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Omelet in a Bag Recipes

Category Breakfast
An omelet with tomatoes and herbs.
These convenient individual omelets are great for sleepovers, campouts or quick breakfasts for the whole family. Be sure to use bags that are intended for higher temperatures. This page contains omelet in a bag recipes.


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May 22, 2011

For an omelet bar, set out various dishes containing such things as: chopped onions, red and green peppers, mushrooms, jalapeno peppers, various grated cheeses, plus one egg for each person - whatever you would like in an omelet. In the meantime, have a large pot of water filled halfway, bring to a boil, then turn down to medium-low heat.

Each person takes a small size freezer bag and puts into the bag whatever they like in an omelet, plus one egg. Squeeze gently to break the yoke and mix egg with other ingredients. Press the bag gently to remove most of the air and make certain that the bag is closed tightly.

Gently place the bag into the simmering water for four - six minutes or until the egg has cooked to your liking.

Carefully remove from the water and when you place this on a plate, you have a perfectly shaped omelet made to your liking. Numerous omelet bags can be cooked at the same time with no cooking clean-up.

This is so easy to do that when our oldest grandson was only six, we taught him to make his own.

By Elayne from Dalhousie, Nova Scotia

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September 10, 2009

This is a great recipe for feeding a large crowd at an open house or family holiday gathering! Also good for camping. No oil or frying involved. Egg beaters may be substituted



Cut the Ham in cubes and chop vegetables. Place each side ingredient in a separate bowl with a serving spoon.

Scramble 2, 3, or 4 eggs in a bowl (small, medium and large serving) and pour into a quart freezer bag.

Let the guests pick their add-ins and place a spoonful of each of their choices. Zip the bag shut, forcing as much air out as possible. Drop bag(s) into a large pot of boiling water. Boil for about 5 minutes or until egg is firm. Cut open the bag close to the omelet and spill onto a plate. Guests can add salt, pepper or hot sauce to taste.

Servings: ?
Time:30 Minutes Preparation Time
5 Minutes Cooking Time

By Marcia from Graytown, Ohio

Editor's Note: Ziplock does not recommend boiling their bags, but say that their freezer bags are microwave safe. There are no BPA concerns with Ziplock brand bags, this may not be true with off brands.

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November 3, 20060 found this helpful


  • 1 quart size freezer zip loc bag
  • 2 eggs
  • your choice of fillings (cooked ham, cooked bacon, onions, peppers, shredded cheese, etc.)
  • Salt and Pepper, to taste with other herbs of your choice
  • 2 teaspoons butter
  • 1 teaspoon evaporated milk (opt.) for a more creamier texture to the omelet.
  • 1 pot of briskly boiling water (preferably in a large stock pot or pasta pot). This pot should hold 6 quart size freezer bags.


Add ingredients in the freezer zip lock bag, close bag and release air out of bag; "massage" the ingredients until well mixed; drop into the boiling water and boil for 13 minutes only. Remove carefully from water; open bag slowly to release steam; roll omelet out of bag onto a plate.

This is a great recipe for camping or a sleep-over for teenagers. Each person can prepare their own freezer zip lock bag with the omelet ingredients. Adult supervision should be used for removal of the bags from the boiling water.

This recipe was adapted from a PBS Hunting Show.

By WandaJo from Collierville

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June 27, 20060 found this helpful

The original recipe came from PBS but I adapted it for my family.



Put all ingredients in freezer bag; squeeze bag until ingredients are well blended.

Drop into boiling water for 13 minutes only! A large stock pot can hold up to 6 quart size freezer bags. Carefully remove freezer bags after the 13 minutes; open bag at one end to release steam; open bag completely and slide cooked omelet onto plate.


By WandaJo from Collierville, TN

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January 2, 20120 found this helpful

If it's not safe to use Ziplock bags for your eggs in a bag, what do you suggest we use?


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January 4, 20120 found this helpful
Best Answer

I went to the Johnson company and this is what I read.

Ziploc® Zip 'n Steam® Microwave Cooking Bags combine the taste and nutritional benefits of steam cooking with all the convenience of your microwave.


Makes 1 Serving

3 eggs

3 fresh mushrooms, cleaned and chopped (about 1/4 cup)

2 Tablespoons shredded Gruyere or Swiss cheese

2 cherry tomatoes, quartered

1 Tablespoon butter, cut into 4 small pieces

1/8 teaspoon salt


1.Fold top edge of a Medium Ziploc® Brand Zip 'n Steam® bag out and down to keep bag open. Crack 3 eggs directly into bag. (Alternately, crack eggs into small bowl and pour into bag.)

