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Removing Ink Stains from Clothing

Removing Ink Stains from Clothing

It can be difficult to remove ink from clothing. This guide is about removing ink stains from clothing.


Solutions: Removing Ink Stains from Clothing

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Tip: Hairspray to Remove Ink Stains

Use hairspray to treat any type of ink stain (permanent marker, ink pen, etc.). Throw it in the wash machine and voila! No more stain. I have been doing this for years and it works fantastic. I bought a prom dress at 85% off because of the ink stain on it. The saleslady told me how to get it out all those many years ago and it is still the best for removing this type of stain.

By Diana from Las Vegas, NV

Tip: Spray Deodorant for Removing Ink Stains

Spray deodorant on the stain, then rub with a cloth. It should come off. If it doesn't come off straight away, but instead only fades after you have rubbed it, then spray more deodorant on the stain. :)

    Source: My brother

    By marcyyyyyyyyy [1]

    Tip: Removing Old Ink Stains From Clothing

    To get ink out of a white shirt or blouse that has already set in the dryer, try this. Place an old towel between the shirt so stain will not go through. Spray hair spray on all the ink spots. Do NOT blot spots. Wash in warm water with laundry detergent. Check again to make sure all stains are out before putting the item in the dryer

    By Mythi from WA

    Tip: Treating Ink Before Laundering

    If you ever get any ink on your clothing, you can remove it by spraying hair spray on it and then gently rubbing it with an old toothbrush. Then just laundry as usual. You have to do this first, before the stain goes through the dryer. Otherwise, the heat will set the stain.

    By Lynn from KS

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    Here are questions related to Removing Ink Stains from Clothing.

    Question: Removing Ball Point Ink from Clothing

    How do I remove ball point ink from clothing?

    By Nancy


    Best Answers

    By j1010v03/09/2014

    Hairspray works. So does alcohol on a Qtip or cotton ball. Always test in a seam to be sure the color doesn't run or that it doesn't leave a ring.

    Best Answers

    By jellybeans64 [3]03/05/2014

    I had ballpoint pen on my good rain jacket and my friend told me to spray some hairspray on the mark and blot with a paper towel and it really worked!
    (not sure if I sent this in yesterday or not)

    Question: Pen Left In Wash

    My husband left a Bic grip roller black marker in his shirt pocket when I washed and dryed the clothes. Now I has black stains on the clothing. Some of the clothing is white and others are colored. Please help me.



    Most Recent Answer

    By Pat (Guest Post)12/03/2006

    How do I remove black roller ball ink on white cotton duvet.

    Question: Ink Stain on Laundered Clothing

    When I was doing laundry I discovered that my husband left an ink pen in his pocket. I have a knit top that I tried using Spray and Wash, Shout, and Oxiclean on and have washed 4 times, but nothing has worked. Is there anything that might work after all of this?

    By Mary Beth from OH

    Most Recent Answer

    By scrapizzio06/06/2013

    Saved! A twice laundered dark tan uniform shirt with large blue pen ink stain. I tried oxyclean, WD-40, stain stick, dish soap, hair spray, nail polish remover, and Goo Gone. Nothing touched it. Shirt can't be used with stain, so last ditch effort I dipped a Q-tip in bleach and dabbed it on the stain.

    In seconds, the stain faded to nothing! I quickly slathered it with soap and ran a ton of water over it to remove bleach. Shirt is good as new! I thought bleach would remove all color and leave a white spot but it didn't. Bleach wasn't as scary of an idea as I thought it would be!.

    Question: Ink on Clothes that Have Been Dried

    I dried an ink pen with a load of clothes. I need to know how to get it out of cotton pants, cargo pants. Thanks for any help.

    By Tareasa from Dallas, TX

    Most Recent Answer

    By mkay563702/02/2012

    I heard that babywipes will get the ink out of clothes. They say use a baby to plot the stain and then lay it over with a bit of pressure let it set for a hour or more and the use a stain remover spray and wash. I havent got to try it yet but I do know that it worked on lock tight from when I worked at trailer factory. Good luck!

    Question: Ink Stain on a Sweater

    How can I remove red ink from a sweater?

    By csiatta from Lansing, IL

    Most Recent Answer

    By Judy A10/02/2009

    I spray ink with hairspray. Usually comes out. Judy - also from Lansing

    Question: Cleaning Fingerprint Ink Off Clothing

    My son had to have his fingerprints taken to enter the police force. He got the ink on his dress white shirt. Any ideas how to get it out?


    Fran from Hamden, CT

    Most Recent Answer

    By Ashley (Guest Post)08/05/2008

    If the shirt is cotton, or at least 80%, you can take an old toothbrush, dip it into bleach (I just pour a little into the lid) and brush the stain out. Wash immediately! If you leave it, it will eat a hole in the fabric but if you wash right away this is as good as those "bleach pens". They just add a thickener and the dispenser works as a brush. Good luck to your son!

    Question: Removing Gel Ink Stains From Clothing

    How can I remove a gel ink stain from clothing? The suggested method on this site does not work.

    By Jim L.

    Most Recent Answer

    By gbk [45]06/20/2011

    Have you tried hair spray, it works on ink pen in even after months of being on a car seat or floor mat but I am not sure about gel ink. You just buy cheap hairspray in can and spray it on the spot, then blot it with a paper towel. I probably will take a couple of times but it should come out and leaves no residue. Not as expensive at a lot of other things either. Good luck. I have taken out printer ink off my cloth seats in the van with this.

    Question: Removing Ink From Clothing

    I washed and dried light clothing last night. I found them this a.m. with ink stains all over clothes and inside of dryer from a ballpoint pen left in pocket of pants. I cannot get the ink stains off of clothes or dryer. I tried spraying with Zapit and rewashing, then soaking it with hydrogen peroxide. They are soaking now. I am afraid they are set due to being in dryer.

    By Lanie from Lake Jackson, TX

    Most Recent Answer

    By Jane [3]04/25/2011

    Try soaking it in milk over night. It used to work for me when we had fountain pens.

    Question: Stamp Ink on Clothing

    I have a pair a blue jeans and a white sock that have stamp ink in them. I was wondering what I can use to get them out of my daughter's good clothes? I have tried hairspray and that has not worked.

    Most Recent Answer

    By mcw [80]09/24/2008

    This should also work for stamp ink on clothing!

    Question: Removing Ink from Evening Clothing

    I bought a storage unit that had 15 really nice new gowns, but they all are stamped on the back with the brand name along with a small hole. The gowns are silk, chiffon, and taffeta. Is there anything that can take the ink stamp off or should I try bringing it to a cleaners.

    By Christina

    Question: Removing Old Iron-on Transfer Ink

    I am refurbishing a white cotton nightgown for a gift. I had used some transfers that are at least 25-30 years old on the front placket. I didn't embroidery all of them and I need to remove the ones that are still showing.

    By Mary R

    Question: Removing Pen Ink from Clothes

    I got pen ink on my cargo pants and I don't know how to get it off. What should I do?

    By Timear

    Question: Pilot Pen Ink Transferred to Clothes

    ink stains on clothesI left a Pilot pen in my pocket and it got all over khaki pants, cotton shirts, as well as athletic shirts with 50-80% synthetic material. How do I get it out?

    By Brad O.

    Question: Removing Gel Ink from Clothing

    How do you get gel ink out of clothing?

    By Marilyn from Hamlet, IN