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Remedy for Dog's Itchy Skin

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Remedy for Dog's Itchy Skin

Dogs can suffer from itchy skin. This is a guide about a remedy for dog's itchy skin.


Solutions: Remedy for Dog's Itchy Skin

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Tip: Listerine Itch Spray for Dogs

Does your dog itch and make their skin so raw? Well, our little Stubby was and it was just horrible until we mixed the following:

  • 1/3 water
  • 1/3 baby oil (to soften the skin)
  • 1/3 Listerine (the regular brown type)

Put this into a spray bottle and spray (of course away from the eyes). In a couple of days, you should see a lot of difference. For Stubby, this has made a big difference. Hope this helps your little ones.

Tip: Use Epsom Salts for Dog's Itchy Skin

My Maltese, Molly, had awfully itchy skin, so after spending hundreds of dollars on treatment I tried Epsom salts in her bath water, and it did the trick. She also had a badly infected eye from rubbing her face on the ground to ease the itching, this has also cleared up much to our relief. I put a handful of Epsom salts to the bath water, and if it's a bad case rinse twice making the last rinse another one with salts in it.

By Suanne from Australia

Tip: Check for Food Allergies If Your Pet Has Itchy Skin

Bichon under blanket.If your pet has allergies and you find him/her scratching and licking and having "hot spots" remove one item at a time from their diet for at least 3 weeks. If that doesn't work, remove another and another until you find it. It took me almost a year to learn my Bichon was allergic to rice. Now we eat holistic food and we're happy campers. Can you tell how much Marley loves to play now?

By Lynne from Sharon, Wisconsin

Tip: Pet Bath for Itchy Skin

For dry, itchy skin and shedding, give your dog an oatmeal bath.

Editor's Note: Pulverize one cup of oatmeal into powder in your blender and add to the tub, filled with lukewarm water up to the middle of your your dog's chest.

By A Alexander from NV

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Here are questions related to Remedy for Dog's Itchy Skin.

Question: Treating a Dog's Skin Infection

My Pit/Blue Heeler, Nyla, has had a skin infection for almost 4 months. It is on her neck, vulva, stomach, inner leg, armpits, and under her eyes. She came back from a 2 week stay with a dog sitter with a very bad flea infestation. It took 2 months to cure. Right after that she started to lick and bite to the point of blood. Only when she licks I can see puss blisters. I believe the infection started from her backside, seeing how she jumps up as if something is biting her.

I took her to the vet ($300), they gave her antibacterial shampoo and spray, steroids, and antibiotics. For a week her skin started clearing up and fur started to grow, but after that the progression stopped. The medicine never stopped the itching so I bought a funnel for her. Then someone told me about apple cider, vinegar, peroxide, and water mix. I put it on her and I started to see mild visible red spots. The next day I tried again and one minute later for the first time I felt hot spots and her ears were hot. I don't know if it was the mix, or the infection itself fighting against the mix. I'm scared to keep using the mix. I'm at my wits end seeing her suffer. I need help please! Thanks in advance.

    By cryatal walker [1]


    Best Answer

    By Dinah Ackerson [2]04/28/2015

    *Have you returned to your vet for a recheck and other possible treatment - important to do so?
    *Your dog may be allergic to something in her environment-smoke, cleaning chemicals, detergent, soap, scent sprays, etc., could be many things you may not think are a problem.
    *Consider removing her from your home and boarding her for a few weeks, or perhaps a relative or friend could care for her. If she improves, you will need to consider everything in your house and outside as possible problems.

    Question: Remedy for Dog's Itchy Skin

    I have an almost 2 year old Neo Mastiff. Lately he has been scratching and nibbling at his skin around his butt, his back legs, and hips. He has scratched so much in one spot it is raw and red and the fur is very thin.

    I have been giving him, antihistamines as I had thought it may be caused by the pollen in the air, but have had no luck helping him. I live on a dairy farm and have been giving him milk which he absolutely loves, but am thinking he may be allergic to this as I know other dogs are. Could someone please suggest a home remedy as I am unable to take my poor boy to the vet at the moment.

    By T J


    Most Recent Answer

    By Ce [4]08/29/2013

    I have never used this product but it might be worth looking into. The web site is
    Hope this helps.

    Question: Remedy for Dog's Itchy Skin

    Close up of small black and white dogI am hoping to find a home remedy for my dog's itching. My dog is scratching herself raw and I'm unable to take her to the vet at this time. I was hoping for a home remedy that would help. Thank you.

