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George Foreman Jr. Rotisserie Manual

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George Foreman Jr. Rotisserie

Whether you lost the manual or purchased the rotisserie without one, you probably want to find a replacement. This is a guide about finding a George Foreman Jr. Rotisserie manual.



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Question: George Foreman Jr. Rotisserie Manual

Where can I find a manual for my George Foreman Baby rotisserie #GR59A? I got it from a yard sale, but the paper work didn't come with it.

By Brenda from Eufaula, AL


Best Answer

By Linda Kennedy [1]09/25/2010

You can start here: ... ner-manual/GEORGE%20FOREMAN/GR59A-_E

Question: Manual for George Foreman Rotisserie

How can I get a paper manual for my George Foreman Junior rotisserie?

By Connie


Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]02/04/2012

You can also Google the manufacturer's website, and once there use their search feature to find the manual for your specific model. They will charge you, of course, to send you a replacement, but it will be the exact one for your model.

You might be able to download it free, and print it at home, or the library, though, which will save you some money. I've downloaded and printed off free at the library and found it to be a considerable savings even with the per page costs.

Question: Replacement Parts for George Foreman Rotisserie

I have a George Foreman (baby George rotisserie) and need a timer control knob. Salton Inc. is no longer in business. Any suggestions?

By Deborah

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]05/13/2011

I see George Forman products constantly at the Goodwill. I am sure you could find a part there.

Solutions: George Foreman Jr. Rotisserie Manual

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