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Crafts Using Pringles Cans

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Crafts Using Pringles Cans

These popular chips need the protection of cardboard canisters. This guide is about crafts using Pringles cans.


Solutions: Crafts Using Pringles Cans

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Pringles Can Straw Dispenser

Pringles can straw dispenser in the shape of an ice cream soda.I have been making straw holders/dispensers from empty Pringles containers (or the cheaper version of Pringles). I wanted to make them look like ice-cream sodas. My inspiration came for a 50s wedding that I was helping with. This is what I came up with.


  • Pringles can, empty
  • paper, scrapbook paper works well
  • paint
  • glue
  • wooden skewer
  • half of a straw
  • foam/polystyrene ball
  • artificial cherry or red paper ball
    (If using paper ball, you will need a stick for the stem.)
  • hobby fill (polyfill)
  • 600 ml water bottle, about 20 ounces
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • glitter, optional
  • ribbon, optional


  1. I painted tin white (just in case paper was a bit see through. If using a heavy quality scrapbook paper you could probably skip this step.
  2. I then painted the rims a pink colour as well.
  3. Wrap tin with paper of choice. I used pink and black stripes and also polka dot paper.
  4. You need a wooden skewer and a foam/polystyrene ball. Stab the ball with the skewer and slide on.
  5. You will then need to stab/slide on a "cherry". I didn't have any fake cherries so I used a red paper ball and glued a stick/stem into it.
  6. Then stab the ball from the side top to add half a straw for decoration.
  7. Cover the polystyrene ball with glue and stick hobby fill all over it. This makes the fluffy milkshake.
  8. Cut the bottom off a 600ml water bottle (or equivalent/whatever fits).
  9. Make a hole in the centre bottom. Poke the bottom of your skewer through it and hot glue. This forms the "lift" and holder for the straws.
  10. Extra embellishment - wrap the skewer with ribbon, spray glue the hobby fill/fluff and sprinkle some hot pink glitter on the top. Wrap a bow or add a "straws" label and Da Da you are done! It looks great. So cute and practical.
  11. Source: original idea from

    By Rebecca from Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

Drink Mix Container of Pringles Can Pencil Tote

Pringles Can Pencil ToteA nifty storage container made from an empty drink mix container. A great way for kids to carry or store pencils, pens or markers. Also a neat idea for storing craft supplies, small toys, sewing accessories, crochet hooks, etc.

Approximate Time: 25 minutes


  • round plastic or paper container
  • glue
  • paper or fabric
  • cording (string, narrow rope, ribbon)
  • scissors
  • ruler
Pringles Can Pencil Tote


Remove label from plastic drink mix container. You can also use an empty Pringles chip container for this project. The chip container will obviously hold more items as well as taller items!

Punch 2 holes on each side of the container approximately 1/2 inch down from the top edge. Use a paper punch if the container is paper or pierce the side of the container with the point of a nail or sharp scissors.

Measure the length of the container as well as the circumference. Cut a piece of paper or fabric according to these measurements. Apply glue to the outside of the container and attach the paper/fabric covering. Be careful to smooth out any wrinkles before the glue dries.

The paper will have covered the punched out holes so you will need to re-punch the holes by sticking a nail back through the opening. Once the holes are open again, insert the string, cording or ribbon through the hole. Best to insert the cording from the outside in. Tie a knot to secure, the knot will be on the inside of the container. Thread the loose end of the cording through the remaining hole, again from outside in and tie another knot.

Place items inside the container and place the lid on top. The outside of the container can be labeled as to content or a child's name can be put on the outside to personalize.

These containers also can be used for the giving of small gifts. Cover with holiday gift wrap and place a bow on top! An inexpensive yet charming way to give a gift. Pringles Can Pencil Tote

By Pam from McMinnville, TN

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Question: Craft Projects Using Pringle Cans and Medicine Bottles

I am looking for suggestions on how to use 2 dozen Pringle cans and a couple hundred assorted sizes of prescription medicine bottles. This collection is added to constantly so I have an unlimited supply and I've run out of ideas. Please send me lots of suggestions; I don't want to just recycle them, that seems wasteful. I'd like to use them somehow.

By LittleNana-3 from Sun City, CA


Most Recent Answer

By Cindy [8]09/08/2011

My Mother covered a couple with contact paper from the dollar store, and stored her knitting needles in them. I just thought about this one. We save pop tabs for Ronald McDonald house, so the Pringles cans could be covered with paper and make a tag with a cute design, to tape on it with the wide shipping tape. Cut a hole in lid large enough to slip tabs through. Would be a good craft for kids to do.

Where my Husband works the guys would see him pop the tabs off his cans every day. So finally one of them asked why he did that. He told them and the next day they all tossed their tabs in his lunch bucket. They started saving them at home and bringing them into him. I am getting me some Pringle's tomorrow.

Question: Pringles Can Craft Ideas

Does anyone out there know about any craft activities for Pringles cans? I thought that someone once told me about a kaleidoscope that could be made with a Pringles can. Any suggestions or websites? Anything? My son would love to recycle them. Thanks.

By Val from OH


Most Recent Answer

By Rachel's Mom [162]10/29/2009

There are numerous ideas on this webiste using Pringles cans. Here's the link and have fun making things: