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Freezing Acorn Squash

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Acorn Squash

You can freeze your excess harvest of acorn squash for future use. This is a guide about freezing acorn squash.



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Question: Freezing Acorn Squash

Can I freeze acorn squash? Do I cook it like I would for dinner, cut in half - brown sugar, butter, bake in oven... let cool then scoop out and freeze?



Best Answer

By brenda newton [6]08/21/2005

Yes, cook, puree, sweeten and serve the squash for supper, then freeze the leftovers in a ziploc bag. Reheat in the microwave later and it is just as tasty as the first time you served it.

Since we make our own maple sugar from the maple trees in our yard I usually use maple sugar instead of butter and brown sugar. But both ways are wonderful!

Question: Freezing Acorn Squash

Can you freeze acorn squash?

By Judy from Kansas City, MO

Solutions: Freezing Acorn Squash

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