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Remedies for Itchy Scalp

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Woman with Itchy Scalp

Dandruff shampoos are not necessarily helpful for itchy scalp without flaking. This is a guide about remedies for itchy scalp.


Solutions: Remedies for Itchy Scalp

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Tip: Oils to Prevent an Itchy Scalp

As a remedy to prevent an itchy flaky scalp, try emu oil, coconut oil or olive oil. Any one of them works great!

    By jessie.ofarrell1 [4]

    Tip: Causes and Treatment for Itchy Scalp

    Many different medicines can cause your scalp to itch. There isn't any long term remedy for this.

    There are some scalp conditions that can cause your scalp to itch, such as psoriasis. Dandruff usually will not cause your scalp to itch. Medicine is the often the culprit.

    Sea Breeze applied topically is very good to calm the itch, temporarily.

      By hopeful [26]

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      Here are questions related to Remedies for Itchy Scalp.

      Question: Causes of Itchy Scalp Other Than Dandruff

      My scalp is extremely itchy, there is no dandruff. I just started using a new shampoo and conditioner. I have used this shampoo and the conditioner before, but it's been awhile. Could it be the cause of my itchy scalp?

      By Kaitlyn


      Most Recent Answer

      By Kathy [60]09/03/2011

      Are you on any medications? Sometimes certain meds can cause dry, itchy scalp. If you are on any medication, check with the pharmacist not the doctor. The pharmacists are usually much more knowledgeable than doctors and more willing to answer your questions I might add. Also, are you rinsing the shampoo out real well. You'd be amazed at how much shampoo residue is left on your scalp after shampooing. Hope this helps.

      Question: Remedy for Severely Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss

      I have been suffering with a severely itchy scalp and hair fall for the past few weeks. I have thyroid problems and recently had a regular thyroid check. The doctor said that the thyroid levels are normal and to get an another regular checkup after a year. All of sudden I was facing the severely itchy scalp and hair fall problem. So, what should I do now? Should I consult my endocrinologist or do I have to go through some home remedies like changing shampoo, etc.?

      By Mansi


      Most Recent Answer

      By Diane [12]06/19/2011

      It definitely sounds like a reaction to the medication. I would highly recommend asking your doctor to adjust your meds or try a different treatment. I also suggest looking for a good chiropractor. Thyroid problems can be caused by a pinched nerve in the neck. It may be as simple as a few chiropractic treatments to get your thyroid functioning again, then you won't have to worry about the meds at all.

      Question: Shampoo for Itchy Scalp

      I have natural grey/silver hair. I am having trouble with itchy scalp. Is there a shampoo out there that will help, without turning my hair yellow?

      By Charlotte

      Most Recent Answer

      By Nancy McGuire [3]07/19/2011

      I have itchy scalp and salt and pepper hair color. I found Head and Shoulders Itchy Scalp with Eucaliptus to be very effective.

      Question: Remedies for an Itchy Scalp

      I have extremely itchy scalp, no dandruff, and thinning hair; any suggestions?

      By Carol from Aragon, GA

      Most Recent Answer

      By Noella [9]03/27/2010

      It looks like you have some great ideas for itchy scalp. I too have thinning hair and have started taking a vitamin called High Potency Stresstabs with Energy from Wal-Mart. This was recommended by a customer at my hairdresser's. She was remarking about how it had helped her hair thicken. I can see a difference already and my husband even mentioned to me that my hair seemed to be thickening. It will take at least 6 months to see a BIG difference, but I finally have hope for my thinning hair.

      Question: Itchy Scalp After Coloring

      I have never had an issue with itchy scalp until I had my hair colored at a different shop other than my normal gal. I don't have dandruff, never did, and I'm shampooing with the same stuff I've used for years.

      24 hours after my color, the itching was so bad that I washed and conditioned at 2am! I now have sores from scratching and it keeps me up all night. It seems that the itch is mostly on the back of my head where I think she left the color on much longer than usual. If this was an allergic reaction, wouldn't it be gone after three weeks? Or maybe the dye "burned" my scalp? Either way, has anyone gone through this before? I am going crazy!


      By Julie R.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Kat [7]02/23/2012

      You definitely should see a doctor or dermatologist. Do you know if the same brand was used at the new salon? Was it the same shade? If not it could have caused the reaction. Also if it was the exact same thing you usually get, you could have developed an allergy to it. Or, the person rinsing may not have rinsed it all out, even though it may have appeared so. Because you had it so bad at the neck area, that seems the most likely problem, not rinsed well enough.

      An allergic reaction would have completely gone in about a week especially since you shampooed it again, but a secondary infection from all the scratching, which you may have even done in your sleep, could still be causing the itching and irritation. It is also possible that some unfamiliar styling aid used right after the colors caused the reaction, since the scalp is more sensitive right after any chemical service. Good luck, and see a doctor for treatment.