Getting Rid of Cat Urine Odors

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The smell of cat urine is very unpleasant. This is a guide about getting rid of cat urine odors.



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Question: Getting Rid of Cat Urine Smell for Future Cats

We are thinking of getting a new kitten for our 9 yr daughter. We had a 10 yr old cat, who got very sick, and had to be put down 3 yrs ago. She pee'd in several spots in my daughters room and in the upstairs hallway. I cleaned it very well, using vinegar, the smells are gone to the human nose. My fear is that even tho it has been 3 yrs the new kitten may be able to smell it and think that it is OK to pee there. What do you all think? TIA

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By terry 04/23/2005

This happened over 10 years ago. My cat (male, unneutered) had only been gone a year when we got a new one, and I had used an enzymatic cleaner on our carpet where he and another cat had a "who can pee here last" contest :) The smell was completely gone, apparently, to our new cat, and we had no problems. I'd think that after three years, and because you used vinegar (which cats hate the smell of anyway) you wouldn't have any problems. I used to use vinegar just to keep the cats away from my windowsills, and it worked. I'd just watch the new cat to see if it starts sniffing around where the other cat had gone, and if it does, watch it's reaction. Sorry I can't give you anthing more definitive.


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By Nancy 05/04/2005

You will see a lot of reccomendations for vinegar and it works. Smells like pee and vinegar at first, but when it dries the smell is gone. Might have to do it twice. But also I must recommend a product called Out. I don't know what it is or how it works, but it was $3.50 for a big bottle at Wal Mart. It smells like baby power (yum) and it works very well, I use it as followup after the vinegar process. Try it! :)

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Question: Cat Urine Odors

My cat peed in my plant. Is there a way to get rid of the smell without re-potting?

By vkmcgee2 from AZ

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By Juanita [6] 09/08/2009

It's been my experience in the past that you have to repot the plant. There's something in cat urine that will kill the plant over a short period of time.

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