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Giving Pills to Cats

My kitty won't take her pills. There is no way I can run her down, wrap her in a towel and force a pill down her throat twice a day. I tried hiding the pill in a moist treat but the smarty pants caught on to that. Does anyone have any other suggestion? I would really appreciate it.


Wendee from Tillamook, OR


Giving Pills to Cats

My vet gave me this tip: cut the leg off an old pair of jeans and drop the cat into it. The tighter the better, so he can't get his legs up to claw through it. It's a good idea to have someone else help you with this. Expose his mouth just enough to put the pill in. Hold it shut to make sure he swallows. Afterwards, hide the leg or the cat will start to run when he sees you get it. Cats are so smart! (01/05/2006)

By Linda

Giving Pills to Cats

I suggest that you confine your cat in one room until the course of pills is finished, so that you won't have to "run her down". (01/05/2006)

By Guest

Giving Pills to Cats

I wrap the kitty in a bath towel, folded in half.

Lay the folded towel across your tummy. Put the cat in the middle of the towel with her back to the middle of the towel. Fold the bottom part of the towel tightly around the kitty's bottom so that the back legs are sticking down. Then fold the top part of the towel tightly aroung her neck. Your elbow is holding the bottom tight, and that hand is holding the neck, and fingers are beside the mouth.

Open the mouth with your index finger and thumb, putting them in the fold of the bouth behind the teeth. With your other hand, push the pill over the tongue.

Let go, and jump back.


By the Oracle

Giving Pills to Cats

You could try waiting till kitty is really really hungry, crunch up the pill to a powder if you can, and put it the food, does she like a special food she only gets once in awhile ?? after she eats ( if you are lucky ) :-) then give her normal helping of food. This works for me sometimes, have a kitty that can be held , ONLY when she wants to be . :-) (01/05/2006)

By Rosa

Giving Pills to Cats


I don't know how big the pill is but my friend has to give her cat pills 3-4 times a week. She crushes the pill and puts it in a bit of flavored yogurt. Her cat loves it and never refuses to eat it. I would find out if the pill can be crushed since it could change the effects of the pill. (01/05/2006)

By mkymlp

Giving Pills to Cats

If you have someone to help you, have the helper hold the kitty's front legs on a flat, slippery surface. Open the kitty's mouth by squeezing her top lips over her teeth and prying the bottom jaw down. Push the pill as far back on her tongue as possible, then close her mouth and hold it shut until she licks and you know she swallowed. I used to work for a vet and this is the method we used. (01/05/2006)

By Jewels955

Giving Pills to Cats

I kneel on floor and hold the cat between my knees (my knees are about even with front legs and my lower leg parallel to the lower part of her body) and her scruff in my right hand. Then I let go of her scruff and take thumb and forefinger and squeeze firmly at outer edges of her "lips". The cat's mouth reflexively opens. Then with left hand put pill in. Then close her mouth and hold it closed. Of course, speak calmly to cat all the while. I always am firm, but not rough with cat. If you are tentative, the cat will get away; if you are too rough, you will frighten her/him. I have been doing this for twenty + years with cats that I have owned and this technique has worked well. The hard part is catching them first of course. (01/05/2006)

By kayla

Giving Pills to Cats

I use a straw, put the pill in one end, force the cat's mouth open, and blow it into the back of her mouth. Shut her mouth and blow on her nose, the reflex is to swallow and the pill is too far down to spit out. (01/05/2006)

By hwalz

Giving Pills to Cats

You don't mention what kind of pills they are, but if they are crushable, you could crush them into a powder. Then mix the powder into a tiny bit of peanut butter or something like that, and let her lick it up. (01/05/2006)

By sunhat

Giving Pills to Cats

Try coating with cream cheese. All animals love it.

By Jennifer, CA

Giving Pills to Cats

Are you aware these medications can be liquified. Lot more expensive but we had to do it as a last resort. Our cat was too sick to deal with the stress involved with getting her to take her daily pill. (01/06/2006)


Giving Pills to Cats

Go to the pharmacy and get the pill "compounded" into a liquid. Many pharmacies are used to doing this and flavor the medicine suited for the particular type of animal. I have a 3-pound Chihuahua that acts very much like a cat and will NOT take a pill after multiple variations of attempts including hiding it in her favorite food. (The vet could not do it either). The vet called the medicine into our local pharmacy and they compounded it into a "liquid" flavored as peanut butter (for dogs). Who knew dogs like peanut butter but my Chihuahua loves it and looks forward to taking her meds each day. It now is a treat to her. I think for cats, they put in a fish flavor they love.

Hope this helps. The extra money spent on compounding the medicine is well worth the lack of aggravation on your part as well as the torment to both you and your pet.


By Gloria

Giving Pills to Cats

I have a couple big tom cats, and I find that the way Kayla does it works best for me too. I actually prefer pills, because with liquids, I have to fight several times more.

I catch the cat (off-guard, of course), sit on the floor on my heels with my knees open. I hold the cat (his feet on the floor) in my crotch facing out--he cannot claw or scratch you this way. And with one hand, open his mouth by grabbing his upper jaw and pulling open--yes, cats open this way reflexively. Pop the pill in and push toward the back of his tongue. Let go of his upper jaw, and immediately rub his throat so his swallowing reflex kicks in. Once you do this a couple of times, it takes less than a minute, and is so quick, that cat has swallowed the pill before he knows what has gone on. No stress on either him or you. (01/06/2006)


By susanmajp

Giving Pills to Cats

I have always found that if I crush the pill and mix it with meat baby food the cats can't wait to lick it all up. (01/06/2006)

By Merlin Douglass

Giving Pills to Cats

I had this problem also and my vet had an item that is used for giving cats pills. It looks kind of like a syringe on one end with a plunger thing in it and the other end was open, you pull back the plunger and place the pill in the open end. Then get the cat's mouth open and insert it as far as you can into the cat's mouth and push the plunger thing up and the pill goes down the cat's throat before it knows it. It took me a few times but finally got it down and it's no problem to give my cat it's medicine now. You might check with your vet to see if they have one you could buy or know where you could get one. (01/06/2006)

By tiffanyau

Giving Pills to Cats

My vet gave me one of those long pill pushers, I had trouble getting the disc shaped pill to fit in the tip. I read this column and decided to try kneeling with cat facing out between my legs, and was really not hard to get pill in cats mouth, then rub neck and make sure it swallows. I had tried crushing it into food, but cat didn't eat any of anything, and medication is expensive so didn't want to waste it. (11/23/2008)

By pipe

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