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Housewarming Gift Ideas

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Housewarming Fruit Basket

It is traditional to present new homeowners with a housewarming gift, especially if they have a party. This is a guide about housewarming gift ideas.


Solutions: Housewarming Gift Ideas

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Tip: Frugal Housewarming Gift

I needed a housewarming present for my cousin's daughters and I didn't have any money. But I do have a lot of plants, so I've started taking cuttings and rooting them in water for about two months now. They're now ready for transplanting and make a nice, thrifty gift to give the new homeowners.

By springmaid5

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Here are questions related to Housewarming Gift Ideas.

Question: When should you give a housewarming gift?

Do you give a housewarming gift when a person is renting or when they are purchasing a home?

Carol from Abingdon, MD


Most Recent Answer

By LRP (Guest Post)09/13/2006

my opinion on the matter is if it's the person's 1st apt, fine. but after that wait for the house.

Question: Housewarming Gift Ideas

I need ideas for a house warming gift. I don't want to give the usual such as kitchen towel, etc. I want something really different and useful. This is for a work acquaintance, not a close friend. My budget is no more than $25.00, preferably less. Thank you.

By chef4u from Sylvania, OH


Most Recent Answer

By Laura06/20/2009

A different tactic to take and its fun!

The Italian and a lot of the old countries had customs like these. We always gave bread, salt, and a broom. Mom would make a little gift basket and put in a loaf of Italian bread (readily available in NY), a box of salt, and a little hand held broom and dust pan. With a little card and she would write out the meanings of each item. Most people loved it and it was something unexpected from the normal house warming gift. I do it up with a pretty printed statement on fancy paper or on a scroll in the basket.

Here is what I found in a search.
This custom and tradition is not just something that Italians did. In fact there are various cultures that also give gifts to a person who purchased a new home. I can remember that when someone bought a new home you would give that person a broom, salt and bread as a gift, but as you can see below these are not the only items that one can give.

Bread You will never go hungry
Broom Sweep away the evil; Your house will always be clean
Candle You will always have light
Coin Bring good fortune for the year
Honey Represents the sweetness of life
Salt Represents life's tears; You can also place a pinch of salt at the threshold of each door and window for good luck; Mend all wounds
Wine Never go thirsty; Your home brings you happiness and joy
Wood Your life/home will always have stability, harmony and peace

Question: Housewarming Gift Etiquette

I wish to give a housewarming gift prior to completion of the new home. Is that considered acceptable?

By wilden from Huntsville, ON

Most Recent Answer

By Coreen Hart [78]07/07/2009

I have to wonder why you want to do it now? Is it something they can use immediately?

Question: Gift to Celebrate New Garage

I would like to give a little gift to neighbors who just erected a new garage...ideas?

By Jan L.

Most Recent Answer

By Dena R. [3]05/14/2014

House numbers... a motion sensor light... reflective lights or strips.