    By Dru from Newburgh, IN

    Most Recent Answer

    By Mandy06/13/2011

    Our chihuahua had this same problem on her back. We tried several things, cortisone cream, steroids, special shampoos, sprays, etc. It would clear up and then come back within months. We did some research and decided to change her diet to exclude all wheat. We've been doing this for about two years now and she hasn't had even one bad itchy spell. It seems to be working for us, give it try, hopefully it will work for you too.

    Question: Remedy for Dog's Itchy Skin and Accompanying Odor

    My baby girl is my 11 year old Toy Poodle. I have had her since birth. Approximately 5-6 years ago, she began suffering from severe itching and an awful odor that followed her scratching herself. No vet can give me a diagnosis or a lasting remedy. Medications are very temporary. I cannot watch her suffer any longer. Please help my baby girl. Our sincere thanks.

    By Michele C and baby girl from Yulee, FL

    Most Recent Answer

    By Ce [4]12/25/2011

    Both my girls use to chew their feet until they were raw and inflammed. Took them to the vet. Vet said they had allergies. Vet told me to stop giving them chicken and beef cause most dogs are allergic to these products. He said the best thing to give them is lamb, duck and sweet potato.

    He also told me to give them animal fish oil, not human fish oil.

    I did change their diet and started them on fish oil and in no time the itchy feet stopped and never had a problem since.

    To help them out to relieve the itchy feet, I would soak their little feet in epsom salt. This stuff is great cause it draws all the toxins out of the body through the skin. Most people don't know the skin is the largest organ of the body. A word of caution, do not let your pet drink the epsom salt water.

    I got a plastic container, like the ones you put under the beds but smaller, filled it up with warm water just enough to get the dog's feet soaked, put the epsom salt, then put the dog in with all four feet in the water.

    Try to keep the dog in for as long as they will let you. I also got a cup and would pour the warm water on her leg which she enjoyed and helped her to stay in the water. Hopes this helps you as much as it helped me and my girls.

    Question: Treating Dogs with Dry Skin

    Woman and her dog.I recently read that 1/3c baby oil, 1/3c Listerine and 1/3c warm water is an amazing treatment, but what exactly does the Listerine do?

    By Sara

    Most Recent Answer

    By shinemathew51602/08/2014

    Listerine is an astringent for just dry skin increase the omega fatty acids. Olive oil 1 tsp. on dry kibble does the trick for my chronic dry skin Labrador. Or use fish oil tabs.

    Question: Dog With Skin Allergies

    Peach is a 9 year old Maltese. She has been suffering from allergies for about 4 years. She also has pancreatitis, so she has to eat only special veterinarian food (Eukonuba Intestinal). We have tried every available shampoo here in Israel. The last 2 years we have bought a huge amount of special shampoos and were disappointed again and again. It seems that no shampoo will work for her. We bath her every 2 months or so, when she is really dirty. Any ideas what we can do? Maybe she is allergic to water?

    By Rachel C.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Cisco's Mom [5]11/19/2013

    Ask your vet if your dog has seborreah. Does she feel oily, smell terrible and scratch constantly. If she does, please try Dinovite. It is a food supplement you can buy on line. We spent over $5,000 on vet bills, shots, medication, medicinal shampoos, etc. I have a closet full of remedies and nothing worked. After being on Dinovite for 4-5 weeks everything changed. People stop us on the street to tell us how beautiful he is. I would love to know how you make out.

    Question: Remedies for Dog's Summertime Itchy Skin

    Dog sleeping on the floor.My 3 year old Australian Cattle dog mix starts itching around August every year then stops with cold weather. It seems to be an overall itch. His skin isn't red or anything, but you can tell he is miserable with scratching. My other dog doesn't have this problem so we're not sure if something in the yard is the culprit. We've tried oatmeal bath and Benadryl - no success. Today it'll be Epsom salts. Anyone have a hint?

    By Trudy R.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Ce [4]09/05/2013

    Sounds like your poor dog may be having an allergic reaction. You may want to try this product from

    Question: Beagle Puppy Has Severe Itching

    I have a 50 day old beagle. Suddenly he has developed severe itching on the back and sometimes bites his hind feet. He had fleas when we got him and I removed all of them. Earlier he didn't have any itching problem but suddenly it developed and now it is very severe. Any possible causes you can think of?

