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How Long Should You Wait Before Re-dyeing Hair?

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A woman having her hair dyed.

Maintaining the health of your hair when using hair dyes keeps it looking good. This guide is about how long should you wait before re-dyeing hair?



Here are questions related to How Long Should You Wait Before Re-dyeing Hair?.

Question: Redyeing Hair

I just recently went from a medium blonde to platinum blonde. I thought I would like it, but it's too bold for me. I would like to have an ombre or balayage done to make it more natural. Is it too early to do that, since I had my hair bleached 4 days ago?

By Haileigh


Most Recent Answer

By Ginger C P.07/07/2015

Yes! Go to Sally's Beauty Supplies and they will advise you on best products to use.

Question: Re-dyeing Hair

Recently I dyed my hair to red, but I don't seem to like it very much. How long do I have to wait to re-dye my hair? Will the result be good?

By Jaime


Most Recent Answer

By Deb S. [3]12/22/2011

First a lot depends on the type of hair color you used , permanent or semi-permanent? also did you just go too bright? dark? or it's just not your color? If it's too dark, mix a little peroxide (20 volume) with your shampoo and that will take some of the color out. Afterwards use a good conditioner.

If the color is wrong and you want to go lighter your going to have to do the above but let it sit on your hair for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse, dry, and you can re-dye the same day if necessary:) Always use a heavy conditioner and do the final rinse (after the creme rinse is rinsed out) in cool water.

Question: Re-dyeing Hair

Can I re-dye my hair the same day? It's alburn red, and too red for me. I can't go out of my house, I will stop traffic it's so red. Can I dye it back to brown the same day or at least the next day?

By Tami P.

Most Recent Answer

By Betty Gibson [6]11/16/2011

One bottle of hair color I bought looked "orange" was to be blonde. When I put it on my hair, it was actually orange. I used another bottle of blonde the next day, turned out fine.

Question: Re-Dyeing Hair After Removing Color

I just recently went to the salon and got black stripped out of my hair and had them dye it back to a light brown. How long should I wait to dye my hair again? I was wanting to dye it Burgundy with blonde underneath.

By PandaKiwi from Bedford, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Maryeileen [76]06/30/2010

Call the salon and ask.

Question: How Long Should I Wait to Re-dye My Hair?

I colored my hair and thought it would come out dark auburn, but it just looks dark brown. Can I color it again with a red to make it more auburn? Can I do it right away or do I have to wait?

My sister kept coloring her hair different color browns every few days because she didn't like the shade and it turned green! I definitely don't want green! Thanks to anyone who can help me!

By Scubalover from Orange, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Brigette06/25/2009

Wait! Too much dye can make your hair brittle and fragile. Just wear it up for two weeks. You'll be fine- I've had worse :/

Question: Dyeing Hair After Bleaching

Recently I had scalp bleached my hair and it is very unhealthy and brittle, and snapping greatly in some areas. I am naturally a brunette. I hate my hair like this and I regret dyeing it blonde. How long do I have to wait to dye my hair again? I am not bleaching it. I am just going to put in a semi-brunette colour.

    By page.h [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dena R. [3]06/13/2015

    There are natural hair dyes you can use that have no harsh chemicals in them. Most of them are vegetable based dyes. Make SURE you do the strand test first! But this is what we used at the hair salon I worked at. Read your labels... they will say "no harsh chemicals", "vegetable based formula".

    Question: Re-dyeing Hair After a Week

    I dyed my hair with semi-permanent dye last week and I don't like the color that I got. It's too light. Is it okay for me to dye it black after just a week?

    By Gina.C

    Most Recent Answer

    By likekinds [68]04/23/2015

    It should be OK for you to recolor your hair again, since you are going to a darker color and providing you use another shade of semi-permanent color and not a permanent 'dye'.

    Question: Re-dyeing Hair

    I have dyed my hair a dark purple, but it is lighter at the roots. I don't like it. What colour can I put on it to get rid of the purple? Thanks.

    By Lisa

    Most Recent Answer

    By PurpleHeadedGirl07/07/2015

    You could either go black/blue-black, which would cover it well and in a very natural-looking way, or lean towards a berry tone, dyeing it red. If you like the berry option, you could always try and, in case you weren't happy with the result, dye it black later.

    If you don't want to go through too many chemical processes (and I agree) you could substitute the black dye with indigo (the so-called "black henna"). It's a very long process, but healthy for your hair, and makes it look great. Also, applying pure indigo (with no other herbs mixed in), the color would look absolutely great with a purple undertone (I tried it myself, it was accidental - indigo on an old purple dye and the result was gorgeous). That's not to say that you would die or loose your hair with a mixture of indigo and other herbs, I just can't predict the results precisely, color-wise.

    Question: Re-dying Hair

    It has been about 3 months since I dyed my hair dark brown. Now I really want to get highlights or go blonde. The dark brown color has faded to a bit lighter shade over time. I want to know if this is enough time to wait to re-dye it. Will it be safe if I do it now or should I wait longer?

    By Emily M.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]12/21/2014

    If it was my hair, I would say yes. However, everyone's is different. By three months, I would have roots showing that were at least 1 1/2 inches and then I have no qualms about re-dying. If in doubt, go to a good salon. Or wait another month.

    Question: Re-Dyeing Hair

    I dyed my hair one week ago and it was supposed to be blue/black, but it came out just black. I went and purchased the right blue black color from Sally's. Do you think it would be OK to dye it a week later?

