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Puppy Pees in Crate

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puppy in crate

If your puppy is peeing in her crate you will want to determine the timing and other indicators that proceed this occurrence in order to help her stop this behavior. This is a guide about puppy pees in crate.



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Question: Puppy Peeing in Crate

How can I get my puppy to stop peeing in his crate at night?

Audrey from New Jersey


Most Recent Answer

By PJ Nagaya (Guest Post)08/22/2008

My pup Russell is 4 months old Golden Retriever. He pees every night in the crate. What's funny is that I got Golden Doodle pup at the same time, and they are same age. But Doodle NEVER potty in his crate. I think its just like us. It's all about the individual. Some things work on some, but never on all.

Question: Puppy Pees in Kennel

How do I stop my 8 week old puppy from peeing in her kennel? When we first got her, I introduced her to her kennel, just like all the books say, but she still doesn't care for it too much. We had a little breakthrough when she went in her kennel twice last week to go to sleep, but since then has stopped. She sleeps in the living room in her kennel, because it's when she sees us at night that she starts whining.

I had set my alarm for every three hours to take her out, but she would still have soaked her towels. I read to not put anything absorbent, so they would feel it more. I did that, and she doesn't seem to care! My husband put her in her kennel, right after taking her outside, so he could take a shower. Twenty minutes later she had already peed in her kennel and was soaked with it!

I think it must be anxiety caused, since she didn't need to go, and she is really good about holding it a long time when she is out of the kennel. She's so smart, she's already gotten the hang of housetraining, just not her kennel? I really want this to work because our other dog is kennel trained and very happy! Any help would be great!

Starrangel85 from Dickson, TN


Most Recent Answer

By kate (Guest Post)04/16/2008

You can take him outside to pee, oh and if they whine put the radio on low volume.and put toys in the kennel . Wrap a hot water bottle in a towel and put it in her kennel, that will soothe her.

Solutions: Puppy Pees in Crate

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