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Removing Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Odors From Clothing

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Work Clothing

If you have ever spilled fuel on your clothing, you know that the odor is sometimes difficult to remove. This is a guide about removing gasoline and diesel fuel odors from clothing



Here are questions related to Removing Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Odors From Clothing.

Question: Removing Diesel Fuel Smell From Hands and Clothing

Does anyone know how to remove the smell of diesel fuel from hands and clothing?

Michelle from PA


Best Answers

By Ellen (guest) (Guest Post)01/31/2009

Try soaking the clothes in a tub of warm water or washer after agitating a few minutes with 1 cup of Tide or degreaser like Dawn dish soap for 2 hours (this breaks down oils in fuel). Drain this water off, then rinse, and then refill tub or washer with warm clean water and a 2 liter bottle of Coke and a whole box of baking soda agitate it around to mix it up with the clothes. Let this soak for 12-24 hours. Wash like normal. There is not even a faint fuel smell left. This could get expensive if you do this each load for some one who works and gets full of fuel/gas all the time though.

Best Answers

By Veronica (Guest Post)12/20/2007

My husband works in the oil field and always reeks of diesel. Getting sick of running to the laundry mat everyday, finally I just threw some baking soda and vinegar in with laundry soap, in the washer, and the smell came out. I was shocked!

Best Answers

By Kelly (Guest Post)01/02/2007

My husband spilled diesel on his hands tonight and we saw that Simple Green might get rid of it, so we tried it. The smell is gone for the most part. We're satisfied with it!

Best Answers

By Jill (Guest Post)10/04/2004

My husband is a truck driver and we have had this problem a lot on his work clothes. He has a hand cleaner called Fast Orange. We got it at Wal-mart, they also carry it at auto parts stores. I put a little of that on his clothes and wash as usual. It gets the smell and the greasy feel out of the clothes. I would think it would work just as well for your hands.
Good Luck!

Question: Removing Diesel Fuel Smell from Clothing

I need to clean some clothes that have some diesel fuel on them. Thanks.

By Bill from Flat River Desloge


Best Answers

By Ann Winberg [282]04/18/2011

I used to use pinesol in the wash to remove diesel.

Best Answers

By GAIL12/13/2009

My husband has worked on aircraft fuel tanks for years. He comes home reeking of the JP-8 jet fuel that he gets exposed to. I'm extremely allergic to any kind of scented products so I had to find a way to remove the smell from his clothes without using more chemicals. Get ready, it's the simplest thing and it always works.

I put everything he wears including underwear and socks that reek of jet fuel in the sun! Sometimes it can take from a few days to a week, but it always works. The sun's rays just bake the smell out. Make sure you get all areas exposed to the sun and turn inside out as well.

Best Answers

By KELLY01/13/2009

I Soaked jeans that diesel had spilled on in a bucket with Downy fabric softer for 2 hrs, and then washed normally and the smell was gone.

Question: Gasoline Smell out of Towels

How do you get the smell of gasoline out of a load of towels in the washer?

Most Recent Answer

By brucedrivesfast06/03/2014

Gas Off

Question: Removing Gasoline (Petrol) Smell from Clothing

When I fueled up my ATV on a snowy day I spilled gas on my outdoor pants. How can I get rid of the smell? I'm living in Norway, so please don't recommend a cleaning agent you only have in the US. I am looking for some household way. Please help.

By Fritti from Norway

Most Recent Answer


I accidently got gasoline on my son yesterday while at the pump. I read tons and then tried the tip with Coke and it really does work. I'm not talking about a little spot either was a lot of gas, possibly about 5 cups. I used a one liter of Coke, a half cup of liquid dish soap and 5 cups of hot water. Mixed it all in garbage bag and placed jeans and shirt inside to soak for 3 hours.

I dumped the clothes into washer and ran through wash on warm and guess what? The smell is gone. Saved a new pair of jeans and a north face jacket. Thank goodness. I never did like Coke but now I love

Question: Gasoline Smell on Nylon Jogging Pants

My husband was using his chain saw to cut wood and got gasoline all over his nylon sweat pants. I have tried soaking them in biz, washed them 3 times and they still smell like gasoline.

Got any solutions?


Linda from Illinois

Most Recent Answer

By Kim (Guest Post)12/19/2005

My son was riding 4 wheeler and got gas all over his coveralls. I have washed them 5 times. How can I get the gas smell out of the clothes and my washer?

Question: Removing Diesel Fuel Odor

How do you remove diesel fuel smell from clothes and trunk of car?