    Anay from Mumbai, India

    Most Recent Answer

    By Judy Z.07/16/2013

    Most hunting dog breeds secrete oil from their skin to help their fur repel water. This also caused their extreme itching problems. I just started the fish oil, but we have gotten some relief by shampooing her withe tail and mane shampoo (it gets rid of a great deal of the oil) every two weeks. Lots of brushing helps also by getting rid of all the excess fur they shed. and baby powder in between shampoos. Oh yes, and the benedryl. That helps a lot with her itching. It is the nature of these dogs. You just have to keep up with a routine. Also keep their bedding free of their fur by running through the dryer once or twice a week. (It also gets rid of dust mites)

    Question: Remedy for Itchy Skin On Dog

    I have a 4 year old dog. She is part Shih Tzu and part Yorkie. I have been putting virgin olive oil mixed in with her food. I use 1/2 teaspoon to one cup of food. I keep her groomed and clean. They have changed her food thinking she is allergic to the food. She still scratches and she also gnaws at her feet. She does not have fleas. I have given her Benadryl, but it only makes her sleepy. Please help.

    By Brenda L.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Patricia Nicholas [13]01/16/2013

    One of the most common reasons for dogs to have itchy skin and chew on their feet is a yeast infection. There was a great article about it posted on here a little while ago from The Great Dane Lady.
    This helped me with my dog who has suffered from this ailment for years. It breaks my heart to know she suffered so long needlessly. but even if this isn't your dogs problem, there is lots of imformation on other allergies and health issues that could be causing the itching.

    Question: Dog with Itchy Skin

    How do I help my Chihuahua to stop itching?

    By Carolyn from Spokane, WA

    Most Recent Answer

    By CaroleeRose [54]08/30/2011

    I've had a similar situation with our Rosie and discovered she was actually allergic to the corn and some of the grains in her dogfood.

    She's now on Lamb and Rice for $49.99 a bag for 35 pounds compared to feeding her Pedigree $22.00 for 40 pounds. We have 3 dogs and we had to start feeding it to all of them because the other two thought Rosie was getting something so much better.

    For our budget that is very expensive but on the other hand we're not taking her to the Vet and her skin is better. I then noticed every time she came back inside from being out in the yard she was still chewing on herself and started to pay close attention to her every move and actually figured it out.

    Rosie has a reaction to Pine Needles and only during the warmer months. During the winter when everything is basically dead in the backyard she's fine.

    Per our Vet, she gets 2 Benadryl in the morning and 2 at night. Also when she comes back inside I can actually see hugh red blotches and tiny bite marks and sprinkle Gold Bond Extra Strength Medicated Body Powder".

    It's Triple Action Relief, * cooling, * absorbing and * itch relieving.
    It greatly soothes all the redness.

    I spray our yard but even so as long as we have Pine Needles it's a problem we will always deal with. The border of our entire backyard is nothing but Pine Needles. I rake them up twice a year and my two other dogs have no issues with it.

    RE: Dog with Itchy Skin

    Question: Dog Is Itchy After Being Groomed

    I adopted a shih tzu and her fur was very matted so I took her to the groomers. They had to shave some parts close to her skin due to the fact that she was so full of knots in her fur. Later when I brought her home she kept licking her private spot and her paws and sometimes she rubs her butt on the rug. She never did that before she got groomed. Any answers? Thanks.

    By katsmeow5256 from Macedon, NY

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dorie Crews [2]09/18/2009

    Hi, I have the same thing happen with my two adopted poodles. I even bought special shampoo for the dogs. I take warm clean cloth and gently rub it all over the dogs. Continue to do this, especially on their face and paws.
    When they are clipped close, it burns for a couple days.

    Tell your groomer NOT to use ANY shampoo or conditioner with perfume in it..use all natural shampoos. You could also make a very mild solution of teaspoon of baking soda to a quart of warm water and wipe her down with that.
    Hope this helps.
    Dorie, Algoma, WI

    Question: Dog Is Scratching and Licking

    swollen red skinMy dog Daisy, keeps scratching and licking her private area. I notice it is swollen there. What can I do?

    By Lisa B.

    Most Recent Answer

    By ilovesophie [20]04/07/2015

    Please take the poor dog to a vet. It's obvious the dog is suffering. How would you like your bottom to look like this? He may have infected anal glands or a host of other things all of which need treatment by a VET.

    Question: Remedy for Fleas and Itching

    My dog has fleas. I gave him a flea bath, but he is still very itchy. What home remedy could I give him to help relieve his itch? The poor thing can hardly sleep.

