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Organizing Receipts

Many people receive multiple receipts each day. You don't have to save every receipt that you get, however organizing ones that you need to save is important. This is a guide about organizing receipts.

A pile of receipts.
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April 13, 2015 Flag
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I used to attach my receipts to my bank statements each month, Now I've decided to put the receipts in the junk and bill envelopes I receive. I just write the month on the outside. This way if I ever need a receipt to return something, I just go to the envelope instead of digging through my bank statements. So easy! Another idea is to use an envelope for each department store, etc.

August 16, 2016 Flag
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This is a guide about organizing receipts for taxes. Getting an keeping your tax deductible receipts organized will help when preparing your return and can help with potential refunds or lower taxes owed.

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January 6, 2010 Flag

I buy several little one dollar photo albums, the kind with clear pages, that you slip a photo in. I use these to store receipts for important purchases. It is really easy to find and store. This makes finding receipts from Wal-mart easy for me when we need to return something.


Also I unfold boxes and make them flat and store them in a plastic tub in the storage room. This way the boxes don't take up much space and if I need to return something, I just put them back together.

By Robyn Fed from Hampton, TN

October 27, 2009 Flag
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Store register receipts fade after a while. When purchasing large priced items I always photocopy the receipt and attach it to the warranty and/or owners manual in case the receipt is required at a later date to prove purchase.

By Seranita from Melbourne, Australia

June 24, 2016 Flag
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This is a guide about storing manuals and receipts. Storing large and small appliance and electronics manuals as well as receipts for other valuable purchases is a good idea.

Unorganized stack of manuals

June 17, 2016 Flag
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This is a guide about organizing debit card receipts. Keeping your receipts in order can help you make sure your purchase amounts are correct.

Using calculator to balance checkbook with a large stack of receipts


July 17, 2013 Flag

I always save my receipts from the store, so that I can match them to my bank account and make sure I was not charged a different price. I staple the like receipts together and file them, just in case.

January 24, 2008 Flag
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I have a tip for organizing your receipts for income tax. Every year in January, I get a medium brown envelope and write on it "Tax receipts 200?" (whatever year is the current one). I put all my receipts in it through the year.

August 18, 2009 Flag
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I use a photo album to keep my receipts organized. I use the kind of album where I can add more sheets to it as needed. And each sheet has 3 slots in it.

August 31, 2005 Flag
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If you need to keep a receipt for warrantees, etc. Check to see if it is printed on thermal paper. If they are, photocopy them for your records.

November 17, 2004 Flag
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To keep all your records and receipts buy a good 4 drawer filing cabinet at a yard sale or thrift shop. This saves me a lot of time. When the IRS audited me, for 2 years back, I pulled out my bank file from 2 years ago.

September 4, 2009 Flag

I am a very disorganized person, so, during the year, I stuff all my bills, receipts, and other papers needed for income taxes into an empty Kleenex box. Then I don't have to hunt for them all over the house.

September 19, 2011 Flag
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I keep receipts in a file according to purchase. I can easily find the right receipt if I need to make a return or ask for a price adjustment. I recently got a $38 refund on a baby swing two months after purchase when it went on sale.

November 28, 2004 Flag
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Keep a small coin purse in your purse and when you make a purchase put the receipt in the coin purse. You will always have your receipts with you if you need to return an item.

January 6, 2010 Flag
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I need help in organizing all my receipts. Should it be by the month or store?

Lauramac from Banning, CA


Organizing Shopping Receipts

You will never remember which month you bought something, but you're likely to remember where you got it. I have an expandable file pocket folder w/ all letters of the alphabet. You may find some letters rarely get used, where others are packed (generally which ever one starts w/ the name of your grocery store). I actually combine some of those w/ few receipts in order to give more room to the large ones. My 2 cents. (12/29/2006)

By CarlaJS

Organizing Shopping Receipts

I have a big magnetic clip on the frig which I attach receipts to in the order I spent the money. After I have too many for the clip to hold I add to a ziploc bag that is marked with the year. That's as much as I do as far as organizing receipts which probably isn't much but I reckon it's better than doing nothing. This way I can find the receipt I need....that is if I need one and usually I don't....but every now and then I do and then I'm glad I can go to the frig and find the appropriate one. (12/30/2006)

By Debbie52

Organizing Shopping Receipts

Hi everyone. Organizing receipts is important for many reasons, and I work for a company that offers a service which helps users organize both online and paper receipts on secure personal accounts online. The site is called Shoeboxed ( I encourage anyone looking to organize their financial lives to check out the site and sign up for free. We also have a new program called the Shoeboxed Mail-In program. This new development, dubbed the "Netflix for receipts" by certain press outlets allows users to send receipts to Shoeboxed for us to scan into your accounts for you. Check out everything Shoeboxed has to offer by visiting our website at
Thanks and stay organized! (01/21/2008)

By Etienne

I Use too

I've been really happy with their service. And it's free, so that's a plus. (02/19/2008)

By Danny

Organizing Shopping Receipts

I'd organize them by how you will remember it. If you had to return something, would you remember where you bought it or what month you bought it in? I do mine by store. I also just produced a video on organizing entryways and it includes a segment on receipts. Hope it helps!

If you have trouble with the link, you can also watch it for free at itunes

By Susan

Organizing Shopping Receipts

I run a few small businesses and need to keep receipts for tax reason. Because of this I keep all receipts and enter everything into QuickBooks. This helps me budget for the businesses and for personal. There are often times I will buy with personal money and the items ends up being used for business. I can do a onetime expense report at the end of the year for these items. Each Credit card is only used for ONE company. I may purchase some items at Office Depot and use 3 different credit cards at the same time.

To organize my receipts I have a small accordion folder that I place an envelope in for each credit card, check card, banking account or cash expense. I use to do it my account name but I found that when looking at the receipt all you have is the last 4 digits of the card number, so that is how I sort my envelopes. The receipts are filed in the individual envelope for that particular account with the most recent in the back. This makes reconciling the statement easier if they are in date order like the statement is. I also do this for deposit receipts from bank accounts.

Once the statement comes in I verify the receipt against the statement for any errors, they do happen but not often. Then I enter the bank statement into QuickBooks. I staple the receipts to the statement and file the Statement in my accounts Payable or Expense Section of my file cabinet in a folder with the same individual account name.

Personal receipts that I am sure I will never need again I may toss once they have been reconciled with the statement or entered in QuickBooks. If the receipt is for a warranty item I will make a copy and place it in the manual and file with all my equipment / warranty info. I will staple the original receipt to the appropriate statement and file in my expense section. At the end of the year all expenses for my small business will be filed with the taxes for that entity.

By Lin

Organizing Shopping Receipts

To answer your question, Lauramac, if you had to return something to Walmart, would you recall which MONTH you bought it in? Me neither, that's why this suggestion works great. Like some others here have mentioned, a 13-month hard-plastic file works great for us gals-on-the-go. Use the alphabet labels that come with it, but put all your favorite grocery store receipts in the front; put all the Walmart ones in the back. All others are by alphabet, such as Sam's Club, Payless Shoes, etc. File to the back of each secion; keep the file where you know...your CAR! File receipts as soon as you get back in the car and it will keep your purse neat and life almost-carefree! Get a new one each year; they are cheap at Walmart in the Office supply section. Already bought mine for '09! Happy new year, Ya'll. (12/28/2008)

By jjinyancey

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