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Removing Adhesive Residue on Skin

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Removing a bandaid and leaving behind some adhesive residue.

Medicated patches, adhesive tape, etc. can leave sticky, hard to remove, residue on your skin. This is a guide about removing adhesive residue on skin.


Solutions: Removing Adhesive Residue on Skin

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Tip: Remove Adhesive Tape Residue with Baby Oil

Have you ever had a problem removing tape residue when you remove a bandage? I discovered this tip quite by accident, I had some surgery on a toe and had to use a latex free bandage to wrap it. When I removed the band-aid, I got some of the residue on my thumbnail. I have acrylic nails with polish. I thought I couldn't get the residue off without removing the polish as well.

I decided to try a drop of baby oil and it came right off. Then I used the baby oil to get the residue off my toe, and it worked there too. So the hint is to removed the tape residue use a drop of baby oil and rub with a soft cloth or tissue.

By Marilyn from North Bend, OR

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Here are questions related to Removing Adhesive Residue on Skin.

Question: Removing Adhesive Residue from Transdermal Patch

Any suggestions regarding the removal of adhesive residue left behind when removing transdermal pain patches? I have been using Soft Soap with pumice like auto mechanics use for their hands, but that does not always remove all the adhesive residue without an extreme amount of scrubbing.
Thanks for any advice.

By Stewart R. from Buffalo, NY


Best Answers

By metroplex [81]05/13/2010

I use either non acetone nail polish remover or Goo Gone.

Best Answers


Skin friendly baby oil, mineral oil, and even vegetable or olive oil and, as already mentioned, use a cotton ball ;-)

Best Answers

By Debby [6]03/31/2010

I've used hand sanitizer to remove glue residue. It works really well.