    By K

    Most Recent Answer

    By Bernie [1]04/06/2015

    I have used Dermapaw for my dog, it was effective. I had tried a diet change and Benadryl before, but without success.

    Question: Dog Itching and Chews Herself

    My dog Chelsea is 9 months old. She is a chocolate Lab. She started itching about a month ago and I really wish I knew why. She bites her stomach around her belly button and now it's all pink and broken open and nasty looking. She also bites around her privates and it looks gross there too. I don't feed her anything unusual so I don't think it's that. I found one flea on her, but I'm pretty sure she is not infested. I bathe her with oatmeal flea shampoo and use the stuff you put on their neck. And if it was fleas, she would have been itching earlier. This started like a month ago. I'm just confused. I guess another vet visit is coming! Someone help haha.

    By Savannah

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]03/06/2015

    If you dog does have a food allergy check this site for recipes and suggestions. There are a lot of posts on that subject. Good luck.

    Question: Dog's Skin Condition

    I just visited my niece who has a rather large, medium-length haired dachshund/lab mix with a severe skin condition. The poor dog just bites and rolls around making agonizing sounds trying to relieve his itches. Parts of his leg and back are just raw.

    My niece has had him tested for allergies (he's allergic to grasses, weeds, flowers, pretty much everything outside), and the only suggested relief was that he go on steroids. She's afraid to do that because of the effect on his liver, kidneys, etc.

    She's also tried many over-the-counter remedies from pet stores, did research on the Internet, and has asked everyone she knows. Nothing seems to help. ThriftyFun readers, does anyone have some suggestions? We would really appreciate any thoughts. He's such a love, and sure an "unusual" looking dog!

    By Caseye

    Most Recent Answer

    By Marcie [5]08/14/2014

    I had a dog with skin allergies. There is a medication called Temaril-P developed at a Vet school just for dogs. It is a combination of antihistamine and steroids and works very well. Because it has a lower amount of steroids than regular Prednisone, the dog can take it for a longer time and it is easier on the liver. Our dog took it for several years during late summer and early autumn and did very well. He also took an antihistamine called Hydroxizine. Good luck!

    Question: My Dog Has Itchy Skin

    My dag is a one year old Chihuahua/Poodle. She mainly has the hair of a Poodle. She got really matted so I finally took her to get groomed. They had to shave her almost to her skin. As soon as I brought her home I noticed she wouldn't stop itching. I thought maybe she had a reaction to the shampoo they used on her so I rinsed her off. Few days later I noticed she had licked her private area raw. And she scratched her head so much she has marks all in her ears too. I try putting on coconut oil, but she just licks it off and it doesn't seem to be helping. She doesn't have fleas and it's not her dog food she was fine before the grooming.

    What could it be? Dry skin?

    And what can help? Any good home remedies?

    By Alex

    Most Recent Answer

    By shyney.shack04/07/2015

    If haircut too short its prickley for my poodle cross.

    Question: Treating Our Dog's Itchy Skin

    My friend's dog Ginger is a mixed Lab and has a very bad itching problem on her lower back and it is spreading to her tail and other areas. She does have problems with fleas occasionally, but even when we get rid of those she chews herself like crazy. We think it has to do with dry skin, but aren't sure. How do we get the itching to stop using a home remedy because we can't afford the vet right now? The fleas come and go, but if there is any way to get them gone for good also please let us know. Thank you.

    By Chelsey

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]12/01/2013

    You are right to suspect fleas. Some dogs are allergic to flea bites and one or two bites can set off a week of chewing. So make sure she is protected from fleas ALL the time, not just occasionally. The other thing to consider is a food allergy. It causes the same kind of chewing. There are may good posts on this site that explain food allergies in dogs. You might try different foods for dogs with allergies and see if it clears things up. And have your friend start a fund that she contributes to on a regular basis for those necessary trips to the Vet.

    Question: Natural Remedy for Dog's Itchy Skin

    We have a rescue Chiwennie that we love dearly. Our problem with her is she licks and chews her feet and pads until they are infected and smell horrible. I know she itches, the vet gives her steroid shots, however, they wear off before she can have another shot to relieve her distress. He thinks she is allergic to grass.

    What can I do to help her "naturally"? (no drugs) I do bathe her in a special shampoo that is supposed to relieve itching, that helps some. Any suggestions from the pet lover community? Thanks.

