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Cleaning Mink Fur

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Cleaning Mink Fur

Having real animal fur clothing cleaned can be very expensive. This is a guide about cleaning mink fur.



Here are questions related to Cleaning Mink Fur.

Question: Cleaning Denim Vest With Mink Lining

My hunter husband has gotten his denim vest soiled with soil. I want to put it in the washing machine but it has a real mink fur lining and I don't know what washing it will do to the fur. The fur is not dirty only the denim weight, green, army type material is dirty. The fur lining is sewn right with the material, not a zipper lining.



Most Recent Answer

By Linda (Guest Post)02/11/2005

Take it to a cleaner that does fur-method, not all dry cleaners do.

Question: Cleaning Fur Coats

I have bought a couple of "craft cutter" mink coats from ebay to make teddy bears out of, but the fur needs to be cleaned. Could someone tell me what kind of product to buy to clean the fur in, so that I don't have to take it to an expensive furrier. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Murray from Memphis


Most Recent Answer

By Annalee (Guest Post)11/03/2005

I just read that if you rub in cornmeal, then brush it out.... it should help clean it.

Solutions: Cleaning Mink Fur

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