Painting a Refrigerator

Painting a Refrigerator

Sometimes remodeling involves changing the color of your refrigerator. This guide is about painting a refrigerator.



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Question: Painting a Refrigerator

My refrigerator is a silver colour, but it is going to black in spots. So how can I give it a new look?

By Sata


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By Louise B. [6]02/20/2014

Places that paint automotives will also paint refrigerators. I don't know if there is any way to do it yourself and have a durable job. I doubt it.

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By Barbara [5]02/20/2014

I have a can of "Bar Keepers Friend" It cleans everthing (counter top's, all metal, glass, etc. I take a wet a sponge or rag and pour Dawn and a little of "Bar Keeper's Friend" on it. It does a wonderful job on what you clean. I get this prodouct at "Walmart or Lowes. I hope this helps you.

Question: Painting an Old Refrigerator

I want to paint my refrigerator white (it is now almond). Has anyone had success and what type of paint did you use?

By RealtorRose from Malvern, PA


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By florencecarole09/06/2011

I also suggest that you purchase paint that is formulated for appliances. Paints like these are designed to hold up to heat and cold without cracking and peeling.

Question: Chalkboard Painted Fridge

I want to paint my fridge with chalkboard paint. Does anyone know what kind of primer I should use? The fridge being magnetic is not important to me.

By Tiye

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By PENNY K [15]03/05/2015

I agree with the former poster. You are setting your fridge up for rust problems, because it is metal. Look for a black board the size you want, glue magnets on it, and stick it on the fridge.

Question: Painting a Refrigerator

Has anyone ever painted a refrigerator? If so, please tell me how you went about it and if the paint has held up.

By Sharon

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By April [187]06/26/2012

I painted a stove years ago by taking it to the auto body shop. I think they charged me $60 and it looked good and lasted well.

Question: Painting a Rusty Fridge

rusty fridge

I want to paint over the rust using the chalk board paint. Is that possible and how can I do it? I live in the tropics so the salty air does havoc to appliances.

    By Kilolo Blyden N. [1]

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    By Kat [7]05/15/2015

    There is actually appliance paint you can use for a refrigerator. However, if you really want to make it a chalkboard, Rust-Oleum makes a product called rust reformer, which you can spray on first to kind of halt the rust. The steps to follow are: use a fine sandpaper to remove loose rust and smooth the surface a bit; wipe with a lightly damp cloth or tack cloth, if you used a damp cloth let it dry completely. Spray on the rust reformer, let dry. Rust-Oleum also makes the chalkboard paint; it comes in black, tintable (choose from about a dozen colors), and now also transparent, so you can use any color underneath, then paint it, and *poof* it's a chalkboard! Have fun with it! Another option is to use the rust reformer all over, then mount a chalkboard with STRONG magnets. You can get really strong magnets at a home improvement store.

    Source: I work in the paint department at a home improvement store!

    Question: Painting the Rubber Seal on a Refrigerator

    I'm wanting to paint my white refrigerator black, what is the best product to use to paint the rubber seal around the doors?

    By Tami Y

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    By Louise B. [6]01/08/2015

    I would suspect that there is no product that can be used to paint the rubber seal.

    Question: Painting a Refrigerator

    My frig is rusting. Can I use a roller to paint this in the house?

    By M.K. from Lincoln, RI

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    By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]12/09/2014

    If you "fridge" is rusty, you can use Rustoleum paint and yes, you can roll it on if you use a good roller. This site will help.

    http://www.rustoleum.com/product-ca ... nds/specialty/appliance-epoxy-spray/

    Question: Having Someone Paint Refrigerator Doors

    I need to paint the door on my fridge 410 liters model, frost free Hoover brand. Where I can find someone to spray paint the doors top and bottom, because they have rust. I also need a new rubber seal for the door. My fridge is in good working good, I only need to find who can spray paint the door.

    By Ofelia

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    By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]09/24/2013

    How about you? Take the door off the hinge, lay it on a protected floor or yard and use either appliance paint, or Krylon or Rustoleum (my personal fav'). It is usually dry in an hour or so and you are set.

    If you still want someone else to do it, check out small businesses in your area on Craigslist.

    Question: Painting an Appliance with Epoxy Paint

    When using an epoxy paint on a refrigerator what kind of roller should I use?