    By missysmom from Nokomis, AL

    Most Recent Answer

    By Ce [4]12/25/2011

    Both my girls use to chew their feet until they were raw and inflammed. Took them to the vet. Vet said they had allergies. Vet told me to stop giving them chicken and beef cause most dogs are allergic to these products. He said the best thing to give them is lamb, duck and sweet potato.

    He also told me to give them animal fish oil, not human fish oil.

    I did change their diet and started them on fish oil and in no time the itchy feet stopped and never had a problem since.

    To help them out to relieve the itchy feet, I would soak their little feet in epsom salt. This stuff is great cause it draws all the toxins out of the body through the skin. Most people don't know the skin is the largest organ of the body. A word of caution, do not let your pet drink the epsom salt water.

    I got a plastic container, like the ones you put under the beds but smaller, filled it up with warm water just enough to get the dog's feet soaked, put the epsom salt, then put the dog in with all four feet in the water.

    Try to keep the dog in for as long as they will let you. I also got a cup and would pour the warm water on her leg which she enjoyed and helped her to stay in the water. Hopes this helps you as much as it helped me and my girls.

    Question: Itchy Dog

    I have a two year old Pomeranian. Last year at this time he broke out in hot spots all under belly and bad in pits of legs. Went on a vegetarian dog food. We did tons of meds from vet by mouth and shampoos and sprays. He lost almost all of his hair underneath.

    It finally went away and now same time as last year it's back. He scratches it till it bleeds. Tons on speckled red splotches everywhere. Under his neck is the worst. Help please.

    By Lisa M.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]01/14/2015

    Did you recently fertilize your lawn? I had a friend with a wiener dog who had to put a muzzle on his dog every spring because it had a "seasonal allergy" and would chew himself raw. I suggested he switch to organic fertilizer for his lawn and voila! No more allergy and no more muzzle.

    Question: Remedy for Dog's Itching and Bad Smell

    Our 3 1/2 year old English Lab has had skin and yeast infections continuously for at least a year or more.

    In the summer it is especially bad. He's in the pool all week and the lake all weekend. The areas that hold the moisture best (i.e. neck folds, genitals, and between his toes) are the worst. Each time he scratches the odor is intensified. He reeks.

    The vet has given us steroids, antihistamines, antibiotics, creams, and pills of all sorts. We have seen little to no improvement. Any improvement from treatments lasts until the antibiotics are finished.

    Furthermore, the skin on his neck has reached a blackened color and he continually has ear infections. Other areas such as his genitals and paws are red from irritation. Keeping him out of the water doesn't help a whole lot - in the winter, the problem persists despite his inaccessibility to water.

    The otherwise blissfully happy Lab is clearly in discomfort and he smells awful. He itches and scratches relentlessly and I hate to see him so uncomfortable. Any suggestions?

    By Lindsey C

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lisa Stevens N.10/10/2014

    My GSD suffers from a yeast infection and allergies (beef and rice) and he has seizures when he gets in yards that have been sprayed or use chemicals. Do NOT give them antibiotics - it just makes it worse. I have switched to a homemade diet which has helped wonders but we are still battling and trying to figure out what his seasonal allergies are. For the ears I use a mixture of alcohol and vinegar and I wish I could help you with the skin part- still figuring that one out for myself!

    Question: Using Skin Eze on Dog's Itchy Skin

    Is the Skin Eze spray toxic to my dog?

    By Teresa

    Most Recent Answer

    By NEWFIEGIRL [8]02/15/2014

    The person you should be asking this question is your Dog's best friend called a veterinarian.

    Question: Treating a Dog's Itchy Skin

    I have a 8 year old black Lab and she has a very itchy back (just above her tail). Her skin is fine and she has no fleas or worm. Does anyone know what it could be or know how to help her?

    By Sam

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]11/26/2013

    Your dog may be allergic to something in her food. There are many good posts on this on this web site.

    Question: Dog Scratching and Licking His Belly

    My dog is a Rat Terrier/Red Heeler mix (white with reddish brown spots). He weighs about 22 lbs. He scratches and licks his "belly" and legs a lot. He eats some dry food, chicken in gravy and beef in gravy. Could this be an allergy to the canned chicken and/or beef. The weather here in Mississippi is humid and he gets out in the dew, could this also be a factor? He likes to stay in the shade not in the sun except when it is cold.

