Making A Fleece Blanket

Three Fleece Blankets

Fleece fabric is a good choice for making a blanket, it is soft, warm, and easy to work with. This is a guide about making a fleece blanket.


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Tip: Craft: Fleece Pet Blankets

I had, by mistake, just got into making fleece blankets for pets of all kinds. I found out that even cats love the fleece feel. My sister has two dogs and one of them is a retriever. She had bought him expensive bed that looks so comfy and guess what? For Christmas, I made him a nice big blanket and he won't go off it unless he is hungry or has to go out. LOL

I am doing well with these blankets and the best thing is that the pets are very happy. Easy to care for and washable lasts for long time. Then with the scraps of fleece, I just tie them together to make a rope. These puppies LOVE to play tug a war. They too last forever and are washable. So here your pet is one happy dude.

By Jill from Lake View, NY

Tip: Making Fleece Throws

I used to be 5 foot 6 inches, but now I am possibly 5 foot 4 inches since I got old and started shrinking. I have always had trouble with the fleece throws you buy at the store. Most are not long enough for me, let alone my 6 foot 4 inch son or my 5 foot 11 inch daughter-in-law.

I stewed and fussed about this for a long time and finally got some fleece fabric in 2 1/2 yard pieces and made throws for the whole family. Since fleece doesn't ravel or fray like woven fabrics a hem wasn't necessary. I just straight stitched around all 4 edges to keep the shape of the fabric stable. If you want to you can spend all that extra money on blanket binding but that really isn't necessary.

The very best part is they love them! DH brings up what a good idea that was every time he sprawls out on the couch. I found my fabric on sale and I already had miles of thread so it didn't cost a great deal to bring all this pleasure.

By MartyD from Houston, TX

First Sewing Project: Fleece Blanket

First Sewing Project: Fleece Blanket

I made my husband and I fleece blankets for Christmas a of couple years ago. My daughter really wanted one (and I wanted her to learn to sew) so we picked this as her first sewing project since it's a very simple, forgiving project with a big fuzzy reward :)


  • 2 yd 60-inch wide fleece for front
  • 2 yd 60-inch wide fleece for back
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
First Sewing Project: Fleece Blanket

The No-Sew fleece sets are a huge savings over buying the fabric separately. The fabric store was selling the sets at 50% off, plus a 15% off purchase coupon, so I was able to get all the fabric for $12.75. Fleece fabric by the yard was running $15/yard, so the kit was a significant savings over buying the 4 yards of fabric separately.



  1. Place fabric, pretty sides together, and pin along the edges. I skipped this part when I made mine, but it's a good idea for a first project.
  2. First Sewing Project: Fleece Blanket
  3. Show your teen how to thread your machine.
  4. Start in the middle of one of the long sides. Sew about 1-inch in from the edge since the fabric will have a rough edge.

    I taught my daughter to lock the thread by going forward/back/forward, even though my machine has a lock option. I also showed her that it's actually easier to sew straight if you put the pedal to the metal rather than trying to be super slow and cautious. We also learned how to use the seam ripper!
  5. First Sewing Project: Fleece Blanket
  6. When you get to the corner, you can either sew all the way to the end of the fabric then start at the end of the short edge to sew straight, or I showed my daughter how to have the machine end with the needle in the down position and pivot the fabric.
  7. Continue all the around the blanket. Stop stitching and lock your thread about 5 inches from your starting point.
  8. Trim off extra fabric from around the edges.
  9. First Sewing Project: Fleece Blanket
  10. Pull the fabric through the hole so that the pretty sides are now facing out. You can use the eraser side of a pencil to help push out the insides of the corners.
  11. First Sewing Project: Fleece Blanket
  12. Whip stitch the opening shut. I showed Jenna how to start with the knot on the inside. Try to keep small, even, discrete stitches.
  13. First Sewing Project: Fleece Blanket
  14. Cuddle with blanket. This is her brother doing what he called a "cuddle bomb".
  15. First Sewing Project: Fleece Blanket

By Stephanie [149]

Tip: Fleece Baby Blanket

Fleece Baby BlanketThis is a fleece blanket made from 2 different patterns put together (right side out.) 1-1/2 yds each.