By Sheila

Most Recent Answer

By Cricket [201]04/22/2013

As the wife of a trucker, I used to have this problem.
One way I use to remove that distinctive diesel odor is to lay a baby wipe in his drawer. Baby wipes tend to absorb diesel odors better than any other product I've found.

Another use for the baby wipes is to get 5th wheel grease off his hands and clothes. We discovered this not long after he started driving. Baby wipes are the ONLY thing that will remove that stubborn 5th wheel grease.

Question: Gas Smell on Clothing

My mother-in-law drives a bus. She got fuel today and there was an air bubble in the hose and fuel got all over her shoes and sweatpants. How can we get rid of the smell?

By Paula from Emlenton, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Sheila [3]03/28/2011

My husband drives a gas tanker, so I deal with this regularly. What I do is along with my regular detergent I add 20 Mule Team Borax, gets it out every time and in only one wash!

Question: Removing Fuel Odors on Clothing

My elderly mother washed her clothes with a container that had fuel oil in it instead of laundry detergent. How do I get fuel oil smell out of her clothes?

By vmccook from Tunkhannock, PA

Most Recent Answer

By REE [1]05/21/2009

GO to the local auto parts store and pick up a bottle of 'pink stuff' (real name) this pulls the smells of kero, gas etc from clothes, car rugs etc. Ria

Question: Remove Odor of Diesel Fuel from Clothes

How can I remove the smell of diesel from a whole load of laundry? My husband spilled diesel on his shirt sleeve and put it in with the clothes I had in the washer. I did not realize the smell would not come out with a regular detergent (unscented All).

By Mary Ann

Most Recent Answer

By Joann C.01/31/2015

My husband fuels busses for the city and his clothes git drenched. How do I get the smell out of his cloth, especially his coat, it's winter and he needs it.

Question: Removing Gasoline Odor from Clothes

How do I get a gasoline odor removed from a sweatshirt?

By A Garner

Most Recent Answer

By Belinda W.02/01/2015

Was putting diesel gas in truck and the nozzle came a lose, and got on my clothes and shoes. I would like to know how to remove that smell from my clothes? Thank you.

Question: Getting Diesel Fuel Out of Clothes

Is pumice in the fast orange that bad to put in the washing machine to remove diesel fuel from clothing?

By Stacey s

Most Recent Answer

By Sheilah Link [5]05/07/2012

I would recommend Dawn dishwash liquid and hot, hot water. Pumice works like sand paper and the diesel has worked into the fiber of the material. It may take several cycles to remove the diesel and the Dawn itself, so don't use too much Dawn.

If you can, stop the wash cycle after the clothes are saturated and let the items soak for 10-15 minutes to allow the water and Dawn to permeate the fabric. Vinegar in the rinse cycle will help get soap out.

WARNING: Dawn suds like crazy and you will have a mess if you use too much. Add a little at a time until there is a very thin covering of suds on the top of the water. Good luck.

Question: Removing Diesel Fuel Odor from Shoes

How do I get diesel out of my leather boots?

By William P.

Question: Removing Jet Fuel Smell from Clothes

I am trying to remove jet fuel smell from clothing. Normally I am limited to a laundromat so presoaking would be difficult. I have presoaked in Coke, used borax, baking soda, lemon juice, hanging in the sun, that worked when I had three sunny days, but did not remove it from rubberized material - waist band of underwear, and Lestoil. The last, Lestoil, really got to the ground in dirt and removed a lot of the smell, but not all. None of the others worked. I see using Murphy's oil soap, Fast Orange, etc. on this site. Do they work? How much?

Also, need to rid my apartment fo the odor. Any thoughts? All recommendations appreciated.

By Alden from Somerville, MA

Question: Removing Gasoline from Diving Gear

I had a petrol spill on a diving buoyancy compensation device. How do I get rid of the petrol contamination on my diving equipment?

By Jehan from Sri Lanka

Question: Removing Diesel Fuel Odour from Jacket

How do I remove diesel fuel odour from a safety jacket?

By Elyse Y

Question: Removing Diesel Smell From Clothing

How do you get diesel smells out of clothes?

By Karen O. from Holsworthy, Devon

Question: Getting Diesel Smell Out of Clothes

How do I get diesel smell out of clothes?

By Darrell

Question: Diesel Smell on Clothes

How can I get the diesel smell out of my son's clothes? It is really strong.

By Angie G.

Question: Getting Diesel Smell Out of Charcoal Coat

My husband has a coat that is "scent stop", he got diesel on it. I have washed it several times. and still smell it. Please help. Thank you.

By Donna C