    By Mary L. from Purvis, MS

    Most Recent Answer

    By Rose C Portz [1]05/17/2013

    This could be a mold problem too. Wipe his belly and legs with witch hazel once a day see if that helps.

    Question: K9 Advantix Made Dog Itch

    I used K9 Advantix on my 7 month old Yorkie. She is itching at the application site. What can I do?

    By Beverly from Hardy, AR

    Most Recent Answer

    By Robin Harrison04/04/2011

    Try a non-topical, non-insecticide product like Comfortis. My vet highly recommends it for fleas and ticks. It is a bacteria based formula that comes in a chewable form. I have been using it for a few years with great results!

    Question: Dog Licking Surgery Site Raw

    My dog had his tail shaved due to surgery and now he has an area where he has licked it raw, it is driving him crazy. What can I do to soothe the pain, til I get him a no bite thing to put on his face so he can't lick it anymore. Please help!

      By Tammy I. [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By 4TruLady [7]07/13/2015

      I don't mean to be antagonistic, but why on earth did your vet send your pooch home without one of those cone collars?

      Question: Remedy for a Dog With Itchy Ears

      My Malamute Husky mix keeps scratching around his ear and I need help making him feel better.

      By Mary Jane and Kilti

      Most Recent Answer

      By Dinah Ackerson [2]03/24/2015

      From your description, your dog may have ear mites and needs veterinary treatment. Please take your dog to your vet now so the vet can diagnose the problem and provide prescription treatment to kill the bugs. The site from ASPCA below provides more information.

      Question: Remedy for Dog's Itchy Skin

      My dog gets attacks of sudden itching around the rump and stomach. There are no fleas, etc., but I've noticed that when he gets these periods of itching he also shakes his head as if his ears are bothering him and there's nothing to see there either, no redness.

      By JP

      Most Recent Answer

      By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/27/2014

      Clearly something is bothering your dog. He may have two or more problems if he itches in his rump and stomach area and also shakes his head. If you are not certain of the problem and have a solution, suggest you take him to your vet for an evaluation as he is suffering.

      Question: Skin Rubbed Raw From Training Halter

      I brought a training halter for my Labrador, to stop her pulling on the lead. It worked very well. After three days she has rubbed under her front legs, and has licked it so much that it is red raw and weeping. Is there something I can put on it to make it heal?

      By Rhonda

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]11/08/2014

      She will keep licking to keep it clean. Remember she will likely lick off anything you put on it. If it doesn't begin to look better you may have an infection. In that case you should see a Vet. You could also use an Elizabethan collar to keep her from licking medication off the wound. Some of the large pet stores carry them and your vet would have one. Remember wounds heal more quickly if exposed to the air.

      Question: Puppy With Itchy Skin

      I have a 5 month old Pit puppy who is always itchy. What can I do to stop the itching, a home remedy? I've tried oatmeal shampoo.

      By Nickie

      Most Recent Answer

      By Abigail A. [8]12/03/2014

      First of all, you can try a grain-free, soy free food. This could be an allergy. If that doesn't help within two weeks, switch to a food that has oils added, such as fish oil or avocado oil.
      Good luck.

      Question: Food Ideas for Yorkie With Itchy Skin

      I have a mature male Yorkie that has a bad odor and itches day and night. He tries to scratch his back on any and all furniture and bites himself till he's raw. I've tried oatmeal shampoos, vet injections, and pills and had very temporary or no solution found. I brush him and it helps, but that's temporary too. I was told it may be diet related. I wonder if you can advise me whether to go with a store product or try a home solution and in either case advise best choices.

      By YB from Philadelphia, PA

      Most Recent Answer

      By Diane9910/12/2014

      We used to have a cocker spaniel with the same problem. She was allergic to wheat, and it is in almost all dog foods. I started cooking extra table food for her every day, and she never had another episode.

      I combined meat, potatoes and veggies in a blender, and she cleaned her dish. She had scrambled eggs and sausage with us for breakfast. She lived 12 years and never had any type of illness.

      Question: Itchy English Bulldog

      My 7 1/2 month old English Bulldog has a few pimples on her lower lip and neck. Also, I just noticed tonight that she has been chewing on 1 paw and it is very red between her toes. How can I help her from scratching her paw and neck? Thanks.

      By Mary from Newfoundland, Canada

      Most Recent Answer

      By cmburgan [1]08/05/2014

      She may have a grass allergy. Dogs with grass allergies may also be allergic to wheat in their foods.
      Also, if you have used fertilizer on your lawn recently or a new home cleanser or detergent to wash the dog bed, that could be the problem.
      See the vet. If you can rule out allergies, chemical sensitivities and skin parasites/fungus, your dog may have dry skin.

