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Making Peach Cobbler for a Large Group

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Peach Cobbler served in a glass dish.

Fruit cobblers are an excellent dessert choice if you are serving a large group. This is a guide about making peach cobbler for a large group.



Here are questions related to Making Peach Cobbler for a Large Group.

Question: Peach Cobbler for 300

I need a simple peach cobbler recipe that I can prepare ahead to serve 300 at a church thanksgiving lunch. Any other simple recipe would suffice. Help!

By Sheela from Atlanta, GA


Most Recent Answer

By Jim [24]12/01/2010

Lilac you need to think a bit on that comment. If your recipe is for 5 people. The poster needs to feed 300. 30 cobblers will feed 150. So she needs 60 not 30.

Question: Peach Cobbler for 60

Does anyone have a recipe for a peach cobbler that will feed about 60 people? I want something quick and with as few ingredients as possible. Thank you.


Best Answer

By Robin (Guest Post)02/15/2008

Just as you can divide a recipe to make it smaller, you can multiply one to make more. Just find a recipe you like, check for the amount of servings, and multiply to come as close to 60 as possible. Very simple.


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