2. Add the mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, butter and salt to the bag

3. Seal bag. Squeeze eggs to break yolks. Continue squeezing or gently shaking bag until ingredients are thoroughly combined..

4. Place bag in microwave. Cook on full power for 2 1/2 minutes or until eggs are fully cooked and firm throughout with no liquid egg remaining. If needed, continue microwaving at 30-second intervals until omelet is done.

5. Allow bag to stand for 1 minute before opening.

6 Carefully open bag and slide out omelet. Fold omelet and garnish with chopped parsley if desired.

The answer is the right bag from Ziploc

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January 4, 20120 found this helpful
Best Answer

You can use the special microwave cooking bags but do not reuse them for food again after the first use. There are also assorted types of reusable microwave egg cookers available and can be found in many grocery stores or stores like WalMart and Target. They include omelet makers, poachers, boilers and individual egg cookers. Here are photos of examples:

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January 4, 20120 found this helpful
Best Answer

Why use plastic? I have some small salad bowls. I put a tiny drop of oil in the bottom, crack an egg on the side, slide it into the bowl. Put bowl in microwave, cook. Ready for table, no extra dishes and best of all no plastic.

Frugal and healthy

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January 5, 20120 found this helpful
Best Answer

If you're going to do omelets or burritos for a group, just prep your add-ins ahead of time, put into individual bowls with spoons/forks, and scramble all your eggs at once. let everyone put however much of whatever onto their plates or a tortilla, and you're good to go. This works really well for camping trip breakfasts as well as sleep-overs.

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September 10, 20090 found this helpful

Ran across this recipe a few years ago and I am still using it.


Eggs, zip lock bag, pot of boiling water, and anything you want to put in an omelet, such as cheese, ham, sausage, onion, bell peppers, etc. Use two eggs per person (3 if they are really hungry).


Scramble eggs in a small bowl, or, in a blender with a touch of water (not milk) and blend until frothy.

Pour into a zip lock bag, add any other ingredients you like. Push out most of the air from the bag (very important) and zip it closed.

Holding the top of the bag, drop it into water that is boiling . Check the clock and let them cook for exactly 13 minutes; no more, no less.

In the meantime, gather the toast, biscuits, jelly or jam, hash browns, sliced tomatoes, etc. to go with the omelet. At the end of 13 minutes, take the bag from the water (I usually pat the bag dry with a towel), handle carefully since it will be very hot. Unzip the bag and turn it upside down above the plate and shake gently until the egg falls onto the plate. Hooray! A perfect omelet and no one will guess that you made it in a "zip"! Happy eating!

By FirstLady from Knoxville, TN


Zip Lock Omelets

Great recipe it is and works great for camping. Less clean up and everyone can make their own. Less work gotta love it. ;-)


By ~Wendola~

Zip Lock Omelets

Ironically enough, there was just an article about this in our newspaper last week. Someone had written in to the food column requesting this recipe and the food editor replied by saying that he had contacted the makers of ziplock bags regarding this "recipe". They strongly advise against making an omelette this way as their bags were never intended to be used in this manner. They are not to be dropped into boiling water. (09/11/2006)

By lovethosehounds

Zip Lock Omelets

The Zip lock bags may have not been intended for use that that way, but if you use freezer bags it really doesn't seem to both them. The regular ones do melt if not paying attention to them laying on the pot.


By ~Wendola~

Zip Lock Omelets

I have always used zip lock bags for this recipe, freezer or regular ones. They work great and I have never had one that melted from touching the edge of the pot. This is just a recipe for those who would like to use it; I would never knowingly advise anyone to use something that would harm them or their home. Remember, I have been using this recipe for many years without any problems. That doesn't mean that a person couldn't have one; it just means I have found this to be a convenient, safe way to make a dish. I do not advise anyone to try this is they have any doubts at all about it's safety.