      Flax seed oil added to the food - OR - vitamin e oil gelcaps given daily (low dosage... high dose could cause bleeding problems) may be very helpful if the cause is dry skin. You may also want to apply non-colored, unscented aloe gel to the itchy sites.

      My guinea pig had dry skin over the winter, with no evidence of skin fungus or parasites... just a couple scabs where he had been scratching. I used aloe gel on his skin (Lily of the Desert brand), and his dry skin healed up within a week.

      I would strongly encourage you to enlist the help of your veterinarian to get to the bottom of this problem. I hope it turns out to just be dry skin!

      Question: Dog Scratching an Biting Itchy Skin

      My puppy has had its flea treatment. Why is she still itching an biting her skin a lot?

      By Christine from United Kingdom

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]12/28/2013

      There are a lot of possibilities. Hopefully he is not allergic to his flea treatment. I would try a bath with baby shampoo and be sure to rinse very thoroughly. The other possibility would be a food allergy. my dog would chew anyplace on his body he could reach. Pretty soon he was hairless except for his head. Not a good look. I kept changing his dogfood, about 8 times until we started salmon and brown rice, cooked at home by me. He never chewed himself again and lived to be 17 years old. Always check with your Vet before changing diets and to rule out other possibilities. Good luck.

      Question: Remedy for Dog With Itchy Skin

      I have a 5 year old Lab/Shepherd mix. I was told you can use gravy on your dog to stop them from itching. Is this true? Please help me.

      By Faith

      Most Recent Answer

      By Cheryl [3]12/28/2013

      Take your dog to the vet, and find out why the dog is itching. It's most likely fleas, but could be allergies as well. Gravy will not stop a dog from itching.

      Question: Relieving Itching for Dogs

      Can I use Calagel on my dog till I can get her to the vet on Tuesday? She has a rash all over her she is going crazy! She is a Beagle.

      By Rachelle from Salem, OH

      Most Recent Answer

      By DogMa09/19/2012

      For all your itchy dog questions: remember the skin is the biggest organ in the body and it is first to show trauma in the system. Skin allergies are usually diet related. Wheat, corn and soy are the three biggest allergens in dogs and you'll find these as the top 3 ingredients in most dry dog foods. Eliminate these three ingredients, find a food that is human grade and grains free - this is what is biologically appropriate for dog's diet.

      Most skin issues will vanish in 2-3 months (takes time for the body to detox and regenerate). Vets have no understanding of diet and recommend things I wouldn't feed to my worse enemy. Also a lot of personality issues calm down or go away when diet is corrected. Lastly, find a holistic vet who can advise you of holistic ways to increase your pet's immunity and health without the toxic effects of western medicine.

      Regular vets (and MD's) "bandaid" problems or slash, burn and toxify while Holistic Vets (and ND's) seek to find a root cause and cure the problem. It's time for a whole new way of thinking for us and our pets!

      Also recommend Gold Detox Kit from Amber Technology - it detoxes and regenerates all the body's organs and systems with an organic, non-toxic product. Very inexpensive for the results. Recommend doing it once a year. Dog's bodies are designed to live 25-30 years - we are the ones shortening them by poor nutrition and over vaccinations (read "Stop the Shots!: Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets!" and "Food Pets Die For" to understand diet).

      Question: Remedy for Dog's Itchy Skin

      I got my two year old German Shepherd when he was four months old. He is now two and during the time between now and when we first got him, his stomach has only been clear of red spots and scabs once.

      We were told the first time he had allergies and tried to give him allergy meds, but nothing ever worked. Next we were told he had an infection and he was prescribed some meds and it seemed to help a little. We got this new shampoo and I tried to clean his belly better than usual. Well that helped him so much. It was the first time we saw it white and all the scabs were disappearing. He's afraid to take baths, it is really difficult to give him one and we are a busy couple so we try to give him a bath whenever we can.

      My question is, is there anything we can put on his stomach that will not harm him even if he were to lick it but will taste nasty enough for him to leave it alone?

      By Hanson Family

      Question: Remedy for Dog's Itchy Skin

      Please help, my Collie mix has been scratching herself. I am afraid she is going to scratch her hair off. Does anyone have any suggestions?

      By Barbara C