Cut all around edges 4-5 inches deep, 1-2 inches wide.

Tie together (I double tied this one)

By Alma

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Question: Making a Tied Flannel Blanket

I have seen the blankets or throws made of two pieces of flannel and tied together, but I don't know how to start.

Do I need to stitch them together first? Do I just cut and tie? I might like to do these for my grand children for Christmas.

pm813 from Spring Lake, NC


Most Recent Answer

By Shanea Arlene Ryerson12/01/2010

I have made several flannel blankets the same way that you would a fleese blanket, and the first time they are washed, there is a lot of threads that come off. After the first wash, they continue to hold up very well. My kids carry their flannel blankets everywhere.

RE: Making a Tied Flannel Blanket

Question: Crochet Edge Around a Fleece Blanket

What kind of tool and template is used to make holes in fleece material so that a crocheted edge can be made?

By Mary from Eagleville, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Joyce02/02/2011

Go to www.skipstitch.com and take a look at their blades. They work great and can be used with a 45mm rotary cutting tool. This sure does save a lot of time. No more punching holes and this blade makes evenly spaced holes for crocheting edges.

Question: Craft: No Sew Fleece Blanket

Can someone tell me how to make a fleece blanket with ties?

By Beka from Burlington, IA

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By mcw [80]12/24/2009


Click on video link at top of website and use the search box.

Question: Making Fleece Lap Blankets

A group of us ladies are planning to make fleece lap blankets for a local nursing home. We need to know what is a good size for those in a wheelchair. The fleece is 59-60 inches wide and we would like to make as many blankets as possible with as little waste as possible.

By Pam from Seminole, FL

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By Debbie [8] 09/28/2011

Annacakes reply is good. I have a male family member in a rehab / nursing home facility and lap blankets are great. Be sure that there are some for the men, and be sure you have some for the larger patients. If you are making for one facility, you might consider asking the activities director if they have any plus-size adults.

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Question: Making Fleece Lap Blankets

I need an easy pattern for fleece lap blankets for the elderly. I would like to make some as Christmas gifts. Could someone help me please? Thanks.


Question: Making a Fleece Baby Blanket

I need to make my baby a fleece blanket, but I only have a yard of fleece and then a yard of sheet like material. Will I still be able to make it?

By Kelly from Summersville, WV

Most Recent Answer

By Linda Kennedy [1]10/08/2010

Of course you can make it. Just use the fleece and put a blanket binding on the edges that match.

If you are in the the coldest parts of the country, you can put the sheet material on the back, use your sewing machine to stitch across it a few times to keep them even and together, and then put the blanket binding on.

Question: Making a Fleece Lap Blanket

I need directions for making a fleece lap blanket for a nursing home patient. I saw a blog about it and was instructed to contact ThriftyFun for directions. Thanks!


Question: Fleece Camping Blanket With a Hood

I am looking for a fleece blanket pattern. The blanket has a hood in the middle of the blanket on the side. I have found the same idea for camping but it is plastic and has no pattern. I have seen this idea for people who camp a lot or live in cold weather - you can use it as a throw or wrap yourself up in it with a hood for your head. I hope this description is sufficient enough. t

Thank you,
Carrell from Vacaville, California

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Most Recent Answer

By m.Thompson 12/26/2005

if you sew even a little bit this is an easy item to make.
Just take a fleece blanket or buy fleece about 54inches wide fold in half to find center.Mark with a chalk mark or a pin.
Cut (2) of a matching or contrasting color of fleece in a generous size D shape.Cut bottom of D straight across .This will be the hood. Sew the back seam (rounded part of D shape.Fold over about 1/4 to **1/2 inch on face edge of hood** and stitch in place. Press open the lower edge of back seam on hood & with right sides together,sew hood seam to center of blanket. you are done!
**If you want to you can put a cord through space seam in front has left so you can tie your hood.**
If you want send me a message and I can make one for you,if need be.

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