    By Peter

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    By Frugal Sunnie [11]03/03/2012

    Napped. Good on you, too, for refreshing the appliance with paint instead of tossing it because it's not pretty anymoe:)

    Question: Painting a Refrigerator

    Is there a way to paint a white refrigerator red?

    By Bessie from McComb

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    By Deanj07/12/2011

    Sure, just scruff up the old paint,apply a primer coat and then the top coat. If you use a brush there will be brush marks. Maybe a paint roller would work. So you may want to use an aerosol paint can. I would test out your technique on a piece of metal first. Or if you could get the unit to a body shop they could paint the unit for you. A long shot is to look in the yellow pages under painting and call some of them to see if they can steer you in the right dircetion to find someone that does that type of work if you do not want to do it yourself.

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    Archive: Painting an Old Refrigerator

    How do you paint an old refrigerator?

    Kay from Nobel, LA

    RE: Painting an Old Refrigerator

    If you can afford it have a body shop do it. That kind of paint is thin and runs easily. If you are too close you have runs. If you are too far away, it looks grainy. Of course, you may be far more talented at it than me! (08/21/2006)

    By carla bledsoe

    RE: Painting an Old Refrigerator

    It depends on how good a job you want. The best way is to take the fridge to a body shop. The second is to look in the yellow pages under spraying and finishing and third if you want to do it yourself, what the previous post say is good, however, when using spray equipment be sure to cover anything you don't want the over spray to cover. (08/22/2006)

    By Dean

    RE: Painting an Old Refrigerator

    We used melamine paint and a foam roller. It has that no finger print texture. We use magnets on it often and wash when needed and it has looked great for nine years. We've also painted a range hood using the same paint for the same amount of time with the same great results. I've used melamine paint with topcoats of urethane on floors and bathroom counters; they've also lasted well. (08/22/2006)

    By Connie from Canada

    Archive: Painting an Old Refrigerator

    How do I go about painting a refrigerator? What type of paint should I use, do I need some type of primer first? Please let me know.

    Thank you,
    Denise from Oceanside, NY

    RE: Painting an Old Refrigerator

    Rustoleum has a selection of specialty paints for appliances, even a "stainless steel" look. Try their page here... http://www.rustoleum.com/product.asp?frm_product_id=33&SBL=1 (05/12/2005)

    By Guest Lady

    RE: Painting an Old Refrigerator

    I just watched how to do this hours ago on Creative Juice. Check it out on DIY.COM the website is sort of confusing, but you could try to search it. They sand it some (wipe off the dust), prime it with metal/plastic primer, and then paint (2 coats). You should look it up! I wish I could paint my fridge! (05/03/2007)

    By Starchild in VT

    RE: Painting an Old Refrigerator

    I used to sell body shops and I would often see home appliances in the shops to be painted. All of the previous suggestions are good. I can only add to wash the appliance first, if not, then you would be sanding the grime and grease into the metal. Be sure and use a primer, and the top coat should be an enamel paint if you are to do it your self. A body shop would be using enamel. If you are to do it yourself inside your home, cover everything because the spray paint will coat everything. Good luck (05/04/2007)

    By foxrun41

    RE: Painting an Old Refrigerator

    My friend took the doors off the refrigerator she wanted to paint and took them to the auto shop to get painted. That's what shows and gets the use anyway. She painted the rest herself, as per other suggestions. (06/07/2007)

    By pamphyila

    RE: Painting an Old Refrigerator

    Four years ago I bought my house and wanted a black refrigerator but couldn't afford it. I bought a nice used refrigerator for $200 and two cans of appliance epoxy paint and now have a black refrigerator. My fridge is a Westinghouse Designer Series (very nice) with inside ice maker and all the movable shelves (probably original owner upgraded to stainless steel) but now it is making a motor noise so I will do the same thing again. This time, I am going to find a brush on paint...maybe door paint by rustoleum. I don't want to deal with the over spray, otherwise it is an excellent way to go. (03/24/2008)

    By MizRich

    Archive: Painting an Old Refrigerator

    What paint do I use to paint a refrigerator that has the fingerprint proof bumps. Should I use Krylon for plastic? The refrigerator is not metal.

    Eileen from Chicago, IL