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Recycled Birdhouse Ideas

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Homemade Birdhouse

Recycled materials are often a great source of supplies for making a birdhouse for your garden. This is a guide about recycled birdhouse ideas.


Solutions: Recycled Birdhouse Ideas

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Tip: Making A Bird House from a Shoe

A birdhouse made from a shoeAn easy to make and easy to clean out birdhouse. Just undo the laces to clean it out. The boot was thrown in the trash and I rescued it. Screwed the board to the sole, added the roof made of flashing and a raffia shoelace. I love it and so did a Carolina Chickadee family this year.

Source: I saw one for sale on Etsy and made my own.

By Irisbird from Lillington, NC

Tip: Recycled Birdhouse

This birdhouse was made with a recycled porch post. You could purchase a new one at your local home improvement store or search garage sales, etc. for one.

By Denise from NE

Recycled_Birdhouse289x300.jpg Recycled_Birdhouse289x300.jpg

Boot Birdhouse

Cowboy boot used to make birdhouse.

Use an old cowboy boot to repurpose as either an indoor or outdoor birdhouse. It is set up with wooden shelves ready for a nest. The dollar store hat covers the top to ward off rain. I used a sand paint that comes in a spray can to cover the old boot for a more natural look. A few screws, wood scraps, rope piece, sand paint, and foam rubber hat makes a great addition to your country decor. You can see the before and after boot in this photo.


By lnygaard [93]

Coffee Can Bird House

Coffee Can Bird HouseI took an empty coffee can, painted it orange then sponged another layer of a different shade of orange to look like stripes on the body. The face was cut out of wood scrap with a hole cut out for the mouth and then I stapled the plastic lid to the wood. I painted a face to match the body. I used L-brackets to attach a string to the top to hang the bird house. The tail is cut from foam and painted to match the body. The colors could be painted to suit your taste. I hung mine out in my yard and it has a nest inside. To clean out the bird house, just take the lid off, clean then put the lid back on.

Tip: Juicy Juice Container Bird Feeder or Bird House

Juice Bottle Bird House

I made this bird feeder from a juicy juice container. All I did was cut out the holes in the side (hot glue around the sharp edges) and some holes for the string (nylon) and the dowel rods. Paint it with acrylic paints that are waterproof.

I've had it outside now for a few weeks and needless to say, its a bird house now. A few days ago a bird started to build a nest in it. It seems to enjoy the bright colored paint on the outside. Hopefully we'll have babies soon!

I'm glad the birds enjoy it. I save all of my juice jugs now and make either feeders or houses - whatever the bird chooses.

Dana Sipe

Tip: Birdhouses from Old Latte Cups

This is an idea for a gift or a Christmas, or all year decoration. It is a good way to recycle those latte containers. Rinse out the cup and lid, and turn upside down to dry or gently dry with a paper towel, use a safe knife to cut out a round hole in the middle of the cup, like a birdhouse. Make sure and put the lid back on.

You can decorate the birdhouse with anything you want. If you want to paint it with acrylic paints, or spray paint the cup. You can use raffia or spanish moss inside to look like a real bird-house (nest) . Its fun to use fake snow on top and white glitter, you could purchase small fake birds, or put your favorite silk flowers on top. You can be real creative or simple. If you want you could arrange three different sizes on a table. Have fun and recycle.

By Kersti Brouillette from Bellevue, WA

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Here are questions related to Recycled Birdhouse Ideas.

Question: Building Inexpensive Bird Houses

My husband is on social security and unable to work. He has taken up bird watching, and would like to know an inexpensive way to build bird houses, not necessarily of wood.

By Nancy


Most Recent Answer

By Kathy05/22/2011

You can pretty much turn anything into a birdhouse, as long as it has drainage holes, a hole for them to enter and can be hung or fastened to a wall. I have seen cowboy boots, an old purse, a teapot hung from its bottom so it was on its side with the cover tilted over the top opening and glued, plastic containers (milk jugs, juice bottles, takeout containers) embellished and then painted (I've seen a trailer made from a takeout container), dried gourds, coffee cans (shade), PVC pipe ... the list goes on. Some good tips to remember when choosing materials:

* Does it contain toxic material that could harm the birds (like pressure treated wood with arsenic or something you can't clean out well enough)?
* Will the material deteriorate quickly (like a cardboard)?
* Does it have sharp edges?
* Will it get too hot inside (like cans which should only be used in the shade)?
* Once together, will you be able to clean it out?

Question: Ideas for Tin Can Birdhouses

I am looking for ideas on how to make tin can birdhouses.



Most Recent Answer

By Evelyn Rios [2]05/20/2008

Please please don't re-use empty cans for any reason. Nearly all cans nowadays have a toxic plastic material called Bisphenol A (BPA) inside them to keep the metal can from affecting the taste of the food. Unfortunately the BPA is the same as has been used to make baby bottles and many other hard plastic water bottles.

BPA has been linked to breast cancer and early puberty in women and when they tested very low doses on mice and rats they found the same plus diabetes, enlarged prostate and prostate cells prone to cancerous changes among the many health problems it can cause. The food that is in these cans is also contaminated by the BPA. Google BPA or check out Wikipedia's BPA page and it will make you not want to eat anything in cans anymore, period.

Of course the chemical companies all say that the fears are unjustified just because a few rats and mice get sick doesn't mean anything. Sound like Big Tobacco some 20-30 years ago, huh? When the can is heated by the sun it could release up to 50 times more BPA than normally released into the area inside the can. I'm sure a baby bird (not to mention the momma bird) is at least as sensitive as a rat or a mouse and wouldn't want to be responsible for harming any creature with our chemical waste more than is already being done in our dump sites and polluted waterways.

Question: Can I Use a Plastic Coffee Container for a Birdhouse?

Could an empty 2 pound plastic coffee container be used to make a bird house? How could I do it?

Judy R. from LeRoy, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Lisa L. Potter [3]12/31/2008

here is another pic. The front came from a thrift store but could be easily made with a jigsaw and a dremel for the detail

RE: Can I Use a Plastic Coffee Container for a Birdhouse?

Question: How To Make A Bleach Bottle Birdhouse

Does anyone know how to make a bleach bottle birdhouse with mortar and rocks on the outside?

Mavis from hometown Michigan

Most Recent Answer

By Maryeileen [76]07/21/2007

Plastic is porous and would retain some of the bleach, so I don't know if a bleach bottle is a good thing to be used for a birdhouse, or anything else. I personally would not reuse a bleach bottle due to the toxicity of bleach. Just my 2 1/2 cents!

Question: Looking For 2 Litre Bottle Birdhouse

Does anyone know how to make a birdhouse wind spinner where you cut the sides of a soda bottle in several places, string fishing line up through the bottom. It has an artificial bird through the fishing line and when the wind makes it spin the bird almost sounds like it's chirping? i saw one a long time ago and would love to make one, please help.

Tammy in Florida

Most Recent Answer

By lynn05/24/2006

i've been looking for the how-to of this project too, with no luck, so if you find some instructions, please share :)