leaves are browning.

Hardiness Zone: 7a

Jamie from Hampton, VA

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February 25, 20080 found this helpful

Contact your local nursery -- they'll have the answer! =D

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March 3, 20120 found this helpful

My avocado tree has leaves that are turning brown. There is very little new growth. Please help.

By Joyce C

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April 9, 20120 found this helpful

Is your plant inside or outside? If potted, have you checked to make sure it isn't root bound?

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By 0 found this helpful
October 8, 2015

Sorry if this is repetitive. I planted my tree in the ground about 1.5 years ago and I believe I overwatered it. As a result the leaves browned and have since all fallen off. The branches are still green and I actually noticed some new leaves started to come up, but they have since stopped growing. Do you think it's done? How do we know if the tree is fully dead? How long should I wait to give the new leaves time to come back, if at all?

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March 23, 20150 found this helpful

I have a 9 year old avocado tree and every year when the tree blooms, all the leaves turn brown and fall off and all the buds dry up, turn brown, and fall off. The branches are always green and as everything browns and falls off there is new growth, leaves and branches and such. Only once did it bear a few avocados. I believe there were 8 of them though only two made it to full maturity. The raccoons may have gotten the rest. The tree is a dwarf tree that we bought at a nursery and planted in our backyard. We have no idea why this happens and it does not make much sense to us because the tree continues to look healthy and grow. We have tried different fertilizers and nothing seems to help. It's about 12ft tall now.

By Alison H.

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By 0 found this helpful
October 14, 2014

My avo-tree is now seven years old and is bearing fruit for the second year, why is it loosing so many brown leaves during springtime?

By Peter Walbaum.

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February 12, 20140 found this helpful

I have no idea how old the male tree is, but it is well over 30 feet. I live in Orlando Florida and the tree gets plenty of water and sunlight. It has been very healthy till about 3 weeks ago. Now the leaves are turning brown. We did have a frost in January and some cold weeks with temps around 45 for lows, but other than that nothing has changed. My female is still green and very healthy. What can I do for the male?

By Teri H. from Orlando, FL

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July 13, 20130 found this helpful

Why would a 7 month old avocado plant's leaves turn dark brown and fall off? Then new leaves come on and do the same. It's in a 5 gal. bucket with good drainage. What am I doing wrong?

By mba

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