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Getting Rid of Tape Worms in Cat

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Can I use diatomaceous earth in my cat's wet food for fleas, she has tape worms.

By Dawn


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By dupperdog [2]08/22/2013

It won't work. Diatomaceous earth works on insects with a hard outer shell by scraping away the shell and causing the insect to dry out and die. This can't apply to a soft bodied tapeworm living in the fluid filled interior of the intestine. You need to get tapeworm medicine from a vet. It is a special formula and is not sold over the counter in pet stores. However, tapeworms generally will not harm the cat so if you can't afford the vet and can get over the "disgust" factor, you might just decide to let the cat live with the tapeworm.

By Ce [4]08/22/2013

The Diatomaceous Earth will get rid of the tape worms by putting it in your kitties food.

You have to brush your kitties coat with the DE to get rid of the fleas and ticks.

By Pixiedust7 [7]08/22/2013

I don't know whether it will get rid of your cat's tapeworms, but if someone advises you that it does, be sure it is "Food Grade" diatomaceous earth. The kind sold for pools etc. is not food grade and could be very harmful. I think someone else on this website posted advice on this once. You could search Thrifty Fun for other postings under "getting rid of fleas" and related terms. Tapeworm is often spread by fleas, so if your cat has fleas, you should also treat the cat and your house to get rid of the fleas. You might want to consult a veterinarian to make sure you do all of this safely. Good luck!

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]08/21/2013

In the best health interest of any animal talk to your Veterinarian before you administer anything to them.

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