By FirstLady

Zip Lock Omelets

A friend of mine sent a recipe like this, except it was for a microwave. I never tried it and can't find it now but it was done the same way other than the cooking method. I'm thinking though that if the bag manufacturer doesn't endorse this use in boiling water, it would cringe at the thought of using them in a microwave. I could be wrong about this; haven't contacted them about it. (09/12/2006)

By Alph

Zip Lock Omelets

Here's some "Food For Thought" Recent publications strongly state that heating different types of plastics or heating and freezing them as in dishwashers, microwaves, freezers for storing foods or freezing water bottles is causing an unseen breakdown of the plastic and the leaching of 'toxic' substances similar to estrogens, which harmful to humans. Too much of anything, not good. They're stating that the increase in certain health problems quite possibly is attributed to our widespread use of plastics to freeze and reheat foods, as well as the heated cleaning of containers in our dishwashers. It has long been recommended that no plastics are used in the microwave unless that was their intended use, this no longer applies, any plastics are seen as unsafe now. Same goes for polycarbonate/ other water bottles purchased as such. They all seem to leach out these toxins which build up in time or change the way our bodies function. Just "Food For Thought". "To Each His or Her Own". Means this is just something to read and think about, you can do as you wish. (09/12/2006)

By kidsNclutter

Zip Lock Omelets

OK, I must admit, the Ziploc Omelette does sound very COOL, Although I would not personally do it. We still store foods in plastic bags and containers, sometimes in the freezer, and use sports bottles for water. Wash them in the dishwasher. No longer do we cook or reheat foods in the microwave in plastic, we use Corelle or glass. Every little bit hopefully helps. It would be very difficult to eliminate all re-usable plastics for food in this day and age. Although I do notice more store ads for glass storage containers and non-teflon cookware. (another source of discussion recently.) (09/12/2006)

By kidsNclutter

Zip Lock Omelets

I did have one melt by trying to use it on an open flame not a house stove.


By ~Wendola~

Zip Lock Omelets

I tried this morning and was the BEST I have had, I am SERIOUS. No mess, thanks for the tip. I appreciate it very very much. Passed it on to my daughter and my sister as well. Again thanks for the recipe, appreciate it so much. (09/14/2006)

By grammaoftwo

Zip Lock Omelets

I've heard this is a great camping recipe. Be sure to take a black permanent marker so everyone can write their names on the baggie, so someone doesn't get one with ingredients they don't like.

Recently my hubby's widowed cousin wrote that he'd acquired this recipe and had tried it and it was one of the best recipes he's gotten since his wife passed on. At least we know he's eating right. (09/15/2006)

By badwater

Zip Lock Omelets

Also, a pal of ours in Colorado, wrote a couple of weeks ago, they'd tried this recipe and absolutely loved it. He said he and his wife made up a batch of the omelets and froze most of them, to have for a quickie breakfast during the work weeks. These would be much cheaper than the frozen omeletes at the market and most likely a lot better for you. (09/15/2006)

By badwater

Zip Lock Omelets

WARNING! As of August 2006, the ZIPLOC company does NOT recommend using their bags to boil food. ZIPLOC brand Bags are made from polyethylene plastic with a softening point of approximately 195 degrees Fahrenheit. When exposed to boiling water, the plastic could begin to melt. (02/23/2009)

By Maryeileen

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September 10, 20090 found this helpful

This is a fun, easy and fast way to make all those different omelets, for a family breakfast.


Put the various chopped ingredients you may want, into individual bowls. (ham, cheese, peppers, tomatoes, onions, etc.)

Give each person a ziplock freezer bag, with their name written on it in permanent marker, and 2 eggs cracked into it. Have everyone add their own ingredients into the bag they have. Zip up the bags. Now you have your individual omelets ready to cook. You can place all of the bags in a large pot of water, you have pre-boiled. Boil this for 15 - 20 minutes. You can take this time to make toast, or the rest of the meal. Each omelet will slide out of the bag, and onto the plate, of whoever created it and they all are ready at the same time! No more waiting for everyone's to be cooked, one at a time! (These can also be done in the microwave, in individual bowls.)

We do this on holidays, when we have a lot of family eating together.

By Brenda


Personalized Omelets

We too have done this for many years. It makes a GREAT CAMPING breakfast. Just slice and dice meats, cheese and veges before leaving home. store in ziplock bags until ready to assemble. Also, very good idea for scouts. (10/03/2005)

By Degerta Sue

Personalized Omelets

We also do this recipe, but our family adds what we think puts the "icing on the cake": After the omelettes are on your plates, cooked, add a tbsp of mild salsa and a tbsp of sour cream. So yummy and adds such a wonderful taste. (11/07/2005)

By gouligann

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