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Orange Soda Cake Recipes

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Adding flavored soda to cake mix is a great way to create some fun flavors. This page contains orange soda cake recipes.



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Question: Orange Soda Cake Recipe

I'm looking for a cake made with white or yellow cake mix and 12 ozs of orange soda pop. The icing is made from Cool Whip and a package of orange jello.

I made this some years ago, but don't remember if there is any other ingredients in the cake. Thanks to anyone who can help.

By Linda from Bellefontaine, OH


Most Recent Answer

By Linda L. Creech [2]03/03/2010

Hello, Yes, yes! This is it! I am a diabetic and making the cake this way cuts out so many calories and fats and extra sugars. I know by helping me you have all helped a lot of others. Thanks so very much

Linda C (signaler)


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