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Getting Rid of New Paint Smell Inside Your House

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A woman painting a room blue.

Paint odors can linger in your home after you've finished your project. This guide is about getting rid of new paint smell inside your house.


Here are questions related to Getting Rid of New Paint Smell Inside Your House.

Question: Removing New Paint Odor

How to get rid of paint odor in a newly painted house?

By Ngangi

Most Recent Answer

By Catherine [5]11/05/2014

Put plates in the painted room with either
. slides of raw onions
. baker yeast (not chemical yeast)
. charcoal
You can also burn a candle and use a ventilator with the windows opened.

Hope this helps!


Question: Getting Rid of Paint Smell Inside

I used the wrong kind of paint in my bathroom. I used paint for the outside of your house. How do I get rid of the smell fast?

By twin

Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J [46]08/24/2013

There are many kinds of paint. There are some that are indoor or outdoor paint. My personal choice inside is to use oil. New paints have very little odor to them. Adding a few drops of colorless baking vanilla and stirring in does well in LATEX only. Ask the supplier of your paint. They will have other things to recommend.

Question: Getting Rid of the Odor of Enamel Paint

I just had the doors painted with QDE enamel paint; the odor is so strong. I like the color but to get rid of the smell is my problem now. Can you help? Thanks.

By Fely C.A. from Manila, Philippines

Question: Vinegar To Remove Paint Odors

I am allergic to paint odour, my bedroom was recently painted. How am I to use this method (vinegar to remove paint odors) to get rid of the smell? Does anyone have any other methods? Please let me know. Thanks.


Most Recent Answer

By Mary Ross [3]08/25/2009

Using vinegar or scents only cover up the odor, fine if it isn't an allergy but rather that you hate the smell. The problem, if it is allergies or sensitivities is the volatile organic compounds (VOC). Covering them up does not make them go away. Some plants are noted for their ability to remove VOCs from the air, spider plants being one of the best. The next time you paint, get a low VOC paint, some now available have very little emissions. Or you can try making your own milk paint, unless of course you have dairy allergies.

Question: Getting Rid of Paint Smell

I'm getting the whole inside of my house painted. The paint smell is a little heavy. How can I remove the smell?

Rachel from Houston, TX

Most Recent Answer

By suzanne [240]08/13/2008

fans will speed up the drying process. open all windows possible
ozone machines are really good. don't know the cost of renting one though

Question: Strong Paint Odors

How do I get rid of paint smell? I have bedroom that was painted with miller paint. It was 3 weeks ago and still has an odor and was water based. I have tried an Odor Genie with an open window and a fan - it is better but still quite noticeable. The rest of interior was done in Behr - no odor from day one. Any help would be appreciated.

CJ from Camas, WA

Most Recent Answer

By Leslie M. (Guest Post)10/13/2008

I used a product called BON-CC-41 from BioWorld Products the last time I had my house painted. It works great. I had the painter add a little to paint. I came home that day and only smelt a very faint paint smell. By the next day, it was gone completely! I even slept in the same room that was painted the day before and didn't have any problems. In the past, I would have the paint smell linger for as long as a month. It was very nice not having to live with the headache of the paint fumes!

Question: Removing the Paint Smell from a Newly Painted Room

I just finished painting my son's bathroom and was wondering if there was anyway to expedite the removal of the paint smell? I tried a bowl of vinegar but that didn't help. I've been running the air cleaner to help expedite. It's kind of tough to leave the windows open due to it being frigid out this time of year.


Kelly from Bensalem, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Kyle Semaj05/07/2009

Hi, Some older interior latex house paints contain the preservative phenylmercury propionate. Indeed, a small child suffered brain injury after helping his mother paint his room.

The most effective mitigation technique would be to use activated charcoal and pass the vapor through it using a fan etc. The activated charcoal adsorbs the organic vapor. Good Luck!

Solutions: Getting Rid of New Paint Smell Inside Your House

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