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Keeping Spiders Out of My Home

Can someone give me some ideas to help me keep spiders out of my home?

By Geraldine from Milford, CT

Recent Answers

By mollygirl44406/20/2013

Spiders hate lavender. Spray areas using a mix of lavender oil and water (1:5 or to your strength; I love lavender so mine is pretty potent). I've also used commercial sprays with lavender that have done the job. Great for your linen closet too!

Of course sprigs of lavender around would work too.

By LaurieS [8]06/17/2013

Spiders don't like peppermint. Put peppermint oil on cotton balls and set them out where the spiders come in or where you see them.

By Ace [3]06/17/2013

Try to go through your place & seal up any tiny cracks that may allow any critters to get in through. Also don't leave doors open buy for a second.

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