Homemade Liquid Smoke

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Make your own version of liquid smoke for your next barbecue. This is a guide about homemade liquid smoke.


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Tip: Homemade Liquid Smoke

Make your own liquid smoke.


  • Wood
  • Chiminea
  • Starter Fluid
  • 1 Bundt cake pan
  • 1 stainless mixing bowl (same size as Bundt pan)
  • 1 Ziploc bag (gallon size)
  • Gallon or so of ice


Build a smoldering fire. (See below for cautions) Wait until the starter fuel used is ALL burned away, then add a Bundt cake pan to the top of the chiminea. Place the pan on top just as you would place it in the oven if filled with batter. The pan will have an opening in the center for the smoke to rise through.

On top of the cake pan, place the bowl to make a dome cover over the Bundt pan, (stainless mixing bowl works best). The mixing bowl should be the same diameter as the Bundt cake pan.

Place a zip lock bag full of ice on the top of the stainless mixing bowl covering the top of the bowl. It will condense the smoke that comes into contact with the stainless mixing bowl.

The "liquid smoke" will drip down and collect in the Bundt pan.

Now you've distilled your own liquid smoke.

Cautions About Burning Wood

  • Pressure-treated wood: emits toxic fumes.

  • Railroad ties: have been treated and contain carcinogens.

  • Painted or stained wood: again, fumes may be toxic.

  • Green wood: even more so than with an indoor fireplace, the extra smoke is annoying to you, your guests, and maybe your neighbors too).

  • Burning garden waste, weeds, etc. may be against your city's ordinances.

  • Also don't burn anything that creates black smoke or a noxious odor. You don't want the taste of starter fluid in your smoke!

Source: http://homedistiller.org

By Lisa from Auburn Hills, MI

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