      By [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By Rose Anne Hutchence [4]05/18/2015

      I hear it's really hard on hair to dye it too often. Why not wait the usual (recommended) 6 - 8 weeks before applying the new colour? And in the meantime? Hair chalk could be fun with oodles of different colours which don't cause damage.

      Question: Re-dyeing Hair

      I just dyed my hair, and the box shows a very light (almost platinum blonde) which is the color I want, but it turned out more strawberry blonde, a color I do not want. Would it be safe to dye again with a non- bleach lightener, a product called Super Blonde in 24-36 hours?

      By Kati D. from Grove City, OH

      Most Recent Answer

      By Gale Silveira01/17/2015

      First of all if you were wanting to make your hair "platinum" blonde
      I would think your hair was darker to begin with, thus you were not dying your hair, you were bleaching your hair. The product you spoke of in your question is also a hair lightener, (bleach). I would think twice about re-bleaching so soon unless you want to damage your hair. Call a salon and ask for advice.

      Question: Redyeing Hair

      I have a problem. Since I was 19 I have dyed my hair some kind of honey blonde. Then I get bored and dyed it a light brown or just brown. Actually I just wanted the lightest brown they had, like a sandy color, to no avail.

      Now I am in my 50's and some months ago I put in the golden blonde in my hair again, it slims my face, I have a round shaped head. My son said my hair was actually more red and orange than golden blonde. So feeling like a head light I got the light golden brown Loreal and put it over the red, orange blonde hair. Well it's brown now. my son says "just brown". Then I saw the new Crème of Nature Light Carmel brown 9.2 it has Argan oil in it. I love that color! I want that color, it's perfect. I am afraid of what the underlying colors will do to this color.

      Can someone help me out please? I was also thinking about using that Color Oops on my hair, but I am afraid. The new color above has not reached this country yet. It's still in Canada and on It's $5.78 but with the tax and shipping came out to $10.97. And it takes four days to get here. The Canadian company charges $9.97 plus tax. So if I mess up I will have to wait another week to show my face outside. Can anyone help?

        By Tara G. [1]

        Question: Bleaching Before Re-dyeing Hair

        I dyed my hair about a month ago, but it didn't take the way I wanted it to. I decided to go out and buy some Splat and used it, but did not bleach my hair. I want to re-dye it with a different Splat color. Would it be safe to bleach 1st?

        By Wanda from KY

        Question: Returning Hair to Natural Color

        I wanted my hair to be blonde on top and black underneath. The blonde I picked didn't take. So I waited a month to redo it. I just dyed my hair with a very light blonde (bleach). I am not good with bleach and I have very long hair. Plus, the bottom was still black. So now I have black underneath my hair, bleached blonde in the circle of the top of my head and the rest didn't take the same so it was like orangish, with a strip of light brown that refused to bleach for some reason.

        Anyway, that was last night. This morning I tried to even it out. I was afraid to re-bleach, so I dyed it with a dark ash blonde. Now it is a total mess. It is still black underneath, still blonde in the middle of the back, with some great ash areas that took where the bleach didn't, but there is a grayish look in the middle.

        My goal at this point cause I didn't like the black anyways is to have light ash brown hair, which is close to my natural color. I dont know how to even out the top and I don't know how to get the black out. I deep conditioned after both dye jobs and I have leave in oil in it too. My scalp seems fine. I don't think I damaged it. My hair is light so I guess it is weaker, but it is really soft, not fried.

        I am not going to the salon. My hair is really long and they charge way too much money for the lenghth. Plus, I don't want to. I want to do it myself. I was thinking of bleach in shampoo which I read about. Will that even out my hair? Can I get rid of black with that?

        Please give advice, not just go to a salon, cause if I was going to the salon, I would not have gone online. Trial and error is how you learn.


        By stellaB

        Question: Redyeing Hair

        I have just dyed my hair from natural mousey brown. I used Garnier Olia permanent color with no ammonia, 9.0 light blonde, 60% oils, but it has gone gingerish. How long do I have to wait before I can redo it? Thank you.

        By Deborah

        Question: Bleaching Hair After Removing Color

        How long do I need to wait to bleach my hair after using the hair color removal product?

        By Laurie C.

        Question: Dyeing Hair and Tips

        I want to dye my hair a red and then do my tips black. I had a salon just do my tips bleached then red last year and I have a friend that is willing to do both if I just buy the product. I want it permanent. So after I dye my entire head red, how long before I can do my tips?

        By Melissa B

        Question: Dyeing Hair Blond Over Red Highlights

        I dyed my hair a dark auburn color, but I only got tints of it here and there and I hate it. I'd like to try going a dark blonde, but I'm not sure whether I need to strip the other color out or if I can just dye the blonde over it.

        By B.A

        Question: When Can I Re-dye Hair?

        When Can I Re-dye Hair?I dyed my hair from medium/light brown to honey butter blonde. The top and bangs look great, but some of the sides still look the same and it's a little patchy. I have very long hair.

        I used Garnier Nutrisse permanent dye. How long do I have to wait to and make the ends match the top?

        By Liz G.

        Question: Re-coloring Hair

        I recently colored my hair at home and it's not the color I wanted. I'm very anxious to get it to the color I want so I'm wondering how long I should wait to re-color it.

        By Emily

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